Smelling of April and May – Scent Colors for Spring

 Smelling of April and May - Scent Colors for Spring

the first roost!

Smelling of April and May - Scent Colors for Spring

tiny broccoli

It’s actually Spring in Central IL.  ‘Real’ Spring – rainy-cool, with some freakishly warm days in between for feverish planting and weeding and digging.  I’ve been doing a LOT of garden work lately – the unsexy kind, alas – repairing fencing, weeding gravel paths, turning compost, etc.   Planting peas and beans and onions.   Throwing down rubber snakes to keep the birds out.  We’re raising chickens this year, too!  Check out my little girls!   Two weeks in and they’re already roosting  (sigh.  they grow up SO fast!) and are starting to get their real feathers.  I’m not so afraid of dealing with them now – the first few days are scary, they look so fragile! I’m obsessing about planting – want the garden to be awash in SUMMER!  NOW!  But…no.  To Every Season, turn, turn, turn.  I slow down to celebrate early Spring, with it’s cool, grey-green beauty, the sudden, inexplicable shifts in weather – from oddly warming mists to sharp-edged cold sunshine that can shiver you to your core.  All those things have color connections to me, and they have companion scents.  Most of you know how I see a lot of the classics (Mitsouko) but what about lesser-known scents that smell and look like the colors of Spring?  Here are a few of my  Scent Colors for Spring picks:

CREED Spring Flowers.….a beautiful pale blue, like the first scilla.   A real beauty, it smells exactly like a cool Spring day.  scilla2



Liz Zorn Violets and Rainwater.  ha!  Gotcha!  I’ll bet you were expecting VIOLET.  Ha!  Nope.  it’s this color.  Which is  weird because it smells so much of violets and green and dirt…but it conjures this misty pavement color.   I always think of  a little florist that used to be on Lexington Ave overturned pot of violets on the sidewalk.  It’s the color of that sidewalk.  Go figure.

Don’t faint…but there’s a gorgeous, licorice-y  wet dirt note in Jubilation 25 that only emerges in this cool, wet weather.   In the winter it’s a whole other color entirely!  In any season, it reeks of Awesome!

This is a huge iris time of year for me – and for a lot of you.  There’ll be a post dedicated to iris perfumes in the near future, so I won’t delve too deep.  But Hermes Hiris is such a beautifully colorful shapeshifter…..goes on Pinky-purple…then, as it warms on the skin, shifts to a cool green that warms to this greenand then doesn’t dry coooools down to this.

In the coolness of an early April morning,  Amouage Memoir starts out true to its packaging, a cool silveryblack…but give it a minute.   If the sun comes out…it turns a beautiful…pink!


What are your color picks for Spring?  Do you have scent colors?


And … speaking of May (which I did in the title)….it’s almost time for the LA Scentsation!  We have a few seats on The Bus left (like…five, I think).  GET ON THE BUS!    If you’re looking for a great way to celebrate Mother’s Day…this is it!  We’ve got an incredible day planned with sniffing, giveaways, fun, giveaways, goodies galore, more sniffing….and speaking of VIOLETS..the late afternoon’s violet wine (and other beverages)!


Ninara Poll April 18, 2013

Hmmm... I tend to associate shapes and textures with perfumes more than colors. I will say that SL Vitriol whatever (I've taken to calling it "Angry Carnation" rather than butchering the French, and that poor English translation makes me giggle) strikes me as being a somewhat light silvery gray with the occasional streak of yellow or pink (I'm pretty sure that pink is because I associate pink with carnations). Oddly enough, I have no shape or texture association with it. Sometimes I think I'm certifiably nuts ;) NP

Emily S April 18, 2013

I agree with Tara! ^ Seville a l'Aube is papaya-colored to me too. And Bois d'Iris (TDC) starts out silvery-purple and dries down to a silvery dusty emerald. AdP Iris Nobile is a bright sky blue and dries to a pale green blue. Fun idea; I enjoyed this post! Happy Spring!

Tara April 18, 2013

Today I am wearing Seville a l'Aube and a papaya colored just seemed right, although I know orange blossoms are white. Onda is deep olive green and Rubj is a deep pinky rose. FM Une Rose is so dark red it is nearly black. :-)

Connie April 17, 2013

I love this post! I'm wearing Drole de Rose today, and I get a kind of light beigey pink, a bit swirly. Maybe with some lilac shadows on the edges.

