CB I Hate perfume AmBrosius and M#4 A Room with a View

I have a small amount of whining to unburden myself of before I move into perfume and, of course, a request for advice.  Because I have no idea what I’d do if I couldn’t ask you guys to tell me all the things I don’t know. Have I ever told you how much I love y’all for that?  Well, I do.  Mwah, xo!

I’ve been doing yoga and spin for a year or so – running I did up until a couple of months ago, needing to give a hip that won’t heal a break –  not always faithfully, though regularly.  It seemed like a good idea to get a jumpstart on preventing Old Man Winter’s Pound Piling Factory, so I enrolled in a boot camp at a yoga studio, thinking that it may be yoga – wrong! The boot camp is great, except for it being at 6a in the morning and it is circuit training  and weight lifting.  Have I ever mentioned how much I hate weight lifting?  Just slightly more than cornmeal mush, which is a lot.

But can we discuss soreness?  They suggested we take a yoga class in the afternoons on every day of boot camp to ease the ache.  All I can say is, I wonder if I would be able to walk right now if I hadn’t made that yoga class at noon. I ache all over. I don’t get it. I’m reasonably active, yoga 2-3 times a week, sometimes more, spin 1-2 times a week, I walk.  Yeah, there’s a whole bunch of muscles I haven’t been using enough, and every one of them are telling me about it in detail right now.

So ideas for easing the ache, and is the other yoga class every day a good idea?

One other thing, do I need to go see Coco Before Chanel?  I’m thinking yes.  I almost went today, but didn’t want to walk around the movie theater in a hobble.

roomviewChrisopher Brosius has a couple of new creations this fall – AmBrosius and M #4 A Room with a View.

AmBrosius is made up of amber resins, labdanum absolute, cistus resin, Benzoin, Black Pepper and Spices.  This is seriously yummy amber incense.  The open is really sharp and just a smidge scary. The cistus is pretty overwhelming on the open, but if you give it a couple of minutes, you get a beautiful infusion of the smokier incense feel and amber.  It dries down beautifully into a soft, smoky amber, slightly sweetly spiced.  Amber is not something I wear easily, but this one is perfect in balancing with the incense notes.

M#4 A Room With a View is based on the E.M. Forster novel.  From CB’s site, it is described as “This perfume captures the scent of the hills above Florence – the vineyards, the wild grass, the finocchio, the hot dusty Florentine earth.  And of course a torrent of Violets…”  That pretty much nails it.  It is an earthy grassfest with violets peeping up and cascading out of every nook and cranny, and the longer it is on, the more the violets invade your senses nestling in a bed of hay. In simpler terms, think Black March, the Hay accord merged with one of CB’s violet scents.  If you’re not fond of the earth or grass (I’m getting hay as the grass) accords that CB does, you’re probably not going to like this either, unless the violet wins you over after the first 30-45 inut3es.  If you’re a big fan of those scents of CB’s, like I am, you’ll adore this. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this one, but it’s better than the sum of its parts. I like Black March, the Hay accord and Violet empire  separately a lot, but putting them all together with a couple of other things is genius.

Beautifully done, Christopher.

carter November 11, 2009

One word: CherryPharm. The regular juice pre-workout, and the one with protein within a half hour after. Developed at Cornell, it's great stuff, and there's honest-to-goodness science to back up its claims: http://www.cherrypharm.com/site/backed-by-research.html

dissed November 10, 2009

Grass and hay and violets, oh my.

Tara C November 10, 2009

To flush out the lactic acid, you need to keep moving slowly after you finish the high-intensity workout. Go for a walk, do some gentle stretching or low-impact yoga. Protein shakes are good, as are jacuzzi baths and a bit of homeopathic Arnica. That AmBrosia sounds divine, must have a sniff!

Disteza November 10, 2009

Between the fencing, weightlifting, dancing, running, and the rest of life, I'm another one of those people who always seems to be sore. If the soreness is muscle- or bruise-related, here's what I do to cope: extra stretching, Tiger Balm, occasional ibuprofen, fuzzy clothes to keep muscles warm between activities, and some extra protein. If it's joint-related, we move on to REST, prescription-strength NSAIDs, cold soaks to reduce inflammation, and much whining about not working out while watching AbFab. ;) Some muscle soreness is to be expected, especially snice this is your first go at your new regimen. If you can't, say, walk for a week, or have any joint pain at all, that's when it's best to take some time off. Healing an irritated tendon takes much less recuperation than surgery to fix a ruptured one.

Nina Z. November 10, 2009

Okay, I am a yoga teacher, but as you didn't say what kind of yoga you are doing, it's difficult to weigh in on the class (yes, most yoga is rarely just "stretching"). However, one thing you could try at home is to do a long Savasana, say about 15 to 20 minutes, where you slowly move your mind through your body, intentionally relaxing your muscles, one small area at a time. You can do this with a CD as a guide (there are several) or you can simply do it on your own. Conscious relaxation (unlike sleep) reduces lactic acid (which not only contributes to muscle soreness, but may also cause anxiety). In the meantime, thanks for the review. Ever since I read about it, I've been very curious about AmBrosius. Now I think I may ask Santa for the travel size!

