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What’s on the Sieve-like Mind of Musette

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It’s been a very weird few days – I did a Very Brave Thing, a few Smart Things and a couple of Dumb-as-Dirt things, all of which combine to negate the possibility of my doing a  real perfume review.  Instead, I will give you some quickie musings here.  I hope you will give me yours in return.  Carmine has been very busy trying to kill and eat our young renovation helper (one of my Smart Things – the helper, not Carmine trying to eat him) so he didn’t get a chance to hit for the Ambre des Merveilles.  I promise to get on him – we’ll have a winner for that next week.

So!  My Very Brave Thing.  I called the Service (that’s what CPAs call the dreaded Three Letter Tax Hydra).  They called me.  I called them back.  I CALLED THE SERVICE.  Y’all just don’t know.  I would rather fight an entire arena of iron-clad velociraptors than deal with that entity (I refuse to write the actual acronym lest they, like Beetlejuice, materialize in my living room).  For years I have either thrown money at them or thrown money at my CPA to deal with them  – or both.  When I got the letter(s) and the call my first thought was to cut my own throat and set myself on fire.  Then I decided to just Grow the Hell Up, already.  So I called.  Turned out that…guess what?  If you talk to them, they are likely to talk to you!   Imagine that!  Both of their queries were things I can manage, sort of.  I did cry like a 3rd grade girl and I did throw up when it was all over – and then  I had to take a nap because I was too exhausted to blink.  But the moral of the story is this:  try to face your fears.  I made a lot of money for a lot of people by sucking it up and calling Total Strangers who had the capacity to just really darken my day – or throw a bucketload of money at me.  Either way, I wouldn’t know unless I made the call.  And I made those calls and took those meetings every stinkin’ day (and still do)   So I finally decided to employ the same approach to the Service.  Yeah, my guts still hurt.  But my nerves aren’t nearly as shot.

So Face a Fear.  Or, as my NY fortune cookie said “do not fear fear”.  Go do something that terrifies you.  Let me know how it turns out.


Pulling back a bit from the Internet.  Just a tad.  Still here and still loving it.  But I was spending so much time just boobling about on …okay..Facebook… flitting from link to link to link that I found myself unable to focus on things Not On The Computer.  Reading is becoming more difficult.  Writing notes (not typing emails.  WRITING.).  Painting went by the wayside.  So I’m taking a hiatus.  Not from the Posse.  Can’t do that.  Won’t.  Don’t need to.  But a lot of other social media has to ramp down (Facebook, I’m talking to YOU!).  I was looking for a visual for this post and came upon this interesting article.  How does Social Media work for you guys?  Do you spend inordinate amounts of time on Facebook (my #1 timewaster)?  Do you click sites ‘just because’?  Are you able to manage it easily or do you find yourself increasingly in thrall to a virtual world.  No right or wrong answer here – just my own nosiness.  Myself, I have now set up an alarm system, it allows me to spend specific amounts of time yakking – and then, when that buzzer goes off, I have 30 seconds to quit what I’m doing.  So far, it’s working.  Doing more meditation is helping, too.  I can feel my brain coming back to center instead of skittering all over the place, like a cockroach.  Btw – don’t any of you even THINK about leaving the Posse.  I would miss you terribly which means I would have to hunt you down like dogs and drag you, kicking and screaming, back into the fold.


Another scattershot query:

Who builds a brand-spankin’ new library  out at the back of beyond…..and closes it on TUESDAYS?    TUESDAYS?  What an odd day.  You have to drive through a maze of an industrial park to access this library…..and there’s a sign that says Closed TUESDAYS.  Not ‘closed THIS Tuesday’.  Every Tuesday.  Huh. 

Librarians, weigh in here:  whazzup with the Tuesday?

