Crank the heat: Warm-up scents to keep the cold at bay

I know, I know, most everyone’s cold right about now (save for those lucky souls in sunny climes like California, Arizona, Hawaii, and those in the Southern Hemisphere). And some poor folks have had snow up to their eyeballs. And so I say this with all due knowledge that warm-up scentsothers have it far worse than me, but — dagnabit, I am cold through and through!!

Partly my own fault , as I have the thermostat turned down to 62 (I can always pile on more clothes but no way can I get two more jobs to pay the mounting heating bill, ha!). I’m wondering right about now how well those heated hand warmers and slippers might work? My DH comes home from work and chuckles to see me in the den with my scarf, coat and sometimes a hat on, with a big steaming cup of tea. But that’s OK; a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do to keep the goose bumps away. But he feels it, too, I think, as he’s commented several times that he can’t take the cold like he used to in his younger days.

Which leads me to wonder if the older you get, the less tolerance you have for cold. And since we are both past the half-century mark, I’m considering that this might be plausible. A hot flash or two right about now might be almost welcome (my apologies to those who are struggling with them, however).

So I’ve gone into “better living through chemistry” mode to help me shake the chill. L’Artisan’s Tea for Two, Chanel Coromandel, Christian Dior’s Mitzah and Arquiste’s Anima Dulcis are among the portable heaters to which I’m turning. One day I sprayed myself and my scarf to make sure I got double benefits from my warm-up scents.

I also considered Amouage Interlude Woman, and although she can be a hot-blooded thing, she’s a little too changeable and fickle to do the trick. I’m frantically digging through the perfume stash to find other suitable warm-up scents as well, and have SL’s Fumerie Turque and Chergui, Must de Cartier parfum, among others, on my radar.

When you are cold to the bone, what’s your go-to warm and toasty scent companion? I have my pen at the ready, eager to take notes and wondering where in the heck are those fingerless gloves …

LaurenW March 9, 2013

I'm late to, but was intrigued about using Tea for Two as a warmer-upper because I usually wear this in the summer in the heat and humidity. Will have to try out it's warming properties. My warm-up scents are Samsara, Rose de Rosine, and various incenses (Zagorsk, especially), and my favorite winter warmer, Black Cashmere.

elvie March 8, 2013

I'm late to the party because my silly browser was just being silly again, but dear Ann, I'm so glad to see You mention many favourites of mine:)!! Tea for Two, Fumerie Turque, Chergui are all winter faves of mine, as are the portable-fireplace scents like Chéne or Laurie Erickson's Fireside. Warm spices in Arabie and Kenzo Jungle help me forget the numb fingertips. My office is often underheated (hello typing in gloves:P!), so I wear ambers to work surprisingly often as well:) haha. I wanted to try Anima Dulcis for so long, thank You for reminding me. Good luck keeping warm until spring rolls in! Lovely article as always.

Lynley March 5, 2013

Hi Ann an all you poor things freezing your fingers off up there in the north :-) tonight at work is the first night in weeks I've worn long pants to work and not shorts, so I can't say I'm really in my 'I need to smell warmer' phase... But. I did rearrange my perfume drawers today to get ready for cooler weather, and I can't wait to wear some of my cozy faves again :-) Most of my best warmers have been mentioned, but I will add Habanita, deliciously cozy AND cheap, and Divin Enfant by ELdO. I didn't think I'd like this, but found I wore it many a winter night after a hot bath to snuggle up in. I hope you find some great new loves to get you through :-)

nozknoz March 5, 2013

When it's REALLY cold, only patch will do, and PG Cozé is my fav. I also enjoy Ineke Field Notes from Paris in cold weather. It also has patch and smells to me like a cozy Parisian cafe. Technical layers are best for the cold - capilene, polartec, etc. - maybe you can find them on sale now, too. Enjoy now and stock up for next year!

Musette March 4, 2013

7" of snow and they are predicting more, come this evening. I am going to be in Epic for the foreseeable future, as it's probably in my DNA now (I really OD'd on it) But my other warmups are Cuir de Russie parfum - perfect in the cold, Chanel No5 parfum (ditto), Daim Blonde and Jub25. xoxoA

rosarita March 4, 2013

Hi, Ann! Spices are very warming to me. Trayee and Commes des Garcon edt are both hot scents. I confess to loving cold weather; we're about the same age and I am less tolerant of heat every year. Last summer about killed me, I hope we don't go through that 100+ stuff again this year. I hate being cold inside, though. Wool socks, silk long underwear and lots of layers are standard around here. Oh, and lots of hot soup!

