It’s Andy Tauer Advent Calendar time!

Thanks for stopping by — drawing is now CLOSED
Andy Tauer Advent CalendarHello, Posse peeps!
Ann here, and do we ever have a treat for you guys – it’s our day for the Andy Tauer Advent Calendar giveaway!

Today’s prize will be the winner’s choice of a full bottle of any fragrance from the Tauer Perfumes range or Tableau de Parfums. How cool is that! Many, many thanks to Andy for his incredible generosity and sweet holiday spirit.

Just leave a comment on today’s post and we’ll randomly pick a winner tomorrow (Tuesday, Dec. 18). The draw, open to everyone, will close Monday night at 11 p.m. Pacific time. Once we have the winner, we’ll send their details to Andy, and he’ll send out the bottle. Be sure to leave an original comment, as replies to other comments will not be included.

Tauer fragrances never fail to intrigue me. Even if there are some I can’t wear (my crazy/wacky/weird skin . . . grrrr), I love the inspiration and philosophy behind Andy’s scents, and especially his creativity and innovation.

As for my top Tauers, there are some days when nothing but a dab of L’Air du Desert Marocain will do. Une Rose Chypree always makes me feel ladylike and polished. And I like several of the Pentachords. Of the film-inspired scents, my fave is Loretta, with its interesting take on tuberose. I couldn’t quite put my finger on how best to describe it when I tried it recently, but Brian over at the I Smell Therefore I Am blog captured it perfectly in one phrase in his review: “smoldering, fuzzy warmth.” That was spot-on what I experienced, and when I read those words, “ding-ding-ding” went off in my brain. Thanks, Brian!

To enter the Andy Tauer Advent Calendar draw, let us know your favorite Tauer scent(s), or, if you haven’t tried one, which one would you most like to sniff?

Here’s the fine print, from the Tauer company:
Tauer Perfumes will ship to the winner’s address, and will not contact the addressee afterward. The contact information will not be used for any purpose other than sending the prize, nor will the address be forwarded to anyone else.

Moore Moore December 19, 2012

I'd love to know L'Air du Desert Marocain, Incense Rose.. actually, the entire line. ;)

carole macleod December 18, 2012

I would like to try the linden fragrance. Marry Christmas to everyone! Carole

R_UN December 18, 2012

Definitely L'air du Desert Marocain! No question for me. One of the best contemporay perfumes out there

Isa December 18, 2012

I have always wanted to try Eau d'Epices, L'air du desert Maroccain, Auburn, Zeta... Thanks, Andy!

alessandro December 18, 2012

I popped into Les senteurs in London last week and sprayed a whiff of eau de roofed on a smelling strip. I loved it. Then back home I just left the strip besides my bed absent-mindedly. I kept smelling its beauty all night long without really realizing what was it that kept me awake so sweetly!

Devon H December 18, 2012

Andy is one of my favorite perfumers. His works of art are what got me back into the perfumista world after years of being bored to tears with latest and crappiest. I, too, can't wear a few (Incense Extreme and Incense Rose - the cedar just comes out on me and overpowers everything, sadly, as they are exquisite), and LADM and Une Rose Chypre are two of my absolute faves! *high fives* I have really been lusting for a bottle of Pentachords Auburn and Vetiver Dance (probably Andy's most underrated scent, but I think it is heavenly). No whammies, no whammies! Mama needs a new bottle of perfume! :D Merry Christmas to all!

Melissa Eller December 18, 2012

I'm fond of Rose Chypree and L'Air du desert Marocain. I love the cedarwood and labdanum in the latter, and dusty floral of the former. Long lasting and unique, both.

Archie Soe December 18, 2012

I would love to smell Zeta or Vetiver Dance. I think I bought Incense Rose for my sister's birthday and I really enjoyed that one too.

Jan van diver December 18, 2012

L'air du Desert marocain is my all time favorite but I also adore Une Rose Vermeille. I've not sampled some of the newer ones but am planning to very soon; I'm sure I will develop some new Tauer loves!

Hunter December 18, 2012

Lonestar Memories is my favorite Tauer.

C.M. Joyce December 18, 2012

I owned one of the first (big!) bottles of L’Air du Désert Marocain. Andy’s line has continued to surprise and amaze me as much as that first experience. It remains my favorite! Thanks for the drawing!

mim666 December 18, 2012

I love L'air di Desert Marocain and Dark Passage. So lovely and transporting. can't do math, hope this is in time!

Chazz December 18, 2012

L’Air du Desert Marocain, is the smell of incense and delicious smokiness on my darling's skin. We would love to experience this again.

Donald B. December 18, 2012

Thanks for this drawing. I need to try the Pentachords line. It sounds intriguing

rusthawk December 18, 2012

I would love to have L’Air Du Desert Marocain and I am very interested in the Loretta scent also!

Holly F. December 18, 2012

Une Rose Vermeille has been one I've wanted to try forever, but I'm also curious about Loretta. Thanks for the fun advent draw!

Matt M December 18, 2012

I own a bottle of Eau d'Epices, which I absolutely love, but I would also love to own a bottle of L'Air du Desert Marocain! I've tried samples of a few others (I like Orange Star quite a bit), but there's something so wonderful about the dryness of L'AdDM! Thanks for the draw and happy holidays!

Hylda December 18, 2012

I've read about them all, but Loretta has been the one I've most wanted to try! I don't feel like I can truly be a perfumista without at least trying Andy Tauer.

Robert Matthews December 18, 2012

I haven't tried nearly enough Tauers, but my favourites are Lonestar Memories and Miriam.

taffynfontana December 18, 2012

My favorite has to be Une Rose Vermeille it hits all the right notes for my taste. Thanks Andy

saeko December 18, 2012

hello when you describe it "Of the film-inspired scents, my fave is Loretta, with its interesting take on tuberose."im so curious, i love the smell of tuberose, so intense.. my fav of andy is L’Air du Desert Marocain , im using everyday lately , but also Lonestar Memories is great....that ..that smell is really haunting. .. thank you for yr draw ! and thanks, andy!

Gara December 18, 2012

Yes, I would love to try L’Air du Desert Marocain it sounds absolutely edifying! Thank you very much for this opportunity.