My new LOVE!  Frederic Malle Carnal Flower Hair Mist.  On a guy.  Yeah.  I said it.  ON A GUY. 
Here’s the thing:  that stuff is gorgeous!  Patty wore it in NY and we were on the subway and I was nuzzling her hair like a puppy.  But on me…well, the problem is my hair.  I wear it up and back-ish, so the whole idea of my wearing it for my own pleasure is moot.  And El O …well, I don’t think he’s smelled my hair in…well, he’s old and cranky and I think the whole ‘hair nuzzling’ thing is past (though I urge the rest of you to try it.  It is one of the loveliest ancillary products to come along in awhile).    Anyway, I put it on HIM! reasoning that since I love Carnal Flower like I love Rottweiler puppies, I would love it on him.  Patty was skeptical, thinking he would freak but he’s a game guy and said ‘okay’.  Holy Cats and Crackers!!!!  I was smitten.  And so was every other woman who came within 5 ft of him.  Carnal Flower perfume on a man is freaking GORGEOUS.  The Hair Mist is even more so because something in the ‘guy’ follicle changes it just  a tad.  It’s sexy as hell without screaming “I’m sexy and I know it”.  I spritzed it in his gorgeous silver hair two days running.  I watched both the paint lady and the cashier at Home Depot do an olfactory doubletake and then try to angle in for a closer whiff.  LOL!    Our postmistress said ‘what are you wearing?’….of course he had no clue  – “I dunno.  She sprayed something in my hair.  Why?  Does it smell weird?”  “Nooo.  It smells…wow…great!”.  Remember where I live, people??  Folks just DON’T SAY THAT!  So if you are wanting to attract or just want to salivate all over your sig other, get thee some Carnal Flower Hair Mist!  It really is amazing (and it’s different than just spritzing CF in your hair – don’t ask me why.  It just is).

Frederic Malle Carnal Flower Hair Mist

Manly, yes! Oh, yes!

Culling Your Stuff. 

So.  They say the Universal Laws of Attraction require that one not hoard.  It’s totally okay to have tons of stuff – if you love and use it.  But if you just hang onto it for hanging-on’s sake, you are in VIOLATION!  And the U will not give you the stuff you really need.  I believe this, that hanging onto things ‘just because’ closes you off to the U’s gifts.  So when I had to move my art monograph library – again – (we were doing the floors – will tell you about the Very Dumb Thing later.  It involves my wonky respiratory system and sawdust.  Actually, that’s prolly all you need to know.  The rest is icky – but I digress)…..when I moved the library I realized that I’ve been hauling these extremely valuable, fragile books from place to place and at least a quarter of them are never opened – and I have a couple that are so valuable that they terrify me to even pick them up!  And that’s a bad thing.  So when it came time to reshelve I took a good looooong look at what I love, what I need and what I just had because I used to be married to a rare-book dealer.  I’m now happily selling that quarter of the library.  What I have remaining is works that really do mean something to me.  And hey!  guess what else I had to move?  Yeppers!  My perfume armoire.  And I am aghast.  Do you know how blase’ I’d become?  There were packages in there I’d yet to open!  And Full Bottles that haven’t seen the light of day in a year.  That. Is. Not. Good.  (not in my book, anyway).  So I did the same thing with my perfume collection.  The decants and samples stay – they are the backbone of research and review.  The rest of it got a good, hard look-see.  Why do I have 6 iterations of Diorella?  Well, okay – I’m probably never going to get rid of any of my Diorella, I love it so – and I wear all of it, often.  But…okay.  I have two shopping bags of bottles that are either going to be sold…or ……..wait for it…….SWAPPED!  Yes,  it’s time to get these lovely perfumes to homes that will appreciate them.    Which brings me to…wait for it….



Don’t hoard your perfumes.  Love them!  Wear them!  And if you don’t love them or wear them it’s time!!!   Dust off your unloveds and get ready to SWAP!  I always have such fun doing Swapmania.  I swap for the most wonderful things!   I got not one but TWO vintage Mitsoukos (which y’all will pry from my cordite-covered hands, so don’t EVEN! :-D)  Last year I swapped for postage.  Yes.  Postage.  I love Miette chocolate sables.  They don’t cost that much to actually buy but the shipping will kill a gal stone dead.  I paid for them and swapped a wonderful Posseite for her muling the damn things to the PO.  I don’t remember what I swapped her for but I hope she was happy.  Lord knows I was!  It was one of the most wonderful swaps on record!  So don’t be afraid to think outside the box!  Patty’s swapping for elf slippers!  It doesn’t have to be perfume/perfume.  Swap starts on Friday!!!  Getchergroove on!!!


I’m feeling a Giveaway comin’ on!  Y’all let me know what’s on YOUR mind.  And I will have Carmine poke for that, too!  We’ll announce both next Wednesday.  See you guys on Friday!!!!!  xxoxoxo

  • Sherri says:

    Congratulations for taking on the “service”! I hope it wasn’t too bad after all! They usually aren’t usually too difficult to deal with over the phone; it’s those evil envelopes that come in the mail that scare me!

    I’ve been trying to learn more about investing (in something other than perfume, that is…lol). That’s my brain stretcher for the week! I love FB too; I originally got ion to stalk my teenagers but I like it too. Now I guess I need Twitter to make sure they are tweeting nicely which is more time.