Suzanne March 4, 2013

Ann, I completely understand, as I just can't stand being cold. Because I crave being outdoors so much, I actually do make it a point to get out and go for a run in this frosty air, but it's really difficult on a day like today, when the frost west wind is blowing hard. Give me heat anytime ... and I would love to live in a place of unrelenting sunshine. As for fragrances, you mentioned a number of my faves. I know you don't care for it, but I find Amouage Interlude Man quite warm and toasty. Also, I would second those who suggested 5 O'Clock au Gingembre as one you should try: it's a truly gorgeous form of warmth. If I were to pick a favorite warm fragrance for today, though, I'd go with the original (now discontinued) Gucci Pour Homme. It's like being warm with someone really gorgeous sitting next to you by the fire. ;)

Beth March 4, 2013

I feel your pain! I'm in West Michigan and the cold dreary days are wearing thin. Who was it that said it best above?... the days are definitely sepia toned! And I agree, I've been reaching for warm blanket scents. I love Parfum Sacre, and my ByKilian Amber Oud decant is getting emptied pretty fast. I also agree with the Cologne Por Soir, Coromandel and Chergui. Seems like anything spicy (including my Cinnamon Tea Latte) is working for me lately. I'll have to go through my vanilla scents too since those sound pretty cozy.

Jan Last March 4, 2013

These cold days have had me running back to Slumberhouse Grev, which, IMHO, is not just a male scent. Also, for the toasty comfort factor, Kenzo Jungle L'Elephant and, of course, my fav for winter, 1000 Flowers Reglisse Noir.

shaney March 4, 2013

Donna Karan Black Cashmere is my personal cuddle blanket!

Cristine March 4, 2013

One of my favorite cold weather cashmere blanket scents is Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille. It's so cozy! I also love his Amber Absolute on especially cold days. At temps below 40, I become rather inactive (I'm cold intolerant), so I think I'd need more than perfume to get me going! Like, Baileys & coffee, maybe....

Missy's March 4, 2013

I spritzed Chanel Coco on last night and one spritz lasted beautifully in the sharp cold air.. Very warm and spicy cozy comfort without being suffocating. It was perfect. And the dry down was really lovely; smelled like spices at Christmas.

Milena March 4, 2013

Hi Ann, It has been chilly lately here in North Carolina and I have been wearing Mona di Orio's Vanille and Ambre a lot. Today I am wearing Vanille.

FeralJasmine March 4, 2013

BTW, is anyone else enjoying Barbara Bui? I bought this six months ago and found it pretty uninteresting, then recently dug it out again and thought it was as nice a low-sillage amber as I could imagine.

FeralJasmine March 4, 2013

Here in New Mexico we are having wildly changing days, from winter to a sunny 68 degrees and back again. During the day I'm enjoying the discreet warmth of Safran Troublant and Barbara Bui. On chilly nights by the fire, MKK or little dabs of vintage Opium are cheering me up. I'm also enjoying Casmir, an oldie that I hadn't come across until recently, and Mona di Orio's Vanille is lovely in unpredictable weather and doesn't overpower.

Farouche March 4, 2013

Today I'm wearing Safran Troublant by L'Artisan, and it is perfect for work: low sillage, but creamy and comforting to my nose. I'm finishing up a large decant and see a full bottle on the horizon.

JAR March 4, 2013

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Mrs. Honey March 4, 2013

When it is really cold, I wear Ambre Russe. If I want to warm up, I might wear 5 O'Clock au Gingembre. I also prefer to wear Youth Dew on cold days. The coldest winter in recent years, the heat at work gave out. They passed out handwarmer packets, which do not work well. I have a heavy throw/blanket of a synthetic material that is almost like fur. That kept my lap warm at work (interior temperature 49 F) and works equally well at home.

masha7 March 4, 2013

I can top that- I was so chilly last night at bedtime, I wore the Chocolate Angel! (Taste of Perfume Series)- So I got to sleep in a choco melty pastry....I actually dreamed about bakeries.

masha7 March 4, 2013

We're having an extremely cold morning for Florida (low 40s with 25mph winds), and by funny coincidence, I put on Chergui this morning. It really helps! At least at night, my hot flashes don't bother me a bit during this cold snap, unlike during the summer....

