By Kilian Garden of Good and Evil sample winners

By Kilian Garden of Good and Evil perfumes are arriving this week – at least at Bergdorf – a week or so ahead of schedule.  I think I’ve done all my giveaways except the Arquiste Boutonniere and Serge Lutens Une Voix Noire.  We’ll do those, um, sometime soon.

But we do have three winners of By Kilian Garden of Good and Evil sample sets.  Tatiana, Poodle and Cybele.  Y’all should know the drill by now, but here it is – click on The Drop Us a note up above on the tab below that header I really need to change soon, send me your mailing address, remind me what you’ve won, and I’ll get them shipped out to you. Make sure you get a confirming e-mail back so you  know i got it and it didn’t land in spam traps or venus flytraps or something else.  


You know what we’re doing today?


Opening that big Bergdorf prize March and Musette won at Sniffa.  We’re doing it by Skype so we can all three see what’s in there while Musette opens it.  I would record it and put it up on YouTube, and I still might, but it may require a lot of editing. We pretty much swear like sailors when we don’t think anyone can hear us and pretty much when we know everyone can hear us, but I’m not sure we should put that on tape!  

Plus I suck at editing video, but maybe if we all behaved and didn’t start talking trash about some of the perfumes that get pulled out, we *might* share it. Otherwise, Musette will be doing some kind of recap of what’s in there with pictures.  

I know, I know, i am squeeing all over the place in anticipation!.   I love this stuff.  Funniest part so far – Musette called me and told me to phone March and help her technically after she had some problems setting up Skype that I had to walk her through, and she was just sure March would need a hand. I was pretty sure she wouldn’t, but okay!  I called March, and she said, it was easy, I’m all done.  Pfft.  It’s time!    Bye for now!


  • Musette says:

    Hey! We’re BACK!!!!! Yay!

    I can’t believe March Out-Skyped me. But I am a near-Luddite when it comes to technology – plus the damn program forgot to tell me to freakin’ DOWNLOAD it. Other than that I was good to go!