    Two birthdays this week and we’re done for the year! My bedroom floor is covered in wrapping; you’d think it was Christmas here! I want to finish wrapping today so I can get ready for Swapmania tomorrow!! I am sooooo looking forward to something fun and getting rid of clutter!! Thanks so, so much for doing this!

    • Musette says:

      We LOVE Swapmania!

      Honey, I get so many letters from the Service (we’re biz owners) I usually don’t give it a thought. But when they come HAND DELIVERED, stuck in your door….that’s a whole ‘nother level of hyperventilation. It’s funny that the stuff inside was relatively benign! LOL!

      El O’s and the cubs’ birthdays are in the summer, which is grand. I’m a month older than Jesus and El O hates to wrap stuff so I am expecting a gift card from MiN New York – and will be thrilled to get it. He loves Christmas, though, and that’s when the Dreaded Wrapping Paper comes out, bless his heart. How can a man who can precisely cut and weld the most intricate angles make such a mess of wrapping a box?


  • Lisa D says:

    I’m avoiding FB like the plague. I can’t possibly take on another time burgling pastime; it would leave me with no time to eat or sleep. I’ve adopted a very weird mix of technophile/technophobe behaviors, in that some areas of my life are very technologically oriented (work, art, personal interests like this blog), and in some areas I behave like a Luddite (refuse to text, tweet or learn how to deploy a smartphone).

    My little town library is closed most days; it’s easier to remember which days it’s open. Sad – the public library system has my deep affection and admiration.

    Sssqquueeeee! Swapmania is upon us! Can’t wait – I’ve had the most marvelous swaps, that not only leave me with fantastic new scents, but also bolster my faith in the generosity of the perfumista soul and in basic human kindness. Makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

    • Musette says:

      Oh, Lisa! That’s so sad about your library! Our little library is first on my Lottery List.

      I’m with you on the techno/Luddite subject. I think technology is grand but am often reminded of that scene in Red Planet, where they break the star map. El O laughs at me for always having a Gazetter (Gazetteer?) in the car and my bike…and I just look at him and say “star map”. LOL!

      see you Friday!!! xoxoxoA

  • Grace says:

    Musette, one word: Leechblock. If you’re running Firefox, this is the way to go if you’re spending waaaay too much time on the interwebs.

    Your library is closed on Tuesdays? My guess is that budget cuts forced that to happen. At least that’s been my experience with our library system.

    • Musette says:

      huh. will investigate that Leechblock. Thanks! I am with you on the budget cuts. But it seems weird – all the branches are closed on different days. Wonder…maybe they do that so they can move the staff around?


  • Lucas says:

    Yaay! My list for swapmania is already waiting to be posted. Hope to get some goodies. And I will have some non perfume things for swap as well

  • I left for California 18 months ago with one economy class suitcase. Locked up our house, and left. With all of my 600 FB and the xxx samples. It took me 4 days to start missing them. After a week I started replacing. Can’t do without, but I go slowly.
    Went back this summer and spent 3 weeks sifting and sorting and giving away inventory I did not like, remember or miss. There was and still is so much (there are kids, too…). It hurts, but in a good way. Letting the world come back in.
    Stuff just cuts down your freedom.
    I’d love to swap my forgotten scents – but don’t really know how to get them here. Are there many of you from Europe?

    • Musette says:

      My original reply got eaten. I was saying that …wow! you have gone through some STUFF! Glad to know you are emerging, bloodied, perhaps – but unbroken. As far as Europe swappers go – YES! They abound on Swapmania – in fact, a lot of them are unable to ship here so please do come on and see who’s looking!


      • Oh, that’s great to hear. The market here is so much bigger though, and there are lots of perfumes, luxury goods and other goodies you can get so much cheaper than in the EU. It took me six weeks and 1800 USD to get a household for four started – all used and from auctions, consignment stores, garage sales or the Goodwill – nice stuff – quilts, antique tableware, handblown glass, knives from Laguiole for 1$ a piece….and the wonderful dirt-cheap oversize fluffy bathroom towels you got here. Truffle-pig heaven.

  • tammy says:

    I don’t do FB. Well, let me not tell that lie. I have about 7 different FB accts, all of which are in fake names, and none of which I can ever remember the password to, which is how I ended up with so many.

    I signed up initially for discount codes for this very blog, and tried to keep up with fam/friends, but decided to an additional one because I like to keep parts of my life separate from my very large, loving but totally insane family.

