Si Lolita by Lolita Lempicka


Fall arrived with a vengeance the other day; windswept rain, almost bone-chilling temperatures, and a late afternoon sky so black and ominous it looked for all the world like dead-of-winter in early February. October has only just begun.

Fortunately, I found something whimsical and fun to take my mind off the impending gloom of winter. Si Lolita is the scent I tried to get near a couple of weeks ago, but could not. I finally managed to sniff it Wednesday, unperturbed by a pushy sales associate. To say I was blown away by it is a bit much, but actually, I am thoroughly impressed. Si Lolita turned out to be just what I was looking for to take the bite out of the chilly air and warm me up without the bulk of a winter coat, scarf, gloves and a toque. I was wearing short sleeves and sandals a few short days ago for goodness sake.

Si Lolita´s notes are bergamot, mandarin, wild sweet pea, pink peppercorn, wallflower, amber, tonka bean, Elemi gum and patchouli. It starts out crisp and juicy, but the spices take over pretty quickly and warm things up significantly. The pink peppercorn doesn´t have much of a presence, but the amber and tonka bean add that vanilla creaminess-spiciness that I am such a sucker for. It´s not a gourmand scent the way that L de Lolita is with its cinnamon and immortelle flower, but the spices blend with the floral notes in  such a marvelous way that it makes you feel so warm and cozy without that cupcake/ funeral arrangement vibe. I think I´m drawn to Si Lolita for the same reasons I like Eau d´Italie´s Paestum Rose, Costes, and Jozef Statkus. When the flowers fade into the background and the spices, incense and warmth take center stage, it´s like wrapping a big cozy blanket around yourself and curling up in front of the fire with a cup of spiked hot cocoa and a big fat book. OK, who has a working fireplace I can sit by?

And how about that bottle? At first I thought it was a butterfly, but upon closer inspection, it´s a four-leafed clover with an adorable little scarf around its neck and a crown for a cap. From all the copy I´ve read, Si Lolita is a “grown up” spicy floral fragrance housed in a flacon that´s supposed to be the epitome of “bohemian Parisian chic”.  What is “bohemian Parisian chic” exactly? To me, this bottle sits in the same kitschy-cheesy category as Marc Jacobs´ Lola and Daisy, but it has a certain boudoir appeal à  la Fifi Chachnil. Granted, all the Lolita Lempicka fragrance bottles have a wacky charm, but this one actually made me smile. The picture barely does it justice. And the scent is definitely worth a sniff.

Si Lolita isn´t available in the US (not until 2010 according to Now Smell This), but I have one adorable 5 ml mini up for grabs. My cat Lily will once again do the honors. No bribes of cream cheese and smoked salmon, please. She now prefers bits of Tim Hortons apple fritter or poutine with extra gravy.


  1. Lily, viens manger ton foie. J’ai des croustilles pour toi. Ici minette.

    • No bribing the kitty in French – we can hear you over here! My kitty-lovin’ Rottweilers have a proposition for Minette (it includes sausages)….:-)

      xoxo >-)

      • Oops! I’m so tired…..please, Lily, forgive me? Geo and his son just reminded me your name is NOT Minette!

        xo >-)

  2. You perfumistas and your persnickity kitty cats! I never know what to wave enticingly under their delicate little noses. Denyse’s Jicky demands pecan swirl ice cream, and now Lily and her poutines! What ever happened to a nice little morsel of mouse or teensy taste of tuna? That I can do, but please, Lily my love, don’t make me go down to Times Square for a fritter!

    • I’m with ya Carter. My dogs wouldn’t be this snooty. They would gladly eat whatever is offered. Mice, tuna, vanilla ice cream, sticks, paper. You name it.

      • Your dogs must be related to my dogs. One of my Rotties tried to eat a 2″ lug nut – he would’ve but we caught him before he swallowed it (chewed beyond repair, alas)

        xo >-)

        • Please don’t tell Lily, but my dogs eat whatever a cat eats and then they eat the cat.

  3. I would love to smell this! I’m always looking for a new winter comfort scent.
    Please enter me in the drawing.

  4. I like gravy! Mmmm. I would also like to find a Lempicka scent I like. Please enter me!

  5. I’d love to enter the drawing! Sounds lovely and the bottle is pretty cute. I don’t have anything to bribe your cat except the remains of this bag of haribo gummi raspberries on my coffee table. Don’t think that’s quite her thing, but she is welcome to share!

