Random Sunday – Dior Grand Bal, All Souls Trilogy, books, scents, Vero Kern’s new scent, Game of Thrones

Ha!  Surprised you!  It’s a holiday weekend, and I sorta punted on my Tuesday post last week, which indebted me to Make.An.Effort on a Sunday.  On a holiday Weekend. Hey!  All six four of your around reading, we’ll cover some territory.

Everyone has a book. Seriously. Denyse has a book, Alyssa has a book coming, Persolaise has a book coming, Yesterday’s Perfume has a book in progress.  My friend’s husband, Chris Howard, has a young adult novel, Rootless, coming out this fall (this thing will be amazing if you are a fan of YA, like Hunger Games, etc., and I am!).  I’m trying to ignore this because I don’t want a book.  I read books.  The Vedic Astrologer, Dr. Katy Poole, who did my chart and said my dharma was to write a book and have my own television/radio show. I’m thinking that probably means an eBook and a YouTube Channel about how to not choose wisely when marrying – also known as “Three Husbands and a Hussy,” which actually  – hmmm, let me think about that.

Alyssa Harad (upcoming book Coming to My Senses) sent us a project to help with recently. She worked with author Deborah Harnkess, author of The All Souls Trilogy (first book A Discovery of Witches already out, second book Shadow of Night releasing in the next month or so ) to scent the two main characters in the trilogy –  Diana Bishop and Matthew Clairmont.  Alyssa picked Ginestet Botrytis for Diana –  the scent of sweet wine and raw honey, a scent of October sunlight and autumn leaves, and — according to Deborah — exactly what Diana’s blood smells like to Matthew – and Etro Messe de Minuit for Matthew this vintage formulation matches Diana’s first description of Matthew’s smell so well that the perfumer who created it might actually know a few vampires. It smells, as Diana says, of cloves and cinnamon and something like incense.

We had to scramble a little finding the Botrytis because, of course, everyone was out of stock, but ran down enough, plus we laid in a few vats of Messe de Minuit a year or so ago when all that “Etro reformulatoin” chatter was galloping about.

Our part in it was to make the sample sets for Viking Books to give away four sets of samples each week from July 1 through July 6, 2012.  So if you are familiar with the book, or might be, you can follow the link to get entered in the contest.  An author who was on board with this already has my admiration, as does Alyssa for picking scents that some very earnest fans may disagree with once they smell them.

But that project really made me thing about what a great idea it is for authors to scent their characters! Rayda Vega composed a fragrance based on the fiction novel just released by M.J. Rose, The Book of Lost Fragrances.  If more of the characters from books had a scent to go with them, how much more alive would they seem to us?  Would they seem more real or more realized?  I completely love this idea and started contemplating some scenting I’d like to do for characters in books.  Have any of you done that? My secret desire? Scent most of the characters from Game of Thrones. I happen to know a few of you who read here are fans, and I think we could do this. The blog with a single line of comments may not be the best place, but Perfume Posse Facebook might be!  If you’re interested, say so in comments.  I starting thinking and came up with – Danerys is Serge Lutesns Sarrasins.  Cersei seems like she should be Femme or Bal a Versailles, but she needs a touch of bitter or crazy in there.  Or both.  But then I think it’s much more fun to figure this one out collaboratively with fans of the book.

Vero Kern has a new scent coming out, big release is Milan June 13, 2012.  Musette and I think we should go because we were invited.  A lack of a reasonably priced plane ticket for either of us is a bit of a hold-up.  The EDP will be released at Pitti in Florence in September. I think I should have a big raffle or garage sale to raise enough money to get there. I love Florence. Oh, back to the fragrance!  No information at all is being released about it. I’ve bugged Vero from time to time about when she’s going to make me some Fath Iris Gris, and she didn’t say no!  Well, I’m a tease, I have no idea what this scent is about, no notes, nothing, just waiting like all of you.  But I’d rather be waiting in Milan.  They did give away 50 free samples.  I didn’t win one, nor did I even know they were giving them away.  I really need to pay more attention sometimes.  I love her first three scents – Rubj, Onda and Kiki – so batting that highly puts me in a very anticipatory mood.  Oh, dear, clickety clicking reveals this is likely a green scent, which is good, but dashes my hopes of Iris Gris Reborn against the gates of Discontinued Perfumes Lost Forever.  Also, the few time I spoke with Vero over e-mail, she is one of the loveliest people you could ever hope to correspond with.  Gracious in all the best possible ways that word is used.

