(G)old School – Amouage Gold

goldThis is a true story, I swear it!  So the other night, I was tossing and turning, having the weirdest time…because I could not remember the Sultan of Oman’s first name!  Seriously!  I ran through the alphabet….no dice….dropped back into a light slumber..when suddenly I shot bolt upright in bed and shouted “Qaboos!  Majesty!  Qaboos bin Said al Sayiid!”   at which point El O said ‘if this is some perfume or jewel $#!t I’m going to choke you‘.  Luckily he fell back asleep before he could carry out his threat because, indeed, it was about a jewel of a perfume: Amouage Gold (actually it was about me forgetting the name of Oman’s ruler – who forgets a name like Qaboos?)…

Most of you know the story behind the House of Amouage – short version (the one I’m going with, anyway), at the behest of His Majesty,  His Highness Sayyid Hamad bin Hamoud al bu Said created the House of Amouage, as an homage to the centuries-old craft of perfumery in Oman and the rest of the Middle East.  That the Sultan’s friends and families were gifted with the phenomenal results explains why I was dreaming about him.  I dream about him a lot.  The whole ‘jewels and perfume given to meeeee’ thing, y’know?  Great fantasy.  And he’s a cool ruler, too, working hard to move his Sultanate abreast of the New Millennium, in a challenging region of this world.  I would not want his job.  But I’ll take his perfumes, thank you.  Especially the Old School Opulence What Is Gold.

So what’s all the Gold fuss about?  Great Beagles!! I wish I could tell you  but it’s already been done- and by way more qualified folks than me – and I suck at that sort of thing anyway.  Luca Turin does it great justice in Perfumes – The Guide   and over the years a host of fabulous bloggers have written wondrous reviews of the scent.  So there’s no point in me reinventing that particular wheel zzzzzz.  What I can write about is why I think it is one of the top perfumes of all time – and how I came to love it so.

Gold was not at all on my Amouage radar.  I nodded at Gold, at Nordstrom, back in the wayback – but there were no testers and I was not about to pay a bazillion dollars on a ‘maybe’.  So, in truth, I came to Amouage late, with Jubilation 25 and Tribute.  Heck, I didn’t even fall for Lyric until after everyone and his pet falcon had come and gone!  Lawd, but I am slow.  The real meeting of Gold came via a Patty sample   – and at first I thought ‘oh, pretty!’…and gave it no more thought…but I kept returning to it…and returning…and returning….and then I got a scrab of the body cream and let me tell you: if you want to give ALL your money to His Majesty, open a jar of Amouage body cream.  Jeezus Pete!  Every single one of them is stunning but for sheer “I Am A Very Rich Princess” glam, nothing beats Gold.   Gold fits my rather outsized personality (and it’s perfect for my outsized size, as well).  I could wear this forever.  It’s a giant symphony of floral aldehydes – the vintage has a bit of an 80s vibe to it that I love (that’s the vintage ‘Cristal’ up there); the current edp has been streamlined a bit to bring it more in line with the new millennium (I have no facts to back that up but it smells thus (and I love it, too), so I say it’s so).  The extrait:  talk about gilding the bubbly rose!!!  It harkens back to Cristal in a major way and I would mortgage my toenails for a bottle.  My idea of Paradise?  A bottle of each!

Yes.  A bottle.  I am fortunate to work alone most days – my shop guys come into the office now and again but they couldn’t care less what I’m wearing and after a day on site probably can’t smell much anyway.  So I started thinking:  why am I so stingy with my perfume?  Slickering on the Gold body cream…omgosh!  I was in a gorgeous bathroom, overlooking my private rose garden, with a view to the sea beyond…I lavishly applied  the Gold extrait (dabbing be damned!)  and suddenly my embroidered slippers were tipping along the tiled  walk  to the courtyard, where a scented fountain playfully splashed in the sun.   In this Gold World, I don’t clean chicken coops or do dishes or bust sod.  I don’t worry about making payroll or buying dogfood.  I’m just a fabulously wealthy Princess, where my every whim is met.   And I’m wearing a helluva lot of Gold!

What’s funny about Gold is nearly every woman who wears it feels the same way.  There’s something about it that’s grounding and uplifting at the same time – it’s the fabulous aunt of  Beloved – both convey that confidence of knowing persackly who you are and the luxury of having a boatload of money to back that up!  I always have the first – but when I wear Amouage Gold I have the feeling of the latter as well – even when I’m out there, looking into the abyss of a wastewater  pit, with chicken poop on my steel toe boots!  And why am I looking into that abyss?  So that I can get paid.  So I can buy Gold!