    • She’d have to yank those Haribo gummies out of my cold dead hands.

      • I outweigh you Nava, so that bag of Haribo raspberries is mine, Mine, MINE!I will sit on you and share one with you while I hoard the rest.

        • Yeah well, if we were taling Swedish Fish, I’d have to fight you for them. 😀

          • God Bless the Swedish Fish! La Belle E found some multicolored ones (you can get them at IKEA) but I’m a red-lover meself(though the green ones…..hmmmmm. No. must stay true to my love:-)

            xoxoxo >-)

  6. Did you sniff this at The Bay? I want to try this and your description sounds delish. Actually, I think I really just want to see that bottle in person. It looks adorable in pics!
    Also, good taste Lily! Who wouldn’t prefer Timmy Ho’s doughnuts to smelly old salmon?

  7. I am morally resistant to poutine (it didn’t become a popular “dish” until after I left Canada) but there’s no telling with cats, is there?
    No need to include me in the draw, but yes, I really quite like Si Lolita with its spicy solar notes. It somehow reminded me a bit of the defunct Guerlain Terra Cotta.

    • Nutrtionally, poutine is probably the worst combination of food ever put together. But a once-in-a-while indulgence isn’t such a bad thing.

      Si actually reminded me of that scent “Deauville”. You familiar with that one?

  8. Ah, Denyse mentions Guerlain so my ears prick up! No need to enter me in the draw, thanks, but I enjoyed reading your amusing piece. Je ne comprends pas “poutine.”

    Bon weekend!

  9. Hit me! I’d love to try this out. I can’t say I’m a big fan of the bottle design, but I’ll reserve judgement until after I’ve seen (and sniffed) in person.

    Thanks for the review!

  10. yeh..what is poutine? the bottle is adorable and the juice sounds like a must try
    i don’t have donuts but maybe lily would like Sweet kugel with raisins?

    • Check out the montrealpoutine website. Nearly sent me back to bed. Give me kugel any time!

      • noooooooo!!!after reading “sent me back to bed” i knew i shouldn’t look….but curiosity killed the cat..and now i am too nauseous to go to sleep …oh man….it looks baaaad!!
        imho WORSE than technicolour vomit nava!!( FUNNY THOUGH..I LOVE FRIES…and i love my meat)

  11. Now I can do some fries with gravy on the rare occasion, but those gross cheese lumps are just scary Pour Lily, her tastes are way twisted now…. 🙁

    I’d love a sniff of the delicious L, though-and tell Lily that she’ll get an extra-special treat from down south….

    • The world would be a dark and dreary place without those gross cheese lumps!

  12. I’ve been waiting anxiously for Si Lolita to appear in this neck of woods, and you, my dear Nava, are not being helpful! 🙂

    No need to enter me in the draw, but do give Lily a scratch behind the ears from me (@)

    • Dusan my love, I LIVE to be helpful!

      L turned up on a couple of the discount sites before it officially hit the US, so keep your eyes peeled for Si. 🙂

  13. I would love it if Lily would pick my name from the pile……just don’t tell her I’m allergic to kitties!

  14. Mmmmmm, a cozy blanket of a perfume? Sounds lovely! Please enter me in the draw and tell Lily I’m very partial to kitties like her who know their own minds (my female cat won’t eat a single treat of the cat or human variety…she’s so odd, but you’ve gotta respect that she knows what she *doesn’t* want).

    • Cats do what they want, when they want. That goes for what they eat as well as… well, you know the rest. 😀

  15. I love both the original LL and L. Would love to try this. Thanks, Nava, for the draw offer!

  16. Lily, Lily, pretty girl! Pick me for the drawing, please. I also prefer poutine and Tim Horton’s apple fritter to cream cheese and smoked salmon.

  17. I SO WANT THIS IT’S KIND OF EMBARRASING. But don’t pick me. Pick one of our dandy deputies.

  18. After perusing the montrealpoutine website (yes, there is one) I’m convinced that I need to find a darn good fritter. The sight of gravy over fries and cheese in the morning just about did me in for the day! Or maybe we can go with Hongkongmom’s suggestion and teach her to crave sweet kugel with raisins? I could easily do that! (A little kugel for you beibi?)

    You don’t need to enter me in the draw though. I can wait until Si Lolita makes its way down here. Hope all is well with you Nava and give Lily a bit of fritter for me.

