Amouage Memoirs – boys & girls (Patty)

There is something so vaguely disquieting about having your fridge on the fritz.  It started seeming “not quite right” late last week, until it toppled over into the “definitely warming up” category.  Calling trusty Sears for repairs, scheduled for Saturday morning, I felt fairly confident that they’d be out – based on my experience in the past – and that they’d either have it fixed or give me the bad news to go buy a new one.

At the end of my appointment window of 8-noon, they call, their guy is, um, sick and has to go home. In other words, he’s hit the end of his shift, and they got nobody to come visit me.  With my fridge warming faster than the Poles, I decide not to guy buy a new fridge, which nobody can deliver until Wednesday, right then, but reset my appointment with the new untrusty Sears for Monday morning between 8a-noon.

It’s 3p on Monday, no Sears, though I did get a call at noon to let me know he’s running behind and to make sure I was going to blow my whole day and sit around here and wait for him. They do realize I have no food, right? Because I threw it all out on Saturday and Sunday, though the freezer does seem to be holding at some fridge-like temperature, but it’s not very big.

I fully expect another call at 5p to tell me he’s “sick” again and can they put me on for tomorrow morning.  When even Sears can’t get service right, I give up.

Amouage almost always gets it right.  The new Memoir from Amouage for men was created by Karine Vinchon Spehner. I believe she’s the adorable perfumer we met at Robertet that also did the L’Artisan vetiver.

Notes on the men’s:  Top Notes: Absinth, Wormwood, Basil, Mint; Heart Notes: Rose, Frankincense, Lavender Absolute; Base Notes: Sandalwood, Vetiver, Guaiac wood, Amber, Vanilla, Musk, Oakmoss, Leather, Tobacco.  This is green smokin’ woods.  There’s more of a green wood feel on the open, with the herbaceous notes wafting around making it more green and herby.  The green lasts a good time, but it loses that more herbal smell early on as it blends into the woods and seems to surface as oakmoss.  Rich smoke, leather, green woods, what’s not to love here?

This is such a guy’s scent, but I think women can definitely wear it.  I love putting the men’s and women’s scents side by side, they just seem to fit together somehow.

Memoir for women has that rich fall-like feel of the men’s.  Notes of absynth, cardamom, mandarin orange, pink pepper, wormwood, clove, incense, pepper, jasmine, rose, white flowers, musk, french labdanum, oak moss, styrax, leather.  Where the men’s veers green, the women’s heads into spice/pepper with more emphasis on jasmine and incense, lighter on the leather, keeping the smoke, but not in the same way.  Lord, I love this thing, but I don’t think I could wear it after like March, it’s just too made for cold weather. They are both a warm fire that just wrap you up in comfort, but with two different woods they are burning.

$265 for 100 mls, available at Parfums Raffy, Luckyscent, Aedes and Bergdorf and probably a few other retailers as well.

Yeah, let’s do a drawing for a couple of sets of samples of both.  What do we want to talk about today?  For me, the dwindling life cycle of appliances. I remember back with fridges lasted for two decades. Now I can get maybe 5-7 years out of them, and they just croak.  I don’t really care that much when it comes to cell phones because the technology changes so much, I WANT a new one every couple of years. But fridges?  Seriously, just no. It’s a thing I need to keep my food cold, it’s just functional and should be ancient by the time I have it hauled out of my house.

But you don’t have to talk about my malfunctioning fridge, you can talk about comfort scents of the Amouages, which are your favorites, or what scent do you like to snuggle up with on a cold winter night?

  • InkedTitan says:

    Come to think of it, I’m also getting Vetiver from this one also.

  • InkedTitan says:

    DAMM!!!! Memoir for men!!! I thought I could dodge this bullet, but, this one went straight through the heart, I feel that it’s the winter version of Sycomore, a much more assertive, and darker version, playing with frankincense instead of vetiver. still, that cool green top note, elevates these scents, AWESUM!!! BEST BUY IN A LONG TIME.

  • Ninara Poll says:

    Is it still to late to be entered for the draw? If not.. please enter me! And all I can think of to talk about is the weather here (it’s finally in the upper 60s to 70s), but honestly, I’m dreading having to pull out my sweaters, and talking about the weather makes me think of that.

  • Gina says:

    Theorema yesterday, Black Cashmere the day before, Angel today. When we get cool weather in Texas, I jump on it. Please enter me in the Amouage drawing. Thanks!!!

  • Ann N. says:

    Yum, Theorema! Thanks, Rednails, for reminding me of that great — think I’ll go dig it out right now! (And the Black Cashmere, too!)

  • Rednails says:

    Count me in for the drawing. On wintry days, like many, I go for spices: Theorema, Black Cashmere, Cinnabar.

  • Christine Lasky says:

    I’d like to throw my hat in the ring for those Amouage samples, please. And MICROWAVES! When the repairman told me that they aren’t made to last more than 10 years I was like,:o? 10 years is too long to expect your MICROWAVE to last? I have shoes that have held up longer and seen much more action in the process. Phooey!

  • Janet says:

    I too love the new memoirs and I agree they would be even more lovely in the cold.

    Vacuume cleaners are my nemesis. 4 years max.

    Please enter me in the draw. Thanks!

  • Alison says:

    Smitten with Amouage Jubilation 25 and have saved up gift cards to buy it! I am eager to try the Memoirs! Re: Appliances – I think the hot summer caused the electric company to do far more brown-outs than they alluded to. This definitely stressed the compressors beyond the beyond. Lost a TV and an old refrigerator most likely due to the brown outs. Oh, is Mercury in retrograde? Another likely reason! Please enter me in the draw. All best!

