One Aussie guys PROPOSAL!!

Hey hey POSSE!!! PROPOSAL!! is such a fraught word, isn’t it.

Portia here from AustralianPerfumeJunkies and so excited to be bringing you something terrific from Down Under. This totally off topic but well worth a look.When I see the word proposal it brings up a huge well of feelings and repressed desire because marriage, ergo a proposal, is not something legal in Australia for me. I always dreamed of a wedding and every time I see or hear about someone elses it chokes me up a bit. I’m getting all bloody teary just writing this to you all. TRAGIC!!! Anyway…

This kinda geeky looking Aussie guy has fallen in love with a USA girl. This is the video of his Proposal!!! If you aren’t smiling at the end I want to know why. Did you tear up? I got a little fuzzy in the seeing department myself and I am a cold hearted bitch! ENJOY!!

Photo Stolen

See you next week, till then take great care of yourselves and waft fragrantly.

What am I wafting as I write? Eau Claire Des Marvielles by Jean-Claude Ellena for Hermes, on me a salty, metallic, ambergris-ish sheer veil of gorgeous that lasts for ever.

Portia xx

Portia January 20, 2013

Hey gang Thanks for your amazing support! We will be all that and more one day. Yes the laws are crap but it's easy to have legal recognition and we will do soon enough at Chez Turbo Normally I'd reply separately but this iPhone is giving me the heebyjeebies right now. Love you all, From Zilina, Slovakia, Portia xx

tammy January 18, 2013

At the same time, don't allow yourself to be a victim, either. My cousin and his partner took matters in to their own hands, and made out wills with the other as, oh what is the word, I don't think it's beneficiary, but you know what I mean. They had all their insurance policies, 401(k), etc made out in each others names and gave each other Power of Attorney, etc. My cousin was very conservative, and got extremely peeved at people who whined a lot but took no concrete action to help themselves, and felt that if you're truly committed to someone, you will do everything in you power to make the commitment meaningful and legal, despite insane laws. He used to joke that they had all the benefits of being married, but didn't have the marriage penalty tax to worry about. The only thing they didn't have was Social Security death benefits, but they had always been self-employed, so that didn't really come into play when my cousin died.

Louise January 18, 2013

Portia-that is so sweet. And I look forward to the day you can receive and give such sweetness to the one you choose-spiritually, emotionally, and legally.

solanace January 18, 2013

Hi Portia! I'm joining the chorus. Go have your wedding, nevermind the paperwork, the important parts are the music, the booze, the cake, the dress, the flowers and the perfume you'll wear, anyway! But it's a shame you can't get a civil wedding, with the legal rights that follow. Hope this changes soon, everywhere. I want my kids to grow in a free world. It's really beyond my understanding how people can not be ashamed of being so mean (not to say uncool!), like those stupid French on the streets, the (many) great French people I know die inside because of stuff like that... And since we are off topic, I loved Madonna's suastic on Marine Le pen's forehead! That alone makes me want to buy a FB of Truth or Dare, unsniffed.

elise January 18, 2013

Wow! Talke about "Beloved Man!" Awesome!

Poodle January 18, 2013

I'm with Tammy and Musette and everyone else. If you want to get married, do it. Just make sure you are surrounded by fabulous family and friends and that you have the time of your life. I can't stand the whole marriage debate. There are far more important things politicians should be spending their time on. As far as I'm concerned, let people marry who they want. We need more love in the world.

Martha January 18, 2013

Hey Portia - Loved the adorable proposal video. Seriously, the older I get, the more cute stuff I want in my life. There's more than enough ugly these days. So thanks again. And, like some of the other posse peeps say, why not go ahead and get married at your own grand shindig. I've been married twice and the best part about the wedding is the party.

esscentualalchemy January 17, 2013

That was so sweet and beautiful :) And it's an disgrace that humans think they should control what consenting adults want to do with their lives, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. Someday it will change. We might be slow as a species, though eventually, equity and justice prevails!

Suzanne January 17, 2013

Oh my gosh, that is soooo sweet! Thank you for posting this, Portia. I hope you take Musette and Tammy's advice and have your wedding (and if you do, please videotape it for us ... we perfumistas are romantics!).

Musette January 17, 2013

Yeah. and I meant to say What Tammy Said, too. I think you - and anyone - should be able to marry anyone they choose. I'm bi-racial and it wasn't too long before my parents' time that their marriage (and, by extension, my 'legitimacy') would've been illegal. To want to place that kind of control over other people is unconscionable, imo. If you are of age and you are compos mentis, I say have at it! xoxoA

tammy January 17, 2013

What Musette says, absolutely. Just do it! And color me shocked that a country as Liberal as Oz doesn't allow gay marriage.

Musette January 17, 2013

That was one of the sweetest things I've ever seen! Yeah, I got all verklempt. But hey, you know you can always have a wedding, right? Unless they jackboots would come and break down the door, you can have the ring, the dress, the veil, the cake....the legal part is a crock anyway. Take it from a divorced gal (never mind how many). You would make a GLORIOUS bride! xoxoA

shaney January 17, 2013

Oh my god!!! Loved it! Sweetest and most hilarious proposal...made me tear up, too!

rosarita January 17, 2013

Oh, Portia, thanks for the morning smile. So sweet! Sending you a fragrant hug...

Ann January 17, 2013

Ah, this was so SWEET!! Love, love, love it! Thought he did a really great job and it was such a catchy song, too. Deserves to be a hit! (And so glad she said "yes" after all that!). Thanks for sharing, Portia!