Christian Dior Grand Bal.  I’ve really tried to think of something more than what I said last Tuesday – love, love, love, love this dewy jasmine wonder – or something close to that.  And I got nothing except get the big bottle, spray it on madly all summer, maybe layer some Bvlgari Au the Vert or Black (depending on your mood or need for the fresh smell of road tar – don’t laugh, I mean that as a compliment, freshly laid road tar is an intoxicating smell) over it or in your hair. It  lays on light enough that you can wear it with abandon, slightly dewy, but with enough jasmine that you won’t think, ew, jasminelite, just no.  It’s not so heavy that you can only wear it at night, I wear it all day.  And as the summer heats up, that jasmine should blossom even more beautifully.  I’ve always wanted a Christian Dior ball gown, even though I have nowhere to wear it. I swear, I’d just wear it around the house on a Monday.  This modern one Cate Blanchette wore feels like Grand Bal – an updated take on a classic piece of Femininity that the Dior  ball gown represents.

Okay, so who is with me on perfuming the Game of Thrones trilogy?  Well, I’ll give away three samples of Grand Bal to commenters anyway, just for keeping me company on a holiday weekend when I have to work.

  • Flora says:

    I have never seen Game of Thrones but only because I stopped subscribing to HBO after The Sopranos and Six Feet Under ended – how do you top those? I fear I would get addicted to it if I started…

    However, I would love to try the Grand Bal, plus the Dior gown on Cate Blanchett in the photo is almost exactly the shade of my new curtains, so I get some style points, right? 😀

  • Joanna Ravlin says:

    I’ve devoured this book cover to cover 5 times. I’m almost too excited to write about how exciting this is. When I’m in the kitchen and using cinnamon or cloves or honey or drinking a glass of wine I think about this book. I have a vintage bottle of Diorissimo sitting on my dresser that reminds me of this book. I started collecting alchemists illustrations because of this book. This perfume give away is almost as exciting as knowing the next book will finally be out soon.

  • Jen says:

    I just can’t get into GoT for some reason – either by book or tv. Now, let me know when you’re ready to scent The Hunger Games. 😉
    The Dior sounds lovely, but then again, I’m becoming quite a jasmine ho.

  • I don’t watch Game of Thrones, but I’d love to be entered in the draw for Grand Bal. 🙂

  • Aimee L'Ondee says:

    Oh man, put me down to try Grand Bal, that sounds freakin’ fantastic. I am anxiously awaiting the second in Deborah Harkness’s series — I liked A Discovery of Witches a lot. And if I were to scent any Game of Thrones characters, I’d definitely put Cersei in something deceptively appealing but with a poisonous edge — maybe Fracas, or Gucci Envy, or Magie Noire. Arya should be in something a bit androgynous and clever and forthright, like vintage Miss Dior or vintage Eau de Givenchy, or Philosykos. Fun!

  • sunnlitt says:

    Well, I have decided not to start watching Game of Thrones. I brought the first book home from the library–it looked WAY too long and involved, so I took it back without reading the first page. I’ve got too much going on in my real life–I am just not looking for anything deep and tortured in fiction or on the screen. I’m too tired for that. Ge, that sounds more depressing than I meant it to, or than I actually am!!

    But, the Grand Bal sounds lovely. And, a Bit of Lovely is just what I need these days.

    Thanks for the giveaway and the toughtful post about scent and fiction.

