April 2014 Perfume Sample Fairy Godmother

perfume sample fairy godmother

Esperanza the Perfume Fairy Godmother



Hey, it is time again for the Perfume Sample Fairy Godmother for April 2014.     So here’s how Fairy Godmother works – this post will be open for the entire month of March 2014.   I’ll start a new one at the beginning of May.   For those of you new or that need a reminder of how this works – in comments you can list one or two things that you are yearning for and can’t seem to get –  a perfume sample is the easiest wish to grant for me.  Or you can wish for a full bottle, decant, vintage perfume or discontinued perfume you can’t find.  If someone has it and can help you out, they can reply to you in comments and then you can arrange to go offline through e-mail to work things out.  

Please don’t post e-mails in comments unless you spoof them somehow, like this – patty at perfumeposse dawtcawm (spelling the dotcom at the end that way prevents robots from finding it as easily). Caveat Emptor and all that, don’t send people money, check out their references on MUA or Basenotes or the Facebook groups before you send something in a swap, if you wind up doing a swap.  We have some amazing Fairy Godmothers that show up every month, granting wishes right and left. If you’ve been the recipient of some kindness, do give back when you can. I know people have gotten wishes granted, and every month they comb through the posts trying to find one or two people they can help out, and it just makes my heart happy.  If it’s a gift, send away.  I should note that  it’s more likely that a Fairy Godmother will happen along if you are a fairly regular commenter on The Posse and people recognize your name. I’ll sometimes play Perfume Posse Fairy Godmother and go through the list and grant some perfume sample wishes. I’ll pick from ones that nobody has been able to help with – I’ll spin my random.org wheel  – and send them The Precious. 

perfume sample magic wand

So what is it that your heart desires?  (pulling out wand from the back of the closet and blowing off an inch of dust)  

  • Janlast says:

    Does anyone have access to Brazilian products?? Or know enough Portuguese to get me through an order? I just read about a weird one, you know I can’t resist. The company name is Mahogany and the scent is Angico Branco. I am intrigued. A Woody-Floriental

    mandarin, bergamot, peach

    jasmine absolute, rose,
    lily-of-the valley, plum

    vetiver, musk, vanilla,
    angico branco

    The best part is…
    I can tell you this unusual scent is worthy of the niche category, although it can be obtained at the modest price of R$88 (US $39) on Mahogany’s official website.

  • mayb~ says:

    i’m new here so i don’t know how it’s working……so….
    i’m looking for samples of perfumes like : versace bright crystal / absolu , lacoste , escada , katy perry and juicy couture.

    tnx (:

    • Janlast says:

      Sorry it took me a bit to answer. I am jdeangeo at aol dot com and I’d be happy to send you some samples.

  • wonkywheel says:

    I know I might be too late, but I’m very new to the perfume hobby. So far I’ve realized that I like tea notes, and I’d like to try some tea scents! So far I’ve only tried department store scents like BVLGARI Jasmin Noir. I’d like to try something new. My IRL friend is Peppermoon and she told me about this site (she says she’s trying to get me addicted), so I thought I’d give it a whirl! Thanks, folks! 🙂

    • Janlast says:

      Any friend of Peppermoon, etc, lol. I am jdeangeo at aol.com and I’ll drop some samples in the mail for you.

  • Gigi says:

    Hi! I’m pretty new here and really am just seeking suggestions. Hope it is ok to post a question like this here…
    I’ve become obsessed with wanting to try a perfume that features galbanum and patchouli. Have no idea how they would combine really, but want to find out! Can anyone recommend something?

    • Elia says:

      Magie Noire? Bandit? Ivoire? Le Temps d’une Fete (not tried it myself)?

      • Gigi says:

        Thanks Elia! Magie Noire sounds like it might be a good candidate. Bandit is too hard for me, and with Temps d’une Fete, the narcissus just takes over for me (and is a note I don’t bear well when it is prominent). Hmmm, now to hunt down Magie Noire…

  • Civet says:

    Dear perfume fairy godparent, I would love a sample or decant of Cartier Panthere. Tried it on in a department store today and was duly impressed. Sheer fruits and then a chewy gardenia note. But before I buy a bottle, I want to make sure it’s right for me!! Thank you!

  • sandipants says:

    dear fairygodmother:

    here in seattle, april weather has me clinging to sweet comforting scents & on the hunt for interesting honey-based fragrances. i would love to get my nose on serge lutens meil de bois or ginestet’s botrytis, please.

    my reverse fairy godmother offering: 1.5ml spray of dior’s mitzah &/or 1.0ml sample vial of strange invisible perfume’s dimanche.


  • Patty Pong says:

    Greetings !!!

    Any Midnight in Paris EDP out there to try?


  • many_worlds says:

    Hello–a bit of reverse fairy-ing.

    I’ve got a 5ml roll on of Sweet Anthem Fox as well as a 1ml sample of the Annabelle EDP. I also have 1ml samples of Sonoma Scent Studio Wood Violet and Winter Wood (Although…spring is coming! I hope…) if anyone is interested.

  • Nitasha says:

    Hi Fairies!! Thanks to Jan, Lynne Marie my previous fairies – loving trying the scents they sent! Yesterday in Boston I attended a fantastic event with Christophe Laudamiel and he brought Osmotheque samples with him SOOO EXCITING – first time I smelled some of the vintage greats – Mitsuoko, Nahema, Jicky, Chypre, L’Origan …. if only he didn’t have to pack up and return to NYC.

    I fell in love with the vintage Nahema on the strip and I know it’s probably a long shot, but I’d love to actually try some on if anyone had a smidge they can spare!

