Dew Musk by Montale (Discontinued)

Heya Posse Peeps, Portia from Australian Perfume Junkies in the Montale house today and looking at another of their samples that I bought in the Weekly Chance Special at Surrender To Chance not very long ago. I do love to check them every week because sometimes the bargains are AH MAY ZING! Dew Musk was a real bargain at the time at 99cents!!

I don’t know what is is lately with discontinued fragrances but here is another one on the way out. How can they be not selling this wonderful baby? I bet the name has killed it, There is nothing DEW-y about this growling tiger.

Dew Musk by Montale

Dew Musk Montale FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords in one line:
Orange blossom, ylang-ylang, pomegranate, patchouli, musk

Straight up I get a furry, dirty, sensual back of head after a boozy night and wild sex that was so energetic and entertaining that your partner was too fulfilled to move afterwards and fell asleep after a moment of mutual self congratulation smell. He he he!! Sadly that only lasts about 5 minutes before we hit seriously beautiful floral harmonies, they are like a chorus of pre-teen boys voices floating over the tops of darkness and heavy music, ylang-ylang is star and the other notes bit players, and this is just dabbed from the sample, when sprayed it blooms 100% more lavishly. Dew Musk is a very real reminiscence of perfumes from days gone by. The furry, indolic, muskiness wrapped around ylang and orange blossom through the heart is quite magical, I can’t believe that such a retro fragrance has come from the house of Montale. Seriously, Dew Musk is so good.

Dew Musk Montale Yalan WikiMediaPhoto Stolen WikiMedia

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Vittorio Profumi has Dew Musk for €80/100ml
The Perfume Shoppe has $115/100ml
Surrender To Chance starts at $4/ml

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I have found a few Montales that aren’t fitting my original perception of the brand. Do you have a fave from the line? Or better still which MUSK perfumes ring your bells?
Portia xx

Leathermountain September 11, 2013

I finally got to wear this thang. Wow, you were not kidding. You nailed this, Portia. Or more accurately, I smell it exactly the same way you do, and you've perfectly articulated that experience. However, I don't know if I am man or woman enough for this clarion call to all that is dirty, oh, and to flowers. I'm more accustomed to a Joy-like progression from floral to animal. This reversal is making me dizzy. Like if Fido died and flowers grew from his grave. Can I really countenance the circle of life emanating from my own skin? I just don't know.

Ann August 23, 2013

Howdy, Portia! I have not delved too much into the Montale line as I'm not much on oud, but I do like its Black Oud in very small amounts, Vanille Extasy and Vanille Absolu. As for musks, I really loved the musk and vanilla in the discontinued (boo hoo!) Indult Tihota. Love that Dew Musk green bottle though (I am a green gal, too, through and through).

solanace August 22, 2013

I got a sample of Chypre Vanille for 99 cents at STC, and I really, really like it. Such a posh vanilla.

eldarwen22 August 22, 2013

It's always a pity when perfumes get discontinued, even if I don't like them. I haven't tried Dew Musk yet but now intend to. That color of bottle is really cute.

Alison August 22, 2013

I adore Montale's Powder Flowers, and I also like the White Oud in the winter when layered with something a bit green or citrus to lighten it up. Love Montale!

Janet Sarandon August 22, 2013

This is really interesting! I never tried Dew Musk before. Now, I'm so curious about it. :-D

Musette August 22, 2013

Huh? I'd never even heard of Dew Musk before this review. Honestly, Portia! You're like Jeannie (wasn't that bottle just THE CUTEST?), conjuring up these ....unknowns...and then making us lemm them! xoxoxoA

leathermountain August 22, 2013

I love when you review things I bought at the same STC sale. Now I will have so much more fun wearing it!