  • maggiecat says:

    I lover the idea of scenting fictional characters – I often do that in my head anyway! I think Tyrion needs an earthy yet sophisticated scent – Eau Sauvage maybe? I see Danyeris in Ormonde Woman – not in the early scenes, but later as she becomes more aware of both her femininty and her power. The rest – I don’t know but I’d happily follow along with the crowd in discussing them. And I am truly lemming the new Dior – can’t wait to try it. BTW – people with ADHD are three steps ahead of everyone else – what’s wrong with that?

  • ggs says:

    Oops.. Meant to type that it’s -hard- to keep up with new authors.

  • ggs says:

    @Patty . Need to think about the characters a little more, by I will absolutely jump in to a Posse fb discussion of GoT. Sounds fun! I am halfway throught the 2nd book in the series, after losing my copy on a plane, and then purchasing the Nook version, and then getting distracted by another series and some nonfiction I am reading.
    _must_find_more_time to read….
    @Sweetlife. I will buy A Discovery of Witches on your recommendation! I’ve been reading fantasy books since I was in middle school (I’m on the far side of my 40’s now) and the explosion in this genre in recent years has been great–but makes it easy to keep up with new authors.

    • I look forward to hearing what you think! And–lucky you–you’ll be able to read the second installment right away instead of waiting on the cliff for a year like the rest of us did!

  • Game of Thrones, I’ve only read 4 of the books and not seen any of the series.
    King Robert Baratheon- Eau de Sud Annick Goutal
    Queen Cersai Baratheon nee Lannister- Kouros YSL
    Eddard Stark- Grey Flannel Geoffrey Beene
    Catelyn Stark- Rosa Sur Reuse SIOVOHLE
    Ser Jaime Lannister- Envy Gucci
    Tyrion Lannister- Coco CHANEL
    Theon Greyjoy- Amber & Lavender Jo Malone
    This was FUN!

  • annemariec says:

    That Botrytis sounds so gorgeous. Is that the honey scent Alyssa mentions a few time in her book (honey, winde, autumn leaves … )? Botrytis is now on my wish list, and I have my left hand is in a tussle with my mouse hand to stop the mouse hand just clicking through to PayPal right now. Be calm, mouse hand, be calm.

  • P.S. The Grand Bal sounds freaking fantastic. Putting it on the list for a must-sniff when I’m in San Francisco in July.l

  • Hi, Patty! Thanks so much for telling people about the Deb Harkness project! I can’t resist giving Deb’s books a little plug: Folks, those of you haven’t read A Discovery of Witches yet are in for such a treat. I won’t summarize the plot, but if you like vampires and witches but have been wishing someone would write a book about them with a) a sense of humor, b) fantastic characters and an accurate sense of history, and c) a sensibility that makes things friendlier for women and cuts way down on the number of dead/tortured female bodies lying around this is your summer read.

    Deb is a history professor, and one of her specialties was the time period when alchemy was just turning into science, so she knew a great deal about the history of magic before she started writing, and it gives the books a wonderful rich background. She also wrote a popular wine blog (she’s kind of magical herself) so the book is full of detailed descriptions of smells.

    • Patty says:

      I just think it’s such a cool thing to do, and it makes complete sense knowing her background.

      Thanks for giving the book overview. I’m not far enough in to speak even remotely intelligently about it, but she seems to have a really large fan base, which is wonderful!

      Grand Bal, you do have to sniff it when you are in San Fran.

    • annemariec says:

      You have convinced me! I have not read ANY of that vampire stuff that has been so huge in recent years. If Deb is a historian, I’m in!

      • Yay! And Deb’s books are out everywhere, so no shipping fees for you. Btw, the second book in the trilogy, SHADOW OF NIGHT, which comes out July 10, is even better and has LOTS of amazing historical detail.