    • If you can get past the fact that poutine looks like technicolor vomit on a plate, it’s quite good. But, you can eat a Tim’s apple fritter almost anywhere; even while driving!

  19. Poutine? Yergs…Melissa, thanks for the website. I think. 😉

    Okay, so thanks to my geographical heritage, we can both put on a toque before heading ooot. But the poutine…hmm. Must munch a pasty while I contemplate.

    Cozy sounds good. Cozy sounds nice. Hat me, and maybe this new Lolita mini can take up residence next to a mini of her older sister.

  20. What about bribes of anchovies? Would that work? Please enter me in the draw.

    Someone described this as a salty floral… is that true? I’ve been loving salt and florals this year.

    • The ultimate salty floral (IMHO) is Antonias Flowers Tiempe Passate. I didn’t get any salt from Si.

      Lily’s never been big on fish. Odd for a cat, but what can you do?

  21. Hey I’m from Montreal, would you like an authentic Poutine!? 🙂

    I’ve been so excited to try this one! I did like the other 2 but found they weren’t me. I’m accumulating Fall/Winter scents right now and since my body temperature doesn’t seen to reach double digits in the winter, I need some help from my ‘fumes 🙂

    Amber and Vanilla? No more words, I need a bottle! I hope you could add me to the draw 🙂 Thanks so much for the offer, very lovely 🙂

    • I’d love an authentic poutine; as long as it’s not from McDonalds! 😀

  22. I have goldfish! Well, goldfish crackers at least. Please enter me in the draw. I like the wacky charm of the Lempicka line; love the bottles if I don’t always care for the juice.

  23. Can I bribe her with bacon? Those Lempicka bottles are sweet. Please add me to Lily’s list.

  24. Who am I to second guess Lily, a cat of fabulous taste and extraordinary discernment? A cat with with the ability to find what is best where ever she goes and relish it? I’m sure we can come to an understanding about all fuss on Si Lolita that might be mutually beneficial..

    • Great, now I’m gonna have to grease her head to get her out of the litter box. 😀

  25. Oh, Lily – if only you could have known the king of Maine Coons, our beloved Pistachio! His favorite temptation would have been been schnitzel, or hanger steak, medium rare.

    His descendants, Hunca Munca, Pywacket and Fellini, inherited his regal bearing and charming eccentricities… but when it came to scents, they were only aroused by the universally compelling l’eau de rodent.

    Si Lolita sounds very appealing, Nava, but…
    I know it’s futile to wheedle a cat.

    Happy smiles and cozy scents!

    • My dear departed Clarkie never met a chicken he didn’t like. Or sushi… Lily’s tastes are a bit more pedestrian, hence the poutine and apple fritters.

  26. I think the bottle looks like a sea creature. I know it’s supposed to be a four-leaf clover but I think it looks like a squid and a jellyfish had a baby. Parisian boho chic, my ass.

    But since the other Lempickas are so good, I figure the contents must be at least worth a sniff.

    • LOL! The bottle doesn’t look quite as squishy in person.

      As for Parisian boho chic, I agree.

  27. Notes are blah-blah, blah, blah blah and… *wallflower*??
    Got my giggle of the day, that.

    No need to enter me for the mini as it’s in stores already over here – my regards to the pussycat, though.

    • Not sure about wallflower either. It’s definitely not a “shy” scent.

      • Wallflower is “giroflée”, a flower whose smell is reminiscent of carnation, with lots of clove. When they’re in season, I love to buy big bunches of them.

        • Now that you explained the “wallflower” note, there is a faint whiff of carnation in Si. It lends to the spiciness in the drydown. Thanks! 🙂

  28. sounds like Lolita has done it again- a perfect cozy winter scent. I love the original and the L for colder month, they always make me feel a bit warmer 🙂 Please consider me for the sample as well- love the bottle, though not as much as the original

  29. You make it sound so tasty! I like LL bottles as well, they’re so playful. I would love to be entered in the draw, thanks! My cat likes Saltines, rice milk, and peppered Tofurkey (seriously, I’m not one of those “My cat likes my veggie food!” people. Except I guess I am, because she does 😕 :/ ). We are both willing to share :).

  30. I overslept today and was missing my Posse fix! That bottle is adorable, and I’d love to be entered.
    Add me to the list of people who are actually afraid of poutine.

  31. Ha, my cats love pizza crust more than anything else. 😉

    Si Lolita sounds wonderful.I am seriously disappointed it won’t be out in the US anytime soon. Please enter me in the draw and I’ll try to get my cats to share a large pie with Lily! Thanks for thw review and draw.