Laurel April 17, 2013

I don't usually get much color from scents, but I have some vintage Trigere that is the brightest of greens, like wet cut grass. I usually wear it on the first few really warm days of the year. The Scentsation sounds like so much fun, but unfortunately I can only sniff about three perfumes in succession without getting a nasty headache. (Sephora on the weekend is almost unbearable. )

fleurdelys April 17, 2013

Reglisse Noire from 1000Flowers is a niche fragrance that fits very well with Spring. If it had a color, I'd say it was a light green, like celadon.

Mals86 April 17, 2013

Wish I could go hang out witchyall in LA. Alas. I so so so SO love spring scents! And you know me, mine are nearly all greeny florals. But I have not put away my Memoir Woman, either, and I can indeed see that silvery-black with pink tucked inside... I'd have said perhaps a peachy-pink, sort of a nude pink. No. 19 is silvery-green, like lambs' ears. And Chamade starts out spring green, shades into gold, and from there into a yellowy-creamy white, but I see all three colors. And Vacances, ahhhhh Vacances... a beautiful pinky-purple with green and white, just perfectly Appalachian-mountains-in-spring. Penhaligon's Violetta is purple and green as well, but the purple is more of a periwinkle color, almost blue. That sample of Chanel 1932 is a lovely warm beigey-gold color. I don't always see perfumes in color. Sometimes I hear them, and sometimes I can touch them instead.

australianperfumejunkies April 17, 2013

I don't get the colours, sorry but I can't wait for the FREAKING BUS!! Portia xx

Beth April 17, 2013

I loved your post. I get the hue thing, in fact, today I'm wearing a dark olive green sweater and had to wear Ormonde Jayne Woman with it. It is definitely a dark olive green, with crystaline dew beading on it.

Ann April 17, 2013

Such a fun post, sweetie! I can't think of any colors/perfumes right now, but will ponder it today. You go, girl, with the growing things, from chickens to broccoli and other good stuff!

Jan Last April 17, 2013

Since our spring has not sprung here in Denver, (there is another 4 inches of snow on my car this morning) my green color is still the deep forest green of Slumberhouse Grev, which has a tiny promise of spring in it. For a more sprightly green, It's Comme de Garcons Series Play Green, which is pretty blatantly minty.

Sherri April 17, 2013

Purple: Xerjoff Iriss White: Songes, AG Des Lys, Teint de Neige, Soavissima Olive Green: Onda Pink: AG Quel Amour, Nanadebary Pink (duh) I totally get Memoir coming out black and elegant, but turning to a pink, femme color later in the day, and I am totally dragging out the J-25 the next time it rains to see if I can't get the "wet" note. The chickens sound fun! I am always so tempted to get some little chicks from Tractor Supply, but don't know a thing about raising them! I'm so impressed you have little broccoli growing already!! Yay Musette!!

rosarita April 17, 2013

The whole scent/color thing is fascinating and makes me envious because I've got nuthin', just obvious stuff like seeing Chanel 19 as green. So cool that you're raising chickens!

Jennifer Counts April 17, 2013

I love Elixir des Merveilles, which I think of as a glowing orange sunset (I have to wonder if I'm influenced by the color of the bottle here, but I think the assessment would stand even if the bottle weren't orange). I wore Bottega Veneta to an event one night where I was wearing a lavender and black top because I felt like it matched. For a nice springy scent I've been wearing a sample of Tauer's Zeta, which I see as kind of a light chartreuse. I wish I could afford to get myself to LA for Scentsation. It sounds like it's going to be a lot of fun.

eldarwen22 April 17, 2013

Every time I wear Diorling, I get three colors. Green, red and yellow because I get a distinct bell pepper smell in the beginning. I can barely stand the fresh cut but I always stick it out for the drydown. It's Mitsouko without the peach note. Mitsouko and Chanel no 19 can be either yellow or green depending on the day.

FeralJasmine April 17, 2013

You have really got me thinking. Dk's Black Cashmere "feels" deep inky blue. De Profundis reads twilight-violet. I have a hard time coming up with a scent that really "feels" red to me. What would you pick as red-smelling perfumes?

FeralJasmine April 17, 2013

Over the last couple of days, to my surprise, I find myself craving amd wearing I Profumi de Firenze Tulipano Nero. To me it has a definite color, not black tulip at all but Orange Parrot tulip. It seems like the perfect orange for late spring, when the days get hotter. Anyone who has grown the Orange Parrot remembers the sweet musky smell with a touch of smoke when the late spring sun hits them and they unfold. Ysatis, on the other hand, seems like a clear bright jonquil-yellow. Houbigant Orangers en Fleurs is white, lovely with filmy white nightgowns. Violet wine? Makes me doubly sorry to miss the Scentsation.