Burn, baby, burn!

Posse!  It’s your idiot Musette here.  So… I was going to tell you about this charming exchange with a local lady about Perfume People, etc… but that’ll have to wait until another time. Because Idiot. ‘What’djaDO, honeydoodle?’  Welp!  Glad you… Continue Reading

Orange you COLD???


Posse!  There’s cold.  And then there’s “it’s currently -16F with a windchill of -35F” cold. And… alas.. we is in it – and it sucks.   However, I’m in the habit of practicing gratitude, so let me tell you a few… Continue Reading


Lordt, honeychile!  I’m the Busted Flush, today.  I can’t figure out what to write about!! Perfume?  Nah.  I’m awash in No5 – AGAIN!  (my shoulder has been giving me the flux since the barometer dropped/rose/dropped again and No5 is the… Continue Reading