    Then some guy hacked my original one, telling everyone I was in London and had been robbed by gunpoint, and asking for money. ( Did y’all know that FB expects you to upload a govt issued photo ID AND your social security number to prove who you are? Even though you didn’t have to produce those to get the acct? I ignored the email they sent because I thought it was a phishing scam!) So I deleted both accts, but my God you can barely even enter a contest anymore without Liking something, so as I said I start new accts then forget passwords so I have to to do it all over again. Some people can’t have nice things. I believe I am the Posse’s Friend Daedric Warhammer. Not that I can remember the password, or the email I used to set it up.

    I am totally addicted to blogs of all kinds, though…political and decorating, mainly, and I especially love Christmas blogs, so this time of year is insane for me. Pinterest is something that could totally put me over the edge, so I try to avoid it. When I do go there, I am there for hours on end. I need to cut off the internet, but I just cannot.

    Thanks for reminding me about the Swap. I have always had a ton of fun with it. I don’t have much this time to swap, but I am putting it all out there.

    And even though I don’t care for tuberose, you have me totally wanting to hair nuzzle El O! I have some jasmine hair mist that one of you evil beeyotches seduced me into buying that is lovely, but not me, so a-swapping it will go!

    • Musette says:

      OMG! I had so much fun reading this! LOL! I had that same thing with Paypal – which is NOT a good thing, let me tell you. Took freakin’ FOREVER to fix all that. I think blogs are better than FB – you interact, you go away. You come back. Rinse, repeat. I wouldn’t touch Pinterest with a bargepole. I would be on there 20 hours a day. Swap that jasmine hair mist!!!

      And you can nuzzle El O’s gorgeous silver hair any time you want! xoxoxoA

  • Tatiana says:

    Thanks for reminding me that I can swap for other things besides perfume. I really need to get the bottle count down instead of just rearranged. Social media, hmm. Love it, hate it. I still haven’t signed up for Twitter. Doubt I ever will. I like my groups on Facebook more than any other part of it. I like the messaging function only because it’s easier to type a message on my laptop keyboard than it is to text something on my cell phone. I wish I could Skype my daughter anytime, anywhere. But sometimes a one line text makes more sense than Skype. And I need to face the reality of letting go and letting her become the woman she needs to become. But I’m definitely hear if she needs to social media with me.

    • Musette says:

      the conundrum of parents everywhere. But your wise parenting means she has an excellent chance of becoming that woman!

      Re the swap – yeah, don’t be shy about asking for other stuff. I did. And it worked out extremely well!!! xoxoA

  • Jillie says:

    My sister lent me a novel about 25 years ago (yipes! where did the time go?, and I can’t remember it’s name or author) which had a scene in it where all these people sitting at their computers were gradually melding into their machines – tentacles were developing where their arms were, and these were slipping into the inner workings and becoming part of them, whilst their faces just stared blankly at their screens. Oh, how we laughed at that. And now I look around me and see it happening everywhere, and I feel like I too am becoming as one with my computer as I sit for hours gazing at the screen …….. Got to stop! Before it is too late!
    Thank you, Musette, for making me laugh, and I hope that I will be inspired by you to use my time better and get rid of some of my stuff.

    • Musette says:

      I made you laugh. You scared the hair off my head! I could/do see that happening!! Yikes! I force myself to leave the computer OFF on weekends, as often as possible. I’m of ‘an age’ where I remember my life before cellphones, before computers…heck, I remember when you made ‘toll’ calls to the next town – and often had to dial ‘0’ to do it! And we got a whole lot more done. So I’m all for ramping back, remembering how to write in cursive, to open a dictionary, etc. xoxoA

  • Francesca says:

    Love this post. I’ve got a really nasty project coming up that I’m sort of afraid to deal with, but I can’t deal with it til it’s in better shape coming from editorial. And then I’ll *have* to deal with it.
    I spend a lot of time on the internet springing from things I read. As we discussed, Wolf Hall sent me off on hours of research on the characters and times of the book. And I recently read a fascinating book called The River of Forgetfulness written by a journalist, raised Catholic, who decided to try and trace her Spanish Converso (Jews who were forced to convert by the Inquisition) roots, which sent me into all kinds of research into the artists and music and places mentioned in the book. So it’s not totally mindless.

    • Musette says:

      Uh, no. Sweetie, you put me to the blush! That’s how the Internet SHOULD be used. Spending an hour clicking on photos of Rottweiler puppies…not so much. You’re doing just fine! I need to take a leaf from your book (heh. see what I did there? I crack myself up!) 😀 xoxoxoA

  • Sandstorm936 says:

    I find that most of my time when I am not at work is spent on the internet. I find myself reading perfume blogs, playing Farmville 2, window shopping, blogging and probably my guilty pleasure of fan fiction. Don’t know why I do like it (fan fiction), probably cause it can be funny to see 14 year old think that they are the greatest author since Tolkien. What is really bothering me today, is how T-mobile has set up their whole bill pay on smart phones. It used to be pretty easy to call T-mobile and just pay the bill. Now it’s the whole trying to get me to use the touch screen and a whole bunch of garbage.

