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Patty White launched Perfume Posse in 2005, and we've been yapping on and on about perfume endlessly since.

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Dreamy Creams

Dreamy Creams

OMG!  You guys!  Unless you are way, way west of the Rockies, the Polar Crazy is kicking your butt!  Instead of wearing all those really cute Fall jackets with gorgeous silk scarves intricately tied….we’ve gone straight to fleece, hats (and not the cute ones, either), heavy gloves..and winter coats.  WINTER The rest, please…

Cuirs & a draw!

Cuirs & a draw!

  This is going to be one of those rambling posts.  GASP!!  The HELLZ you say, Musette!!!  YOU?  Rambling? Well bite me on my Big, Fat Butt!    I just got back from Brigadoon – there are a couple of little towns in Central IL that are oddly placed – The rest, please…

Musette's Musings

Musette’s Musings

O.M.G. You guys. Mercury is in serious RETROGRADE and my computer has taken a Viruscrappitycrapcrap so bad that it is out-smelling the Wastewater plant we’re going to work on today. I can’t access anything and for some weird reason the program will let me type in the headline – but The rest, please…

Winners.  Losers. and The Next Avocado

Winners. Losers. and The Next Avocado

Is that cryptic enough for you?  Well, here’s the thing.  There are WINNERS!  That’s you guys – specifically   Michelle who won Dreams of Smoke and  Rina! who won the Amouage Sunshine sample. you know the drill, right? drop me a line (anitaatperfumepossedawtcom) Loser?  That would be me.   Because after The rest, please…

Who Loves a (Perfumed) Mystery?

Who Loves a (Perfumed) Mystery?

I, your faithful Musette, am off doing something planetary.  Please shout a HOLLA! to Marla who is Guest Posting for me!!! Who Loves a (Perfumed) Mystery? By Marla I think all card-carrying perfumistas have heard of Chandler Burr’s Untitled Series. I tried to get in on the first series over The rest, please…