Getting a Head Start on the Weekend

I gotta admit it peeps, after the past few weeks I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend of doing absolutely nothing. I’m tapped as far as a review for today, but next week, I’ll be raring to go with something.

I bought the September issues of Vogue and Allure the other day and was pretty disappointed in them. Not a scent strip to be had in my copies, not to mention not much worth reading. Anyone else feel the same?

I hope all the east coasters who were affected by hurricane Irene are returning to business as usual. I’m glad most of us got through the worst of the storm minimally scathed.

Enjoy this last holiday weekend of summer; post your plans, post the fragrances you plan to wear, or whatever you’d like.

Have a wonderful long weekend!

  • cathleen56 says:

    I agree about Vogue — it was awful. Nothing inspiring. I left it on a plane, which is saying something (for me, anyway).

  • Ann says:

    Just hanging out and getting some household stuff done while my guys are at the beach. Got a batch of samples in the mail yesterday so am having fun playing this weekend. Hope everyone is getting lots of R&R!

  • Ninara Poll says:

    From the new issue of Entertainment Weekly (9/9 — 9/16), about the new season of America’s Next Top Model, which will apparently star contestants from past seasons of the show:

    “‘The power of the model over the last 10 years has started to shift to people who are more entertainers, singers, actors, and reality TV stars,’ says co-producer Tyra Banks, who will judge alongside her usual panel and guests including Nicki Minaj and Kathy Griffin. To that end, the hopefuls will create a perfume and write a song — and star in its video. Explains Banks, ‘If I tried to start modeling now, I wouldn’t have had my career.'”

    Does this mean we will suffer the fruity-floral-gourmand apocalypse that heralds the actual Apocalypse? /snark


  • No perfume this week. I developed a skin/nerve-ending problem so I’m on some different medications to stop pain and clear it up, and it changes fragrances, so I’m passing it up this weekend. Cable company is showing up because we’ve gone through three cable hard drives in two months. I’m a freelancer, so there is business–and tax stuff. I’ll take some time off, but it’s still to hot to do much but swim, and that ain’t all that bad.

    • tammy says:

      Any nerve related pain is hideous….I had a severe case of shingles in my 20s and I was in abject misery for months.

      Hope you feel better soon!

    • Ann says:

      Yes, Quinn, seconding Tammy in the hopes that you feel better soon!

  • jen says:

    Going to see ‘Midnight in Paris’ wearing cumming.

  • Jennifer says:

    Wearing Comme de Garcons this afternoon/eve and plan to watch the Kyle MacLachlan 1984 extended version of Dune .I may even up the spice by layering Opium,Tabu, or Roberto Cavalli’s Oro on top.

  • AnnieA says:

    Wore Atelier’s Orange Sanguine to the Pacific Northwest Exhibition yesterday and it went really well with the the smell of hay, fried food (including Those Little Donuts) and candyfloss.

  • tammy says:

    I am goin’ low-brow this weekend…waaaayyyyyy low brow.

    A friend sent me a bottle of Love’s Baby Soft Jasmine the other day, to remind me of high school. I was shocked to find that I still love it! And I don’t think it’s the nostalgia factor, either; I just really like it. At the very least I think I’ll sleep in it, as it’s rather powdery and soothing.

    • Ann says:

      Yum, Tammy — that makes me hanker for the good old days. Enjoy that Love’s Baby Soft, you lucky girl!

  • mirandajane says:

    I’m getting a massage tomorrow from my Finnish masseuse named Inga. She uses this incredible-smelling Bulgarian rose & seaweed oil by Source Vital. I will smell like ocean & roses! (I will probably wear Premier Figuier this weekend. I just graduated from years of multiple 1 ml. samples of it to a full bottle.)

  • Perfumista8 says:

    I’m hoping for a lazy weekend with nothing more strenuous than shopping with my mom and a barbecue with family. This weekend I hope to decide if I like my new bottle of Kelly Caleche. Don’t get me wrong, I love the bottle- it’s the juice I’m a little unsure of. I keep flip flopping on this. Has anyone else had that experience? Not just with KC but any fragrance?

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  • Barbara says:

    You can all throw daggers at me but I think it’s time for Anna Wintour to move on….

  • Julie says:

    Planning to hit up the “zoo at night” tonight as the SD zoo stays open late all summer and this is the last weekend for that. Friends are having a cookout on Sunday and hope to take in a movie at some point. Have a relaxing and fragrant weekend everyone!

  • I’m going back to my routes with my perfume this month. Going for the classic Jean Paul Gaultier. Haven’t worn it for about a year. Have taken cravens for it all this week, hope i’m not pregnant…:)

  • Joanna says:

    I’ll be packing and preparing to move at the end of this month and spending time with family. My boys 1rst day of school is the day after Labor Day so we’ll be getting ready for that too.

    I have samples of Lubin’s Black Jade and Montale’s Dark Aoud and Mood Aoud to try.

  • maggiecat says:

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  • Calypso says:

    Yes my Vogue definitely has an Elie Saab scent strip. There’s also an article about new perfumes, really hyping ones that sound bland or awful.

  • Olfacta says:

    For me it’s business as usual. Working on a painting, working on my house, working on the blog, expecting a house guest. Etc.

    I did buy the new Vogue — I always buy September — and haven’t really had time to read it yet, but did notice that there isn’t much “reading” involved. It’s more like “flipping.” The DH and I had a good time the other night looking at the oh-we-take-ourselves-SO-seriously fashion ads and cracking up.

