Zens Bridal January 9, 2014

Fantastic list of Perfumes.... But my favorite is MUSETTE and i love its fragrance..

Laurels January 4, 2014

A belated Happy 2014, and thank you all for the Perfume Posse. It was one of the first perfume blogs I started reading regularly, way back in the Spring. I thought there'd be a nice lull in blog posts after the rush of Best of 2013 lists, but you all seem to have strong work ethics, so I may never catch up. Now I'm off to search for the review of Reem Acra!

Jordan River January 3, 2014

Portia, I have been looking everywhere for your Cuir de Gardenia review. Nice brushstrokes! Patty, yes it was a great year! Loved your 'enchanted perfume cauldron.' Musette you are like "unidentifiable blossom dipped in wild honey' (quoting you; a quote I have used several times). With a link of course!

Sister Mary January 1, 2014

Great lists! Thanks to all the Posse for another super year of passion, poetry and perfume. The Violet Fumée certainly pleased this violet lover, and it won't take much to push that pleasure to purchase point. I was quite delighted with the rush and roundness of Noontide Petals. I love me an aldehydic floral, and this was a sparkling rendition with a creamy sandalwood and vanilla dry down I'm intrigued by the CdG incense, but need more time with it. Skin on Skin was a tasty and comfortable wear, I loved the almost Drôle rose in company with such a suave suede. Fille de Berlin was a berry pretty and sweet rose. LUSH got me with the roses too, not the jam, but the Turkish Delight Shower Smoothie. I've been trowelling that stuff upon my good self. Scrummy! Things I didn't get to yet... Mancera Kumquat Wood and the Mexique Shalimar... I wake this morning to discover I have been allowed to commence a new year of sniffing - what delight!

Connie December 31, 2013

I love reading these best of lists. I didn't try many of these, but definitely liked Shanghai Lily and Roses Vanille by Mancera, which I think someone else mentioned. Didn't get much time at all with Violette Fumee. Must get to work on sampling. ;)

chrissyinoz December 31, 2013

Thanks to the awesome Portia I've fallen totally in love with Ballet Rouges & following up with the Olympic Orchids Deluxe set :-D

meganinstmaxime December 31, 2013

I've only tried one on the list! EEK. There are so many perfumes to smell I often get overwhelmed and not sure which one to try first. But from all of the best of lists I feel that it is my duty to get my hands on the Neela Vermeire scents and finally try them. They seem to have fans right across the blogsphere, with people that seemingly have quite different tastes. I also wish that brands put out small sizes of their wares. I think that Andy Tauer's Explorer Set is a great idea and I've just had a look at Neela's site and see that she does a 3 x 10ml set of the 3 original fragrances. Even if I splash out on the Puredistance sampler, it is highly unlikely that I would ever fork out for the full bottle unless I suddenly won Lotto. Thanks for being one of the blogs that I discovered this year as well as many others including APJ's that have educated me and fuelled the fire for this newfound hobby / interest / addiction!

thegoddessrena December 31, 2013

My favorites this year were Pretty Machine, Amouage Fate Woman, Shanghai Lily and Skin on Skin. Not sure when they were released but in the new-to--me category other faves were Opardu, Sana extrait, Durango and Lorelei

Sally M December 31, 2013

I'm adding my vote for Shanghai Lily and P. Black - also nodding madly at the uber expensive comment. Seems like prices have gone up and up this year but bottles have got plainer (I was going to say uglier but thought I'd be more polite ;-)). There's no way I'd pay nearly $600 for a bottle of PB (I don't know that I'd live long enough to use a 100ml bottle anyhoo), however much I like it, so will just have to make do with waving my sample under my nose every month or so. Mind you, I'm beginning to think I am related to Ebeneezer Scrooge, as when I was in The Perfume House here in Portland a few weeks back, people were cracking out the credit cards willy nilly and not batting an eye as the registers were ringing up 4,5,6,700 buckeroos. Anyway, I have come somewhat late to the perfume blog party, even though I've been collecting for many moons and want to thank everyone at PP for insightful, helpful and often hilarious posts that keep me both entertained and informed. Wishing you all a fab new year...

Ann December 30, 2013

Hey, everyone, and happy New Year (almost) to you all! I loved everyone's picks, and I very nearly put Tom Ford's Shanghai Lily on my list but I knew Patty would have it covered on hers. And I'm glad Musette mentioned the Rose Jam shower gel. I forgot all about the Dries Van Noten (nice!), and now I must try the Aftelier Cuir Gardenia, too.

tammy December 30, 2013

Yes, 2013 was a really stellar year for perfume, and it figures because I am extremely cash poor at the moment! I was able to sample some Violet Fumee and Shanghai Lily and loved them both... and if the Violet Fumee had come in a 50ml bottle, I'd have braved my husband's wrath and charged a FB, but I don't think I'd ever get through 100mls. I am very anxious to try the Carpathian Oud, O'Driu Peety, Kohl de Bahrain, Zelda and some from Maison Dorin. Oh and the Denis Duran one by M. Micallef and Benjoin 19! There were also a few celbuscents that sounded good to me...Killer Queen and Erotique. And the L'Wren Scott one, as well. The new Kilian's didn't do much for me, nor did that Chanel 1932. I really ought to have known better with the Chanel, because the house just doesn't do much for me, but the reviews were sooooo enticing! Happy New Year to you dear folks, and thank you for all the fun this year! PS Portia, I read your blog every day, but for some reason, I am seldom able to get the comments to work!

rosarita December 30, 2013

I love these annual lists and of course I love the Posse :-) Shanghai Lily is spectacular, and I really want to try Cuir Gardenia, among others - I have not tried many new releases this year. This hobby/obsession is continually absorbing, isn't it? Thanks for all you do, everyone, I always learn something new and I'm always entertained when I stop by every day.

Sherri December 30, 2013

Oooh I also forgot: Fate Woman was awesome, too!!

Sherri December 30, 2013

I have got to try that Milano Cafe!! And Cuir Gardenia!! I love all your picks! One I haven't seen mentioned that was FBW for me was Mancera Roses et Vanille. I LOVE that one--simple but perfectly harmonious composition of roses and vanilla. It's one Patty would say, like Prada Candy, in that it goes right for the pleasure center, easy to love and wear, and draws compliments. Ashoka, Dries Van Noten, L'artisan Skin on Skin and Deliria, Kilian Flower of Immortality are all excellent! Much love and wishes for an amazing New Year!!

Ellen December 30, 2013

A happy and healthy New Year to all of you. Thanks for letting listen and comment.

lucasai December 30, 2013

Great lists! Happy New Year to the Posse team!

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