Olfacta March 4, 2013

Any vanilla-packed Oriental -- Mona di Orio's Vanille comes to mind, or vintage Shalimar. I also love Miller Harris's Fleur Oriental for the way it's powdery essence lingers on sweaters and scarves until they're washed.

Madvito March 4, 2013

This winter has felt unending & personally, I'm considering taking a contract out on Puxatony Phil for alleging we are having an early Spring!

australianperfumejunkies March 4, 2013

Just got back to Sydney summer from warmer climes Ann. I found Premier Figiuer by L'Artisan, Sun by Jil Sander and Jaipur PH by Boucheron to be particularly effective anti freeze frags. Portia xx

Magdalena March 4, 2013

Versace Crystal Noir keeps me really warm: it transports me to a sweet, exotic beach in just seconds. Rose Absolue both by Annick Goutal and by Yves Rocher seem to do the trick, too. I don't know how it is in other countries, but here in Poland we have this lovely tradition of "Fat Thursday" - in winter, on the last Thursday before lent, Catholic or not we eat tons of rose petal jam-filled doughnuts... The Rose Absolues (especially the one by Yves Rocher) make me think of these delicious doughnuts, served freshed and warm at grandma's. L de Lolita Lempicka smells like warm vanilla cookies and Jesus del Pozo Ambar like mulled wine, without the wine. ;) L'Artisan's Tea for Two is another one I'd pick, too. I got those heated hand warmers for a friend last Christmas, she claims they saved her life during cold winter mornings at the bus stop. They may be worth giving a try then, I guess. :)

Jackie b March 4, 2013

It is so true that some fragrances warm the cockles of your heart... I second Epic, it warms up my nose so well! Also warm in a more floral way is Miriam, it reminds me of the aldehydic notes in Chanel 5, but feels so cozy. MFK Cologne pour le Soir is too. These are all lurking in my winter drawer, to be taken out again when the weather cools down.

tammy March 4, 2013

I recently made my escape from Southern CA after 25 long years of unrelenting sunshine, and I am SO relieved! I hated it. My ancestry is mostly Scandinavian and British, so I think I am predisposed to like the cold. I keep my house at 55, and drink iced mocha, iced tea or Red Bulls all day. Needless to say I never think of using scent to warm myself up, but if I did, my first choice would be Poivre (Caron), I think.

eldarwen22 March 4, 2013

I'm only 30, and I am already sick of winter already. It seems like Shalimar, CdR, and a couple of my winter standbys are not cutting it. I thought Interlude Woman would fit but it is way too fickle.

melisand61 March 4, 2013

Two of my favorite warm-me-up scents are Cuir Beluga (warm and cuddly) and Amouage Epic Woman (hot and spicy). I have a great memory of walking on a freezing cold winter day with Epic wafting up out of my scarf. The contrast between the chill of the air and the heat of the fragrance was delicious.

E.Lime March 4, 2013

ELDO's Tilda Swinton's Like This makes me feel cozy. Also, I hate to say it, Angel (which I'm currently wearing). It's like sleeping inside a giant melty pastry...

spiker March 4, 2013

Ann - good luck staying warm. Trite to say it, but I feel your pain. I'm just longing for sunshine, green grass, blue sky - and just color. In January and February up north it's as though the whole is black, white and sepia tones. I'd also love to leave the house without spending 10 minutes bundling up. For solace I've been enjoying SL Five O'Clock au Gingembre for a warm, comforting scent. But, I also tried a little sample of Amouage's Memoir for Women and that packed a toasty wallop. Good luck and stay warm - spring will come.

kelly March 4, 2013

Bornéo 1834 is also warm, cozy and comforting, in addition to Chergui.

hajusuuri March 4, 2013

I don't use scents to warm up; however, today I discovered the HOTTEST perfume - Neela Vermeire Trayee. You must try it. I've now have it on for 12 hours! And it is still HOT HOT HOT. A FB is definitely worth it to save on the heating bills.