Kim November 10, 2009

Boot camp? Yikes!! too much too fast!! But once you are doing it, drink LOTS of water to remove the lactic acid and breakdown products from the hard workout. And stretching is key, that is why the yoga after made you feel so much better. Maybe treat yourself to a massage - not only does it work out the kinks but a good therapist can make you aware of the tights spots that could become an injury if you aren't careful to stretch them out well - especially if you get someone who does fascia and deep massage body work. Oh - and inhale lots of great perfume - puts your head in a great space even if your body isn't quite there! :))

Jared November 10, 2009

One thing the pharmacist I work with told me was to drink a lot of water to flush out the lactic acid that builds up and creates the soreness. I totally know how you feel...my sympathies. This reminds me that the CB line is one I really need to explore- I've only smelled Black March and of course it's fantastic. The Musk is next on the list.

Katie November 10, 2009

For general soreness: drink a protein shake after weightlifting. I use whey protein and a banana and ice and water or milk or something. It makes a HUGE difference for me when I strength train. You need to heal your muscles so tons of protein is needed for a faster recovery. Drink tons of water. Also, a wise doctor once told me that movement is nature's lubricant. Yoga seems like a good idea as long as it is low impact. I don't know much about yoga so I don't know. Even if you just move around instead of sitting still, you'll hurt less. And can a bootcamp person stretch your legs/hips after the class?

Oldcrone that likes massages November 10, 2009

Does the Yoga Studio offer a restorative or gentle yoga class in the afternoon? Because that would be the one I would do, for the gentle stretching. Then, I strongly encourage a good weekly (or at least twice a month) massage. It's always a good time for a nice massage! :-)

kathleen November 10, 2009

Weight lifting is great for you. It will help shape you wonderfully, don't stop. You are using your muscles in a different way, rest them for 24-48 hrs. I don't know the kind of yoga you are doing, but if it helps, keep doing it. You are needing to stretch, so however you do it, it will help. Have you thought of investing in a Pilates bench? Whenever I feel sore or out of alignment, I go on my bench, does wonders. It also works the muscles in a deeper way, best of both worlds. If you like getting massages, this would be the time.

T-Rex November 10, 2009

Pardon me if someone has already asked this but, is this muscle soreness or joint pain? If it's joint pain, I recommend a glucosamine/chondroitin/MSM combo, plus fish oil. Perhaps even a daily aspirin as well. Professional massage will help with all of it, muscles and joints, and maybe even help with problems you didn't even know you had. My BFF is a massage therapist, and she constantly finds evidence of past injuries in her clients that they had completely forgotten about. But check with your certified health care professional before doing anything I suggest to you, of course.

Olfacta November 10, 2009

I get sore. Boy do I get sore! When I was working out with my trainer a few years ago, I had to go up our stairs on my hands and knees. If you have access to a sauna/whirpool, they're the best remedy I know. A good long sweat right after exercising, with plenty of water to drink, then a jacuzzi with the jets against your sore spots work pretty well for me. Weight training injures muscles. That's how it works. Those buffed-out guys are actually sporting a form of scar tissue. And yoga is exercise too -- what they used to call "isometrics" -- and it's tough! I finally had to accept that my body needed rest between hard sessions.

aubrey November 10, 2009

Advice on the soreness: google info on recovery time! There's a lot of advice about how to reduce the time it takes to recover. The issue is more than soreness (it's also going to help you not burn out). Some of the best advice I've received was about hydration, nutrition and sleep. If you can eat more veggies, whole foods, etc during this time, you'll recover faster. This sounds obvious, but it really works. I also focused on the Omega3s, and it helped. These are nutrient dense foods, and the nutrients help balance the chemistry and rebuild muscle tissue. Plus, extra sleep if you are overtraining. Magnesium and sodium were also key, as they helped me actually retain some of the extra water I was drinking. Pumpkin seeds are high in magnesium. And also: ORMONDE JAYNE BATHING OIL. It's good to relax your muscles and soak.

Melissa November 10, 2009

Agree completely with Tom and Louise. Soreness is a sign that your muscles need time to rest for 24 to 48 hours. I was a certified trainer for many years and I saw a lot of crappy advice given out, often causing people to give up important components of their fitness programs out of pain and frustration. I am a huge believer in weight training, particularly given that we tend to lose muscle mass as we age. Louise made an important point when she said that yoga uses your own body as a form of resistance. Weight training seems to have hit your muscles with heavier resistance and at different angles. They still need a rest, even from yoga. Thanks for the AmBrosius report out. Slightly scary yummy amber incense could also be a cure for achy muscles, dontcha think? Or for whatever else ails you...:)

HopeB November 10, 2009

I'm going to give another shout out to epsom salts; they really work for any achiness/soreness post-exercise, yard work, moving furniture, etc. If you don't have a tub to soak in, the package gives you suggestions for making compresses, too.