Ross December 18, 2012

Thanks for the opportunity! L’Air du Desert Marocain would be my pick.

Kelsey A December 18, 2012

I don't know if I could pick a favorite right now but I would love to try Dark Passage.

drummagick December 18, 2012

Oh, this is such a hard choice. The notes for Reverie au Jardin sound very intriguing to me!

mary December 18, 2012

Andy is very kind and generous. I have been serially purchasing samples of Lonestar Memories, which brings a sense of space and peace even when I am cooped up all day. It is extraordinarily beautiful and calming, like a good cup of coffee late in the day. Thank you for the good thought, and best wishes to Andy this holiday season.

Amy V December 18, 2012

So hard to choose! But I have to pick Incense Rose as the one I'd most like to try. Thanks for the draw!

zeram1 December 18, 2012

Andy's Orris, followed by his LADM.

marjorie December 18, 2012

Love Une Rose Chypree, but I suspect there are other loves to be had with more experimentation.

lovespefume December 18, 2012

Hello to all! Would love to win a bottle of Andy Tauer perfume! All the scents sound so interesting!

Ghretta Hynd December 18, 2012

Incense Rose! I have been so wanting to try this, since my sister always smells so amazing whenever she comes to visit, it will always be Her smell! Thank you for your generosity!

Lindaloo December 17, 2012

Favourite Tauer scent (to date) is Miriam. The scent I'd most like to try (at this moment) is Incense Rose. Thanks Patty for hosting this fabulous draw opportunity and, of course, thank you to Andy for his generosity.

Liesl December 17, 2012

Lonestar Memories is my fave!

Paula P December 17, 2012

Lonestar Memories is my current favourite from Tauer but I also love mystic L'Air du Desert that actually got me lots of compliments from strangers!

Millions December 17, 2012

L’Air du Desert Marocain is one of the staples in my wardrobe but I also admire Pentachord White!

Fernando December 17, 2012

My favorite Tauer? How can I? Probably L'Air du Desert... but wait, there's Lonestar Memories... and Zeta... and I love it when my wife uses Loretta... and there's the very weird Dark Passage.

Indre December 17, 2012

I have never tried any ofthe pefumes, but I think I would like to try Orange Star.

maureenc December 17, 2012

Zeta would help me dream of spring!

Dina C. December 17, 2012

I'm interested in sniffing LdDM. Haven't had the opportunity to sniff any of the Andy Tauer scents yet, but this one looks fascinating.

ockeghem December 17, 2012

I'm a fan of L'Air du Desert Marocain and also like Une Rose least, those are my FBs so far. My most recent samples were the Pentachords, and while none of them were totally "me", they were all interesting. That's what I love about Andy Tauer -- even the scents that aren't quite right for me are interesting as scents, in and of themselves. I value his scents because he's always trying to make something intriguing, and never playing it really safe.

Eva S December 17, 2012

My favorites are Zeta and Une Rose Chypree. Thanks for the draw!

Pivoine December 17, 2012

Miryam is my favorite perfume. I would love to try Loretta... Thank you, Andy, for the exciting give away!

Margaret December 17, 2012

L'Air du Desert Marocain for me. Thank you for running this competition.

Carolyn December 17, 2012

I love Orange Star.

Cheryl H. December 17, 2012

I love L’Air du Desert Marocain and Une Rose Chypree. Loretta is the one I most want to wear next. Thank you for the opportunity.

Katrin December 17, 2012

I'd be honoured to own a bottle of Incense Extreme. These perfumes simply smell fabulous.

quimerula December 17, 2012

I am absolutely in love with his Rose Chypree. Love, I tell you.

Alityke December 17, 2012

Wow what a wonderful idea and Andy your kindness makes you a god amongst men! If I were fornunate enough to win I would have the headache of choosing between the spiced mellowness of Pentacord Auburn or the uplifting tanginess of Orange Star. Thank you Posse People and the generous Mr Tauer

Pär December 17, 2012

My favourite is Eau d'épices, though I basically like all of them. It's a rare thing to like so much from the same perfumer. He is unique this Andy fella!

tammyt December 17, 2012

Thanks o'plenty to Andy and the Posse...I would choose L’Air du Desert Marocain, Incense Extreme or Incense Rose. But man oh man I'd love some of his handmade soaps as well!

Lauren P December 17, 2012

I so enjoy this every year! Haven't won one yet, but some day... Thanks so much for such a fun and generous giveaway!

Ellen Covey December 17, 2012

How could I not enter this drawing, even if my chances are currently 1 in 221, probably getting worse as comments are added? Oh well, I suppose the odds are better than those of winning the lottery or there ever being any meaningful attempt at gun control in the US.

S Ripley December 17, 2012

L’Air du Desert Marocain seems popular, i would love to try it

kizzers December 17, 2012

I'd love a full bottle of l'air du desert marocain. That would make me very very happy! Thanks for the draw Posse peeps & Mr Tauer x

Jay Rice (@JayRice4) December 17, 2012

I'm still going through my samples but Orange Star is my current favorite. How can one narrow it down to just one perfume from Andy's line?

AndreaSD December 17, 2012

Incense Rose, Rose Chypree and L'Air du Desert! Thanks for including me in the draw!

ElizabethC December 17, 2012

The Tauer that I would want is Carillon pour un Ange, however, I very much want to smell Loretta!

Michael Milton December 17, 2012

My favourite Tauer fragrance is probably (I say probably because I am very fond of a number) Incense Extreme.

Claudia December 17, 2012

I haven't had the pleasure of sniffing a great number of Tauer scents, but of those I have, my favorite is Miriam.

Amy K December 17, 2012

I've owned several Tauers, but I think L'Air du Desert Marocain is my very favorite. Thanks again, Andy and Posse!

Chris Prescher December 17, 2012

I have too many Tauers!...if that's possible. My faves if I HAD to choose would be Lonestar Memories, Une Rose Chypree and Incense Rose. However...Loretta is pretty darn delicious too.

Ana December 17, 2012

Carillon pour un ange! I simply love the stuff!

LaurenW December 17, 2012

My favorites from Andy are Incense Rose and L’eau d’épices. I want to try No. 10 Une Rose Vermeille. Thanks for hosting the draw.

sebastiano December 17, 2012

Lonestar Memories!!

