The Le Labo City Exclusives window is now open …

Hooray (sort of)! It’s that time of year again (or rather, every other year) when Luckyscent has done a round of pre-sampling and is now offering all the Le Labo City Exclusives scents for sale on their site for a limited period (through the end of September, I think).

city exclusives 2 The last time this wondrous event occurred, I missed the boat somehow. And then I swore that the very next time, I would get on board and one of my fave City Exclusives would be mine, all mine!

But not this year.

For the 290 smackeroos that would net me my beloved Tubereuse 40 or delectable Vanille 44 have cruelly been siphoned off this year for (among other things): a new starter for my car, a new blower fan for said car, and double-whammy colonoscopy bills. (All I can say is Wowza! Who knew the anesthesiology bill would be even bigger than the already plenty whopping bill for the procedure itself?).

So once again, my dreams of owning a refillable, sleek glass container of Le Labo lusciousness go down in flames. Le sigh …

OK, enough of my little perfume pity party. I realize how petty it might sound in the whole scheme of things, and I am grateful and blessed beyond words for good health, a dependable, though aged, vehicle and so many other things.

And truth be told, when it came right down to it, I’m not sure that I would really be able to pull the trigger on a bottle. I tend to have a bit of a guilty conscience these days about spending so much on myself. Of course, at the rate I’m going, I may never be actually put to the test, ha!

So what about you? Have you already gotten your hot little hands on a bottle, or do you intend to later this month? Or do you plan to plot, save and scheme for the next City Exclusives go-round (I’m guessing 2015)? Are you still peeved that Aldehyde 44 is no more? Or do you just feel “meh” or worse about the whole concept?

Jennifer Counts September 19, 2013

I've been meaning to get back to Saks and check out the city exclusives. I know I couldn't afford them if I liked any, but there are always decants. But really, very few Le Labo scents have really clicked with me, so I'm not expecting to fall in love with anything. It's mostly just to satisfy curiosity. I wouldn't mind having some more Ylang 49, though... and maybe some Lys 41 too.

edpgypsy September 17, 2013

There are a few Le Labo perfumes that I would love to sample (some are exclusives) but I'm also ok with not smelling them. If I did like one (or more) and want a full bottle, I, like you Ann, would have a hard time spending the $ on myself. So, at this point I'm happy not knowing if I'm missing something special or not. :)

aparatchick September 17, 2013

I'm well and truly over that kind of marketing, so ... I think I'm more than meh on this subject.

julia September 16, 2013

i dropped by the le labo boutique here and tried the exclusives - only vanille 44 stood out to me - it's very different from other vanillas i've tried. but the price is staggering. of the non-exclusives i like santal 33 very much, but even the non-exclusives are far too pricey for me!

Gwenyth September 16, 2013

I agree with rosarita (above). Too much trouble, patronizing attitude, and WAY overpriced. I live in a place where shopping for anything in the "niche" category is Very rare and borders on being an impossibility -- except for online, of course. When the topic of Le Labo comes up, I tend to shrug my shoulders. I understand the concept of "exclusive". However, I think some things are taken to a new extreme of "exclusivity", when perfumes are nearly impossible for the "general masses" to even have a sniff of one and when the price borders on outrageous. I suppose "outrageous price" is entirely subjective, but for ME, as I weigh the things that are really important to ME, I'm not sure that a $$$$ bottle of perfume is high on my priority list. Do I spend a significant amount of money on perfume? Yes, I do. But there is always a "cut off" place above which I refuse to venture. I'm very happy for the folks who love Le Labo and the mystique created there. I say "Enjoy"! I just won't be attending the party, but I appreciate the invitation. :-)

rosarita313 September 16, 2013

Yeah, I am in the meh category. Too much trouble, I feel patronized by the company for their demands that I, as a consumer, have to go to so much trouble to find their products, and waaaaaaay too much $$ imho. To be honest, I'm in a place where I am questioning the whole concept of perfume pricing and necessity to my life. Too early in the morning to be so philosophical, but my priorities are definitely changing. Samples and decants usually take care of my perfume desires and the need to chase has all but vanished; there are so many things to choose from.