  • dremybluz says:

    Companies no longer produce the quality of products that are designed to last forever. If they did that, then there would be no jobs for the repairmen or sales for the store sales person. I have the worst luck with vaccuum cleaners. Please enter me in the draw.

  • sunnlitt says:

    All our appliances are working at the moment–I’m writing this quietly because I don’t want them to hear that, and decide to break down!!

    I would love to try the scents-I love that you feel that they ‘fit together’. Thanks for entering me in the draw…

  • Dante's Bra says:

    I’m afraid to love Amouage as they may send me to the poorhouse, but I got some Gold and xxv samps from NY and they are oh, so lovely. Can I be in the draw too, please?

    Snuggling w/Ava Luxe Cafe Noir, which i’m downright crazy obsessive about right now. I got a great home fragrance from Esteban, Teck and Tonka, which i wouldn’t have tried but the store owner swore it wasn’t a Vanilla Death Cloud– and indeed it’s not! Woody cinnamon and nutmeg balance out the sweet. It’s really nice, and not that $$$ ($28 for 100 ml).

    I’ve been digging into my Sycomore split, and saving my pennies for one of those Coromandel honkerettes.

  • Chris says:

    I don’t have any appliance issues today. Everything is working, the food is cool. (Not to rub it in0.

    I have Amouage Jubilation XXV and love it. Too potent for wearing too often to the office. Oddly, Lonestar Memories has been a go-to recently as our weather in Chicago gets cooler. Can’t wait to try the new Memoirs (both of them).

  • grizzlesnort says:

    Sears? Cable? All service calls: We’ll be there between 8 and 10. Phone call at 11:30 to tell me they’re running late but will be here ASAP. Call at 1:30, just finished lunch and will be on their way. Show at 2:30 and sit parked in the driveway for 45 minutes. Finally come in the door at 3:30 and say it’s not fixable/ it’s fixable but can’t be done today/ it will cost you a gazillion dollars to repair. “That’s it for today but you owe them $85.00 for the service call. Thank you for choosing brand X. Can I use your restroom, too?” Grrr. Please enter me in your drawing.

  • Fernando says:

    Appliances… we used to live without them without a problem, but now that we have them they’ve become essential. We had a range break down recently and the repair would have cost almost the same as buying a new one. Frustrating! Buying a new one is good, but being forced to buy a new one is not.

    Amouage has always been a frustration for me: so beautiful and so expensive! Jubilation XXV and Homage have been on my “buy some day” list forever. And no smallish bottles either. The memoirs do sound good, though.

  • Dana says:

    I love Jubilation 25, though I didn’t want to, considering the price.Isn’t usually the ugly appliances that you want to die that just keep going and going? I would love to be entered in the draw, if it’s not too late. Thanks!

  • Cheryl says:

    Jubilation 25 is divine. Lyric is beautiful. Please enter my name in your generous drawing! Dwindling life expectancy of basic appliances…not impressed..and when they go…the entire household spins into dysfunctionality

  • Elisa says:

    I’d be screaming mad if I had to throw all my food out, though come to think of it, the only things in my fridge right now are eggs, cheese, some condiments and a little booze. Which would survive in an ice chest.

    Another Amouage virgin. Would love to try them. My favorite winter scent I think is SSS Winter Woods, but I’m saving that for literal winter.

  • dissed says:

    Within the past couple of years, I’ve had to replace every small appliance in the house. I’ve been fairly lucky with refrigerators (two in the 30 years I’ve owned them) and washing machines/dryers (my first washing machine worked 20 years for my aunt, then another 15 for me; my second was bought new in 1993 and has been repaired once, by a friend). I thought my first microwave would never die, and I came close to taking it out and shooting it through the heart.

  • Tara C says:

    I wish my fridge would die! I hate it, the layout is terrible, but it won’t die. I’m praying for a lightning strike this winter to kill it.

    Please do enter me in the drawing, I love Amouage! I have Dia, Gold, Jubilation 25 and XXV, and would love to smell Memoir.

  • ggs says:

    I could go on ad nauseum about clothes washers that need repeated repairs (high end Maytag front loaders too! faulty circuit boards! design flaws! mold! class action lawsuits! ) and the many microwaves and dishwashers and dryer repairs we’ve funded, and our very nice independent repair guy who will give out reliable advice on the next model to buy (and I too read Consumer Reports like it’s a bible). He felt bad about having to charge us a $75 service charge last month for taking a penny out of the discharge tube, that was blocking the drain. Sigh.

    BUT…. I’ll just say Amouage Jubilation XXV. My DH gets many many compliments on it. I love it. It’s a classic. We have backups.
    But I do want to try these Memoirs, so thanks for the review, Patty, and throw my hat in the ring for the samples ;)

  • Jemi says:

    Ugh, waiting around for flaky appliance service repair. Sorry to hear about the annoyance.

    The weather here is just starting to turn, so I’m eager to snuggle up with my cold-weather scents. I’m wearing Feminite du Bois today.

    Please enter me in the draw, thank you!

  • Claudia says:

    I guess I’m late to the party here, but I wanted to add my name to the draw. I’ve had good luck with appliances for the most part, but when i buy them, i make a point NOT to get the so-called state-of-the-art models. I stick with the lower end of the line, using the theory that fewer moving parts equals fewer things that can break. It’s only a theory though. I think they just make things so they break sooner on purpose.