Jennifer Counts December 17, 2012

I really like Pentachord Verdant and L'Air du Desert Marocain, but there are many others I've yet to try. I've been really wanting to try Loretta, also Le Maroc pour Elle, Eau d'Epices, Reverie au Jardin and Orange Star.

theasylph December 17, 2012

I would love to try L’Air du Desert Marocain. heard so much about it

Eva K. December 17, 2012

My favourite ist Zeta. ;-) And I like to test Carillon ...

Phanie December 17, 2012

Never owned an Andy Tauer perfume before. Tried "Une Rose vermeille" once and I liked it a lot Other fragrances that I would like to try are: "Zeta", "Carillon pour un ange" and the Pentachords range Thank you for the draw

bluepinegrove December 17, 2012

I am a lover of Vetiver Dance, which is wonder ful in winter. I have been wanting a bottle of Une Rose Chypree. What a wonderful draw!

Emma Wallace December 17, 2012

I would love to try Une Rose Vermeille, sounds just my cup of tea :) Great giveaway!

Nina Z December 17, 2012

Of all the ones I have tried, my favorite is L’Air du Desert Marocain, which is absolutely brilliant. I have a decant but would love to have a bottle! Thanks so much for hosting this advent drawing.

Kay December 17, 2012

My absolute favourite is L’Air du Desert Marocain. I'd like a bottle of that, please! Une Rose Chypree is beautiful as well. Loretta sounds interesting and I'd love to try it someday.

Shiloh December 17, 2012

I would love to sniff Le Monac Pour Elle. it sounds right down my alley. Thank you so much for this advent draw!

LiaS December 17, 2012

Tough call between Zeta and L’air du Desert Marocain, but in the end I have to go with the hauntingly gorgeous amber-incense of the desert.

fleurdelys December 17, 2012

I have tried Miriam and like it very much - would love totry Loretta next!

Mary December 17, 2012

Mary says: Lonestar Memories for Christmas!!!!!!!! Thank you for the draw!!

Marcy J December 17, 2012

I own Incense Rose and Incense Extreme & would love to try L’eau d’épices!

Dana December 17, 2012

Oh, I would love to win L'air du Desert Marocain as I have heard so many raves about it. Andy is, indeed, very generous!

lucasai December 17, 2012

My favourite Tauer scent is Reverie au Jardin! Thanks for hosting the draw today!

Jessica December 17, 2012

What a wonderful gift! I've been so intrigued by this line, but I haven't had a chance to try any yet.

BobbyC December 17, 2012

Incense Extreme for me.

Midori December 17, 2012

I would most like to try L’Air du Desert Marocain, I think. It's too hard to narrow it down to one!

babyMax December 17, 2012

I would like to try Orris!

Austenfan December 17, 2012

To me his first, the wonderful Le Maroc pour Elle, is my favourite. Lonestar Memories is a close second though. Thank you Posse for hosting this!

Barbara December 17, 2012

I love LADDM!! Would like to try Eau d'epices or Incense Extreme.

Lisa Bradley December 17, 2012

I TOTALLY covet Pentachord Verdant! Le sigh. It's what I want my dreams to smell like.

Mary K December 17, 2012

I love Orange Star and Une Rose Vermeille. Can't help but be happy when I'm wearing either one!

cj December 17, 2012

My faves are LADDM, Lonestar Memories, and Zeta, and after having fallen for tuberose this year, I'm eager to try Loretta. Andy seems like such a lovely guy. I would love to own one of his creations. Thanks for the chance!

kalima123 December 17, 2012

Love, love Andy Tauer!!! Would love the Une Rose Vermeille, Loretta, Lonestar Memories, Eau d'epices, Un Rose Chypree, and Carillon pour un Ange, and La Maroc pour elle. His work is outstanding!!

Datura5750 December 17, 2012

I love Carillon pour un Ange!

Subbie December 17, 2012

I enjoy what I've smelt by Andy, but haven't had the chance to try that many. I'm looking forward to try more next year! :)

Renata December 17, 2012

I enjoyed Reverie au Jardin, Rose Incense, and LADDM. I also liked Une Rose Vermeille and Une Rose Chypree, and admired Lonestar Memories. I live on the Texas border where the smell of desert, raw oil, and diesel fuel combine. I can't imagine anything more poetic than Lonestar Memories and LADDM!

Howard December 17, 2012

I love to sniff the Miriam..

Patricia R. December 17, 2012

I'd like to try Loretta, Carillon pour un Ange and all three roses.

Jaki December 17, 2012

I love rose chypree too and find it addictive. I get a lot of comments from my friends when I wear it and I think it a very sexy smell.

siggy po December 17, 2012

I have never tried any of the perfumes but i would love to try the orange star it looks like a lovely scent :)

Kit December 17, 2012

As many perfume-lovers, I like L'Air very much... Auburn, Miriam and Loretta are beautiful too.

Zazie December 17, 2012

My favorite tauer il l'air di desert marocain, nut un rose chypree comes close second!

Maria December 17, 2012

My favorite Tauer is Orange Star. I love it!! Thank you for the draw.

leeann carlin December 17, 2012

i love carillon pour un ange -nice green bite with lovely lily of the valley !

elise December 17, 2012

I also love Carillon Pour un Ange...but Miriam has quickly become my new absolute fav!

Aster December 17, 2012

Carillon Pour un Ange is my favourite. Simply magnificent.

Magnus December 17, 2012

I have soooooooooooooo many favourites, Andy is my favourite nose. Lonestar Memories and LDDM are on top, followed closely by Dark Passage, Incense Rose, and many more. Cheers Andy!

Anna in Edinburgh December 17, 2012

Torn between too many choices in this ever-so generous draw - I'm opting for Une Rose Chypree and running away so I don't dither any more! cheerio, and many thanks to Andy and the Perfume Posse:-)

MJ Moore (@butterflyrouge) December 17, 2012

I am eager to try No.11 Carillon Pour Un Ange- it sounds like it would evoke my absolute favorite time of year!

Theresa December 17, 2012

LDDM is my favorite (and I have a FB of it!) but would love to try some of the Tableau de Parfums frags. Happy Holidays, and a big thank you to Andy for the exciting give away!

