Everything’s Coming Up Roses

So all of this talk about Rose actually got me out of the house- to Neiman Marcus for the (off topic) rhubarb body wash and to the Lush store in Century City for the Rose Jam that everyone was saying… Continue Reading

Samsara by Guerlain vintage EdT and extrait

Hey Posse peeps, I madly love Samsara by Guerlain and have a bunch of vintage EdP, EdT and extrait hoarded. You may have read me talk about being a Guerlain squirt bitch as one of my first jobs and buying… Continue Reading

Spritzed Reviewed; 2023 Newbies Grabbed At Random

Heya Posse, Here are some decants from Surrender To Chance that have been sitting here awaiting reviewing. I liked them all a lot but other things keep getting written about instead. So rather than leave them for some far off… Continue Reading

Reve d’Ossian by Oriza L. Legrand

Hey Posse crew! Oriza L. Legrand is one of the smaller French independent houses. It was brought back to life by Hugo who was once the manager at the Paris store Jovoy and his partner Franck. Hugo is the creative… Continue Reading

Santal Volcanique by Maison Crivelli

Hey there Posse! Santal Volcanique by Maison Crivelli didn’t come to my attention properly until a spritz at our big city David Jones caught my attention. Yes, I had tried it previously and liked it enough to buy a 30ml… Continue Reading

Spring has Sprung

Well, I hope everyone had a very pleasant Mother’s Day. I sent out greetings to my friends who are moms and enjoyed seeing pictures of the Northern Lights, which apparently could be seen as far south as southern California. Unfortunately… Continue Reading

CHANEL Jersey from the Les Exclusifs

Heya Posse, A girlfriend recently asked for a decant of CHANEL Jersey EdT. I’ll be honest, it doesn’t get a LOT of wear around here. Most of my 200ml has gone is decants and an early split. I think there… Continue Reading