Sonoma Scent Studio Incense Pure

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Just recently a buddy, Dionne, and I did a trans-continental decant swap. It’s a super fun thing to do. We sent each other our willing to decant Full Bottle lists and each was allowed to make a selection of 6 fragrances to be sent in 2.5ml sprays. So for the cost of postage and decanting supplies we each get to try 6 new things that the other had loved enough to buy a full bottle. How great is that? It’s also fun to see a list of what other perfumistas have in their closet! MWAAAHa Ha Ha and general rubbing of hands. This is my first cab off the rank. I spritzed myself this morning before I went to bed and couldn’t wait to have another go today. I love it so much that I’d like to share my thoughts with you…

Sonoma Scent Studio Incense Pure

Sonoma Scent Studio Incense PurePhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Sonoma Scent Studio gives these featured accords:
frankincense CO2, myrrh EO, labdanum absolute, cistus oil, natural oakmoss absolute, aged Indian patchouli heartnote fraction, sandalwood, cedar, ambergris, orris, angelica root absolute, elemi EO, vanilla absolute.

Loads of the bloggers have talked about the airy quality, the memories and the magic that Sonoma Scent Studio Incense Pure evokes for them and I completely agree all of these are true and valid reactions. My reaction is similar. I spent a lot of my childhood in Roman Catholic Churches and Cathedrals because I went to a Nuns primary school and a Jesuit high school so what I remember when I smell Incense is singing, in the choir from day dot and during late primary school being lucky enough to make a couple of records with the choir we spent a LOT of time practicing in the church and got to sing a couple of times in St Mary’s Cathedral, the huge edifice in the centre of Sydney, a very big deal. We were told back then that singing is your soul dancing and I believe it still; 2 of my all time favourite things. So when I smell Incense Pure I am transported to the joyous, halcyon days of singing the most wonderful God songs with my buddies in Church, at weddings, for events and always with the proud and adoring eyes of one or both my parents privately buffing their mental nails at how well they’d done. HA HA HA!!

Incense Pure opens with vanilla and frankincense on my skin and these are the mainstay of the fragrance through its whole life, everything plays back up roles supporting the stars and making them look more interesting by being gorgeous but not overpowering at any time. It’s a completely harmonious ride through. The crisp woods, cool roots and salty sea air ambergris come and go, fade in and fade out. This is all about smokey resinous incense, sweet vanilla and towards the very end at about 5-6 hours I get the crackle and humus rich earthy depths oakmoss brings (maybe the patchouli is adding to it?).

I didn’t think Sonoma Scent Studio Incense Pure was very loud but I had to go visit the bank today and in that kind of space I felt quite definitely perfumed and that was 4 hours into today’s wear. I wasn’t skunking anyone but I could smell myself as way more that an intermittent waft. This is because the concentration is extrait/parfum level at 20-24% fragrance!! WOW!So my advice would be that it’s a little too aggressive for close working conditions or frag phobic workspaces. Perfect though for dinner, date night, sex dates and family outings, the dry down purr will definitely make your intimate partners growl and it lingers extremely well on fabric too so maybe a spritz into your favourite scarf, or on the pillow as you leave a one night stand you’d like to return to.

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Also a Historical Note:
Encens Tranquille was released August 2007 and was discontinued when it no longer met IFRA regulations. Incense Pure was developed to replace ET and was released March 2010.

SonomaScentStudios has a wonderful sample program starting at $3.50/ml or $40/17ml or $75/34ml (extrait/parfum)

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Till Thursday,
Portia xx

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  • Joy says:

    I tested this yesterday, and got nothing but a fruity scent…

    I’m going to give it another chance, based on all these reviews.

  • Poodle says:

    I love love love this stuff. I just bought a small bottle along with a few other SSS scents. They are wonderful. It’s hard to pick a favorite but Incense Pure is high on my list. It’s funny how I dreaded having to go to church as a kid but I love all the perfumes that remind me of church.

    • Oh the fights we used to have between us 2 teenage kids and my AD A MANT Mother. It was a bit of a circus here. My sister Jodie and i were both in Catholic education so we would do 2 masses a week in School anyway. You can imagine the drama I’m sure. He He He.
      I did always love the singing and the theatre of it all.
      Portia xx

  • Dionne says:

    Ooooh, I got a shout-out here on the Posse! I’m starting to feel almost-kinda-famous. 😉 I’m glad you enjoyed this, Portia, it’s really amazing, isn’t it? For me, this is the scent of my little section of the Canadian Rockies. 45 minutes west of me is Bluerock, a little-known area, and we pop up there on a regular basis in the summer. The scent of the pines there is what Laurie’s managed to bottle. It’s the mountains in a bottle.

  • Suzanne says:

    Portia, I got a kick out of your suggestion of leaving a spritz of this “on the pillow as you leave a one-night stand you’d like to return to”! It sent up a hilarious mental image – of a woman whipping her bottle of Incense Pure out of her purse when the guy she has just shagged gets up to go to the bathroom. 😀 Thanks for the laugh and for the link.

  • Thanks Ramona,
    Fumeing on like cer ay zee here.
    I’m so glad you dropped by and please come back and tell me how you went wih your sample.
    Portia xx

  • Ramona says:

    I have a sample of this that I completely forgot about becasue I fell head over heels for my samples of Tabac Aurea and Forest Walk by the same perfumer- I will have to root around for this one and give it some well deserved attention. I did skip over to your Aussie Junkies site and it is now added to the list of my favorite perfume blogs! Fume On,Sister!=)

  • Patty White says:

    now I really have to try this!