Maureen December 17, 2012

I loved Zeta and Miriam. I would like to try Incense Rose. Thanks and Happy Holidays!!!!

Wordbird December 17, 2012

I absolutely love Andy's perfumes and L'Air du Desert Marocain is my 'failsafe' - the one perfume I can always depend on to make me feel good, regardless of where I'm going, what I'm doing or what the weather is. And I wear Un Rose Chypree when I need some 'backbone', in that classic British way. I'd love to meet a man who wears Lonestar Memories. ;-) I think Andy's story is a wonderful one, starting as an amateur and having some of his fragrances lauded by Luca Turin before he went full-time as a perfumer. He's such a lovely man, it's great of him to spread the love every year with his advent calendar.

Zee December 17, 2012

maroc pour elle is my favorite Tauer that I've experienced. I practically drank the sample I got at Luckyscent and would love a bottle. Thanks for the draw!

Kate Burchard December 17, 2012

Happy Holidays everyone, and thanks again to Andy, our own personal Santa :) It would have to be a toss up between L'Air du Desert Marocain and Une Rose Vermeille for my favs. I LOVE them both for different reasons, and wear them for different moods.

Abyss December 17, 2012

I've only tried a handful of Andy's scents so I'm yet to find a favourite. Next I'd probably like to try one of the Tableau ones.

ellenb December 17, 2012

I have a sample of Incense Rose, which is divine. Next on my list would be l'air du desert, and carillon pour un ange sounds lovely. One whole bottle for a draw? Thank you!

tomate farcie December 17, 2012

I love L'Air du Desert Marocain! Thank you Andt Tauer and Perfume Posse!

JW December 17, 2012

I would love to try le maoc pour elle, i havent' smelled it yet, but i read it has that 'headshop' incensy smell i love, with some elegance...

Ariane Skibbe December 17, 2012

l'eau d'epices !

Cornlily December 17, 2012

I've enjoyed Maroc pour Elle for a long time.

Laura December 17, 2012

My favorite is Incense Rose, but I am dying to try Loretta! Thanks for the draw!

SMY December 17, 2012

I love so many of his perfumes, but I think my favorite is L’Air du Desert Marocain!

Audrey December 17, 2012

My favorite is Maroc por elle. My husband just gave me a bottle of it! I would love a bottle of Incense Rose!

cviehe December 17, 2012

I'd love to try either L’air du Desert Marocain or Lonestar Memories!

marcopietro December 17, 2012

My favorite Tauer's fragrance is Lonestar Memories, thanks for the draw!

Liana L December 17, 2012

Une Rose Chypree! Thanks for the draw :D

Anniea December 17, 2012

Only four more days until the holidays start. Hope everyone has a terrific holiday season...

SisterSpecies December 17, 2012

Reading the letters to a perfumer series between Mandy Aftel and Andy Tauer was one one of the most fascinating perfume blog experiences I've ever had, I feel endeared to these two perfumers forever after. I have yet to smell l'air du desert marocain, i feel certain that i would love it forever. Thanks Andy for your kind generosity, happy holidays!

natmarch December 17, 2012

My next purchase of a full Tauer's bottle will be either Incense Rose or Lonestar Memories I guess. I like the whole range of Andy's creations :)

CeciliaT December 17, 2012

Like so many others, my favorite is L’Air du Desert Marocain. I haven't tried URC and might request that if I win. Thanks so much for such a wonderful giveaway!

Tara December 17, 2012

My favourite Tauer fragrance is Une Rose Chypree and I'd love to own a full bottle of it. Thanks to you for hosting and Andy for this wonderfully generous draw.

Erica Y. December 17, 2012

I absolutely love L'Air du Desert Marocain! I also love Incense Extreme.

Ann-Sofie December 17, 2012

I would love to dip my nosy tip in L'Air du Desert Marocain and Incense Rose I never smelled any of those Please observe the rhyme, he he...

songeuse December 17, 2012

The only Tauer perfume I have tried so far is L'Air du Désert Marocain, which I have used up most of my sample of. I'd love to try more, especially Incense Rose and Incense Extrême.

Amer December 17, 2012

Lonestar Memories was the one that got my attention first from the Tauer line. Haven't sniffed it in a while but I'm sure I would love a full bottle

mediterana December 17, 2012

My favorite Tauer perfume is L'Air du Desert Marocain, closely followed by Miriam.

Mary Ann DEVeto December 17, 2012

Love L'air du Desert Marocain. The Andy Tauer spices are so intriguing. I would love to try Le Maroc Pour Elle because nothing is sexier than the mixture of oriental spices!

cbstarker December 17, 2012

Lonestar Memories, without a doubt. I love this one - the sage, the birch, the love. I've been a big fan for years. When l'Air du Desert Marocain was all the rage, I sampled it, and liked it, but wanted to try more. And whamo! I've been seeing (Lone)stars ever since. Thanks for hosting a draw!

Fleur delis December 17, 2012

Sounds divine. What a treat.

Farouche December 17, 2012

I would love to have a full bottle of Zeta!

Sujaan December 17, 2012

Thanks for hosting an advent draw! I would love to try Incense Rose. I own L'AdDM, and I think it is the most unique scent I own. Tauer bottles and packaging are amazing too.

Elena December 17, 2012

I would love to try L'Air du Desert Marocain. I have Lonestar Memories high up on my to sniff list, too. I've been getting into perfume for about a year, and every time I start to think I've smelled a decent amount, I'm reminded of how many wonderful, classic things I haven't experienced yet!

Martha McPhail December 17, 2012

I want to try L'Air du Desert Marocain. Thanks for the chance.

reglisse December 17, 2012

I'd like to try Incense Rose!

Michelle December 17, 2012

Lonestar memories is my fave of the half dozen or so I've tried.

Mrs. Honey December 17, 2012

Une Rose Chypree is on my "to buy" list.

Vlada December 17, 2012

Thanks for the draw! My favourite Tauer is L’Air du Desert Marocain.

Dubaiscents December 17, 2012

Une Rose Chypree and Une Rose Vermerielle are the two I own but, Loretta is on the top of my list as well!

rosiegreen62 December 17, 2012

I love Vetiver Dance but I have to say that my favorite Tauer is not made yet. Perhaps someday.... Thanks for the lovely draw.

