Ann July 13, 2012

Tom, I really enjoy this scent as well. It's funny, though, on some days, it reminds me of fall, just as you mentioned; on others it has an earthy, just-planted spring vibe to me. I like its dual personalities. Thanks ...

Sam July 12, 2012

Oh, as everyone else has said, what a gorgeous review. You've captured that exquisite feeling of nostalgic yearning, haunting and touching. I loved this: "Still feeling that teenager inside you but noting that your hands have marked the passing of time." Perfection. I haven't tried De Profundis but now I want to.

kathleen July 12, 2012

I want this now

Francesca B. July 12, 2012

Beautiful review, Tom. I was surprised I liked De Profundis as much as I do--I think it may be because that chrysanthemum note is just so unusual. It's traditional (at least in my tradition) to put chrysanthemums on a Wiccan altar at Samhain (aka Halloween), the night when our beloved dead come to visit us. So for me, chrysanthemums do have a death/end of the year connotation for me, but in a comforting way. Light as the fragrance is, I think I'll save it for that time of year.

sherobin July 12, 2012

Beautiful review! I half want and half fear to seek this one out for a sniff, now. The feelings you describe are a little too close for me right now - I tend to get this way at midsummer! But then, isn't this part of the reason we wear perfume?

Musette July 12, 2012

Tom, This is a lovely, heartbreaking review! I love the excerpt from your Serge Noire post. And...as I am tipping into That Certain Age, I notice those things even more. The end of summer has a melancholy beauty. xoxoxo :Devil:

Sara July 12, 2012

What a lovely review. I too found this one utterly unique and beautiful. I don't think I'd wear it often enough to justify a full bell, but have been considering a decant.

Austenfan July 12, 2012

I tried this one recently in Paris. I liked it well enough but wasn't smitten. It was quite hot though and maybe heat doesn't do it justice. I got La Myrrhe instead. That one was instant love.

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