Amer November 3, 2012

DEV #3 would be my choice as I am always up for trying natural perfumes. Even more so when there is ambergris included

Brooke November 3, 2012

What a fantastic draw! I tried a couple of these at the SF Fragrance salon and I was quite impressed. I somehow missed out on sampling Dev#4. I must rectify that and make it my choice.

Scottie November 3, 2012

I had a difficult time settling on a fragrance as they seem-while related- so diverse, but I would choose #3 (as it is all natural, and I like the notes/concept). Thanks for the great draw, and the great reviews!

Diana November 3, 2012

I haven't experienced any of the Devilscent 'fumes yet, but I have had the opportunity to try about 2/3 of the rest of her line. I really enjoy wearing the Olympic Orchids scents. To me, they seem rich without being cloying or too loud. Anyhow, I'd like to try all the Devilscents but if I had to choose just one, it would be #1.

Undina November 3, 2012

I tried all of the perfumes for the project but my favorite one is Dev #2. Please enter me into the draw. :)

Merlin November 2, 2012

Well I NEED to get the whole sample pack so I can read those gorgeous descriptions and sniff at the same time. And, which do I vote for? Well, the mood of Dev #3 appeals to me most. No, the mood of Dev #4. Ok, well look, its just inevitable - so I'll go (ultimately) with Dev #3!

Heather November 2, 2012

I am still hoping hard for Dev #1, but am increasingly intrigued by the "scary" buzz about Lil1, so will look for a chance to sniff it at some point. I have smelled raunchy and dank and acutely distasteful, but not scary, so it will be a first for me.

Harlan November 2, 2012

Ellen Covey has a way with perfumes, and for quite reasonable prices. I have yet to try the Devilscent series, and being the lover of all things animalic that I am- I really really want to try the Dev #2! Thanks for the draw y'all!

may November 2, 2012

would love to try Dev#2 :D

Hamber November 2, 2012

And i’m glad reading your article. But wanna remark on some general things, The website style is perfect, the articles is really nice : D. Good job, cheers

TaffyJ November 2, 2012

Lil Lil Lil Lil Lil Lil Lil Lil Lil Lil Lil!!! Ellen Covey is a genuis.

Lean S November 2, 2012

This is great! Thank you for the opportunity! I would love to try Dev#4.

Ramona November 2, 2012

Oh Oh Oh! Dev #2 ismakingme drool with anticipation while Lil #1 scares the bejaysus out ofme! I am a floral fan (much- and only in the right spot, on the sidelines,and playing a supporting role- NOT front and center) Thanks for the draw and now I amoff to the Olympic Orchid website- Slainte!

Poodle November 2, 2012

These sound so interesting. I think I like the sounds of Dev #3. I'm going to have to get the sample pack and try them sometime soon. You've got me so curious about Lil too. I don't think I've ever tried a "scary" fragrance.

Ellen Covey November 1, 2012

I just want to let everyone know that the DEVIL discount isn't working on my website checkout, and some payments are not going through. Maybe it's after-effects of Sandy. The hosting company is working on trouble-shooting these issues. In any case, you can rest assured that you WILL receive your discount, even if I have to manually credit it back to your account. Whatever problems exist will be solved.

Heather November 1, 2012

I would love to receive Dev#1. I'm intrigued to find out to what degree it foreshadows the others.

Amanda aka AbsintheDragonfly November 1, 2012

This has been such a delicious project to follow and participate in! Everyone has brought something different yet dangerous to the table. It's good stuff people!! You won't be disappointed! Please don't enter me in the draw. :) Amanda

tammy November 1, 2012

What a compelling review and very generous offers all around from Ms. Covey, thank you!. I'm having a difficult time deciding between Lil, Dev2 and Dev3....because I absolutely want to smell like a seductive female warrior, naturally, but Dev 2 sounds drop-dead sexy and I am also a complete labdanum ho. Decisions, decisions....a sample pack is definitely in my future! Guess I'll go with Dev3; my husband and I are apart for the next 13 months, so there is no point in being seductive and Dev2 might remind me too much of him ( he has a kind of spicy, musky scent of his own) A scent that is about loneliness and resignation of Fate is perfect for me right now.

ElizabethC November 1, 2012

Dev#2 sounds amazing, I love labdanum, tolu balsam, immortelle and cardamom! Also would enjoy trying out a perfumer from my local area :)

PattyS November 1, 2012

Leather, spices, animalics - sign me up for that! Dev#2 has everything that I like. Thank you Ellen for the draw!

Alica November 1, 2012

Wow, both scents´ composition is very exotic. I think the No. 2 would attract me more. Many thanks!!!

FragrantWitch November 1, 2012

I have been dying to try these and now the urge just got worse! Dev #3 sounds most interesting to me but at some point will sample them all. I'm already surfing over to her website....xx

rosiegreen November 1, 2012

All of the scents sound amazing but if I have to choose just one it will be Dev # 1. Thanks for a great review and thanks to Doc Elly for the draw.

Claudia November 1, 2012

I would love to try DEV #3. It sounds so intriguing! Thanks for the draw! :-)

Joaquim November 1, 2012

DEV#2 sounds sooooo heavy and I would love to try this! Civet, castoreum, immortelle, davana, leather...wow, just wow! Thank you for the draw

Tarleisio November 1, 2012

Considering that in a sense my own descent into the maelstrom of perfume brain began in the early days of this very blog, this is quite the thrill to have my project mentioned on the Posse! (FWIW - I LOVE YOU GUYS!) If you're looking for something utterly removed from 'ordinary', the Devilscents are a great place to start - and Ellen created five perfumes unlike anything at all else - guaranteed! Please don't enter me in the draw, obviously! ;-) But thank you from the bottom of my black and (very) depraved heart! xo

Irina November 1, 2012

I think Dev#2 is the most interesting for me thanks a lot for the draw

Dana November 1, 2012

Dev #2 sounds like quite the scent experience and I would love to smell it! Thanks for the draw.

Eldarwen22 November 1, 2012

The second one looks interesting but the first one looks scary because I don't care for citrus notes.

Masha November 1, 2012

Hi, Portia! I'm so glad you reviewed these! No need to enter me in the drawing- I have them already. They are quite mind-blowing. Lil actually freaked me out on a deep level; it's the most disturbing perfume I've ever worn. My favorite is actually Dev 4, the most minimalist of the batch, a very meditative and centering incense perfume. Ellen Covey really went to town with labdanum in this series, and it's definitely worthy of sniffage. Great stuff and utterly unlike anything else out there. And Sheila's novelette is a ton of wicked fun!

rosarita November 1, 2012

Ah, I think Olympic Orchids is a wonderful line of perfumes, so of course I have to enter any draw that's available! These sound fascinating. I am intrigued by all the descriptions; Dev#3 sounds best to me. Thanks!

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