    • Musette says:

      I refuse to pay anything on a smartphone. I don’t even have a smartphone. That stuff makes me really nervous. Window shopping…..whole ‘nother thing! LOL!

  • Mals86 says:

    I need to step back from teh FB. I love seeing my friends on there, but to some degree, at least, it’s functioning as a way to avoid stuff I should do but don’t want to. I tried the timer, but I just hit the stop and say to myself, okay, I gotta check one more blog. And of course it’s never just one more blog. Major Time Suckage.

    One of the fun/timewaster things on FB recently was a friend talking about SIFAONKIH (Stuff I Forgot About Or Never Knew I Had) – and yep, just last week I discovered an unopened envelope full of samples. I do not neeeeeeeed any more samples. Probably ever. And yet, every couple of months, I think of things I want to try and go order them instead of wearing what I have. Stupid.

    I’m piling up a little box full of duplicate samples and samples I never want to see again, to be sent to someone who’d like them via Swapmania. Also have a couple of bottles I’m not wearing, but I seriously doubt that anyone here would want them – might swap ’em for something like… I dunno, an Amazon gift card?

    And you are brave, for dealing with The Entity Who Shall Not Be Named.

    • Musette says:

      Ha! I think you’ll be stunned at What People Want. And what they’re willing to swap. I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to swap ??? for POSTAGE for those stupid sables. I think I also swapped for a hat. And for some other postage (I like foodstuffs – and the damn postage, especially on artisanal candy/cookies is just absurd. You can fit/ship it for 60% less!)……so don’t limit yourself. Think of what you want and ask for it. Worst case, nobody bites!


      STEP AWAY FROM THE FB. Just for awhile. You’ll be surprised at how much you get done. Even if it’s ‘only’ getting a book read!

  • Patty White says:

    You were so brave! I’m still sifting through, which has been slowed down by too much work this week, but I’m thinking tonight or tomorrow night I’ll get a pile of swapping stuff put together and be ready for Friday! Or else I’ll just put up a post on Saturday with my list. 🙂 Hey, it’s my blog, I can have my own swap post, right? 🙂

    • Musette says:

      You can do whatever you want, sweetie! LOL! Yes, you can. But you have to list separately. Rules is rules. That way folks can respond to your offer. The other way gets too MUA-y.

      Then again it ‘is’ your blog. So you can break the rules.

      Thanks for getting me through the post-puke, btw. You really are wonderful! (for those reading this reply, ’twas Patty who said ” I’m proud of you – you sound like hell. Go take a nap”

  • Elena says:

    Oh, the internet and how it quietly steals my life away! The worst is when I open my laptop to pay a bill, spend an hour looking at unlikely animal friendships on YouTube and wedding pictures of people I don’t really even remember on FB, and then forget to pay the damned bill.

  • Amy M. says:

    Musette you inspired me to make some DREADED calls I’ve been putting off for months. Oh my heavens – that nausea and anxiety is so real!

    Love reading your posts.

    Looking forward to Swapmania!!

    • Ann says:

      Hi, Amy, just wanted to say that I feel your pain on those tough calls. I was jobless for going on two years and those cold calls to businesses to see if they had any openings — well, the last one was every bit as gut-wrenching as the first one. Hopefully, you’ll feel better (and SO relieved) when it’s behind you. Hang in there!

    • Gvillecreative says:

      You can dooooo it!

  • rosarita says:

    Oh Ms A, I do look forward to your Wednesday posts! I totally understand the fear of The Letters That Shall Not Be Uttered 🙂 I used to be afraid of everything and there are still those things, in my case lawyers, that exhaust me to deal with, mostly because of the stress I put myself through.
    Love the story of ElO’s scented hair! My husband is the construction worker manly man who loves the smell of Shalimar…and wears it. He has thick, beautiful silver hair, too. I’ll have to get him to try a spritz of the cologne.
    My internet time suck is reading, also. All the blogs I follow, the MUA fragrance board, and my latest obsession, Pinterest. And Stumble Upon. It’s very hard to discipline myself. I was gifted a Nexus 7, way easier for me to handle than a traditional keyboard, and hours can slip by. Hours.
    Looking forward to Swapmania!