Bev Frederickson December 17, 2012

I must wear Le Maroc frequently. I'm an Andy fan for many reasons, in part because I believe he's a good soul. My faves are L'Air, Incense Extreme, Incense Rose. I haven't tried the newer lines but I think I'd enjoy Miriam. Uhhhm...the tuberose one. Happy Christmas to all.

jirish December 17, 2012

This is always such a difficult question for me to answer, since I love so many of Andy's scents. But since I'm forced to pick just one, I'd have to say Incense Rose.

AromaX December 17, 2012

Thanks for holding the draw, Patty! Well, I have many Tauer scents I love and appreciate. The last one I learned to appreciate is Le Maroc pour Elle. It didn't work well with my skin untill now. I have L'Air du Desert Marocain. Vetiver Dance, Eau d'Epice, but I guess I also need The Lonestar Memories and Incense Extreme :)

Judith R. December 17, 2012

If I win, I'll choose L’Air du Desert Marocain because it seems to be everyone's favorite.

Twitchly December 17, 2012

I am a huge fan of L’Air du Desert Marocain. It's a modern classic with incredible staying power. Would love a bottle of this! I need to try Loretta after that review. And Une Rose Chypree; I could always use a dollop of ladylike. I obviously need to expand my Tauer horizons.

Betty December 17, 2012

The Tauer fragrance I would most like to try is LOnestar Memories. Thank you.

Agritty December 17, 2012

Incense Extreme and Lonestar Memories!

Charlotte H December 17, 2012

I own a bottle of Zeta and love it! There are several that I haven't tried that are on my list: Lonestar Memories and L'air du Desert Marocain to name a few. Thanks for the draw!

Anne December 17, 2012

I would like to try Une Rose Chypree. Thanks for the drawing!

Ramona December 17, 2012

The only one I have tried thus far is L'air du Desert Marocain, which I love! I have been nursing along a sample for a while, hoarding it like the worst kind of miser~

DTC December 17, 2012

L'air is one of the best, still. Andy is a true artist!

devonellie December 17, 2012

MY favorite is Reverie au Jardin, followed closely by Incense Rose. Thanks for hosting the draw and Happy Holidays.

Elemi December 17, 2012

I have and use Incense Rose and Vetiver Dance (love this off-beat-approach to Vetiver). Only a little bit of l'air is left, so I will have to restock. On my to-try-list is still Lonestar Memories and Incense Extrem.

EchoCharlie December 17, 2012

Une Rose Chypree would be my first choice. I have never tried any Tauer scents...but they are certainly on my list. :)

Ella December 17, 2012

Wearing my favourite L’air du Desert Marocain today! Lonestar Memories is also amazing. Would love to try the rest of Andy's creations.

Ann C. December 17, 2012

So far, my favorite from Andy Tauer is Zeta. As soon as I sniffed the sample, I knew I had to have a full bottle. I wear it during the spring and summer and love it every time. Thanks for entering me into the draw!

Ethan December 17, 2012

love to try the new Lys du desert !!! I love Carillon pour un ange !!

Ingeborg December 17, 2012

My favourite is Une Rose Chypreee, I own a bottle and the perfume is perfect for this time of year. Should I win I think I would go for a botttle of Zeta or perhaps something I have not tested, like Miriam.

Kirsten December 17, 2012

My favorite is L'Air: as versatile, classic but fresh as a gray flannel suit. But I also love Miriam as a soft, glowing scent that smells like how cicadas sound, summer to L'Air's winter. After those, I think my favorite, strangely enough, is Vetiver Dance. It's wholly different from his other scents, all rooty, green and brown. It makes me think of my garden. I don't actually wear it often, but I like to smell it.

Julie F December 17, 2012

I've only had a chance to try L'air du Desert Marocain, but find it interesting and meditative. Thanks for the draw.

KelseyP December 17, 2012

I love many Tauer's, but my faves are Une Rose Chypree and my newest love Miriam. Une Rose gets me tons of compliments, and is unlike anything I've smelled before.

Ursula December 17, 2012

Miriam is my favorite, closely followed by Lys du Desert. Thanks for the draw.

Nancy C. December 17, 2012

I haven't tried many but I love Rose Vermeille. I asked for the two Tableau scents for Christmas so I hope to try Loretta soon.

Katya December 17, 2012

My favourite is Rosé Vermeille - I would love a full bottle :) Thank you xxx

Christine W December 17, 2012

I've only tried Zeta and L’Air du Desert Marocain - but both are FBW for sure!

london December 17, 2012

Loretta, Miriam and Une Rose Chypree are my faves. But I haven't tried Dark Passage.

Jaakiem December 17, 2012

I almost hope I wouldn't win, because I would have hard time choosing one. I think greatest ones in Tauer line might be Loretta, Rose vermeille and Insence rose, but I wouldn't fell comfortable in them. So it's between Lonestar memories and Incense extreme.

Jill December 17, 2012

L'Air du Desert Marocain is one of my all time favorites, but there are several of his newer scents I have missed out on trying! I don't know how that happened. I'm completely town between Carillon pour un Ange and Eau d'Epices. I think I'd let Andy choose one for me??

Stephan December 17, 2012

It's difficult to point out only one or two scents from Andy's line, there are so many marvels among them. From the more recent editions I adore Zeta, Rose Vermeille, Dark Passage and of course Loretta. Thanks so much for the draw.

Joaquim December 17, 2012

Andy's line is one of the better structurated of the market, you can find a Tauer that fits you, no matter what you want, and all of them are of great quality. I love so many, but I would love to win...Zeta, that has one of the most beautiful notes I know. Thanks for the draw!

steve s December 17, 2012

Lonestar Memories!

greymissedryl December 17, 2012

I'd like to try L’Air du Desert Marocain!

monocotoleydonAnn December 17, 2012

I've been head over heels for Andy's scents ever since buying a sample set (best.packaging.ever - now my little sprays always travel with me but they're running out so I'll have to get more!!). I just haven't had the cash to justify buying myself a bottle (though Andy's beautiful creations keep topping my wish list, I'm still scrimping past on samples). So it would make my Christmas to win a bottle of Lonestar Memories or Orange Star ... oh, but I love L'air so much too ... but no, I think I would have to go with Lonestar Memories.

