The Winner of Best Leather Perfumes…..

The Winner of Best Leather Perfumes is...


Awhile back we did a Comprehensive Guide to Best Leather Perfumes.  And you all came out to play, giving us your recommendations, loves, hates, wanna-try’s (tries? whatev!)….I had such a good time reading all of them.  Carmine  was kind enough to slip on his  scented leather puppyglove (FOR puppies.  Not OF puppies!)  and give the ol’ a spin …and it landed on

Ann Marie!   OMG!OMG!OMG!  I am SUCH A MORON!  It is LYNNE MARIE!!   I was doing 2 things at once when I typed that.  Lynne Marie (Commenter #58 on the post)  YOU are the winner (there is no ‘ann marie’ so ..whew!)

Congratulations!!  You are the winner of a great bag of leather perfume samples, courtesy of Surrender to Chance ( !  Contact us at:  Posse (AT) with your details and we’ll get that fab bag out to you asap!!!!


  1. Congrats! And that is one of the best “I WON!” images I’ve seen in many years 😀


  2. Ooo, someone is going to be smelling sex-eee. Congrats, Ann Marie!
    Love the I WON kitty!

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