    • Musette says:

      OOH! Shalimar in the hair! Yesh. You know that Mitsouko used to do a hair oil, right? I saw one on eBay but declined to buy it because I was an idiot. Then again, if I spritzed Mitsouko in El O’s hair ……well, nothing would get done THAT day, lemme tellya!

      See you on Friday. Don’t be afraid of lawyers. Don’t kill them. But don’t fear them, either! 😀 xoxoxoA

  • Gvillecreative says:

    I have to say, the posts lately have really been well written and a great antidote for every day life, where people seem far less welcoming and honest than around here. Between your post today, Patty’s yesterday and the recent posts by Portia, I love the way that the Posse reads… it feels like an intimate circle of (good smelling) friends. You better not ever run away from the Posse, Musette.

    Good for you, on cutting back on the internet. I spend faaaarrr too much time on the ‘net. Faaarrrrr too much. Most of it is spent reading about perfume. Why I do I feel that I must read 10 reviews for each perfume that I wear each day? G-d only knows.

    Recently, I’ve realized that I need to cut back on my time on the ‘net myself. I have a 3 month old baby, and according to Dr. Brazelton, I’m supposed to spend 50% of her waking time in face-to-face interaction. Between feeding her, burping her, changing her, face-to-face time and play time (and reading books to her)— there’s just no time left! And I realize how much time I spend distracted by the darn computer, and I’m afraid that she’ll turn out unmotivated or unintelligent or uncreative or uninquisitive or just play BAD, if I don’t TURN.OFF.THE.COMPUTER. Apparently, I am addicted.

    But I’m not turning it off until next week (ha!) because I can’t wait for Swapmania. Last time, I got some lovely, lovely stuff from a wonderful gal who I had never met. I had been searching for some vintage CdR, and she had a 1oz LE decant, and though I thought that it was not a good version I swapped for it… and my gosh, it’s lovely stuff. Sure, it’s no vintage jus, but it’s still 100x more beautiful than most stuff on the market.

    This time, I’m dreaming that someone will have a 50ml bottle of PdN Week-end a Deauville. The 50ml only ever came out in the original formulation, and it’s my absolute HG, along with CdR. It pains me to think that someone out there has a bottle, sitting unloved, when to me it would be CHERISHED. It’s ad to think that somewhere, out there, somebody has a bottle that is being ignored. That’s a travesty! She deserves better! She should be LOVED! And surely, I should feel guilty about the bottles I’ve hoarded but not appreciated. Thank G-d for swapping…

    • Musette says:

      First: CONGRATULATIONS!!!! on your beautiful baby.
      Second: you are giving her PLENTY of interaction. Don’t Crazify yourself. She’s 3 months old, darling – her needs are few and you are meeting every one of them. Don’t start with the Flash cards in Chinese quite yet, okay?

      ASK for the PdN. You never know. That’s the fun of Swapmania. You just never know…


  • Ann says:

    Hooray for you, sweetie! You are a very brave girl.
    And I hear you on the time going down the drain. Sometimes after peeking at FB, eBay, etc., and looking over my favorite blogs, I find an hour or two has slipped away — just like that! I really like your idea of a timer — must try that.
    BTW, that Carnal Flower hair mist sounds divine, although a bit too pricey for me at the moment. El O must be a pretty good sport to wear it; my DH would look at me and say, “Do not come near me with that spray bottle!” Ha!

    • Patty White says:

      Ann, that CF hair mist is amazing. Holler at me and I’ll send you some. I bought a bottle of it, and I just have to make myself not put it in my hair every day. My hair is so long now, just walking through the house sends clouds of green tuberose floating. It’s pretty enchanting!

      • Musette says:

        Tell me about it. Patty was all “get the hell OFF me” on the subway, as I was way past ‘violating her personal space’ and well into ‘I think this freak is MOLESTING me!” LOL! It is that lovely! xoxoA

        and DH would sing a whole ‘nother tune when the womenses started circling around like wolverines. El O is cool with it because I never make him smell stupid – and I’m okay with other women appreciating him. The CF was a HIT! he was preening like a Percheron stallion, bless his heart! LOL!


  • Lynne Marie says:

    Eleanor Roosevelt once said “do one thing every day that frightens you”. Smart woman. We are all scared, every dang one of us and I am so much more willing to trust the people who admit it. Kudos for facing a BIG fear!!!