    I think there was an Ellie Saab strip in my copy. I couldn’t swear to it. I did sniff one somewhere and, unlike most of the big-market stuff, it didn’t make me gag. Is there hope?

    • Ari says:

      It did get very nice reviews on Now Smell This, but while I didn’t find it nausea-inducing either, it didn’t seem particularly special to me.

  • Ari says:

    I bought the Allure for Salma Hayek (I like supporting more positive body image role models with my dollar), but it will be a cold day in hell before you get me to shell out $6 for a thousand pictures of Kate Moss in wedding dresses. I understand that Ms. Moss was a very fresh face when her career first began, but she’s so ubiquitous now.

    Labor day plans will involve attempting to train my new kitten to stop trying to eat my toes. Anyone have any suggestions? This is my first non-turtle pet, so I’m at a bit of a loss. Never was able to stop the turtle from biting me either, come to think of it.

    • Julie says:

      Ha! I would say either get another kitty for it to play with or lots and lots of playtime – distract the kitten with toys, feather wands, etc. when it get feisty.

    • mirandajane says:

      I’d say remove the cat from your feet; & also–after the kitty does this–don’t look at her for about 10 minutes. This is how mother cats show displeasure to their kittens–they ignore them for a little bit. (Ditto what Julie says about getting another kitten. Kittens love other kittens & it ups the cuteness factor for you by about a zillion.)

      • Ari says:

        mirandajane and Julie- I’m sure another kitten would be the best solution, but this one is such a handful that I’m afraid of what would happen if they decided to gang up on me!

        • Jennifer says:

          I’ve got a male cat who likes to nibble on toes too. The two females don’t do that or gang up on me .
          You might try wearing some clear nailpolish with Bitrex or bitter apple .You could also use cat language- growl and hiss if kitten chomps too hard. I would suggest that you may want to start getting the kitten used to you trimming the claws every two -three weeks .I did with the male and his “hello ! Down here !scritch greetings “are much easier to take.Declawed cats can be more likely to bite as the gentle claw pressure of “that’s Enough!” isn’t availiable to them anymore.(My family has a rescued declawed female,and have cat sat for a few others.)

    • Sharon C. says:

      My cats aren’t terribly fond of scented products; maybe perfumed lotion on your feet might discourage the wee one–the taste, if not the scent. That, and lots of kitty chew toys for substitutes.

    • When the kitten bites your toes, put your finger on the forehead, gently push (or under the chin, or on the side of the face–they move fast)and sternly say “soft paws!” or some other phrase. Move your feet away. It takes patience, but my 12-year old cat still obeys this command to pull in his (well-trimmed) claws and stop chomping. Another cat is a good idea, too. Yes it is nuts for two weeks, but they they chase and chomp each other and you get to post hundreds of adorable videos.

  • Sherri M. says:

    Don’t have anything special planned for the holiday…just the normal running of the younger kids to and fro to sleepovers, etc. Our kids have been in school a month now, and several have managed to already catch colds/strep. Our house smells like skunk this morning; I really hope one of the dogs didn’t get sprayed (wouldn’t be the first time!). On the fragrance front, I liked my sample of Vitriol d’Oiellet, so I bought a bottle. Biiiig mistake, it is a major headache/red eye allergy inducer. I guess I could take it in the mini sprayer, but not the “big” spray bottle..sad, sad…I wanted so much for it to work but SL just doesn’t like me, I’m afraid. I am looking forward to the new Annick Goutal release; Goutals work much better for me.

    • Musette says:


      well, hang on to that bottle – it will garner great interest at the next Swapmania, I should think…:-?

      xo >-)

      ps. I feel your pain on the skunk. My house smells like compost (pile is on the other side of the garage (about 25′ away) and it’s cooking like a roast in this heat!) …and bat. Bats in the bedroom last night. Dawn dishsoap and a scrub brush this morning. :-w


      • nozknoz says:

        Musette, although I really miss the country, you are making me awfully glad to be living in a condo right now! ;-)

  • FragrantWitch says:

    Spending this weekend packing up my house as we move in 10 days! My daughters start school-including my 2.5 y/o’s first day at preschool :( ( -on Thursday and things will be very busy so I am trying to get as much done as I can now. thankfully the girls are enjoying playing in the sunshine. Accidentally sprayed Olene from a Diptyque boxed sample that was marked Tam Dao and thought I was going to die! horrible stuff if you are a white -flower -loather like me but I imagine heaven if that’s your thing. Naturally, it is resistant to removal so I have cracked out Shalimar and sprayed liberally…the hell with the warm weather and the fact that I am wearing a bummy t-shirt and yoga pants – I smell goooood now!

    • Jillie says:

      Just saying – I am a white flower lover but loathe Olene. Don’t know why. It smells revolting to me.

  • Valentine says:

    Yeah, I’m not too impressed with my Sept. issue of Vogue either, although I got some laughs out of the cashier for the sheer size of the thing though. I swear mine does have some scent strips though . . . will have to look at it again

  • Musette says:

    I’m spending my day requoting piping and looking for a quick turnaround on zinc electroplating (galvanizing). Perhaps I’ll wear my 70s Mitsouko. Or vintage Femme.

    xo >-)

  • nozknoz says:

    I’m sniffing some mid-vintage Molyneux Quartz and really liking it, although it is VERY quiet, even in EdP.

    Taking Friday off to make this a four-day weekend. A little light shopping tomorrow. Nothing more strenuous the rest of the weekend than sniffing new samples and a tidying up around the house. Wishing every a good weekend!