1001 Perfumes – The Guide by Daniel Barros 2024

WOO HOO! Posse, you may know that Daniel Barros has been writing 1001 Perfumes – The Guide for a South American audience for years. This is the first year it has been translated so all of us English readers can… Continue Reading

Neil Chapman: Perfume

Hi there Posse! It’s not every day your mate releases a book about perfume. Last week it happened for me. Neil Chapman, longtime blogger under the guise of The Black Narcissus, has written a book about perfume and the finding… Continue Reading

PERFUME: The Art & Craft of Fragrance by Karen Gilbert

Heya POSSE PEEPS, Portia from Australian Perfume Junkies running concurrently on both blogs today. Christmas is round the corner and if there is anyone interested in fragrance in your life that likes to read then I’ve found the perfect book.… Continue Reading

Olympic Orchids Devilscent Project Lil#1 Dev#2 by Ellen Covey + GIVEAWAY!!

HEY POSSE PEEPS! Portia in the Posse from AustralianPerfumeJunkies and super thrilled to be bringing you something so far out of my normal range of fragrance sniffing that I just had to bring it to your attention. Now I first… Continue Reading

Bookish Portia reads Chandler Burr

Hello Perfume Posse Peeps!! Portia from AustralianPerfumeJunkies in the POSSE! YAY!! I love coming and visiting you all on Fridays, it feels like a holiday every week. I hope summer is treating you well, though I’ve heard it’s been NASTY!!… Continue Reading

The Essence of Perfume – new book by Roja Dove

I’m looking at my big, beautiful coffee table book from Roja Dove, Essence of Perfume is $44 from Amazon.  Roja’s love of perfume comes through, along with a wealth of anecdotes and history.  Well-written and not snobbish, though a few… Continue Reading