    I don’t have a fall scent just yet. I’m working my way thru a lot of samples. But when i went to Portland last month, I visited the Perfume House and bought YSL Yvresse and Perfume Sacre Intense. It was FUN!

    • Claudia says:

      By the way, my gravitar looks like a stink bug.

      • Ann N. says:

        Hi Claudia, don’t feel bad — my gravitar looks like something from a Preparation H commercial!! BTW, so envious of you visiting the Perfume House. How is it set up and what kind of stuff does it offer — some vintage and some new stuff or what? I would love to get your take on it.
        I have a half-sister up in Eugene that I’ve been meaning to go visit and it would be nice to explore perfumes in Portland. Thanks!
        P.S. I’m with you on getting the closer- to- basic models of things — when all those fancy bells and whistles go out they might just take down the whole appliance with them …

        • Claudia says:

          Hi Ann. I loved the Perfume House, but I was SO excited by the time I actually got there, I could barely speak. Seriously, I was stuck dumb by the beauty of all those bottles of perfume! I didn’t know where to look first. Luckily, my brothers were with me and they distracted the saleslady (I think her name was Pam) until I was able to get a grip. They have an amazing amount of stuff there, both new and vintage. I got to try some of the Amouages and Pam had all sorts of stories about what it is like to work there. Having said that, though, they actually didn’t have the first 3 things on my list of “wants” 1)any Ormonde Jayne (ok, I knew that was a long shot) 2)L’Artisan Papyrus de Ciane or 3) Etro Messe de Minuit. They had a lot of L’Artisan stuff, but not that one, and they were out of the Etro. But it didn’t take me long to find other stuff I wanted and I left very happy. I highly recommend a visit. It’s located on a busy commercial street, but the side-streets are residential, and we didn’t have any trouble finding parking.
          I couldn’t find any other perfume stores in Portland. We went to a mall that was supposed to have one, but couldn’t find it once we got there. We went to See’s Candy instead….

          • Ann N. says:

            Thanks, Claudia!! I, too, would have been somewhat awestruck, faced with a store full of such fragrant wonders. Sounds like you did OK, though.
            And I love, love, love See’s! Can’t get it much here down South but I always got a boatload when I traveled to San Francisco. That reminds me, in mid-October, See’s lifts its warm-weather shipping charges so it’s not quite as expensive to have it shipped. Their butterscotch squares are awesomely, melt-in-your-mouth good, if you like that sort of thing.

          • Claudia says:

            Butterscotch squares are my favorites. My husband and I (this is embarrassing)order a 3 pound box of See’s for Christmas every year. We eat 2 pieces a night until it’s gone.
            I also love the chocolate covered peanut brittle bars.
            Where in the South are you? We live in Northern VA. The Farm Fresh grocery store in Williamsburg carries the 1 lb boxes of See’s. When we go there to visit we pick up a box. But I love to order from the catalog and mix & match my favorites.

          • Ann N. says:

            Ah, Claudia, a woman after my own heart (and sweet tooth!). I live
            outside Atlanta, and at the holidays, See’s will set up a temporary kiosk at a couple of the malls, so at least we can get our fix there. But, like you, nothing beats ordering a custom box. One year I ordered like 90% butterscotch squares with a couple of other things thrown in for good measure. Heavenly! Think that’s what I’ll do this year, once the warm-weather shipping charges go away.
            BTW, I envy you living in Virginia. We actually went to Williamsburg for our honeymoon and it was delightful in mid-October. Plus, I have family near Richmond, Lynchburg and Roanoke and I don’t get up there to see them as often as I would like. Wishing you guys a very colorful fall!

  • lemonprint says:

    Drawing? Yes please!

    Unfortunately there are very few Amouages that don’t make me insane with want. I love them all. Epic, Gold, even Ciel which I never hear anyone talk about, Dia… And I just tried the new Opus I and drat, IT’S really good, now I’m looking for folks to do a split with!

    We just bought a freezer so I reassure myself that if the fridge ever dies completely (the thing is either insane or evil) I can always rotate through ice frozen in soda or milk bottles and keep the stupid thing cold that way. But I hate being hostage to the stupid thing. Even more so, hate being hostage to Sears.

  • mariekel says:

    Ooo, yes, please enter me in the drawing!

    I cannot say that I associate Amouage with comfort scents. Then again, the scents that suggest coziness to me are usually scents I veer away from — heavy on the nursery food factor (vanilla, amber, rice, yuck). Now if someone could encapsulate the smell of the rehearsal hall from my grandparents’ summer camp in rural PA — think dust, aging cedar, felt wool,wood polish — THAT would be the comfort scent of all eternity for me!

    As for available fragrances, I do find Fath de Fath, Coze and Asja on the snuggly side…

  • Christine says:

    I’m sorry about the fridge! I feel like I’m getting way older than I should be when I complain of the useful life of things, but c’mon. Between the appliances and then things like couches (I don’t want to have to spend 5K on a couch for it to last more than five to seven years!)…there is much to complain of.

    Hope everything works out for you!

    (And if you wanted to enter me in the drawing, I wouldn’t mind that either.)

  • Heather B says:

    Doll those Amouages sound like Heaven. Please enter me in the draw. Sorry about your fridge. I get what your saying. I inheirited my childhood home a couple years ago when my dad passed away, and almost all the home appliances are originals from the 60s and 70’s. I even have an olive green stove:)

  • JuliaF says:

    Oh my! Smoky woods, jasmine and cardamom sound like something I’d love. The price-not so much but I’m sure it’s worth every penny. Please enter me in the draw. My most comforting perfumes for colder days are currently Bois d’Armenie, Vanille 44 and Korres Pepper Jasmine Gaiac Wood Passion Fruit.