Joshua December 17, 2012

Favourite is L'air du Desert Marocain!

Genny December 17, 2012

I love my bottle of L'Air du Desert Marocain. I have a sample of Une Rose Chypree and would love to get a full size. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

eleonora December 17, 2012

Buongiorno Andy!che bellissima opportunità che ci stai dando,un tuo meraviglioso parfum sotto l'albero di Natale,sarebbe il più bel dono!!!In questo magico periodo,sento la voglia di un profumo gourmand ma allo stesso tempo molto sensuale e non potrei che scegliere " UNE ROSE VERMEILLE",amo la rosa zuccherina che c'è all'interno...abbinata a frutti rossi,ma quando si riscalda esce fuori il suo fondo vanigliato ed ambrato.Romantica!!!

Elizabeth Watson December 17, 2012

I can never decide which is my favorite between Le Maroc Pour Elle and L’air du Desert Marocain. I have not yet tried Un Rose Chypree but hope to, very soon.

Daniele December 17, 2012

Adoro sia ORANGE STAR che L'AIR DU DESERT MAROCAIN....che scelta difficile!!!!!Orange Star mi trasmette la bellezza della voglia di vivere,L'Air du Desert Marocain mi da tutto il fascino del viaggio in posti che non conosco,lontani da questa routine....mmmmh è una scelta davvero dura...scegli tu Andy per me...Buon Natale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Simon Greenway December 17, 2012

Lonestar memories takes me everywhere I want to go

Sherri Miller December 17, 2012

My favorite Tauer is Miriam, and I would love to try Une Rose Vermeille. I have the highest respect for Mr. Tauer, too!

Davis Brandao dos Santos December 17, 2012

Well, the biggest problem will be choosing just one bottle...they are all great...fingers crossed here.

Hayven December 17, 2012

I would like to try Un Rose Vermille or Zeta. I think I would like either one very much.

Tim December 17, 2012

Good morning! Carillon pour un ange is the ultimate bedtime-scent - a green, lovely and poethic monster :-). Lonestar Memories has replaced my good old Mitsouko/Vol de Nuit as the perfect scent for antique leather-jackets. Incense Extrême is the driest, most austere perfume I've ever smelled - and so on, and so on. Tauer Perfumes made my scented live so much more stunning. And it's good to know, that there are such authetic and gentle guys like Andy out there making perfumes. Can't wait to sniff the two discovery-sets which I made myself a christmas-present. If I would be chosen for the gift - I'd like to be surprised: Choose whatever you like. (If not possible: "Carillon pour un ange.") Thank you for the draw. And have a nice time.

Vasiliki December 17, 2012

First of all happy holidays. Let's hope that 2013 will bring to all wisdom knowledge humanity and divine smelling "pictures"! Many Tauers I love but the bottom line is that he brings magic poetic smells to us all. Have a nice day.

yash December 17, 2012

I just love Carillon pour un Ange...A very difficult scent to pull off but very interesting in its development... Thank you for the draw..

Fabrice December 17, 2012

My favorite Tauer scents are Lonestar Memories and L'Air du Désert Marocain.

Fazal December 17, 2012

definitely Le Maroc Pour Elle which inspired L'Air du Desert Marocain !

Marte December 17, 2012

My favourites are L’Air du Desert Marocain, Une Rose Chypree, Zeta and Miriam.

Rapunzel December 17, 2012

My favorite is L’air du Desert Marocain. I'd love to try Loretta.

King December 17, 2012

I would love to smell orange star! And thank u for the draw.

australianperfumejunkies December 17, 2012

OMG!! I love Andy tauer's work and have Auburn, Eau d'Epices and Lonestar Memories. Should I be the lucky winner I will either go for Une Rose Chypre or the orange one, Portia xx

Tveta C. December 17, 2012

I would love to give Lonestar Memories and Miriam a sniff. Thanks for the draw!

Lisa December 17, 2012

For me, not living near any good perfume stores, Tauer scents were something I could only dream of trying, but then I bisited Les Senteurs in London and was smitten with L'air Desert Marocain. I haven't had opportunity to try many other Tauer fragrances, but would love to, and feel another trip to London will be called for soon! Happy Christmas all, and thanks Andy.

Andrea December 17, 2012

I still can't decide which one is my favorite, but the first one I would purchase is Incense Extreme, followed by Lonestar Memories. I never had the chance to try Eau d'Epices and I am really curious about it!

Alysen Beacon December 17, 2012

Tauer fragrances are so evocative, like taking a magic carpet ride across his interior landscape. I would love to try them all but am intrigued and enchanted by the sheer variety of scents encompassed in roses and chypres, so maybe Une Rose Chypree would float to the top of my wish list! Fingers crossed that a bottle might lurk behind my Advent Calendar door today...

Hester December 17, 2012

My wish would definitely be a bottle of Rose Chypree to go with my stunning Carillon pour un ange. LOVE Tauer!

Henrik Lestréus December 17, 2012

In the glory of Christmas Eve My loved one needs a true perfume to receive So wherever she go Whenever she leave I can stalk her just by tracking the scent from her sleeve

kal December 17, 2012

For me it would be Incense Rosé and L’Air du Desert Marocain. Both very different from each other and each beautiful in its own way... I love many of Andy's other scents as well. You mentioned the PantaChords for example, Verdant's my favorite of this line... it is magnificent!

VS December 17, 2012

My fav is Miriam (feel myself very ladylike) and I'm interested in testing new Lys.

Andrea December 17, 2012

I adore rose scents and I love tuberose too. Andy's Incense Rose sounds great:) Thank you!

Anna Bernardi December 17, 2012

Une rose chypréé.. is the best. I am a tango's dancer and when I have on my skin this perfum I am sure that I am pleasant to smell.

Stephen Hough (@houghhough) December 17, 2012

I love so many of Andy's perfumes, maybe Eau d'Epices is my no. 1. It is so unusual and such complex undertones.

Damir December 17, 2012

If I have to choose one it would be L’air du desert marocain, if two, then I would add Lonestar memories, if three, I would add Vetiver dance... Andy's perfumes are just amazing, all of them I've sniffed till this moment.

