Your perfume personality: What fragrance would you be?

I know some of you may be on the road traveling for the upcoming U.S. Thanksgiving holiday or getting ready for it at home. But I hope that wherever you are in the world, you’ll take a break here with us for a bit. On a recent Facebook perfume group post, someone posed the question: What perfume sums up your personality or best describes who you are? But I’ll take it a step further and ask an additional question: If you could be any perfume, which one would you want to be?

This might feel awkward for some of you (it was for me), almost like you’re bragging about yourself, but try not to look at it in that light. Because all of us here are pretty amazing in different ways. And we at the Posse already know how great each of you is, so go for it. It’ll be fun to hear what you would select for your personality. And if you pick Diva by Ungaro, well, that’s OK, too. The world would be a lesser place if we had no divas, yes?

personality 1What did I choose? As for the first query, I had to say Le Labo Vanille 44 (and not just because it’s one of my all-time faves). It’s not earth-shakingly exciting; but rather a soft, cozy, comforting vanilla, but one with warmth, depth and character, thanks to the incense.

As for what I’d like to be: Frederic Malle’sCarnal Flower — beautiful and very self-confident and assured, all of which I am far, far from in real life. I wouldn’t necessarily want the showy “Look at me, aren’t I gorgeous?” aspect of it because I’m not comfortable in the spotlight and have more of a quiet, behind-the-scenes personality. (Even at my age I’m still slightly terrified of public speaking, if that tells you anything.) But the grace and self-confidence part I would take in a heartbeat. All too often I seem to have “Lucy” moments and the graceful, well-composed CF would take care of that (most of the time, anyway).

So do share with us, what perfume seems to sum up your personality and/or what fragrance would you like to be?

hajusuuri November 28, 2013

Late to the party but now I am at the party! I am Kelly Caleche - confident, assertive without being loud, has a softer side (rose) ...

john November 27, 2013

Gaiac 10 by Le Labo, is my signature scent, minimalism is so sexy.

Lynley November 27, 2013

Bit late to the party- my Posse crack stopped being delivered- again! I'd say maybe Memoir. Not always so predictable, a bit complicated, intriguing, sometimes just too much, yet quite soft and reassuring. :-)

Jennifer Smith November 26, 2013

I must have a multiple personality disorder or a lot of facets to my personality or something. 'Cause I can't commit to a signature scent.I'm all over the place classic chypres,berries,vanillas,fougeres,woods,spices,greens,and florals,teas . I guess my "home" territory is spice-rose-honeysuckle-gardinia-woods-tea-tuberose

Catherine November 26, 2013

Coco is me. I love the pretty and sultry combined that it captures. In warm weather I am Carnal Flower.

Maya November 25, 2013

I love some scents and really like a lot more and wear them based on how I feel, but the scent for/of my soul is vintage Apres L'Ondee.

maggiecat November 25, 2013

I would also love to be Ormonde Woman - independent, unique, a little bit witchy - and that may well be it. Or Chanel No 5 Eau Premiere - an updated classic!

Sherri November 25, 2013

I'd love to be a femme fatale like Carnal Flower or Beyond Love, or an elegant, aloof woman who never overstuffs her Chanel handbag, like one of the Chanels or Iris Nazarena. I'm probably something like Traversee du Bosphore with alot of different, seemingly contradictory elements.

katrin November 25, 2013

I'd be a Lutens concoction--Jeux de Peau, or Ambre Sultan, for instance, on an ordinary day, these perfumes are fun, a bit dramatic, a bit too much, a bit bizarre even. And if I feel a bit more serious, I'd be the beautiful Feminite du Bois.

tammy November 25, 2013

Hmmmmm..... my friends and family would tell you I was The Party in Manhattan.... fun and loud and over-the-top and great in small doses. My husband would agree 100 percent, but he'd also throw in Bvlgari Rose Essentielle, because he sees the girly side of me more than most people do. I aspire to Nuit de Noel in extrait, partly because it's my favorite, partly because I love Christmas, but mainly because it has all the beauty and richness I love about TPIM , but is much better behaved and far more elegant. I long to be elegant, and I am so NOT. I would also love to be Annick Goutal's Rose Absolue, which is just the epitome of all that is good and sweet and tender in life.

Cindy November 25, 2013

Parfum d’Empire Ambre Russe...unfortunately I can't seem to find it anymore.