  • Tiara says:

    We embarked on a major remodel this summer including a new kitchen with new appliances. Our 1 month old KitchenAid dishwasher stopped working. The panel lights were flashing but the buttons wouldn’t work. Luckily it was under warranty and KitchenAid helped us find a local service company. Didn’t cost anything unless you count the hassle and the nights of washing by hand until the part arrived.

    For all of the perfumes I have tried, haven’t tried a one in that line. Perhaps that will be my winter sampling. Although, a few weeks ago I discovered Liz Zorn is in my neck of the woods and plan to head to her studio explore there as well.

    • Tiara says:

      Forgot to say keep me out of the drawing. I already have samples of both and like the woman’s version. Happy that the smoke takes a big back seat!

      • Tiara says:

        Jeez, I look like a nut case here….my Luckyscent ample pack came right after I wrote this and wanted to come back immediately and add that comment. But didn’t remember until this now….I need a vacation!

  • Anthony says:

    Hi, Patty. I’ve not yet delved into the world of Amouage, besides Jubilation XXV, which I hear is a good place to start, but I’d love to be entered into the drawing to perhaps try the guys Memoir. It sounds fantastic: smoky, green, woody? excellent. I’m thinking Profumum Fumidus but I know I’m probably way off. :)

    Oh, I’m really loving Tobacco Vanille these days for the snuggly moments. :)

  • sara says:

    I would love to enter the drawing! I have had great luck w/appliances. Same stereo since college and never replaced a stove, microwave, or fridge. Fingers crossed (and ready to dab, I hope!)

  • Dionne says:

    Ugh, don’t get me going on the whole “planned obsolescence” thing. In terms of fridges, I was told by a salesman that they don’t last as long as they used to because of energy efficiency requirements: parts have to be a lot lighter and flimsier to take less energy to run. Except I can’t help wondering if fridges that take less juice to run but head to the landfill every five years are any better for the environment that the older, heavier fridges that lasted for thirty years but drank up more electricity.

    And I’m not totally sure I totally buy the energy efficiency argument either, because I see the same phenomenon in pianos and sewing machines (I’m a piano teacher and a quilter).

    You want an indestructible piano with a lovely warm sound? Find a piano tuner who’s got an 80yo piano in his shop he’s working on and snatch it up, because you’d have to pay $35,000 for something handmade from Germany to get that kind of quality in a new piano.

    And there’s a reason why so many quilters lust after the ancient Singer Featherweights – they’re beautiful, light to carry and still sewing a beautiful straight stitch after all this time.

    Yeah, I could rant about this topic for awhile. So on to a more pleasant topic, could I be entered in the drawing as well? :)

  • Cathy says:

    Oh my goodness, these sound AMAZING. I’ve never smelled Amouage, but they sound heavenly.

    Please enter me for the drawing as well, thanks!

  • MsAnon says:

    I haven’t smelled any Amouage (yet); my current cold-weather scent is Bois des Iles. Please enter me in the drawing!

  • Gretchen says:

    I’d better cross my fingers and not count on my household’s appliances lasting well (though they’ve all been fine for a decade and more).

    A week ago we had temps over 100F; today 67F and 20% chance of rain. Yay! I’m sick of summer! SOTD is Guerlain Plus que Jamais, suavely soothing along with the grey skies. Why yes, I’d love to win those Amouage samples. Still have yet to try any Amouage, probably for fear of falling for something that’s seriously too expensive. But at least the sample would be free!

  • Disteza says:

    Our fridge is OK, but our heater is not–the last round of punishing rains here in DC flooded our basement and fried the circuitboard on the heater, so I am sans heat whilst the temp hovers in the 50’s. We have no fireplaces or other heaters, so it sucks.
    As does my wait for these two ‘lil lovelies–oh Amouage, why must you continue to torment me with beautiful perfumes, each one more suited to me than the last? Go ahead and enter me in the draw, I can’t wait to drop another coupla hundred dollars. At least perfume is more fun than new heater parts. :-<

  • Rosiegreen says:

    Sorry about your fridge, appliance breakdowns are a nightmare. Please enter me in the drawing for the Amouages, they sound wonderful. I have resisted trying that brand strictly because of the cost factor.

  • Debby H says:

    Ah, yes, appliance issues. Been there so many times. Just bought (another) new microwave. Crossing fingers that it will last a few years! I remember my mom expecting appliances to last at least 25-30 years…
    Yes, please enter me in the draw!

  • KathyT says:

    Ack! Sears used to be so good with repairs, but they outsource to another company now who come to your home and diagnose the problem, but they can’t fix it because they no longer carry parts. They order the part to be delivered to your house so that they can come back “later”. I also had to pay for the part and the future labor before they would schedule a date to come back. Hate it.

    It is finally getting a little cooler here in NC, and I am bringing out the Dzing, Tabac Aurea, Cimabue, Coromandel, and Eau Lente for now. I’d love to be entered into the drawing please.


  • Musette says:

    I’m not in the draw, alas, but I do want to chime in and say my ‘cold winter night’ snuggler is either vintage Mitsouko or vintage Emeraude/L’Origan (either/or – not both b-( at the same time!)

    xo >-)

  • snowpavement says:

    and O, Yes, pls enter me into the draw! xx

  • kjanicki says:

    I like a spicy comfort scent for the cold weather, and maybe a cuddly musk. Right now I’m wearing Like This and it hits the mark for both.