    My local library is just down the road and open every day but Sunday, thank god. It’s funny, I work in a book store and on my days off, I’m usually at the library – book obsessed! I think because I spend so much time reading, I don’t do Facebook or other social media that much. I have a Facebook account only so I can participate in certain forums but my account is pretty much closed off to the world. My online time is spent on my beloved perfume blogs and trolling for new perfumes!! Participating in Swapmania would be facing a big fear ( fear of the unknown, of reaching out) for me,

    • Musette says:

      C’mon in, honey. The water is warm and nobody pees in it! If you just go with the whole Swapmania ethos you should be fine. I never swap something I couldn’t bear to drop on the floor. 99% of the swaps have been successful and the bad ones were either misunderstandings or the random bad apple. But that’s why we encourage you to not swap your vintage Mitsouko – unless you are swapping with me! LOL! After all, y’all know where I live! Seriously though – you know the ‘regulars’ on here. If you have something precious to swap, make sure it’s somebody you are comfortable swapping with – read the suggestions for swappage – and have a good time.

      ROFL on the library. We were coming back from a job in IA. There was a gorgeous library in a midsized town. I wanted El O to stop. He said he would rather shoot me right in the ____. And besides, he said, how on earth are you going to take a book out of A LIBRARY IN IOWA? You don’t live in IA. You don’t live anywhere near here. You are a psychopath. I am NOT stopping. So we didn’t.



  • Dina C. says:

    Brava for being brave and facing your fears! 🙂 I get you on that one. I have serious math anxiety. When my DH met me I hadn’t balanced my checkbook in, like, two years. What a tragic mess. This was long before the days of online banking.

    In our county library system, they seem to change the weekly/daily hours every year depending on the budget. The opening and closing hours, which days are open or closed, etc. seem to always be changing. I can’t count the times I’ve driven up to find an empty parking lot and locked doors.

    I’ve only been doing perfume as a hobby/collector for about 5 years now, so my collector is still small-ish. Not much there to trade or swap. But someday…

    As for Facebook, I don’t do social media. I do an email chat group on yahoo with some dear ol’ high school friends, but that’s it. My time-wasting trap is reading online. I can read for hours and not get anything done.

    What’s on my mind? I’m playing “Wuthering Heights” by Kate Bush on repeat and singing along, and driving my family crazy. Last night around midnight, my DS (15) came downstairs, tapped me on the shoulder (I was wearing headphones), and told me to “shut up!” 🙂 Oops. I guess he was trying to sleep. Now that everyone’s gone to school and/or work, I can caterwaul to my heart’s content. 🙂

    • Musette says:

      OMG, Dina! I SO feel you on the caterwauling. I’ve been belting out Burt Bacharach tunes for the past month – especially ‘Everybody’s Out of Town’ – and deliberately mangling the lyrics (“plenty of bathrooms everyplace”). Driving El O crazy!

      I love that Social Media allows disparate and distant people to connect – but I find, more and more, that being on FB means reading about other people actually DOING stuff – and that freaks me out.


      • Dina C. says:

        I LOVE Burt Bacharach songs, especially Elvis Costello’s interpretations of them. Have you heard their CD collaboration, “Painted from Memory?” Good stuff. And they’re not the Dionne Warwick ones that I was already familiar with. 🙂

  • farmerjk says:

    About the Tuesday thing – probably had to cut a day of service due to budget cuts. If they’re closed on Sun, then most try to be open on Mon. And if this location is not one of the more active, it may not have gotten first pick in choosing hours. Are there in-house programs (storytimes, adult programs, etc) on other days that would preclude closing those days? In the down economy, most systems have pretty goofy schedules to try to be open hours that are most useful with a shrinking staff. Our location doesn’t open til 12 on Weds & Sats & no Sun hours system-wide. Schedules prob won’t change until budgets increase.
    My scary thing: entered 10 month Sunshine State Library Leadership Institute. Learning to use brain muscles that have been dormant for way too long. Ugg.

    • Musette says:

      The funny thing about this library – it’s brand spankin’ new. In Peoria. Built in one of the most inconvenient places in town – you have to know it’s there (it’s behind a shopping center and industrial park – not a house or school for MILES) – and it’s incredibly inaccessible to anyone not in a car. And each branch is closed on a different day…maybe they rotate staff.

      Our small rural library (oh, if I win the lottery I am building a decent building for them…bless you Andrew Carnegie but…) it doesn’t open until 1p most days.

      I just read about the SSLLI – sounds intense!!! I know you will do just fine!