Tara September 16, 2013

Thank you John for killing my lemming for Dubai! I don't care for Sycomore and am off vetiver, so there's lots of money saved! I previously bought Gaiac, Vanille and Poivre so I am set on exclusives. My current favorite is Ylang.

Dina C. September 16, 2013

My DH bought me a small bottle of LL Iris 39 a few years ago. I love that one for its earthy, rooty iris and patch combo. I don't think I've sniffed any other LLs. John's description of Cuir above makes me twitch my ears, though, because I love Sycomore.

patriciaC September 16, 2013

Meh for me, i'll spring for a couple testers but otherwise can't afford it. I have my first grandbaby on the way.I have to say one of the samples will be central park west that i know.

Elia September 16, 2013

I think I'll treat myself to a sample or two, because I don't want to miss the window and I'm probably a sucker for the exclusive experience. I've previously tried Poivre 23 because of all the hype and was very disappointed, and Vanille 44 which is one of the better vanillas I've come across, although I'm not sure I love it. All in all, I like Le Labo, a lot.

australianperfumejunkies September 16, 2013

Hey there Ann, There are some splits going on down under. I have put my hand up for some ml of a couple but can't remember which ones. I love surprises. Portia xx

Lisa D September 16, 2013

Definitely meh, if only because they're so hard to sample that I rarely get a chance to sniff them......

Jackie b September 16, 2013

I know exclusivity is designed to fan the flames, but here in Oz it just means impossible. And meh. Now if you mention the word Discontinued to me...whole other story!

Rina September 16, 2013

" Are you still peeved that Aldehyde 44 is no more?" You rang? Yes I'm still peeved! I adore that scent and wish I'd pulled that trigger when I had the chance! Oh well....Everything comes up on EB eventually.

john September 16, 2013

Gaiac 10 and Vanille 44 are my two most treasured scents, I wear Gaiac at least three days of the week (when I work a long day), and vanille gets a lot of play time, HOWEVER, this year I went into Le Labo to smell Dubai and san Francisco, I decided that if I was blown away by one, I would get 100ml, and add another city. I first smelled Limette, nice citrus, but 440? nah, then on to Cuir, this is the Vetiver fragrance of my dreams, if you've ever wanted a Parfum version of Sycomore, this would be very close, except, the leather breaks it from it's Chanel counterpart, it adds another layer and feel later in the development. no brainer, Dubai it was, walked out with a bottle, and a sample of Limette, I wore the sample three days later, what a mistake! it was spectacular, shimmering, dry, citrus, wearing this lifted my mood and gave me energy, and it went on, and on, even after I showered I could smell it on my skin, but, it's never loud or annoying, it's perfect for any occasion, including gym. To say the least, I was bad this year , but I now have a great citrus and Vetiver in my collection, I've had a rough year,and my finances are in ok shape, I didn't want to wait two more years.

Caroline September 16, 2013

Think I'm kind of over Le Labo. The hoop-jumping business is annoying. I do wish I'd had the opportunity to try Aldehyde 44, but oh well! I made a substantial perfume investment last month (pulled the trigger on a fb of Mito), so I need to rein myself in. Did you all just catch that episode of Breaking Bad??

eldarwen22 September 16, 2013

I have a little road trip to Virginia that I am leaving for tomorrow and have to pass on this one. For one thing, I cannot fathom a reason to drop almost $300 on something that I have never sniffed. I am debating on weather to get myself no 5 in extract form or maybe a Coach bag. I will have to see about that when I come back from Virginia and what the damage is to my credit card. I have to be up super early and still can't decide on which perfume(s) to take. Vintage and current Mitsouko are being pushy along with no 5 and now Frapin 1270 is starting up. 1270 is the one I'm not really sure because it smells like I've had a ton to drink.

foxbins September 16, 2013

I got a sample of Vanille 44 but don't need a full bottle of anything from Le Labo, so I guess I'm good until 2015...

FeralJasmine September 16, 2013

I love Vanille 44 but am fairly indifferent to the others, and wouldn't tend to bother with a company that tries to make their product harder to get than is necessary. There are too many other great vanillas to be bothered. City exclusives? It's rather like saying "you can only kiss me under very specific conditions" in that it's rather pointless and even laughable if the person didn't especially want to kiss you in the first place.