    My grandmother’s fridge lasted 50 years and was still working when we moved her to a home. They don’t make things to last anymore.

  • snowpavement says:

    Amouage is possibly my most admired house. UBAR is superb and I’ll never tire, HOMAGE alters my molecular structure every time I near, bought ~two of then so I might never ever run dry. I also have both Jubilations and Epic Woman, so am expecting great things of Memoir, even if Ciel and Reflection have left me utterly cold.

    As for fridges, I’m old enough to recall the ~icebox! Poor quality abounds these days! So sorry you got caught in that, exquisite Patty!

  • Style Spy says:

    Planned obsolescence is a harbinger of the fall of our civilization. The other thing I resent, which seems to go along with it, is Feature Creep. It’s impossible to get a base model of anything anymore, everything has bells & whistles. And then you get used to your bells & whistles & can’t live without them and when you buy the next version of the thing, the bells & whistles have now become your baseline. You know — once you had a car with electric windows, would you ever have bought another car with roll-down ones? Like that.

    Please enter me in the draw. because I need to fall in love with more perfumes I cannot afford. ::sigh::

    • Daniele says:

      Feature Creep… what a perfect way to put it. The last cell phone I got had so many useless features that I found myself accidentally activating that it drove me nuts. Sure, features are great, but why not offer a base model for people who just want to… you know, make phone calls? ;)

  • Samantha says:

    I’m always the lucky one who ends up with my family’s old appliances when they’ve upgraded…so, they never last all that long on my leg of their journey! I would love to have a beautiful new refrigerator just once but on the other hand free is cool too. Speaking of which, I’d love to be entered..they both sound amazing :)

  • lolediburgh5 says:

    Hi Patty!
    I was having this conversation with my mum the other day,she has had the same washing machine for twenty years (we were seven living there)and my the life expectancy of my appliances is from two to three years maximum,that is so insane….
    Amouages I love are Dia and Lyric Men but don’t use them for their coziness..Please enter me in the drawer I’d love to smell those beauties.L.
    P.S.I hope that your fridge ‘s been fixed by now..

  • maggiecat says:

    Fridges fallinto the category of things we don’t really appreciate until they don’t work. I’ve had better luck with mine than you have, but it seems my mom needs a new one every 5-6 years (probably because she buys them “refurbished”!) I second the Consumer Reports recommendation, incidently – those have never steered me wrong! I wish you cold food and warm comfort scents from now on!

  • Aimee L'Ondee says:

    aaack, appliances! I own a duplex with window a/c units and it feels like I’ve installed a zillion of them, approximately.

    Amouage is a much more fun topic, though. My Amouage comfort scent is definitely Tribute Attar, unlikely though that seems, with all its skanky frankincense powerhouse glory! I would love to try these Amouages, too. Please sign me up for the draw!

  • Olfacta says:

    I think Sears outsourced their repair people a few years ago. They wear Sears shirts and drive Sears trucks, but they don’t work for them. I had a Bad Experience with them over a washer delivery once, and was complaining, and that’s when I found out. Hope I don’t sound preachy when I say get an online subscription to Consumer Reports, and buy as per those recommendations. We’ve had good luck with that so far. I use it for everything, for appliances to computer stuff. Our GE appliances, which came with the house, are all toast now or about to be.

    Does CR review perfumes? Maybe they should!

    I will always be in love with Lyric for Women.

    • DinaC says:

      I have never, in my entire life, been without a subscription to Consumer Reports magazine. I love it and shop by it. And, may I also recommend their newer, more femininely formattted magazine “Shop Smart.” They take the same ratings and punch it up with nicer graphics, copy, etc. so it looks and reads more like a “Real Simple” magazine. Just like the original, there are no ads. I like it and may buy gift subscriptions for a bunch of girlfriends this year for X-mas.

      • Mals86 says:

        Yes, every time I’ve bought any appliance I’ve managed to read what CR says about it first.

        Apparently even CR says that most microwaves last 5-7 years now… the one I bought in 1991 for my first apartment died in 2008: 17 years of good service from ol’ Mike. They sure don’t make ’em like they used to.

  • maggi says:

    Still love Amouage Homage best and most, but Jubilation is not far behind.

  • pam says:

    OK the Sears thing: We bought this house new in the 90’s and the builder LOVED Sears appliances. He told us that over and over. The dishwasher died about a week after the warranty ran out. (18 mo. tops). The handle of the microwave broke off and cannot be fixed. (I pry it open with my fingertips.) The hood light over the stove broke 10 years ago and cannot be fixed until I replace the microwave, of which it is a part. Had to have the stove repaired within the last year, but I didn’t call Sears–called an independent Mr. Fixit who showed up on time. Etc. Etc. Etc.

    I’ve never smelled the Amouage scents and would love to so please enter me in the draw.

  • Musette says:

    Patty, you are showing your age, yarking on about ‘appliances that last’ ;)) I was born in the …….uh, I remember my parents having the same appliances from the time I was a baby until we moved – those things were easily 30 yrs old – and worked just fine. My mom’s Electolux vacuum? Had I any inkling the number of vacuums I would go through (before I got the Miele, which is still going relatively strong after 20 years)….my BFF collects Electrolux vacuums from the 50s-60s and every single one of them works just fine!

    You can store your food here, if you like – it’s 36F this morning! Brrr!

    xo >-)

  • kathleen says:

    They build appliances with “sell-by” dates now.