  • rosiegreen says:

    I love your idea for scenting GofT. I just got the dvds for season 1 from my library. Have not read the books yet but I think I will have to put them on my list. Love the picture of Cate in the ball dress. I WANT IT, even though I live in fleece most of the time. The Grand Bal sounds wonderful. I do NOT need another lemming.

    • Patty says:

      I know! That dress haunts my dreams. I remember seeing it when she wore it, not sure how long ago that was. And I live in yoga clothes most of the time, but I want ONE pretty, frilly, stupidly expensive ballgown once in my life that I can wear somewhere.

      sorry! But it’s just jasmine, you have lots of those, right?

  • Amy K says:

    Maybe Jamie and Cersei could share a nice unisex fragrance like Eau des Merveilles. I imagine Arya in something not sweet at all, like a dab of Clinique Wrappings. Tyrion would enjoy Cumming. Invasion Barbare for Daenerys. Brienne might steal a tiny spray of something feminine and pretty like La Chasse aux Papillons before quickly washing it off and feeling foolish.

    • Patty says:

      Maybe Parfume des Merveilles for the twins? The ambergris in that is a teensy bit smuttier, which suits those incestuous two.

      Arya is green – she’s very close to the tree people, so I think she would be green and woods, something almost sappy. Well, if Gobin Daude were still around, I could solve that problem!

      Tyrion may definitely be Cumming. That so fits him.

      sometimes I think Brienne would want something compltely feminine. She’s a warrior and not pretty or delicate, but she’s got such a tender, romantic heart.

  • Poodle says:

    I’ve never seen Game of Thrones but I do know that Peter Dinklage is In it and I think he is an incredible actor. I loved him in The Station Agent. I would probably like Game of Thrones but I rarely get control of the clicker so we usually watch what hubby is watching and that’s usually sports although he does like The Good Wife because he’s got a crush on the lead character.
    I need to read some of these books you’ve mentioned. I’ll have to put them on my birthday list and hope I get one. Or two.

    • Patty says:

      Peter Dinklage is one of my favorite actors anywhere. He was brillian in The Station Agent. He’s done some smaller roles that were comedy. One wth that twit offspring of Goldie Hawn’s? Movie was awful, Dinklage was funny and perfect.

      His character holds much of the books together, and he is the only person in the world, I think, that could have played Tyrion. He has the intelligence that is needed for that character.

      Love The Good Wife too. It’s one of like two or three regular series television I watch. The actress that plays the lead is really good.

      • Ann says:

        Oh, I love Peter Dinklage, too! I agree that he was wonderful in “The Station Agent,” and was also great in a sort of fairy-tale film called “Penelope,” with Christina Ricci, if you ever get a chance to catch it. Very sweet and charming …

        • Ann says:

          And love “The Good Wife” as well. Julianna Margulies is just drop-dead gorgeous!

  • FragrantWitch says:

    Ooh, great idea. I watched Season 1 but haven’t yet read the books. Definitely addictive!
    I have just picked up a copy of A Discovery of Witches and I am so excited to start it- especially now that I have their scents in my head.
    Can’t think of specific scents for GofT but I know that Ned Stark would have to smell of leather, vanilla, cold spice and honour (don’t ask me exactly what smells like honour though!)
    And I agree with L’air du desert Marocain for Danerys.
    I would love to scent the True Blood characters – Eric Northman anyone? Sexalicious!

    • Patty says:

      It is great going in with that, isn’t it? Like another sense involved in the immersion. I’m only a chapter or two in so far, but I have another book going and decided I must finish one before I can keep reading hers, but it looks great.

      Ned Soivohle Leather Krem? Leather, caramel, woods, citrus? Citrus feels like honor, as does woods and some greens. I want him to smell like dior Eau Noire. 🙂

      Oh, True Blood. Eric Northman, just straight-up sex, seriously. That show got so out there the season of the orgies, I just couldn’t follow who was who! But I keep watching it with the sound off just to watch Eric.

  • karen says:

    I read _Discovery of Witches_ recently and the author is very detailed about how things and people smell/taste throughout the books between the vampires and their heightened senses and the main character learning about wine tasting.

