Cheap thrills Monday: Madonna Truth or Dare body lotion

Truth or DareI don’t know how the weather is right now where you are, but here in the moderately deep South, we have had a few springlike days in a row, which is a very good sign. But as you folks in the U.S. and Canada know, we’re not out of the woods yet. There have been some heavy-duty snow/sleet/ice storms into late March here, and for some of you, well into April and beyond too. But I was wanting to break into springtime mode, but not quite full-blown, so as I was poking through the perfume drawers, I spied a little tub marked Madonna T/D. It was Madonna’s Truth or Dare body lotion and onto my hands and arms it went.

Now Carnal Flower, Fracas, etc., it’s not, of course, but its gentle white flower vibe, anchored with a warm vanilla/brown-sugar/caramel-ish base seemed just right. A perfect blend for right now: A hint of the beauty on its way but still cozy-comforting without being heavy or cloying; a light, mood-lifting white-flower party in the warm afternoon when I needed it, then warming down just in time for the chill of evening.

Wear time for me with moderate application was a couple of hours, but YMMV. And it was soft enough not to disturb my office mates. The Truth or Dare fragrance itself was a bit much for me sprayed (although it was OK lightly dabbed), but the lotion seems just perfect for me.

And this doesn’t hurt either: It can be had for a song at the discounters and on eBay. Think I’ll head over there soon and snag a bit. Love the hobnailed, gold-topped plastic bottle the Truth or Dare lotion comes in, but the tubes are fine, and even better for travel/portability.

What about you? What are your cheap thrills for our transitional days? And what about you all in the Southern Hemisphere as you’re heading into cooler weather?

P.S. As I post this, it looks like our slice of nice is leaving us, and back into the chilly temps we slide. Sigh … come soon, spring — and stay this time.

Chloe Dawson March 26, 2014

Love the Madonna Truth or Dare lotion - glad you featured this! Over here in the UK also still cold but starting to get sunnier and think it's a good time to move to Spring scents. I think the lotions really nice and it's quite cheap to buy so can make a nice gift - especially with the truth or dare perfume too.

Suzy Q March 25, 2014

Madame Rochas is my cheap thrill. I got a 50 ml bottle on line a few years ago dirt cheap. It is the budget version of Amouage Gold, created by the same nose. In some ways I like it better.

AnnieA March 24, 2014

Did anyone ever get to try Truth or Dare Nude? It seemed to come and go in a flash, and I don't think it even arrived in Vancouver. Oh, and my cheap skincare thrill is the Watkins body oil mist...

thinkingmagpie March 24, 2014

My cheap thrill is a simple solid perfume I bought in Zanzibar :) It's just coconut butter with Ylang Ylang essential oil, very simple. I occasionally used it instead of my regular hand cream to drift back to the tropical island where I lived for 6 months...

eldarwen22 March 24, 2014

Shalimar is somewhat of a great transition scent because it isn't too heavy or too light. Frapin 1270 and Havana Vanille are great too. It's still pretty cold here in Cleveland and I wanna break out the no. 19 and Florence but those are way too light to be worn right now. Yesterday, I tested out Diorissimo in EDP form. Let's just say that Diorissimo in EDP form is a different beast than the EDT. The EDP smells like Diorissimo but it's more indolic jasmine than lily of the valley.

Solanace March 24, 2014

The weather is starting to get cooler here, after an unusually hot summer, so I'm wearing Back to Black. Not exactly a cheap thrill, but two small dabs are enough for the day, so it' super decant-friendly. As for a real cheap thrill, Maja soap.

poodle March 24, 2014

I have the perfume, not the lotion, and I think it's pretty good. At least she didn't slap her name on another one of those indistinguishable fruity things every other celeb does. I'm not in spring mode. It's too damn cold and there's snow in the forecast. I'm still fully entrenched in my incense, spices, ambers, and vanillas. I tried to wear a rosy floral last week and it just wasn't working for me. My cheap thrill for chilly temps is Fancy Nights by Jessica Simpson. It's like a poor girls Shalimar.

Portia March 24, 2014

I love this lotion. Excellent under any white flowers to give them an extra kick too Ann. Portia xx

einsof March 24, 2014

my first encounter with Truth or Dare was in amsterdam a few years ago; during a rainstorm, the bar i was sitting in had the door open… from out of the rain came a calling card of sillage i thought was beautiful… then 5 minutes later the drag queen wearing it arrived & it's insistence on being noticed (the frag, not the drag) was much as the scent's namesake is rumored to have. that calling card of aroma was Truth or Dare- diluted by the deluge- lovely. sitting next to me- i couldn’t breathe. (although i will say the queen herself was delightful and we had fun talking about perfume and she taught me what Jenevre is… *laugh* numnumdrunkdrunk)

Tiara March 24, 2014

My cheap thrill is still With Love Hilary Duff. One of my favorite warmer weather scents and application equals instant happiness. Love that bottle, too. I need to seriously check into the Truth or Dare body lotion. Wasn't wild about the perfume but if you're getting "gentle white flower vibe, anchored with a warm vanilla/brown-sugar/caramel-ish base" out of the lotion then I'm willing to try it. If it can be had for a song, even better. I don't remember getting any of that out of the perfume but then my memory isn't what it used to be! My mom used Bain de Soleil and I always knew we were headed to the pool when I caught a whiff of that. Wonder if it still smells the same.

Katherine March 24, 2014

I think Maddona Truth or Dare lotion is really nice mixed with a little self tanner in it. I also like the scent of Bain de soliel self tanner by itself. It smells nice and doesn't streak.