Bookish Portia Reads Mandy Aftel, Luca Turin and Dariush Alavi

Hey Hey Posse Peeps!!

It’s Portia from AustralianPerfumeJunkies and I have another trilogy of books to add to your tottering piles of MUST READ tomes. Yes they are perfume centric! I have something for everyone today from novices to manufacturers.

Bookish Portia Reads Mandy Aftel, Luca Turin and Dariush Alavi

Le Snob: Perfume by Dariush Alavi

LeSnobPerfume BDepPhoto Stolen BookDepository $13.07 incl Worldwide Delivery

Le Snob: Perfume is a wonderful starter book fort anyone new to fragrance as a hobby or people who want to make more informed choices. I have bought a few of these as add on presents and stocking stuffers. A young person needing some guidance, or a hobby, a man unsure of the rules or even a friend who doesn’t get your addiction. Le Snob: Perfume gives a great over view of how fragrance fits into the world, your life and history. A pocket encyclopedia.

The Blurb: With the cachet knowledge every aficionado must possess, plus authentic insights into the lives and skills of the experts within the industry, Le Snob: Perfume offers impeccable advice on all aspects of this artisanal product, from learning how to recognise olfactory categories to professional production techniques. Providing an authoritative directory of the very best scents available from around the world, and from all manner of producer, from select haute couture and niche producers, to natural perfumery and the surprising gems available on the mass market, you’ll learn to distinguish the quality fragrances from the hundreds of options available in today’s market.

The Secret Of Scent by Luca Turin

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If you’ve read Chandler Burr’s expose on Luca Turin’s scientific belief in smell as vibration then this is the next step. Mr Turin takes us step by step through the science that has led him to his important discoveries. As is often the case much of the scientific community has shut their doors to anything new and Turin is still fighting an uphill battle. He goes deep enough to make you feel like you’ve learned something but keeps it simple enough for a numb skull like me to understand most of it.

The Blurb: Smell is our forgotten sense. Long neglected by science in favour of more prestigious areas of research, it’s also barely understood in general life. At the core of our sense of smell lies an enigma: why do things smell the way they do? How is smell written into the molecules? This book is the story of the quest to solve this puzzle.

Essence & Alchemy by Mandy Aftel

Essence&Alchemy BDepPhoto Stolen BookDepository $15.44 incl Worldwide Delivery

Mandy Aftel of Aftelier Perfumes takes us deep into her world of fragrance, the history, uses, combining and creation of fragrance. This is a journey more that a book. I find myself reading chapters and then going away to digest the topic then coming back to reread for clarification. Mandy is interesting and so passionate that you are swept along with her.

The Blurb: Publishers Weekly called this unique title an “extraordinary treatise on the history and making of perfume” and hails author Mandy Aftel’s ability to “bring sheer delight in the bouquet of aromas in the natural world” and her “irreverent sensibility that embraces ‘little-acknowledged’ aphrodisiacs like the smell of sweat.” Renowned perfumer Mandy Aftel explores the primal nature and fundamental importance of aroma in everyday life, teaching people about the nature of smell and the idea of “olfactory consciousness” in Essence and Alchemy: A Natural History of Perfume.

There you are gang! Go to it. Some extra reading to keep you awake through the night.

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Till next week, loads of love,

Portia xx

  • Mandy Aftel says:

    Thank you dear Portia, it means so much to me that you enjoy my writing, as I am such a fan of yours!
    xo Mandy

  • Barbara says:

    I’ve had Le Snob on my to-buy list. Would I enjoy it if I’m not new to fragrance?
    My husband keeps wanting to buy me a Kindle, but I agree with you on the pleasures of holding a book. There’s enough screen time in my life as it is!

    • Hey Barbara,
      I enjoyed Le Snob, it’s a fun and easy read that reminded me of some stuff and taught me some too. It is presented in a way that is engaging and readable. It depends on how deep you are already in I suppose and how much you expect from it. Le Snob is a fun overview.
      Completely!! I spend a LOT of time at the screen. Books thanks,
      Portia xx

  • tammy says:

    Just wanted to say I read APJ every day, but have difficulties commenting. (As I do on many WP sites; it’s on my end, not yours!)

  • I’ve read both Mandy Aftel’s and Luca Turin’s books recently and loved both of them. LT’s made me want to take chemistry Haven’t read Le Snob yet, or any of Chandler Burr’s books, but I’ll probably get around to them eventually.

  • eldarwen22 says:

    All I need is a few more books to add to the ever growing pile of books. Doesn’t matter if they are perfume related or not. I love that new book smell though.

    • Portia says:

      Hey eldarwen22,
      There is a great side bit in Chandler Burr’s book about SJP where she says her book pile is up to her chin, I am taller than SJP and I have 2 piles that might rival hers.
      Too much life, not enough leisure.
      Portia xx

  • Jolissa says:

    Are these available on Kindle?? I hope so!

    • Portia says:

      Hey Jolissa,
      I am not sure as I’ve not yet gone electronic with books. I’m too addicted to the sensual pleasure of holding a hard copy and it feels like lavish me time.
      If anyone else knows could they please chime in?
      Portia xx

      • Tom says:

        I used to be a total snob about print versus the evil digital. but now that my local library does digital downloads and there’s Kindle for iPhone I’m hooked.

        Of course we might be faced with a future of people who can’t focus on anything that isn’t 12 inches from their face, but hey, my I’m getting old and balancing that giant omnibus Mapp & Lucia on my breastbone is getting harder.

        Art and Architecture books still have to be physical. Until Kindle introduces the free 28 inch color reader that credits me my purchased books..

    • Amy V says:

      I have Essence & Alchemy on my Kindle. I got a ‘sample’ first and then bought it. ūüôā