    • Karen, yes! That is exactly how this little collaboration got going! The author has a wine blog, so she’s accustomed to describing scents in ways similar to perfumistas. She also knows a great deal about alchemy, which is surely another wine/perfume overlap.

  • FearsMice says:

    Agree; the smell of road tar IS intoxicating! I grew up in the Deep South, where tar and creosote (telephone poles used to be coated with it) bubble up in the summer heat. I’m sitting here imagining what Grand Bal’s jasmine would be like layered over Bulgari Black…

    • Patty says:

      It is!!! I think I have a post back in the archives about Hot Kansas Summer Roads that was an Ode to Bvlgari Black or Le Labo Patchouli 24 – not sure which! Patch 24 is much more creosotey. Now, I know how toxic that stuff is now, but there was nothing better than climbing inside the little tent of creosoted poles we had and sniffing myself into happiness.

      I am going to try it. But I went to get it today, and the look on my face when it wasn’t there – Mike and Abby took it home to make up samples ahead of time – was like
      when I couldn’t find it. so the experiment will have to wait until tomorrow.

  • Elizabeth T. says:

    Loved your article, such a cornucopia of fun! I’d also love a chance to win one of the samples! Thanks for the opportunity!!

    • Patty says:

      Thanks, Elizabeth! I try and refrain from these rambling, random things because it truly displays my ADHD proudly for everyone to see.

  • nozknoz says:

    Patty, first, thanks so much for the samples of Amouage Beloved and Xerjoff Mamlouk that I won here. Mamlouk reminds me a lot of BK Back to Black, maybe richer, but Calice Becker’s light, dry, balanced touch is what I love about her BKs, so my first reaction is that I don’t need more Mamlouk (whew!!!). Beloved I adore. Must have. To me it’s a deftly updated take on old favs like Jil Sander Woman III and Azzaro. In other words, real perfume that one can really wear.

    Someday when I retire I will get a big-*ss flatscreen and spend a LOT of time catching up on things like Game of Thrones, but now I don’t have a TV and have only just heard of it.

    A couple of months ago, I tracked down some Iris Silver Mist and Persicol in order to try the experiment described in The Guide for conjuring Iris Gris. I haven’t had a chance to do it yet, though, and I’m wondering if I need to dilute the Persicol first… So this project will have to wait until I have the time.

    Hurray for all the perfume books! I’ve read The Perfume Lover – love it and my sample of Seville a l’Aube, which has gone to the top of my buy list. Also have The Book of Lost Fragrances standing by (looking forward to phase II of my dental surgery) and Alyssa’s book is on order. I also love what YOU are doing with the new Surrender to Chance and expanded Posse roster. The Year of the Dragon will be a fragrant one!

    • Patty says:

      Beloved, yum. Seriously, that thing keeps me so darn happy. I’m glad you loved it! Back to Black never quite hit as a wearable scent for me. I loved it, but it was too heavy to put on. I think Mamluk had the right level of sweet/oud/heavy where I could wear it – well, as long as I dind’t mind wearing it for 24 hours or more!

      GoT – the first season is OUT on DVD, and I think you can rent/buy/watch it at Amazon on your computer. It’s one of the few TV things I’d highly recommend to non-TV people. the other is the Wire.

      Where did you get the Persicol? I was going to try that. I may even have some peach I bought from Mandy around here. I should play around with it.

      Denyse’s book is really fabulous. I’m still not all the way through it – too many books keep calling me away. I’ve got the rest ready to ready. The Seville is on my MUSTBUY immediately list as soon as it gets anywhere purchasable. It’s so great.

      Thanks! We are having so much fun with STC, and this expanded Posse roster makes me incredibly happy. It just feels like a bigger family now.

      • nozknoz says:

        I ordered the Persicol (aldehyde C-14) from The Perfumer’s Apprentice. It arrived quickly.

