Alberto Morillas at Defcon 3

wargames  Tom is off today – thought I’d pop on here and give you wonderful Posse an update on Bruno.  He is back home and things are settling down to a dull roar.  Just trying to sort out his meds gives me hives – but we’re muddling through.  He’s on some ‘thingie’ that is settling and coating his stomach, so he’s now better able to eat .  He had an egg, some oatmeal and some cheese (in the form of pill-masking, with the cheese) this morning.  It’s stayed down for the past 3 hours!  Woot!


Vision?  Oddly enough, it’s coming and going.  I am steadfastly unsentimental about this sort of thing; if he’s blind, he’s blind – so my observations are largely dispassionate.  This am he actually followed my subtle hand signals, with no voice prompt, from about 5′ away.    He can see better on the (my) left side and down.  Then, about 30 seconds later, he went back to being stone-blind.  My regular vet is more likely to factor this in to his treatment – the U of I people just gave me that ‘you poor, deluded mom’ look…..sigh.  But they didn’t rule out the possibility that once we get the platelets back up and the uveitis under control, his vision may return.

He’s navigating the house pretty well, as long as I remember to keep the furniture where it is and not put giant totes out for him to stumble into (he actually fell INTO the giant book tote!  It’s just big enough for him to lie down in! LOL!)  okay – no laughing.  I wouldn’t find it funny, were I in his position.  But… laughing.  Though it was sort of cute, seeing him in that tote.

I spritzed Ines de la Fressange (Morillas version) to celebrate – it’s one of those heady fruity-florals that is pretty in that  IN YO’ FACE way (and, weirdly enough,  the persack opposite of what I would imagine Mme de la Fressange to ever wear!).  I wore it because it has no associations whatsoever and I wanted to break the memory cycle of my armor against chaos and stress.  This thing is so hefty, so insistent, that it is causing a completely different type of stress.  I will probably take a lonnnng walk at lunchtime, then come back home, shower to get this thing OFF! and go back to Amouage Gold.  But right now I am liking this stress – it’s similar to the counter-irritant used in some forms of acupuncture, where the needle is put into the cylinder and the cylinder is agitated against the skin so you are more aware of that than the little prick of the needle.  With the berries and the lilies banging on pots and pans and the patchouli and musk stepping on the hem of my pants every other minute, it’s sucking up a LOT of my attention.  Since I’m in the midst of a giant quote, I’m focused on that.  And the perfume (those pans are CLANGING!!!).  Bruno is sound asleep, right next to my feet.  So worrying about him is off the table – there’s just not enough room in my psyche for that, with all this clanging!

Sr. Morillas:  thank you! 


And Posse?  Thank YOU!  Knowing that you care so much really does mean a lot !!!

Brooke March 24, 2014

If Bruno is part of your family, he is a born fighter. I am so glad to hear that he is doing better. On a side note, I had a dog who went blind at 10, had a couple awkward months, and then lived 5 more years without sight. She was great indoors as long as I made a conscious effort to not keep things on the ground (packages, recycling, etc...). She ran around the furniture, jumped up onto my bed, and lived a very happy non-sighted life.

Amy March 24, 2014

Ohhhhh, sweetie, big hugs and pets to dear Bruno and to dear you.

kizzers March 24, 2014

So glad Bruno's doing better - the return of his appetite is a good sign. Hugs to you and your family, stay strong x

HemlockSillage March 23, 2014

Dear lady! I turn away for a week or so and all heck happens...with you and Patty! I am sorry you, El O and Bruno are going through this. It's scary, no terrifying. I'm so glad you have the university vet clinic to sort things. I will lift you up in my prayers. Hang in there. Love on your sweetie, and trust your instincts. I know if I were a furry critter, I'd wanna be in your house :) May No. 5, Carnal Flower and Amouage extraits give you extra gumption and comfort when you need 'em. You've been going through hell; keep on going. Keep us posted, please. If I can be any help, let me know. Hugs to you & Bruno.

Kandice March 23, 2014

I'm so glad to hear he's home! It makes a world of difference to both of you I'm sure. Continued prayers for both of you!

SallyM March 22, 2014

I'm so very glad he seems to be doing better - eating is always a good guide to things. I'm hoping of course, that his sight returns but if it doesn't, he will adapt as he's already shown. I follow a FB page called Oskar the Blind Cat - he's a veritable celebrity and he behaves like he can see perfectly. Animals seem to adapt much better than we 2 leggeds. Hugs to you all.