    I have loved Amouage since the late ’80’s (or early 90’s) when I bought my first bottle of Gold at Harrods. I think the Opus series is, just beautiful, and I am looking forward to trying Memoire. Don will be getting either Opus II or Memoire, for Christmas, to add to his collection.

    It has been cool, grey, and damp, here in VA, for the past 2 days. I have layered Ambre Narguile over Jo Malones Ginger & Nutmeg body creme. Warm and comforting. I smell like a cookie!

    Please enter me in the draw.

  • Catherine says:

    I hate when major appliances break down! Why not make them like they use to? My mom’s got a fridge in her basement that’s been going strong since the 70s; her stash of coke and beer is always the perfect temp. I’ll probably inherit it, hopefully still loaded.

    I have two comfort, snuggly scents: Chanel No. 18 and Larmes Sacrées de Thebes parfum. Add a scarf and a pretty robe, and all is better with the world.

    Please enter me in the draw.

  • Mals86 says:

    We’ve always had good luck with Sears service, except with dishwashers. We’ve only been in our current house since 2002, when it was built, and we’ve had TWO dishwashers – and the current one isn’t cleaning well. Seriously, I can only get 4 years out of a dishwasher?? My MIL still has a so-called “portable” DW that has to be all of 30 years old… maybe 35.

    For cold winter nights, I love Parfum Sacre, Shalimar Light, Tocade and Alahine. I’d love to sniff the Memoirs.

  • Sherri M. says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about your washer! That is so aggravating! I hate that appliances are now made to only last a few years! It just doesn’t seem right to deliberately make something last only a few years, does it?

    Please enter me in the drawing. I loooove Jubilation 25. I also like Lyric, but I’ve had trouble with the Amouages line setting off migraines. Maybe because the line is so rich, and the formulas are so complex?

    Anyway, we are only today beginning to get into the cooler weather in Tennessee. I have been wearing Guerlain SDV, and various rose samples.

  • Suzy Q says:

    Lyric is my my favorite Amouage followed closely by Gold. I can only wear them in cool weather. Now that the temps have dropped I’m loving Ambre Narguile and SSS Femme Jolie.

    It’s the waiting around for repairmen that really steams me. Most of us work outside the home so it’s a big deal to take time off… and then they’re a no show? Don’t get me started.

  • Josephine says:

    Please enter me in the drawing – both of the Amouage scents you review sound wonderful! Embarrassingly, I have never tried any – even though I mean to and want to and read about them constantly and think, ‘order them!’


  • Ann N. says:

    Hi Patty, I feel your frustration regarding the fridge. What a pain, eh? I guess it’s always something. We had the heat guy out this past winter two or three times to look at our 5-year-old unit, thought it was fixed and then didn’t have to worry about it as summer hit. Now the temps are in the 40s overnight and the darned thing won’t come on upstairs. I can just imagine when I call today and they schedule the appt., the guy will say, “Oh no — not THEM again!!”
    Anyway, hang in there; this, too, shall pass. Would love to be entered in the draw as I’ve only tried a couple of the Amouages and they didn’t agree with me, so I am hoping these might do the trick. Thanks!!

  • Debbie R. says:

    I’d love to be entered into the drawing. I think Lyric is exceptional and these sound great too.

    We have an air conditioners that fails every summer. I think that falls more into the lemon category that planned obsolescence, but neither my husband nor I have ever had an a/c even need servicing in all the decades before this one….and thi one can’t stay functional for three months at a time w/o needing repairs. At some point, we’re going to just have to give up and get a different one.

    As for cold winter nights and fragrances to help agains them, is there anything like an amber? Not for me personally. I could probably have a dozen ambers and just enjoy all of them. Right now, it’s Ambre Fetiche.

  • jen says:

    I know so many people who have purchased $$ appliances in the last 5 years only to have them go out right away. I have been lucky with my fridge, but I totally broke my clothes washer on Friday. It’s under warranty still, but it’s heartbreaking. Thank goodness I have a lot of underwear. haha.

    As for Amouages, I have only tried one and it was very sophisticated. I can not think of the name of it.

  • Isa says:

    I have never had the chance to try the Amouages, but there are so many which seem good for cold weather… I think that I would love to wear Memoir Woman and Homage in winter.

    At winter nights I love to feel warm, cozy scents while I’m reading in bed. SL Five o’clock au gingembre, Nobile 1942 Anonimo Veneziano, Black Cashmere, Costume National 21, Comme des Garçons Jaisalmer… are some of my favourites for that moments.

    I think the same as you about the planned obsolescence we have to put up with. The same happens with cars, at least in Europe. I’m fed up with the continuous repairs :((

  • Daniele says:

    The whole ‘planned obsolescence’ thing makes me really sad. The technology is better, we still pay an arm and a leg for these appliances, but they just don’t last. And it’s not as if you can just spend a bit more and get assured quality; spending more just assures that your crap has a fancier finish and more options. Options that inevitably break.
    It’s a bit of a sore topic for me, too. Also, I live in Canada and we’ve had nothing but trouble with a dryer we got at Sears. They send the repairman to our area once a week to look at things, then he comes back the next week with the part he thinks will fix it. All told, we were out a dryer for two and a half months.

  • dinazad says:

    Seems to me that few things last as long as they used to – these days even clothes don’t last long enough for children to grow out of them or for you to get tired of them. Shoes wear out even if you wear them only for two weeks a year during your summer vacation, appliances break down within a year or two… sighhh….

    As for winter fragrances: Mandarin Mandarine (or ist it Mandarine Mandarin?) is my favourite. I hated it at first sniff, but it’s gorgeous in cold weather. It feels as if you were carrying your own private orange grove in bloom with you, a snippet of your personal summer.