        Last weekend, I e-mailed LuckyScent to ask if it was possible to pre-order Seville a l’Aube and they asked me to check back soon. I’ve been bogarting my sample – can’t wait to be able to spray myself silly!

      • Barbara says:

        Loved the Wire. Couldn’t get over Little Finger/Carsetti (sp?) when Thrones came out.

  • Eldarwen22 says:

    I’ve never read the books or watched Game of Thrones, I’ve seen clips here and there. Looks like I’m gonna have to get the books and start watching the show. Too bad that there are no good book stores here in the boonies where I live. The Borders that was 20 minutes away closed down and the nearest Barnes and Noble is 45 minutes away. It’s a pity that Borders is no more because they seemed more reasonable than Barnes and Noble price wise and had more selection. I guess this is what you get for wading through the LOTR books and The Hobbit. I’ve never thought about picking out perfumes for characters.

    • Patty says:

      I probably have a few copies of the books laying around. I think we’ve all read them a couple of times and have them on Kindle. If you e-mail me your mailing address, I can send you at least the first one!

      LOTR doesn’t seem to lend itself to scenting the characters because I keep thinking, with the exception of the elves, most of those people had been traveling for months/years and probably smelled pretty horribly much of the time.

  • Ann says:

    Hey, Patty! Not familiar with GoT, but I think it’s a very cool idea. Now you’ve got me wondering what some of my favorite period piece characters would wear (Jane Austen’s ladies, Edith Wharton, etc.). Love the photo, too — that Grand Bal sounds delightful. Must try soon! P.S. Don’t feel bad about working; I’ll be in the office a bit today and tomorrow.

    • Patty says:

      Thanks, Ann1 GoT is really just fun and bloody and epic and addictive. There are characters you despise so much, and others you are rooting for. And there’s always a twist coming you aren’t expecting.

      I’ve thought about the Jane Austen novels too, scenting them, but never gotten any further than thinking about it!

  • Nita says:

    Thank you for writing today- I can always take a break from what I’m doing to read about fragrance, and would love to try Grand Bal.
    I like Bal a Versailles for Cersei. When I think of Danerys in those desert scenes, I immediately think of L’air du Desert Marocain, and for Brianna, Jicky! I picture the wildling girl who ends up turning the tables on Jon Snow wearing Juliet, by Juliet Stewart- all those wonderful herbs with an underlay of vanilla.

    • Patty says:

      You might be right on that. I still want her in a big white floral with spine, she may need two scents. L’Air is also perfect for her.

      Jicky, yes!!

      I haven’t smelled that Juliet, but I think I need to hunt that down.

      I think Jon Snow would smell of Kerosene Copper – warm, haunting, familiar. or Le Labo Patch 24. Or something icy?

  • tammy says:

    Scenting the individual characters in GoT will be fantastic fun, but surely the overarching scent for the series is Sécrétions Magnifiques?

    I’d contribute to a Send-Patty-and-Musette-to-Florence fund/raffle/garage sale, just sayin’….heck THAT would be a fun yearly project! Send a reader to Europe.

    • Patty says:

      Ew, then I’d have to smell it again. You might be right, but I don’t have to like it. 🙂

      I agree, send a reader to Europe would be an amazing project. I’m not sure how we’d manage to convince people to part with their money for it, but we surely are all enterprising enough to come up with something?

  • Claire Ryder says:

    I don’t read the books but the perfume sounds yummy. I would love to smell it
    and I am working too if that makes anyone else feel better about working

  • ShirJean says:

    Tyrion smells of library books and leather with mischief thrown in (I don’t know what mischief smells like) So maybe CB’s In the Library with an accord layer of Leather
    Sansa – light and flowery but with a punch of something strong in the background or perhaps she is just SL Iris Silver Mist – complex but soft powdery flower
    Breanna – wow, what would that large warrior woman wear – something fierce
    Rob Stark – something animalic but with a soft side
    Jon Snow – earth notes or maybe earth and leather with class.

