Melanie Wallwork May 1, 2013

In addition to an obsessive love of perfume, I also love old buildings and the stories behind them. I find it fascinating to learn of the people's lives - the joys and the tragedies. For most people, their lives are only remembered for a generation or two, but a lovingly repurposed building can last much longer and generate new stories.

Emma April 29, 2013

I agree that this is a beautiful and touching story. There is something powerful and haunting about a place staying there untouched, like a fixed point in time...i will have to visit when next in the city..thanks Tom!

Tara April 27, 2013

I hope to read your review of Black some time soon... Really interested in this one. At the very least, will get to smell it at Scentsation on the 11 th!

poodle April 26, 2013

That's a great story but kinda sad in a way.

Aparatchick April 26, 2013

Wonderful story. How great that the new owners managed to incorporate part of the old sign!

Michelle April 26, 2013

What a touching story, thank you for sharing!

Milena April 26, 2013

I saw the Spa less than a month ago when I was is LA with my husband and my youngest daughter, and now I know its story. Beverly Blvd. is really nice place for walk. We truly enjoyed the Liege waffles.

Musette April 26, 2013

Speaking of signs - there is another 'Arabic-sounding name' sign - this one in Santa Monica...just north of SMBlvd, a block in from Ocean. It's above an apartment complex. For years I would see it lit at night and wanted to check it out but got busy during the daytime...and forgot. Do you know that sign?

Musette April 26, 2013

Tom, that is SO cool! LA has so many of those 'lost' treasures. I love finding those. Chicago had a lot of them but they're mostly gone. For the longest time there was a sign (Alhambra or Ali Baba) atop this building on Chicago Avenue, 2 doors west of Michigan Ave - I wish I'd taken a photo of it but it was so much a part of my daily landscape that I never dreamed it would be gone....I'm looking forward to seeing the Spa(nish) Kitchen! And you! xoxxoA

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