Strange Invisible Perfumes Fire and Cream

Strange Invisible Perfumes Fire and Cream was launched in September 2009 with notes of orange, orange blossom (neroli), tuberose, frankincense, white lavender, vetiver, sandalwood and patchouli.

This opens dry and, um,  hay.  Well, there you go.  I adore the SIP base, that natural, slightly bitter smell, then she had to go and toss hay that’s been warmed by the sun all day in there – this is the equivalent to tossing gasoline on me.  For those of you who haven’t been reading this forever, that’s a good thing — nay, a great thing. The smell of hay is the wrapping in my head that encloses every great, comforting memory I have in my life, and it immediately transports me into the best, happiest place in my head.  This has a lovely lavender note that’s incredibly light and lilting, not sure if it’s a lot different from normal lavender or just how it plays with the incense and other base notes. The incense is not a big player in this.  I also smell the orange, neroli and tuberose at the edges of what is still just lusty, heady hay in my nose and head.  She created this inspired by an evening summer sky. She must have been laying on a big pile of hay.

I know, this happens to me.  If some combination of notes puts me in hayville, it’s all over with.  I only smelled the Strange Invisible Perfumes Fire and Cream edp, and it has decent lasting power.  Anyone try the extrait?


  1. You are so cute with the hay! I have only smelled one SIP – Lady Day – gorgeous.

    I wish I had your nose. I can only smell “fab” “good” “hmmmm” “meh” and “eww” :-< xo >-)

  2. I think it was Luca Turin that said hay absolute, diluted in perfumer’s alcohol, would make a brilliant perfume all on its own. This is true! Especially for those of us who grew up in, or spent a lot of time in the country. I love hay absolute. Teaming it up with lavender sounds delicious. My pet rabbit says “That perfume’s for me!” and I’ll go with her opinion on this one.

  3. Hey Patty
    Heres a random question
    Do u have an index of perfume reviews by perfume house(and all there fragrances you have reviewed thereunder)…i have searched ur website, but can’t find one<):)

    • Well, it won’t be the same as The Posse’s reviews but the updated paperback edition of “Perfumes: theA-Z Guide, now contains an index by manufacturer of LT & TS’s reviews(including hundred not in the original hardback).

    • HongKongMom…scroll way down and look at the column on the right; there is a “Categories” collection that groups things by keyword, and some houses are listed there.

  4. It’s certainly a bizarre name for a scent, I’ll give you that! My favourite hay perfume is SMN’s Fieno. SMN have just this week opened a second shop in London, by the way, not far from Fortnum’s on Piccadilly. I visited yesterday – fabulous. They have special scented chocs and cantuccini for Christmas.

    Being 50 is good, Patty! As my Other Half always says, it’s better than the alternative.

    • Yes, I agree with Fiordiligi, and add that you should be proud of every year you’ve survived on this weird planet, among these strange creatures!

  5. Hmmm, gotta give this one a run, though SIPs don’t play so nicely with me (I’m looking at you, Black Rosette :-w

    I love hay-and I think Masha is correct that the note may particularly appeal to those of us who grew up near the country-and especially in my case, near horses.

    My favorite hay scent is Vie de Chateau-and I think I’ll see how it wears today, in the bitter cold. I usually consider it a summer scent. We’ll see ’bout that 😉

  6. A relatively small amount of hay in my childhood, but I also adore this note. Bois Blond is my fav hay.

    I have only smelled a few SIPs and they were very interesting. Have never seen this line in the UK, does anyone know who, if any, stocks them ?

  7. You get hay? You just made a no-sniff into a must-try! Seriously, because I hate orange. I love hay more, though. I’ve been looking for a wonderful hay for awhile, actually. I remember when I worked on a farm: we once sprinkled hay over an entire field so that the chickens wouldn’t kill all of the grass. Mmm, the smell of that field when the sun hit it….

  8. I’ve been searching for a “hay” fragrance….you would think that would be more common with leather notes and tobacco notes, ???…the smell of sun-baked evocative. However, must orange/orange blossom notes just fail on me. So, this sounds tempting, but could go wrong. Are there any other hay perfumes out there that deliver?

  9. You got hay, really? I tried it and got the orange+flowers and the vet-patch base, which wasn’t bad. Maybe it’s because the lavender got eaten quickly, and there was nothing to give it that grassy feel once it was gone? I agree that it’s not super sweet, and it’s very warm.
    My hay/grass fix comes from Let Me Play the Lion.

  10. I had a sample of SIP’s Fire and Cream….long gone. Loved it and will buy a bottle in 2010. Did not know that was hay I was smelling. Wonderful.

  11. Hay is not for horses. Not only. I’m another hay lover, and more in perfume than in life, if only because my lifestyle and location mean I have more chance of catching it in a bottle than in a bale.

    I’ve been wondering about this one…haven’t been able to get a handle on it based on reportage…your account certainly vaulted it back to the “must try” column. 🙂

  12. I read your review this morning and have been thinking about Fire and Cream all day. Must try. In spite of the summery inspiration, this sounds like it could also be warming on a cold winter day. Is it?

  13. Oh I love hay too. My top three notes are hay, hawthorn and angelica. So yes, when I smelled Ormonde Jayne Woman I did nearly fall over.

  14. I’ve been curious about this one mainly because of the name, but also because of the orange.

    I don’t have the same hay fetish, but I like it, and it would be interesting to compare this to Felanilla… of which I really should pull out my sample.

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