Frankincense and Myrrh Perfume winners!

The winners for the Frankincense and Myrrh perfume sample set from the Guide to Frankincense and Myrrh Perfumes are:

  • Ninara Poll
  • Bev Fredrickson

If you don’t know the drill, click on Drop Us a Line clear at the top of the page, send me your mailing address, remind me what you’ve won. I’ll send you a quick “got it” e-mail so you know you didn’t get caught in the spam filter, and I’ll get you shipping your sample set!  Congrats, and I hope you enjoy them when they show up.

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It was a really crappy week.  Training all week, which is just hard because it exhausts me trying to transfer stuff I know to other people.  

My regular day job is working with television news, the company I work for provides closed captioning to television stations around the country. So when some shitstorm breaks out – hurricane, earthquake, war, snowstorm, kidnapping, buildings being blown up, compounds full of men, women and children being burned down – we wind up working around the clock to cover it.

I’ve done this job for over 20 years.  No matter how many tragedies I’ve worked, there is always a lower level of hell available for a news story to descend to.  Natural disasters are bad enough – listening for hours/days/weeks to misery, fear, loss and pain.  The man-made disasters are so much worse. We had to work 9/11 for weeks, listening over and over to unimaginable loss and grief.  You want to hide from it, steel yourself so it doesn’t get past your exterior, but if you’re ever successful at that, you will lose a part of your soul.

After Columbine, I didn’t think it could get worse, but, you know what?  It can.  Sandy Hook was something my mind wasn’t ready for, nor were the people I work with.  They are all struggling to work through listening to 6-year-olds describe the sounds they heard as those children were being slaughtered.  My heart goes out to those parents, all of the children, the community.  I’m not sure if having an entire nation grieve with you helps or not. I hope it does.  I know when Columbine happened here in Colorado, my kids were in junior high and high school, and I freaked out that day and for days after.  I didn’t know anyone from the Columbine community then.  I’ve since met people who were there that day. They still bear the scars of shocking loss and sorrow unique to survivors of random terror. As will the entire community of Sandy Hook.

Like Precious says, “Fuck this day, that’s why God gives you a new one.”


Knitting bag - carpet bag, Mary Poppins Bag

Now can we talk about knitting while I’m working on the next Guide that will go up Tuesday (psst, it’s Tea!)?  The bag? That was my birthday present to myself this year.  It’s a big old carpet bag, Mary Poppins bag, knitting bag, whatever. It’s HUGE and sturdy, and I can fit in about 4-5 knitting projects.  An excellent thing because I lost a knitting project I was well into when it fell out of my other bag in the parking lot last week – yeah, add it to the shit week list.  It did get found, yeah!!  Nevertheless, a great knitting bag went even higher on my list.  This came from Elsie Rose at Etsy. and it is amazing in person!  Yes, they are expensive for the great big ones, but if you have ever had a yearning for a Mary Poppins bag, just go get one.  The large one is big enough for a great carry-on for travel, and you can get everything into it.

Now, my knitting, what am I working on?  I’m a new knitter – well, I knitted when I was young, but had no one to teach me more than the basics.  If you can’t move beyond the basics, you eventually lose interest.  This was way before YouTube videos and thousands of GREAT knitting books.  I’m trying to limit myself to no more than three projects on the needles at a time.  If I want to start a new project, something has to come off the needles.  I’m only one project over now!  That’s because the project I thought I lost was a Christmas present, so I started another one. Then the lost one was found. Now I have two. One for me.  

I had no idea knitting was so zen.  Maybe I knew it back when I did it before.  Every time I sit down with something, I decide if I want something to focus on, and that requires a project where I am counting stitches and tracking patterns.  If I want mindless knitting, I grab a straight up knit until your fingers bleed project. These are, well, interesting.  When I am having a meltdown or am angry or sad or whatever, I pull one of those out and just knit furiously for hours with tears streaming down my face or raging about something.  A day later I pull it back out and wind up frogging more than a few rows.  

When you are disturbed, your mind doesn’t communicate well with the rest of your body. Missed stitches, weird stitches that I can’t even tell you what happened, holes.  None of these things I even noticed while I was working on it.  There you go.  A disturbed mind misses much and works not very well at all.  Now I use those times to knit until I work myself out of my upset, carefully tending what I’m doing until I let go.   Useful thing for personal development – who knew that about knitting?  What hobby do you use/like to distract you? Knitting is really helping with normalizing and restoring my sanity.