    • As I told Dusan above, L de Lolita Lempicka showed up on a few of the discount sites way before it was officially available in the US. Check around for it. 🙂

  32. Four-leafed clover, hmm? Originally I pegged it as a dogwood flower. Please do enter me in the drawing.

    (My kitty likes Cabot extra-sharp cheddar cheese – ONLY Cabot).

  33. Nava…..I WANTS! However I won’t impose on Lily again.

    Do you know when and where this delicious-sounding perfume is available in TO? I’ve been very out of the shopping scene as I’ve been redecorating and celebrating a birthday with friends.

    I totally understand what you mean when you talk about winter…..and poutine.

    Take care my dear.

  34. I’m with Tom — sweet pea and gravy, yum! Can I be in the drawing, Lily?

  35. Mmmm poutine… Timbits… here kitty kitty kitty! Please pick me!

  36. This one could be a great winter mood-lifter. Please include me in your draw, dear Lily. 🙂

  37. I want to enter in the draw, my wife would love to try this one… Many thanks!!!

  38. Oooh… I would love to try this. I love Fleur d’ Corail and this sounds wonderful.

  39. Please enter me too. My kitties would be happy to share their banana vanilla yogurt or fried chicken or both! (OK, only one of the kitties likes banana yogurt…)

  40. I love Lolita Lempicka but not L. I’d love to try this. Please enter me in the draw.

  41. Nava, I love the review. Lolita Lempicka has always produced winning frags for me. Lily, I will share my Jaxies closet of treats with you! Please enter me in the drawing!

  42. Your description of the scent intrigues, as does the bottle: kitschy or cute? I hope to have a chance to decide, so please put my name in the drawing.

  43. Enter me too, please. It is starting to get chilly in Colorado…I would love a smell a new amber perfume to warm me up!

  44. I had to google poutine since I had no idea what it was. I wonder who thought up that combo. first. Please enter me in the drawing.

  45. I will not try to bribe anyone. Please enter me in the drawing.

  46. Haha, I had a good time reading the comments 🙂
    I sampled Si Lolita today and wow, such a cute scent. It’s not girly girly (thanks, spices. I smelled some cloves or a little of cinnamon maybe, although I read nothing like that in the notes); very comforting, but no food involved. Very bright and positive, a nice surprise indeed.
    Say hi to your cat 😉

  47. (Waah! Something ate my first post on Friday!)

    WANT. Please, please hat me. Wallflowers? Tonka? I have perky ears. I also have a working fireplace, and plenty of wood – oak, locust, and apple (although it’s only 70F here at the moment, not chilly enough for a fire). You can drop by anytime the mercury drops below 40F. 🙂

    I offered La Grand Dame Silvia her choice of tuna, cheese, or Alaskan salmon. She picked the tuna, but I notice that she’s not so adventurous at 17 as she was when she was younger. Poor darling, she’s slowing down.

  48. Ugly bottle, but I would love to try this! Please enter me

  49. This sounds really interesting! Normally I don’t like the Lolita L scents, but I’d like to try this one.

  50. Would love to be entered in the draw. ‘Warm and cozy without the cupcake vibe’ is exactly what I’m in the mood for now..I am cozying down right now, with work (and not with a beloved fat book), wearing a bit of white oud- fluffy and comforting. (I also have on a smidge of velvet gardenia, which I find oddly addicting nowadays).

    Ah, what I wouldn’t do for chilly days beside a fireplace!

    • I have no idea how the comment after mine got here (it seems like spam, but with my words..*is worried*)..

  51. Would love to be entered in the draw. ‘Warm and cozy without the cupcake vibe’ is exactly what I’m in the mood for now..I am cozying down right now, with work (and not with a beloved fat book), wearing a bit of white oud- fluffy and comforting. (I also have on a smidge of velvet gardenia, which I find oddly addicting nowadays).

    Ah, what I wouldn’t do for chilly days beside a fireplace!

  52. Please enter me in the drawing for the sample of Si Lolita. (Note to Lily: miaou miaou m-mm-mm-rrr, purrrttt? r-r-r-r-rdt, miaou, prrrrrrrrrrrdt!)

  53. If the draw is still open, I’d love to enter. In fact, a hot cup of spiked cocoa would do the trick right now on this chilly NYC night.

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