Dina C. November 25, 2013

I'm going to say that I would be vintage Arpege because it's a timeless classic, a scent that incorporates the idealistic pattern of female beauty: rose, iris, jasmine, lily of the valley, camellia, lily, honeysuckle and neroli. But along with that floral bouquet, it's grounded with wonderful woodiness from sandalwood and vetiver, and warmed up with some amber and vanilla. It fits me because I'm a traditionalist who balances an imaginative artistic side with a practical, sensible side. Fun question, Ann! Have a great week everyone. :-)

Portia November 25, 2013

Heya Ann, This is a wonderful question. I think I am probably an Andy Tauer, loud, bright, in your face and OTTFabulous that lasts forever. Sometimes I wish to be soft and delicate like Milly-la-Foret by Dior, fizzy and fun like Liberte Cacharel, silly and unreasonable like Tubereuse Diabolique by Ava Luxe, naughty and sinful like vintage Boudoir by Vivienne Westwood or manly and rugged like Terre d'Hermes. Thankfully I can be all these things and more with the spritz of a frag. Portia xx

Moochebo November 25, 2013

I would have to say that I am probably some sort of slightly off centre skin scent - L'Air de Rien is me, but I aspire to be Bois Des Iles - grown up and sophisticated - haha!

Millicent November 25, 2013

My fantasy is that I'm Ormonde Woman -- which I make a point of wearing every year on my Halloween birthday -- but I'm not that mysterious or dangerous in real life! I think Paestum Rose: the juxtaposition of a classic floral in a hamster cage.

Solanace November 25, 2013

I think I'm a bit like Fracas: polarizing and too old to care, but at least people know what to expect. It's good to be over the fruitchoully age, when one just wants to be like everyone else.

Mariekel November 25, 2013

I would love to be vintage Tabac Blond parfum: a confident urban sophisticate with more than a tinge of the European intellectual. A noir dame's perfume. What I am? Probably something a bit more off center: PG Querelle, perhaps?

Lisa D November 25, 2013

I'd really love to be a cool, smoky incense, but I think I'm really more like No. 23 by Ava Luxe - sandalwood, hawthorn blossoms , acacia, rose, and geranium. Still, not too bad - I smell really good!

Angelique November 25, 2013

I get major compliments on Escentric Molecules ... and my preference for 1 & 2 change! (Right now, it's #1 ... and I'm *SO* happy to have each decant from you so that I can figure it out.) I had honestly thought my love of the perfume may have been based on it's name ... just speaks to me. Then, when so many others asked what I was wearing, I *knew!* it's One of the Ones. Going to keep sampling though!

Cacomixtle November 25, 2013

Hm, must be a rose chypre, perhaps Ineke's Briar Rose, which technically is a fruity floral, but smells suspiciously like a chypre to me, and I've seen several comments by other people to the same effect. Dark rose, spiced blackberry, black violet, and spicy mosses... either that or Oriza Legrand's Chypre Mousse with all it's wet moss, dewy violets, mushrooms, ferns, velvety earth, and soft leather. Can I have Briar Rose as a gown, and Chypre Mousse as a cloak? That would suit very well....

Anita Thompson Monroe November 25, 2013

I was enchanted by Calèche by Hermes when my husband bought it for me when he took a trip to France to make a speech. There is something about that scent that is so addictive and interesting, not like any other than I know of.

eldarwen22 November 25, 2013

Right now, it's a tie between a few perfumes. Mitsouko, Chanel no 19 and no 22. Straight up cuddly, I am not, I will make you look for it.

Ellen November 25, 2013

I would like to be Opium. I see that person as alluring, dangerous, and mysterious--a stalking tiger of a woman. What I am is a cross between Cherugi and Hedonist. I work with beautiful jewelry and stones all day and love it. I like the color, the design aspect, the feel; hence the Hedonist. The Cherugi is strong yet approachable, but its not dainty or girly.

Jackie b November 25, 2013

Just one? So difficult...I would love to be A Serious Perfume like a Frederic Malle, confident etc. But perhaps I am Absolue Pour le Soir, warm and cozy, just come a little closer. That's it, closer...Hah!

Laurels November 24, 2013

For a long time the perfume that was "me" was Opium. Now, I'm not sure. What perfume would I like to be? Don't know that, either. Guess I have to keep sampling.

Insensé November 24, 2013

In winter: Lonestar Memories. In summer: Eau Sauvage. But who I really am is Insensé ;)

Kathi Montoya November 24, 2013

Winter...Shalimar, Hypnotic Poison...the rest of the year, something light and innocuous...Viva La Juicy (I live in Arizona), but no matter the time of year, scent always worn over a body cream or lotion that is vanilla...

wefadetogray November 24, 2013

I love this Sunday questions and I have to agree with you: I feel I am Vanille 44 too but that is only in the winter and fall. In the summer and spring I am definitely Frangipani by OJ. I'd love to be Santal Majuscule or Sahara Noir though :/ Happy Sunday