Farouche December 16, 2012

Watched a lot of the coverage yesterday but got quite a bit of knitting done on a baby blanket, one of a set of two for twin grandchildren of a favorite friend. Knitting is a very zen activity and helps calm the mind during tragedies such as Sandy Hook Elementary.

cynpathy December 16, 2012

The non-stop coverage is horrible. So, I knit, too. It really does calm the mind.

Poodle December 16, 2012

The holidays are supposed to be happy but every year it seems there's a cloud over them. When I was an EMT I remember dealing with far more psych patients this time of year. Shorter days, higher depression? Who knows? I escape by reading the fume blogs and spritzing, avoiding the news, and I do love crocheting and knitting. A good book is also a nice escape. Playing with the dogs and the parrots helps. Poodle kisses always help.

Jackie b December 16, 2012

Even in Oz we are hearing about your awful tragedy, I find it so sad and incomprehensible, but know that the world is thinking of you. Stay strong, I guess keep knitting! I used to knit for a living, it becomes a bit addictive, just one more row, OK just one more row! These days zoning out is walking the dogs every morning and organising my head. And perfume every single day!

Heather Wood December 16, 2012

My heart goes out to everyone affected by this horrible tragedy, which I think in a way is all of us. Patty, thanks for reminding us all of Zen activities.. After I read the latest news tonight I went and sprayed myself with Musc Koublai Khan, which smells of the best part of humanity. Now I need to knit until my brain works again. Glad that lovely things like the Posse and all kinds of happy community are out there.

Ann December 16, 2012

Hi, Patty! I sympathize completely with you on your job; I was in the newspaper biz for more than 25 years (DH is still in it) and I know it wears on you a lot. At times like these, despite our collective hearts breaking, I hang on to my faith, keep on praying and try to remember that there are far more good people out there than bad. As for hobbies, I used to cross-stitch up a storm in my younger days. And once, for about a week, tried knitting. But I'd get confused about where I'd left off and the whole knit one, purl two thing just threw me, so I threw in the towel. Wish I hadn't, though; with some good training/instruction, I might be making some holiday gifts this year, too. And BTW, what's the latest on the elf slippers? BTW 2, can't wait to read the tea guide next week -- whoo-hoo!!

Musette December 15, 2012

Hey, honey! I walk. And I clean. A lot. When I'm rageful or hanging by a thread I do what I can to restore my physical order. Right now my closet is ripped completely apart. I will put a 60 min CD on and at the end of that CD I will have an organized closet and my BP will be way down. I always think about knitting but I only know how to straight-knit; and I only know how to cast on. Casting off is a mystery. So until I learn that part I guess.....well I shall be knit-free! I don't know if tammy is right about the Mayans but she sure is right about 'something in the air'..... It does feel as if we're at the edge of some cliff...and it ain't fiscal. Whatever it is, I will go forth with a clean closet and, I hope, smelling great!! For all that, though, I do still hold hope for us, the species with whom we share this precious planet and the planet itself. xoxoxoA

HemlockSillage December 15, 2012

I'm with Tammy! Bless you for all you do to keep this blog running. It makes me laugh. It's a community, and a warm, rollicking, silly and cozy place to visit. Thank you for creating it. When my work life blew up recently, I would at least take a few minutes each day to stop by and read the post and comments. It took me out of the yuck I was feeling. Thanks. I may have to look into this zen of knitting thing--I know nothing about it, but I've learned so many other cool things here, it's worth a try :) (BTW I still love Amazing Grass, and I'm trying to remember if it was you (Patty) or March who taught me about that) Hang in there!

tammy December 15, 2012

Thank you for all you do for us! I'd have deleted the blog in a fit of rage a long time ago. Do you drink iced tea at all? I am beginning to think the Mayans were right and have been utterly dousing myself in perfume, wearing every scrap of my fun jewelry for any reason whatsoever and telling every single loved one how much they mean to me. I've always been pretty good about making every day count, but there is something in the air theses days that has me increasing my efforts.

kathleen December 15, 2012

I can see you!