Tony December 17, 2012

My fav had gotta be lonestar memories :)

RVB December 17, 2012

I adore all the Tauer scents that I own(LDDM,Lonestar memories,Reverie au Jardin.Eau de Epices,Une Rose Chypree,Incense Rose,Orange Star.Andy is a genius.It's hard to pick a favorite i love them all so much.If I had to take just one to a desert island it would be L'air du desert Marocain-an unforgettable mesmerizing perfume.I look forwards to trying Une Rose Vermeille(I love rose perfumes and I'm wearing Incense Rose as I type this!) and I'm intrigued by Pentachord White.Also I'd like to try the new Tableau scents-such an interesting concept! Thanks for the draw

Viveka December 17, 2012

My favourite Tauer fragrance is Reverie au jardin, I just love the changing facets of this rich lavender scent. The ones I would like to try are the Tablreau scents, i havent tried neither Miriam, nor Loretta, and I'm very curious about them!

frieMo December 17, 2012

I really would love to get Une Rose Chyprée

womo531 December 17, 2012

My favorite so far is Vetiver Dance!

Nomeda December 17, 2012

Good day! I'd love to try 02 L`Air du Desert Marocain and 05 Incense Extreme. Thank you :)

frieMo December 17, 2012

Une Rose Chyprée

Kevin December 17, 2012

My favorite Andy Tauer's are Lonestar Memories, and L’Air du Desert Marocain. Thank you for the draw. Wishing all a wonderful, and safe holiday. :)

Tama December 17, 2012

Ooh, nice draw. I am a huge fan of Andy's work and own several. Hard to pick a favorite but l'Air du Desert Marocain has a special place in my heart.

Das December 17, 2012

What is this I hear about a vetiver scent?? In a previous comment, I wrote that I'd most like to try Reverie au Jardin, because I loooove lavender, but I also loooove vetiver. So I guess I have to lift my perfume spending moratorium and buy a discovery set. Tsk, tsk, it's really the only way. ;) Thank you, Andy!

Kelly Foxley December 17, 2012

I'd love to sniff any but L’Air du Desert Marocain stands out for me!

Mel December 17, 2012

Finally got to test some at a stockist. Love Orange Star.

Miss Woolf December 17, 2012

Thank you to the Posse for hosting this, and thank you Andy for being so incredibly generous! I would love to win a FB of Carillon pour un Ange, which captures the scent of Lily of the Valley perfectly for me. Whenever I smell it on my skin I am transported back to childhood, to a time of innocence and the promise of endless summer days ahead. It always makes me feel safe, and we all need a scent that does just that.

pgcd December 17, 2012

I love Lonestar Memories so much that I bought a bottle - only to discover that I can't really wear it for some reason. And yet, it's still one of my best fragrance purchases! =)

fqjcior December 17, 2012

To be honest I know and love most of Andy's work. After testing I chose Vetiver Dance for myself (full bottle) because I am a big vetiver lover and Andy's way of it is different and amazing as well. Recently I fell in love with Lonestar Memories with it's leather and birch tar notes - simply beautiful and head turning scent!

Sophie December 17, 2012

This is super exciting! I'm dying to smell Tauer perfumes and reading the comments has really made me curious about l'air du desert marocain. As well as incense rose.

Henri Hunter December 17, 2012

Lonestar Memories, a fragrance that enhances imagination. All the Westerns you've ever seen. The tendrils of woodsmoke rising from a chimney in McCabe and Mrs Miller, Butch and Sundance hunkered down round the campfire, the hopes and fears of True Grit, the silence of Brokeback Mountain. Lonestar every time

dx December 17, 2012

i would like to try L’air du Desert Marocain

nurStress December 17, 2012

It's hard to choose, I've tried many of them. Finally I bought the whole bottle of Incense Extreme, but I also adore Incense rRose, Lonestar Memories and many others.

Matt December 17, 2012

Hey! I have tried a couple this summer, and Carillon pour un Ange appeared to me as something very romantic and heartbreakingly beautiful (I smell a pale, still beautiful but dead bunch of flowers). It's not a perfume I could wear... So I'd choose something different if my name was to be drawn! ;) Matt

Keri December 17, 2012

I LOVE Lonestar Memories but would like to try L’Air du Desert Marocain!

d3m0lici0n December 17, 2012

My favorites are L'Air du Desert Marocain and Incense Rose. I hope to win because I've been playing for three years and nothing yet. Crossing fingers!!!!

Lisa D December 17, 2012

I'm with the majority - L'Air du Desert Marocain is my favorite of the Tauer scents I've tried. It's just marvelous.

vinery December 17, 2012

L'air du desert marocain, Rose Chypree, Lonestar Memories, Miriam. Thanks to Andy and the posse, and happy holidays to all.

Jack Sullivan December 17, 2012

Thanks for the draw! Never tried any of Andy' scents but I have a sample set on the way. The ones I'd like to try the most are L'air du désert marocain, Zeta and Loretta.

jennifer December 17, 2012

Hmm... not quite sure which is my favorite ,probably one of the roses .Either Incense Rose or Un Rose Chypree .

Justin knabe December 17, 2012

L´Air du Dessert Marrocaine was my first niche perfume, tell this day I still have cravings for it.

Jackie b December 17, 2012

What a great draw, thankyou! I have tried many Tauers and like many, but love especially L'Air du Desert. And Pentachord White in its dry rooty way. Next on my list to try is Miriam. Pretty please?

shaney December 17, 2012

L’air du Desert Marocain has been on my want list for ages!!! Thanks for this drawing!

TaffyJ December 17, 2012

This one is favorite Tauer...Carillon pour un Ange. Or maybe it's Une Rose Chypree. I do love the other rose, Une Rose Vermeille. And Loretta and Miriam are great gals to know. Thank you, Santa Andy and Perfume Posse, for the generous draw!

Irina December 17, 2012

I love and own Orange Star thanks for hosting this generous giveaway

Flora December 17, 2012

What a generous offer! I love a number of Andy's perfumes, L'Air du Desert Marocain most of all, but I have not tried them all -I think I would choose Une Rose Vermeille, it sounds like exactly the kind of rose perfume I like, ornate and sweet, but i have never smelled it.