    I just don’t have enough fragrances in my nose library to figure out the actual fragrance but these are the notes that I smell when I think of them. Will have to give it more thought when I catch tonight’s installment.

    xo – We are going to do the grave crawl this afternoon in eastern Kansas this year, sis!

    • Patty says:

      Coming up with an impish scent for Tyrion is eluding me. He is bookish and smart, so Library fits, but he’s fairly carnal too. He may need some serious smut laid down under his bookishness. I’d want him to wear Amouage Beloved because it would be surprising, and tht fits him.

      Sansa is sweet and delicate.I would put her in some Dior maybe or Guerlain Apres L’Ondee. Melancholy, romantic, but with resilience.

      Breann? or Brianne? I can’t remember the spelling. Something green and Earthy and a little weird. Diorling.

      Rob Stark – haven’t even thought about him!

      Jon Snow – super-hot, cold, reserved. I’m still thiinking about him.

      Really??? You are in the wrong direction for the grave crawl!

      • Joanna Ravlin says:

        I imagine Tyrion smelling like the strength and lust and wine. Like battle and bedrooms.

  • Will have to check out Game of Thrones, as I am not familiar. These sound lovely anyway. . . .G

    • Patty says:

      Game of Thrones is so great, even if you’re not a fan of Science Fiction/Fantasy. It’s like fantasy alternate political intrigue with a couple of dragons thrown in. Bloody, harsh, sometimes way too brutal, but it captures you.

      HBO is doing the second season right now, which encompasses the second of five books, I think it is, so far, with two more books yet to be published.

  • Musette says:

    You are NOT going to sucker me into Game of Thrones. You are NOT! Not until winter, when I can comfortably sit in front of the TV without much guilt.

    Until then, I am thinking about some of my favorite characters. Louise Penny scented Inspector Gamache with rosewater and sandalwood…I’m at a loss because all I can think of is Ubar and that’s way too heavy (gorgeous – but heavy) for the Chief Inspector. Mme Penny is always careful to describe it as a ‘hint’, almost as if it emanates from his very being.

    His first officer, Jean-Guy Beauvoir, wears trendy aquatic scents right now…but something tells me that is going to change as time and circumstances do….

    xo :Devil:

    • Patty says:

      Oh, yes I am! 🙂 You can wait for now, but you will be sucked in.

      It is fun to scent characters? Once you start thinking about them, their character,their traits, something pops up, but it’s way more fun to do it with other people and get their ideas. it just strikes me as a collaborative thing.

  • killerrabbit says:

    I can only think of perfumes for minor characters – the Wildling girl at Winterfell (Osha) might be smelling of a mix of Dzing and Winter 1972 for the mix of dirt, grass and snow but with an undertone of sex.

    And Varys, the eunuch from Kings Landing would smell like incense so my pick would be Byredo Chembur.

    • Patty says:

      Oh, that is perfect for her!

      I always thought Varys would smell of roses – slightly poisoned ones, but roses nevertheless. Maybe JAR Bed of Roses?

      LittleFinger should be D’orsay Le Dandy.

      • bloody frida says:

        oh yes!! love these choices (oh how I love GoT!!!)

      • killerrabbit says:

        I was thinking about this over the weekend and I think that Ned Stark would smell manly and old fashioned – Yatagan or Grey Flannel, Cersei would wear Shalimar as nothing says my family all want to sleep with me better, Jofferey would wear Gucci Rush2 as it is a nasty nasty fragrance that doesn’t go away.

  • MaureenC says:

    I don’t know the trilogy (will need to find out now) but it has sent me off on a muse about other characters in literature and popular fiction, ooh what fun!

    • Patty says:

      I know! Once you start thinking about it, so many great books just beg to be scented. If your musing pays off in something, let me know!

      We’re trying to figure out something to do with this, but it’s just a little seed that I’m trying not to fuss with too much so it has time to germinate into a real plant.