    Nevertheless, the Amouages sound great, and I’d love to be in the draw!

  • zeram1 says:

    I just bought a new fridge last year, to replace one that was over 25 years old (GE – USA built!). Alas, we’ll see how long the new LG lasts. Please enter me in the drawing as well.

    • Masha says:

      Ah, old GE-built-in-the-States. Those were the days! Their appliances could actually be passed on, like heirlooms….

      • Jen says:

        Indeed, we have an Electric GE dryer in the basement that literally came with the house when we bought it. How old is this thing? Like maybe literally 20 years. Old. School. And it works great! I find it funny that its sitting next to this super spiffy front loader LG that we scored free from my aunt, but hey, as long as it works I’m not touching it. As far as scents go, I’m interested to try the Amouages – the womens especially sounds nice. In the fall I gravitate towards two different scents – that of smokiness, like the smell of smoldering leaves or a wood fire slowly smoking something like salmon or ribs, and on the other hand something spicy like applesauce cooking or pie baking – cloves, cinnamon, a faint hit of vanilla.

      • Mals86 says:

        When we moved into our first house as newlyweds in 1992, we “inherited” the 1976 harvest gold Kenmore fridge the old owners left behind. We had to have the icemaker repaired ($70), but it was still going strong when we moved out in 2002.

        Our 8-year-old current fridge, another Kenmore, still works fine but nearly all the plastic drawers are starting to splinter. I suppose I’ll have to replace them, and Lord knows how expensive THAT wil be.

        • Ann N. says:

          Hi Mals, loved your mention of the “harvest gold” Kenmore fridge! In our previous house, we had an old Kenmore washer and dryer in what I like to call “autumn rust” and they lasted for more than 20 years as well. Also had the charming avocado green fridge there for awhile. But for all their dated colors, they were workhorses. Gotta love those ’70s!

        • Elisa says:

          Harvest Gold! That’s the fridge my parents had the whole time I was living with them, but recently (after 30 years or something??) they finally had to replace it. They also finally replaced the yellow countertops and blue wallpaper. So long, early 80s.

  • Masha says:

    Yes, please enter me in the drawing. Amouage never disappoints, like SL, even if they are not “for me”, they are always excellent and interesting. Epic and Lyric are my faves.
    And where do all these cheapo appliances go when they die young? I mean, more and more people on Earth are buying more and more of them, and the darn things only last a few years. Where do they all go? Are they recycled? Junked? Polluting some beautiful country far from us?

  • Furriner says:

    I’m waiting for my samples to show up…. ordered them from Lucky Scent. So if there is a drawing, leave me out. I’m kind of excited to test them.

  • Alica says:

    I like Helmut Lang EdP at winter nights, it’s the best musk scent I have ever sniffed so far. Thank you for entering me in the drawing.

  • DinaC says:

    Sorry about the fridge problem…what a pain! We’ve had a fridge die on us, several years ago, and I seem to remember it happened in August, too. We didn’t even bother trying to get it fixed because it was ancient. Got a new one.

    My oldest appliance right now is my Whirlpool gas dryer that’s about 16-1/2 years old. It’s been fixed once — a minor repair that cost, like, $15. We found an independent appliance repair guy by asking at a parts place who they recommended. He’s a weirdo, but he knows his appliances.

    The men’s Amouage Memoir sounds great to me. I love green woody stuff. Wore Sycomore today, and am wearing VC&A Bois d’Iris tonight. I’d love to be entered in the drawing.

    I’ve only sampled a couple of Amouage scents so far and haven’t fallen in love with any yet. I seem to remember that Dia was a pretty floral, but I didn’t have to have it. Reflection was screechy and hissy to me.

    Good luck with the fridge!

    • Musette says:

      We live in a Very Small Town (1500) and the appliance place is staffed by the owners (who live a block away from us) and folks who live here – so when there is a ‘fritz’ you can, within reason, give them a call and they will be there p.d.q. How cool is that? When our fridge went out they had to order a new one for us – so they (wait for it) OFFERED TO BRING US A LOANER! 😮 Luckily for their backs it was in early March – we just put our stuff out on the front porch – but ….wow!

      This place drives me crazy because it is not New York, SF or Paris but sometimes….:-?

      xo >-)

      • DinaC says:

        Gotta love that small town trust and friendliness sometimes! I live in sprawling suburbs, but I’ve been here so long that I’ve found some hole-in-the-wall mom and pop type places that still treat people in that small-town way. If only we could all have the best of all possible worlds…utopia! ;)

    • Patty says:

      I really love a lot of the Amouages. They are the best revamped line around. They were out there for years with Gold and DIA and a couple of others, and then 2-3 years ago, just cranked it up. Lyric Woman is my absolute fave, along with Tribute and some of the other Attars.

      They did a nice job of maintaining their brand and demographic while updating what they did and escaping the box of “old rich lady” perfume.

  • Mimi Gardenia says:

    Sorry – I mean I literally had the same problem as you ,Patty and same thing – called Sears………

  • Mimi Gardenia says:

    I had the problem with my fridge – the repair set me back the same amount as a good bottle of Sous Le vent – in fact Sous Le Vent would have been cheaper. Please enter me for the drawer. :)

  • violetnoir says:

    Well, we have a 21 inch Mitsubishi TV that has lasted since February 1986. We thought it died in May, but then it resurrected itself for another three months, once it found out we had purchased a Toshiba flat screen to take its place, lol! But, I think it’s finally kaput, and we will have to figure out how to connect this new fangled gizmo this weekend. I loved that old Mitsubishi. You are right: they just don’t make ’em like they used to, Patty.