Christine L. November 10, 2009

Both of those scents have been sitting snug in my cart on the CB site just waiting for me to return with paypal funds. It makes me SO happy to hear that you enjoyed them. I can't wait to try them myself (Go Ebay Go, GO Ebay Go! Mama needs new perfume!!!) As for the soreness.....I use a homeopathic Magnesium Salt for muscle cramps/pains and while it doesn't make everything miraculously better it does ease things up. It's Hyland's #8 Mag.Phos.6X. It saves me from monthly cramps as well! Feel better! I'm jealous....I love the boot camps that my gym offers but can never scrape together the funds for that.

Connie November 10, 2009

I'm with Tom and Louise ... you are definitely over exercising (I've been guilty of that myself). You do need at least 24 hours for muscles to heal/rest. If your boot camp is every day I certainly hope they are alternating your weightlifting, i.e. lower body one day, upper body next day, etc. which gives that particular muscle group a rest. You don't need yoga after boot camp, that is too much, IMHO. Epsom salts in bath water is good, too, for the more arduous days.

Fiordiligi November 10, 2009

I subscribe to Oscar Wilde's theory: whenever I feel like taking exercise, I lie down until the feeling passes (probably a complete misquote, but you get the idea). Seriously, it does sound like you are overdoing things so please take care and don't try to achieve everything at once. Coco Before Chanel? Very prettily filmed but if you saw the Shirley MacLaine Chanel biopic (and any number of others from recent years) this one won't tell you anything you didn't already know. Don't make a special journey! The CB perfumes I don't know at all. Probably should make the effort to sniff, no?

Louise November 10, 2009

I'm with Tom. You are overtraining... :( You need rest-you're body will complain if you don't-and excess, ongoing pain is a clear message. I'm hoping Jarvis will come by today as a top-notch yoga instructor to comment-but there is yoga and then there's yoga. While many assume that yoga is just about stretching, it is also a form of weight training-with your body forming the resistance. So it's good to use muscles that are unaccustomed to working...but slowly, easily, with time to heal. Ain't no rush when getting more fit. And, on days when you know you'll be doing an exceptionally hard work out-predose with a NSAID if your tum can take it, get some vitamin E, and drink a lot of water-lots (you may also be getting dehydrated, which will add to the achiness). I've been eying that CB Amber, and it's calling my name...8-|

tmp00 November 10, 2009

Yoga after boot camp equals over exercising. You need to get 24 hours of resting a muscle that you've exercised to the point of failure (weight lifting OR yoga) for it to heal and create new muscle. These people giving you advice want to sell you more classes and frankly don't give a rats ass about your health. You're better off doing yoga a couple times a week and cardio on the off days. If you have a machine you like park yourself on it. I like the elliptical and can waste an hour in the AM on it before I'm awake. The rest period is just as important to your health as the workout.

Christen November 10, 2009

I meant to say rest is your friend.

Christen November 10, 2009

Hi Patty, I play roller derby, so I have any number of achy bits on a semi-regular basis. These are my frequent go-to's: epsom salt soaks help a bit, and Jack Black has an amazing muscle rub and soak that you can snag at Nordstrom. I was skeptical when the SA recommended it, but it does help. Also, if you can bear it immediately after the boot camp classes, buy two bags of ice on the way home. Put the two bags of ice in the tub and fill it with cold water so you're up to your hips (brew a nice cup of hot tea while the tub is filling). Yowl at the top of your lungs when you first sit in the tub...as if you could help that! Soak for 10 minutes, and bear in mind that the first minute is the worst. This helps reduce inflammation in the lower extremities, and has been a lifesaver for me through years of distance running and now skating. You thought I was unhinged for playing roller derby, then I advise you to sit in freezing water. Next, it'll be a recommendation for Paris Hilton's latest - I promise no! ;) I'd say go for that yoga class later in the day if you feel the stretching will bring your body some relief. Otherwise, rest is As for the good Mr. Brosius, I'm going to have to check out the AmBrosius. Amber and incense with some peppery schtuff going on? I'm in! :d:d:d

ChickenFreak November 10, 2009

For me, ibuprofen is the best pain reliever for muscles, if you're good with taking a pain reliever. It also seems to relieve the twitching that can keep you awake at night when your muscles are really tired. And then there's bubble baths. Really really hot ones. I _love_ the healthy-wet-garden-earth part of Black March, but was a bit disappointed when the flowers appeared - they seemed a bit too simple and sweet. But that earth, and violets, and hay... this sounds like something that I want to try. ChickenFreak

violetnoir November 10, 2009

Geez, Patty, I am not sure. I only know that I have chronic right sacram/upper right thigh problems, and my chiropractor told me to keep doing yoga and keep walking. If I stop moving, I figure I'm dead. It sounds counterintuitive, but that movement really helps me and keeps the pain to a minimum. Of course, a good massage from a skilled massage therapist always helps. ;) Hugs!

Kathy November 10, 2009

The AmBrosius has this spicy oriental gal hankering for a sample. Does it last long? That is the one problem I've had with CB's beauties. For those aching muscles I have a suggestion - soak in some good bath salts. By 'good' I mean some that not only smell lovely but contain some good amount of epsom salts. It will remove the lactic acid that builds up from all that exercising and replace it with some healing magnesium. Abra makes one specifically for sore muscles that works every time :)