Do you love Gold?  Hate her?  What scent makes you feel all Fabulously Wealthy Princess (or Prince)?


xoxoA  – ps stay tuned!  I’m getting (gasp!) SIX TONS OF TOPSOIL (and a ton of mushroom compost!)  – it’ll be the Dirt Posse!!!

shylotus September 12, 2013

Musette, I'm so freakin' excited!! I finally got a tester (almost FB) of Gold online yesterday for a steal. I luuurve it more than anyth...well, not more than Dia. Of which I also got at same sale for a steal! By the way, I'm kind of a lurker here on the Posse. I don't respond much because I'm not a particularly good writer. I love reading your posts. I laugh so hard I snort. The Goddess can snort, no?

Sally McSweeney September 12, 2013

I obtained my beautiful bottle of Gold with box at an estate sale a few months ago. I had peeped in the living room window while waiting to get in and spied the unmistakeable "mosque" dome top and square bottle silhoutted against the back wall. I was number 11 on the list, and spent the 30 minutes or so until door opening plotting how to take out the other 6 women in front of me. As part of my life code, I dont do running ;-) but I swear I broke the sound barrier hoofin' it down the hall, hacking and clawing my way to the wee Gem. Body Lotion you say??? I have to have it - simple as that... (I am vainly trying to imagine 1 ton of anything mushroom-y ...)

maggiecat September 12, 2013

Still salivating over the teeny bit of Lyric body cream I allotted myself this morning to get through a tough day. LOVE! And now I need to try Gold, darn it. I'd escaped thus far, but noooo, I can't be left in peace. Gold decant it is.

Ann September 12, 2013

Great post, lady! And you had me spewing my tea, once again! ;) I sampled Gold very early in my fall down the perfume rabbit hole and it was just too much for me then. But having re-tried it a while back, I appreciate what a wonderfully crafted beauty it is. I enjoy wearing it (dabbed only, however).

Jennifer Counts September 11, 2013

I have actually tried very little Amouage. I haven't smelled Gold yet. I had a little sample of Jubilation 25, which was gorgeous. And I have a small decant of Memoir Woman that I haven't really gotten to fully wear yet. I tried one day, but it was too hot for it. I'm waiting for cooler weather to get into that one. Those are the only Amouages I've tried so far. I'll have to remedy that eventually.

Sarah September 11, 2013

Hmmmm. Have Mom's 40 year old #5 -guts,glory and swoon. Ordered #5 decant vintage from Sur to Chance (edp?) and there IS something weird in there. Lyric and siblings did nothing for me. But I have never tried Gold. Goody. Thanks Musette!

rosarita September 11, 2013

Ok, as I said,haven't tried Gold but I have a tiny decant of Lyric Woman that I've been hoarding. In your honor Ms A, I just hit two generous spritzes whilst I clomp around the house in my boot, catching up on laundry and hey, I do feel kinda goddess-ish. So thanks!

eldarwen22 September 11, 2013

I love Gold Woman but love Dia Woman even more. Saving up pennies over the past 4 years has given me the ability to get Gold, Lyric, Memoir and a backup bottle of Dia. Jubilation, Interlude, and Ubar don't do it for me. There is something in those three that have a bug spray top note with flowers peeking out. Now, I have to find the Amouage body products.

Lavanya September 11, 2013

I came to Gold very late too..like three months ago, I spritzed it at Aedes and really liked it so they made me a sample. It is gawjus!! It is not my favorite amouage (Lyric is) but Gold is the one that will feature in my list of perfumes that everybody should smell. Glorious stuff. And now I neeeed to try the body creams..you create big fat lemmings Musette!

Mals86 September 11, 2013

I have never tried Gold. I know, you're gasping in horror, your sister AldeHo hasn't tried it. FINE FINE FINE. Will get a sample very soon. If I fall hard (like I did for Mem W and Lyric W and Ubar), it will be your fault.... :)

Portia September 11, 2013

Hey there Musette, AMOUAGE!!! you Perfume Posse girls roped me in and made me lemm them like crazy. Thank goodness this is already in the collection: I have 30ml minis of Gold Woman and Interlude Man and FBs of Ubar Vintage and Modern, Jubilation XXV, and a bottle each of Epic and Dia Lotion, not cream. I love them all, so Thank You Perfume Posse for introducing us. Portia xx

solanace September 11, 2013

Amouage is my favorite house, because their perfumes are an antidote to nostalgie. I like Dia Man better than old Magie Noire and the black Armani, which I wore when I was young. Gold does not shy away from vintage No. 5. Jubilation 25 is a great chypre that I can still get. You know what I mean? I love wearing these perfumes to work; even if I'm lamely dressed, which I often am, I feel elegant. And they keep me good company, which is the most important thing. I toatlly agree with Foxbins. For a creature from the eighties, those fumes which one can barely detect after an hour won't do.

