Bella Donna by Jul et Mad Paris

Hey there Posse Peeps. Jul et Mad Paris came into our lives in 2012. It was the year I started blogging properly. The last couple of years they fell off my radar. Having bought the newest 2021 Pekji releases from Fragrance… Continue Reading

Libertine Spring/Summer 2022 Launch

Hey Posse, One of the very cool things about writing perfume is that I get to go to the major launches each year for Libertine Parfumerie (the distributors) and Elysees Collective (their promoters). Last month it was the Spring/Summer releases.… Continue Reading

Fendi Furiosa

Hey Posse. Remember when you were so madly in love with niche that new designer seemed lacklustre and banal? Well, I went through it. I still idolised my vintish designer stuff and bought up stacks of my faves with backups… Continue Reading

Ebene Fume by Tom Ford

Hey posse. Another cab from the Surrender To Chance decant pack I bought recently. Ébène Fumé (from here in Ebene Fume) by Tom Ford comes in the most divinely coloured bottle cap and plate. I’ve been lusting after it like crazy. Also,… Continue Reading

Violet Ida by Miller Harris

Hey Posse. I spoke a few weeks ago about getting a large decant order from Surrender To Chance. A whole bunch of stuff that was either brand new to me or revisiting some things I’d tried and loved but never… Continue Reading

Al Oudh by L’Artisan Parfumeur

Hi there Posse! Remember Al Oudh by L’Artisan? Sure you do. I was happy to see it’s made it to the current bottle, so many have not. (UPDATE: Seems to be gone from the website, replaced by Ode à l’Oudh in… Continue Reading

Hemingway by Masque Milano

Hi there Posse. Way back I tried Hemingway by Masque Milano, it’s actually (homage to) Hemingway but I’ve always called it by the writer’s name only. SOZ Masque crew. Back then I wrote this: OK, if you LOVE vetiver or don’t… Continue Reading