Elizabeth Watson March 22, 2014

Happy to hear that Bruno is doing better. Warm wishes to you both, and have a nice weekend.

Holly F. March 22, 2014

*Musette, that is. Silly phone.

Holly F. March 22, 2014

Oh Mustette, I'm just getting caught up on the Bruno saga and my heart and prayers are with you. Man, when it rains it pours, I know how that works. I'm so very happy he's home with you now and doing better, and sending much love and light for continued healing. Hugs xoxo

Elena March 22, 2014

So glad he's home. I hope he continues on the upward path, and it is SO good that he's eating! Keep calm and muddle on, eh?

jilliecat March 22, 2014

Thank you for the update. So long as he eats .... that's a good thing. Big hugs. x

Dina C. March 22, 2014

So glad to hear that Bruno is doing better! I had my whole choir pray for him and you guys after rehearsal on Wednesday night. :-) Hoping your weekend is a series of steady improvements. Hugs to Bruno.

Nemo March 21, 2014

Hooray! I am sure Bruno is loving the cheese-y pills. I hope things continue to improve for him :)

Jackie b March 21, 2014

It's so wonderful how animals can make us laugh even through tears! I am also struck by the number of animal lovers on perfume blogs, perfume peeps are really good peeps... As for pill hiding, I have used devon too, I think you call it bologny? Peanut butter for small pills.

poodle March 21, 2014

I'm glad to hear he seems to be improving. My vet friend said its not uncommon for those symptoms to be idiopathic. I'm finding that dogs seem to have a lot of things that happen to them that vets don't know the cause of. Hopefully he'll continue to improve and adjust to the situation. Sorting out the meds is definitely a major cause of stress. Then trying to get the meds into them is another level of hell sometimes. Greta stopped taking the cheese for a while so I had to smush some blueberry muffin around her pills. Hopefully his appetite will continue to improve and you won't have any problems there. I'm sending positive thoughts and prayers your way.

Laurels March 21, 2014

If you don't already have one, get one of those divided/7-day pillboxes for Bruno. Get one with separate morning and evening compartments, or more than one pillbox, if necessary. It'll let you tell at a glance if he's had his meds, and you'll only have to sort them out once a week. (As to remembering them at the right time, you're on your own.) So glad that Bruno is home and doing better!

thinkingmagpie March 21, 2014

Musette, I'm so happy about Bruno! Give him an extra hug :)

Ann March 21, 2014

Hooray, sweetie! SO very happy to hear that he's home, eating and adjusting, despite the vision coming and going. And so glad that you are hanging in there as well. Keeping the prayers and positive thoughts going up for all of you. BTW, I had to chuckle at your Ines experience; a sweet perfume pal sent me little decants of both the Ines scents a while back so I'm tempted to go put them on and do a wrist to wrist. That'll clear off the tennis court, won't it, ha!!

Tena March 21, 2014

Sending hugs and cookies to Bruno. Hannah, one of my older Greyhounds lost her sight within hours years ago due to SARD (Common in dogs) I scented doorways and stairwells with a tiny dab of essential oils ( one scent/room) so she always knew where she was. She adapted quickly, and lived another 6 years. I don't think she ever took her lack of vision into account.

Janice March 21, 2014

Sending a big hug to Bruno. So glad he's home and doing better!

edpgypsy March 21, 2014

Came to the Posse today just to check and see if there was an update on Bruno. So happy to see that he is back home! Hoping for more healing for the little guy!

Portia March 21, 2014

I love you Musette. Thanks for being amazing, inspiring and fun. Portia xx

rosarita March 21, 2014

So glad things are improving! And the tote bag - better to laugh than cry, don'tcha think? I was digging through samples yesterday and stumbled across a samp of Ines that I still haven't had the nerve to try, that sample's been there a long time. Maybe tomorrow?

sweetharmony8 March 21, 2014

Hello Musette! I am so happy to hear about Bruno! I, too, would not worry so much if he does end up blind. My Lady was stone-blind since the day I adopted her, and she was so resourceful! She used to be able to find me where ever I was. It always astounded me as she was deaf as well. Then one day as I was cleaning, I saw her running through the house. I stopped in an alcove and watched her for a while, until I realized she was sniffing me out! I can see Bruno having a lot of fun sniffing you out!

Lynne Marie March 21, 2014

Musette, So happy to hear Bruno is home and stabilizing. As far as the "tote bag" incident goes just remember the line from Steel Magnolias - "laughter through tears is my favorite emotion". Sometimes you need that chuckle!!