Connie September 11, 2013

I liked Gold Woman pretty neutrally- still don't feel strongly about it one way or the other. Really, I love the opening but that depth and grandeur for some reason doesn't last on me as the perfume hits hard and particularly drydown. I find, however, that Gold Man is a love for me. Ugly in the first half hour, but after that it becomes this gorgeous powdery civet that lasts at least the entire day (even I high heat when I'm doing kitchen demolition).

Michelle September 11, 2013

Thanks for the fabulously deep belly laugh. From your description I can picture your hub, and just thinking about it almost sends streams of hot coffee out my nose. I love most of the Amouages, mostly in an way that makes me huff from those little bags that Aedes sends samples. I could really use some princess energy today, but when I think about it, even princesses are not shielded from certain harsh vagaries of life & love, the frailty & temporal nature of our existence & teenage daughters. I think I need something a bit more goddess than princess, darling! XOXOX

Tara September 11, 2013

I loved the vintage Gold, the new version not so much...sadly it just smells like expensive soap on me now. But I still love the body products - the body cream and shower gel are lovely. Wish I had loved it soon enough to nab one of those beautiful crystal flacons back when they were available, all I have of the vintage is the 10ml purse spray. My princess Amouage scent is Dia, I always feel pretty wearing that. Fortunately it still smells great, no reformulation problems at this point, and I have stocked up just in case.

Martha September 11, 2013

I have spray decants of Gold, Ubar, and Interlude. All for "women". Sent to me by another lovely blogger from the Posse. Anyway, at first I only liked Ubar, but then as I sampled Interlude and Gold a few more times I started to understand the whole Amouage thing. What do I understand? Well, I'm not exactly sure, but I can say that Ubar, Gold, and Interlude are substantial and complex. And, not for sissies. I like how I have to go along for the ride in order to smell the whole, um, gestalt. I have to be patient and that is a challenge for me. Who knew that perfume could be so therapeutic? Really, what is probably going on is that my Westernized nose is getting an education.

Foxbins September 11, 2013

I came of perfume age in the Obsession/Opium years and "new" perfume smells light and not "important" enough. Gold to me smells complex and weighty, lasts a long time, has great sillage, and most of all makes me smell good. I can appreciate other fragrances for their artistry and wear them to evoke a particular memory or emotion, but when I want to feel glamorous or sexy, Gold will do it for me every time.

zazie September 11, 2013

Loved gold from the first spritz! Now, I hate lyric, don't care for the Jubilations and Homage reminded me of a nice fabric softener (tribute was such a scrubber I won't even mention it ;)). I received an attar -utter dislike- which I'm still trying to get rid of (never used it, except for the first test, in which the giant rose ate me up, after banging my head with a sandalwood club). But Gold.... ahhh. I find it very sexy in a chanel n°5 extrait way. Love it. It feels easy and happy and not stuffy at all. (In my perfume maps n°5 extrait, gold and iris poudre are in the same country, linked by their friendly yet elegant and womanly vibe. Like Grace Kelly smiling before giving a kiss? Sopisticated and warm, or something like that) I am curious about the body cream, is it so fabulous? Want one, though I never seem to use perfumed body creams that much. My amouage lemming space right now is entirely used up by Asrar so I don't know when and if an Amouage body cream may enter into my life! :( (I can't stop thinking about that saffrony-leathery wonderfulness.have you tried it?) Now, the perfume that makes me feel like a princess is Shalimar,no doubt. Like wearing golden brocades and emeralds - thousands of emeralds and rubys. :D (I suffer from a severe condition of jewel lust) (I don't know why but shalimar does not fit with diamonds in my fantasies.) Anyway... I love it that perfume can make me feel like a princess in my very un-princess-like daily life! ;)

tammy September 11, 2013

I don't think I've tried Gold yet, but I feel the same way about Jubilation 25! I have never been shy about wearing it, though. And my husband likes it, too, which is very unusual; he seldom even notices when I wear perfume. I miss the older bottles, though...back before they made them all uniform. (Don't think Jub ever had any other bottle than the current one, but I remember all the amazing bottles that the earlier perfumes came in) SO JEALOUS of your topsoil!

FeralJasmine September 11, 2013

I have a little decant of Gold, and I keep going back to it, but for whatever reason it never bowls me over. Now Lyric Woman, on the other hand, I killed people to get a bottle of. Not really, I used a coupon code instead, but same principle.

Lisa D September 11, 2013

I am sad to say, after reading your overwhelming, geeze-Louise this is the best thing evah, how-could-anyone-live-without-it post, that I HAVE NOT EVER smelled Amouage Gold. How can this be, evil Aunty M? Gonna have to get on over to STC and get me a sample!

nozknoz September 11, 2013

Musette, it also took me a relatively long time to go for the Gold, and I'm so glad I finally did. Furthermore, if I had to pick just one perfume to demonstrate to the heathen "I don't wear perfume" masses what REAL perfume is, it would be Gold. The big bottle was on sale last summer. If I never buy another FB of anything I'll die happy!