Our Fab New Sale and Discount Page

Sales and DiscountsLet’s face it:  perfume is an expensive pursuit!  That’s why Perfume Sales and Discounts and samples are so appreciated.

There a new page here on the Posse called Perfume Sales and Discounts, (located in the toolbar below the Posse graphic) where we will list all the…..uh…Sales and Discounts (well YOU try coming up with alternate descriptions) for the various Houses, shops and sites.  Right now we have all the post-Thanksgiving/Black Friday specials (at least the ones we know about) – and commenters have added additional ones in the ….uh….the comments (oh, give me a break.  It’s early).


Check it out!  And if you know of additional sales, specials, etc, please drop a line in the comments!


Happy Shopping!!!

Sales and Discounts



  • tammy says:

    According to their website, Hove ( in New Orleans) are having a sale. You have to scroll wayyyyy down on the Women’s Fragrance page to see them.

    Fall Specials

    Solid perfumes- Standard Line – 2 for $34.00

    Luxury Line – 2 for $40.00

    1oz Perfumes- Standard Line scents- 2 for $154.00

    Luxury Line Scents- 2 for $204.00

    4 oz Refill/splash- Standard Line – 2 for $68.00

    Luxury Line – 2 for $80.00

    You can mix and Match too, between the two lines: example- one Standard Line/one Luxury Line