      • farmerjk says:

        Thanks for the vote of confidence – I’ve spent the last 15 years writing fingerplays & my SSLLI cohorts have all been doing Big Things.
        Two more thoughts re the weird location/closing day: Is this an area where they might be planning for future (5-15 yrs) growth/subdivisions? Here in Fla we see that a lot. New lib in a remote/crazy location & in 5 yrs it’s the hub of a new community.
        Also, they’re prob staggering closed days so there will be at least one branch open somewhere in your system every day. Except Sunday hours – I think those are pretty much gone until budgets increase. And like you said, they could be moving staff around behind the scenes. In Manatee county, our 5 branches are only staffed 40 hrs/wk Tues-Sat. The main location where I’m at is the only location open on Mondays. But we haven’t had to shift entire staffs. Yet.

    • rosarita says:

      The library in my little town is suffering from major budget cuts and their hours are increasingly wonky. The staff took a pay cut. It’s very sad, because the library in this town is a true community center and gets tons of use. If I had money to be a philanthropist, that’s where my funds would go.

      • farmerjk says:

        Thanks. Thoughts like yours are what keep most of us libs getting up in the morning & slogging to work. Please let the powers that be in your town know just how much your library means to you. OK, off the soapbox.

  • dinazad says:

    Musette, my darling, are we related in some way? ‘cos that could be me… with the exception of the Carnal Flower thing, which to me is like Death by Bouquet (Tauer Loretta, on the other hand…. swooooooon). And except facebook, which I happily ignore.

    My scary thing: I have to call the local authorities concerning the people who rented my mom’s holiday department and disappeared six weeks ago, leaving stacks of stuff behind.

    Decisions: Should I or shouldn’t I buy the Kenwood Chef stand mixer offered at half price? I love all those add-ons, but do I really need it? Also – should I go to Strasbourg or Colmar for a short get-away in December? Should I buy Loretta or Mito? I hate decisions…

    Culling: Going through my collection of Arabic music (what can I say? I’m a belly dance teacher), CD by CD, and sorting out everything I don’t like or find boring. My books need culling too. And I hope to get rid of lots of scents this Swapmania weekend!

    And I love that picture!

    • Musette says:

      of course we are related! We are heart sisters!

      1. Continue to ignore Facebook. You will get much more done. I love it for business – you can connect to a huge number of people. And on occasion it’s great to catch up. But I was getting to where I spent more time there than on my business or in my studio. Which is ridiculous.

      2. I will happily swap you something for some Arabic music. I love it!
      3. Call the authorities. Get it over with. Then you can rest easy.

      4. Yes, get the mixer. That mixer will change your life.

      5. Strasbourg. I’ll come with you.

      6. Have yet to try Mito (don’t faint) – everybody swoons over it. I have – and like – Loretta but don’t LOVE it. Folks LOVE Mito.

      But you are swwwooooooooning over Loretta……



  • hongkongmom says:

    That was brave! Verrry Brave..Glad u r nerves can rest:-)
    The tuesday thing..well I dont’ get it either..What I do know is, that in the story of creation, it was the only day that G-d created and said “it was good” not once, like every other day, but twice… Tuesday is double good :-))
    Now about hoarding…hopeless, hopeless, hopeless..gotta learn from u girl! Except for perfumes, especially when the Patty’s post before has mention of the end of no 5 and whoknowswhatelse…
    Tmrw I will tryyy to make a swapamania list. i do have some serious lemmings, but the hoarding thing ugh!
    Your brain is not a sieve…its a running tap!(faucet?) Its fabulous..all three of you! At this point I have to say to all of you that its been so special watching you 3 and the blog evolve over time..I feel we are all kind of growing up(old, older?) together virtually The blog has really come a long way!

    • Musette says:

      Thanks! I love seeing you on here! I am a grasping, greedy girl, HKM, which is why I find it so refreshing to get rid of stuff. Occasionally I will test myself and give away something I absolutely love – it someone I love loves it, too! You know what? The pleasure of the giving outweighs the pain of the loss. Luckily, no one has loved my 11cwt emerald-cut diamond ring more than I do. Because I don’t think I could give that up. xxoxoA

      • hongkongmom says:

        i get the giving part …and the greedy part, but i dont seem to believe in using the delete button…just kind of keep going ahead…hold on…i am wavering between thinking you are joking about your 11 carat ..or not…girl if you do have one…please tell me how to get that much money …and i could love it,(hahaha) and why wasnt it 10 or 12 carats?

  • Janet Hoover says:

    Musette- I would like to swap brains with you. I love the way yours works.

    • Musette says:

      JH, I just fell OUT! I am imagining us swapping brains – and you know that moment of disorientation one gets in an unfamiliar situation? Times 100 – with us lurching around like zombies for 10 minutes while our borrowed brains try to figure out what the hell happened! I think it would be ultra-cool to be able to swap with folks, see how others see their existence!