Alica December 17, 2012

L´Air du Dessert Marrocaine definitely, it´s my dream. Or Un Rose Chypree? All Andy´s scents are wonderful!

Scottie December 17, 2012

I THINK that I would most like to try Lonestar Memories- so many sound so amazing, and enjoy such extreme and generalized praise, that it's difficult to choose! THANK YOU for this amazing draw!

Em December 17, 2012

I love Reverie Au Jardin, though if I won I'd ask for Zeta to be sent to my brother in law for Christmas -- it is the only scent he's really enthused about wearing, and I know he will NEVER buy it for himself (or let anyone else!)

Erin December 17, 2012

Ack! What does it say about his perfumes that I'm worried I would like to try Pentachord Auburn, which I never really looked at until other folks posted about it? Does our post commit us to a scent? I'm sure I'll change my mind before the night is over. The Tauer scents are one of a few lines that attracted me to perfume again after a decade hiatus.

mridula December 17, 2012

I'd been a diligent Tauer advent calender junkie till I won a sample set and decided I should abstain. But now a full bottle - I am back. I would love to be the winner of a fb of un rose chypree.

hajusuuri December 17, 2012

My favorite Tauer perfume is Zeta!

susan December 17, 2012

I am kind of a Tauer-hound. Two of my faves are Miriam and Carillon Pour un Ange.

Lavanya December 17, 2012

My favorite Tauer is probably the one I tried first- Reverie au Jardin.

Philip Faustin December 17, 2012

My first Tauer was L’Air du Desert Marocain. My favorite is Incense Rose. It always transports me somewhere good.

Erin December 17, 2012

Having tried and enjoyed Pentechord Verdant, I'm dying to try L’eau d’épices. I keep meaning to order a sample since I think that there is a chance it's my HG.

anatu13 December 17, 2012

Big fan of Carillon pour un Ange here! Zeta is also awesome! I still need to try most of the rest--they really sound wonderful.

Olivia December 17, 2012

Oh wow!! This is so exciting for whoever wins the draw - thank you so much for hosting. And how generous of Andy! I absolutely adore his perfumes. Eventually I hope to have the opportunity to try all of them... So far, my absolute favorites are L'Air du Desert Marocain, and Zeta (2011 version). I cannot decide which I love more, and suppose that really, the difference cannot be quantified. L'Air du Desert Marocain feels perfect for winter, and Zeta for summer. *sigh* One way or another, I'm going to have to acquire full bottles.

FearsMice December 17, 2012

I love Lonestar Memories, and really want to try the rest of the line. Thanks for the draw!

Liz K December 17, 2012

I haven't tried many of Andy Tauer's creations but I do love Loretta and am getting dangerously close to the end of my sample.

eldarwen22 December 17, 2012

I would love to try Carillon pour un Ange for some reason. I have a full bottle of Une Rose Vermeille that is slowly growing on me. Frightengly enough, I have a full bottle of L'Air du desert marocain that I haven't gotten around to smelling yet.

sammm December 17, 2012

L’Air du Desert Marocain is truly as wonderful everyone raves it is. It's the stuff of legend.

rosarita December 17, 2012

Andy Tauer is the most generous perfumer on the planet. I have long enjoyed l'Air but smelling Une Rose Chypree is the kind of perfume experience that makes my knees weak. Thanks to all for the draw!

Poodle December 17, 2012

I love Incense Rose but I also love LADDM and Lonestar Memories and theres a few more I'd really love to try.

RuthF December 17, 2012

Wow, what a generous give away! I'm dying to try Loretta, I have a sample on its way, sounds just beautiful!

Cat Schultz December 17, 2012

I would love to try the L'Air Du Desert Marocain.

Isayah December 17, 2012

I only tried a few of Andy Tauer's creations; I would like to know them all! My favorite right now is Encens rosé.

Natalie December 17, 2012

I love Une Rose Chyprée, I like Incense Rosé and Incense Extreme, and I admire Lonestar Memories, but L'Air will always hold a special place in my heart.

hotlanta linda December 17, 2012

I can`t pick a fave!!! Right now, the spice-ier the better to get WARM!!!! :-)

dr lemur December 17, 2012

I'd love to sniff L’eau d’épices or Incense Extreme. I'm craving something warm for winter.

Nancysg December 17, 2012

My first Tauer was Incense Rose, and later decided I had to have L' Air du Desert Marocain also. Don't know which is my favorite, just glad I have both.

Sarah Young December 17, 2012

I would find it very hard to choose between L'air du desert Marocain and Une Rose Chypree. Beautiful, beautiful scents.

The Scented Hound December 17, 2012

Miriam keeps calling my name. Will this be a Christmas miracle?

Heather F December 17, 2012

I love and have bottles of L'Air du Desert Marocain and Lonestar Memories (which works better on my partner, but whatever, it's so great there are days when I just have to wear it!), but I also love Reverie au Jardin and Une Rose Vermielle. Andy Tauer's work is across the board amazing (and he's so generous to boot), and this is such an amazing draw!

Jen T. December 17, 2012

L’Air du Desert Marocain is so wonderful. My fave for sure. I need to test some more.

Heather Wood December 17, 2012

I would love to sniff L'air du Desert Marocain, or in fact almost anything from Tauer's line. Smoldering fuzzy warm tuberose? Dancing vetiver? Sure, I'm in.

Angelique Campbell December 17, 2012

Oh, my Heavens! Really, if your blog weren't so fascinating, I'd have to stop reading it ... simply because I want almost everything that I read of here. Soooo ... I went to the Tauer company website, because, well, I really couldn't resist. This is like some horrible exercise in self restraint of even my fantasy being. Really. Okay. Concentrate. Just one? I'm going to go with most wanting to sample ....Incense Rose ... the combination of bright and dark notes really just now matches my mood. Or no! Wait! Reverie Au Jardin for what I think will be evocative of excellent Christmas memories? Okay. I certainly don't want to be disqualified, so ... yes. Yes. Incense Rose. Thank you Andy Tauer; I'm sincere in saying ... what a lovely difficult choice you do give!

E.Lime December 17, 2012

I would love to smell Incense Rose or Pentachord White! Thanks for this opportunity!