Pitti Fragranze Report

Sorry I’m late posting this morning, but the internet is sketchy, which seems to always happen to me in Europe.

Florence was stunning as always, and we are now in Siena before heading up Wednesday for Venice, then a couple of days in Paris, then home. Our first time at Pitti Fragranze, it was a great event. Got to finally meet Andy Tauer, who is just sweet and wonderful, and teasing me horribly about that gardenia fragrance I can’t have yet. Saw some amazing new lines that I’m quite excited about. More about those later when I can run through their samples and make sure I know more details on when/where they will be available.

Saw the O’Driu booth, and they are doing some cool stuff that I’ll be asking for y’alls help so we can test it. But even without the hook they are using for their new fragrance, it’s a great skanky little piece of loveliness. Hint – it involves urine.

That’s the quick teaser, which would be longer, but I gave up on the internets working last night and fell asleep. Until later!

  • thegoddessrena says:

    I have a couple of perfumes that contain Africa stone. Really depends on the quantity as to whether it smells urinous or musky/skanky. Bottleneck Blues from Soivohle definitel has an opening stage where I won’t leave the house until it calms down

  • FeralJasmine says:

    I’m in an obsessive gardenia phase, and wish very much that the good Mr. Tauer would stop teasing and get that juice on the market. Can’t wait to hear more. I guess I’m at a point in my free fall down the rabbit hole where the mention of urine doesn’t automatically put me off. Hmm, I wonder if I’m due for a period of rehab with fruity florals and laundry musks ;-).

  • anna says:

    Peety is fantastic! Genial fragrance and great stuff! But I love Eva Kant too…

  • Ann says:

    Oooh, Patty — sounds great! So glad you are having a wonderful time (and Paris, too? My, oh my!). Enjoy!

  • Caroline says:

    Did you see a Vero Profumo booth? Was intrigued by something on Fragrantica about new versions of the classic 4 scents.

  • patriciaC says:

    Urine? Oh boy, i’m an expert in that department i have 2 urine making machines in the form of cats at my house.If you can’t beat em’ join em.

    • CarolynC says:

      PatriciaC…made me laugh out loud. Have the same…um…challenge in my house. 🙂

      • patriciaC says:

        Hey CarolineC- Do you think a little urine would even register with our noses at this point? I doubt it. Thats why i scoop everyday, afraid of having a house that people know you have a cat as soon as you walk in the door.

  • Lotta says:

    I guess Im staying in the newbie perfumista compartement.. SO not ready to smell like urine!

  • zazie says:

    oh, How did I miss you were coming to Florence?!
    I would have loved to say hello and thank you for your blog vis à vis!
    Well ok, I still have the comment section to do so! 😉