    I am sorry about your fridge. Sears needs to be slapped! At the very least, they need to comp you on the service portion of the bill. That’s just inexcusable.

    Oh, and please enter me in the draw. Thank you!


    • Patty says:

      My TVs last as long as the warranty. I tried to outsmart them by getting the extended warranty for 3 years, but they seem to know. so my TV that ran out of warrant this year now has a little line going down the side. Grrrrr.

      • ggs says:

        LOL, about the TV coming back to life after you bought it’s replacement!! Hahaha. We lost two TV’s after a lightning strike that hit near our house and came in through the cable line. (No worries though, they were oldish, and we had more. It’s a big house.) It killed a modem too. Not sure how you can protect your cable line from lightning?? Thank goodness all the appliances didn’t get shocked too!

  • Mary says:

    OOOps! Sorry for all the typos!

  • Mary says:

    Sorry about the Sears guy– my experience with Sears has always been good– maybe someolne got sick or they are short-handed– hopefully, by now they have been abd gone annt the problem is fixed. I had a lanndlord fix a fridge in an apartment once by vacuuming about ten years of accumu;lated dust bunnies and goobers out of the back–I was embarassed, and only responsible for about six months of said dust bunnies, but the treatment was effective- fridges need airflow, apparently, or at least the old ones did. For Amouage, I fell in love with Opus I. Really in love, but I find it pretty stimulating. For comfort at night, I seem to be alternating between Nuit de Tubereuse and Vol de Nuit, in the vintage cologne concentration I found. The past week, I have been searching for something– I ordered the Luckyscent fall sample pack, so I’m looking forward to trying the Memoirs– thanks for the review. Stay chillin’ :)>-

    • Patty says:

      The service guys from Sears are almost always terrific. It’s their appointment system that seems to be broken!

      I’m afraid to check my dust bunnies, but once I take everything out todaya nd turn it off to defrost, I’m going to vacuum and just see how bad that is. *covers eyes*

  • Erin T says:

    Great opening line – hooked me from the start. It’s odd and vageuly disquieting that I’m actually more interested in the state of the fridge and in whether Sears will attempt to redeem themselves than in the new Amouages. I can’t exactly tell why. You made them sound very appealing, especially the men’s. I squinted and tried to focus on the mandarin in that laundry list of notes for the women’s, but I’m just not turned on. Didn’t want to try the last Amouages, the library things, either. They’re releasing too many things, like everyone else – I’m pretty sure that’s what’s bugging me. Oh well. Please get back to us on the fridge…

    • Musette says:

      The fact that you now have New Baby plus Toddler feeding might have something to do with it.

      And the Laundry. Let’s not forget The Laundry!

      And keeping the place somewhat clean (tough with NB+Toddler, so those handy-dandy vacuums ….love ’em)

      Appliance Breakdown With Baby is not to be considered, hence your fixation.

      Oh, yeah – and the other thing, too! I’m surprised at them, to be honest – I would’ve thought, with their financial firepower and all, there would be no need to release fragrances with the speed mainstreams, with an eye to the bottom line, do.

      xo >-)

    • Patty says:

      Okay, fridge update. Sears came out, nice service guy, says the problem is Sears overbooks them. Instead of telling you that they can’t fit you into the appointment system when you want an appointment, they just let you book the appointment, then let the service guy apologize when they have to cancel or show up 4 hours late or more.

      It’s a $300 repair, which is much better than 1400 for a new fridge, but of course they can’t repair it until Thursday, so I’m still dining out a lot.

  • Lilybug says:

    We’ve been quite lucky with our appliances so far but I have noticed people complaining that even products from the better brands are breaking down a lot. At least you can get better customer service from them still. We’ve given our 7yo washing machine hell and it’s still going strong :)

    I guess everything’s so complex now, there’s that much more to go wrong with them. And they’re not easily fixed. Good luck!

    • Patty says:

      I had a GE or Maytag fridge in my old house that I spent a ton of money on, and it lasted 6 years. Same with this fridge. It turns out that a $300 repair will keep it going, but I’m sure this is just the first of two repairs over the next couple of years, and then it will be dead. I had an upright freezer that only lasted four years before it croaked.

      What I don’t get is they’re not more complex, fridges aren’t. They cool the same way as they did 50 years ago, for the most part. I think they just use cheaper parts and don’t desigen them to last a few generations like the old ones did – no money in furnaces and appliances that last four decades.

  • Daniela says:

    Yikes, a fridge on the fritz is never fun. We lost power for a day or so during some particularly cold temperatures, and I just remember not opening the fridge in fear of letting warm air in. Needless to say, the meals that day were quite random.

    I have no experience with Amouage scents so I can’t tell you which one I like for winter. But I’ve had an obsession with “Dzing!” for a while now, and it seems to be a good cross-seasonal scent :)

  • taffynfontana says:

    Sorry about the Fridge been there done that, they just do not make appliances to last anymore my last two microwaves lasted only 10 months each, not even a year before stuff started catching on fire. Our last fridge did not fare much better but what can we do we need them! Thanks for the Amouge Memoirs sounds like a warm and comforting smell especially now that it is getting chillier.

    • Patty says:

      Microwaves. My parents first microwave never broke, I think we finallyl threw it away because we gave up on it breaking, and the power was so low, it took 3 minutes to cook a hotdog!