Koh Samui Wedding Extravaganza

Hi there Posse. Last week Jin and I took off for my cousin Mark’s Koh Samui Wedding to his long term partner David. These guys never do anything by halves, come from the wealthy side of the family, have excellent… Continue Reading

One Aussie guys PROPOSAL!!

Hey hey POSSE!!! PROPOSAL!! is such a fraught word, isn’t it. Portia here from AustralianPerfumeJunkies and so excited to be bringing you something terrific from Down Under. This totally off topic but well worth a look.When I see the word… Continue Reading

Best Perfumes for a Wedding – What did the Bride Choose?

A very dear friend’s daughter is getting married this Saturday in New Orleans, and all she wanted was for me to help her find her Wedding Perfume. One bottle of champagne and several cupcakes later, she picked not one Wedding… Continue Reading