    Reverse fairy: offering Tauer’s own nearly full sample of Carillion Pour un Ange, also Floris Seringa.

    My email is nitasha dot manchanda at g(ee)mail


    • Nitasha says:

      Ok the Tauer Carillion has been claimed!

      • Nitasha says:

        Want some Floris Seringa anyone? Mailing the Tauer to you today Rebekah!

        Also I’m sure vintage Nahema is a rare treasure, so I should clarify I’d love to smell any Nahema, new or old. And inspired by the Tea post, any tea perfume would be much appreciated, especially Osmanthe Yunnan or Bulgari Eau Parfumee au The Vert. Thanks!

  • windicindi says:

    Hello Esperanza…I would love to try the classic Chanel No. 5, the new fragrance by Dolce’
    j’adore Dior and/or the first fragrance that Vera Wang put on the market. Thank you very, very much.

  • Amber Jobin says:

    Hi Fairies! I had a great experience trading scents last month and made some new perfume friends to boot! This month I would love to trade any of my perfumes (AetherArtsPerfume on Etsy) for any of the Kerosene perfumes. I’m thinking one-for-one samples vials (1ml) with perfume lovers in the US. You can contact me by convo on Etsy via my shop name above. Many thanks in advance!

    • Civet says:

      Hi Amber! I would be very happy to trade a ml of Kerosene Black Vines for a ml of John Frum. I used to live not too far from Vanuatu, so I’m intrigued. Fear not, Jan Last, PUHLENTY of Black Vines left for you!!

  • cara says:

    Hi all, this is my first time posting; before I write anything else I just want to say this is a wonderful site!

    What I would love is to try any fragrance with Tahitian Vanilla as a main note 🙂

    I just love sweet, true, Tahitian Vanilla!

    Some of things of interest: Dolce Acqua (Profumum Roma), Serendipitous by Serendipity 3 and Loukhoum Eau Poudree – Keiko Mecheri.

  • Katrin says:

    Dear perfume fairies!
    This month I’d love to try any of Hermes’s Merveilles scents, in particular the Eau or Eau Claire one! Thank you!

    • JanLast says:

      Katrin, I think I have Elixer and Eau

      • hajusuuri says:

        JanLast, if you wouldn’t mind being perfume mule, I can send Katrin Eau Claire and L’Ambre. Click on my name for contact info…I know I should contact you but I’m too lazy to look for the comments that has your email address 🙂

  • Vanessa says:

    Hi perfume fairies!
    I smelt Tauer’s L’Air du desert marocain on someone recently and thought it was amazing. Unfortunately, I don’t think Tauer’s perfumes are available anywhere near where I live. I’d love to try out a couple of his fragrances, specifically L’ADDM and another one (Zeta, Orange Star, Une Rose vermeille… well they all look great!)
    Happy Spring (for the lucky ones who aren’t still under the snow like we are here)!

    • Vanessa says:

      I forgot to add that I have a few 5ml splash bottles of J’Adore as well as a sample from J’Adore L’Or to share with someone (preferably in Canada or the USA).

      • many_worlds says:

        Hi Vanessa, I would love one of those J’Adore bottles! I was just thinking recently that I might get some for the summer, since I like the jasmine in it so much. I’m in the US and my email is: r s i l v e r m a n [at] g m a i l.

      • Draft says:

        Hi, do you have any of the J’Adore mini’s left? I’ve actually never tried it but the notes look great. My email is carson r aft (at) g mail

  • einsof says:

    is it that time again already?! thank you to all the faries who helped me collect my tuberose minions! this month i would like to concentrate on neroli/orange blossom! anyone who would like to share some neroli/orange blossom samples, i would be greatly appreciative!

    happy swapping and let’s hope the snow finds a nice penguin nation to move to. 😉

    • Jamie S. says:

      I’ve got a little Jo Malone orange blossom– sending you a note. But other fairy godmothers- definitely jump in!

      • einsof says:

        thanks jamie! my addy is einsof at rocketmail dotty com and thanks to all you good fairies out there!

  • Jamie S. says:

    Hi perfume fairy godmothers! I have been curious about Parfums DelRae. Does anyone have any that they can share? Thank you!

    • einsof says:

      hi jamie!

      i was gifted some Amoureuse last month (one of my faves of the bunch) but i would be happy to pass it forward! please email einsof at rocketmail dotty com

  • shuvanidev says:

    Hi perfume fairy godmothers – this month I am still into the iris and wondering if anyone has a spare smidge of any of the Acqua di Parma irises or DSH L’eau D’Iris. Thanks!

  • rosarita says:

    I wasn’t going to ask for anything this month, yet here I am…. I’m wanting to sample a couple of Kerosene perfumes: Whips & Roses and Pretty Machine. Also seeking a sample of Imaginary Authors Cape Heartache. I’m in the US, thanks PFGs!

    • Lynne Marie says:

      Hi Rosarita,

      I can help you out with a sample of Pretty Machine. My email is clevelandvitz1 at geemail dawt com

    • poodle says:

      I can help with the Cape Heartache. Reach me at pokeypoodle at the Verizon dawt net addy.

  • Mariekel says:

    I have been yearning for a decant of Profumi di Firenze Agrumi di Sicilia for eons…no one sells decants, alas. Also desperate for a bit of my new favourite, Herve Domar Diamant Noir. Failing that, a sample of Durga Boston Ivy would be swell.

  • donnakitt says:

    Dear Fairies, It’s hard to believe but I saw a Snowdrop today — as in the flower!!! Do any of you have a drop of Floris Malmaison (the old stuff, not the new formulation). Also, I’ve seen many requests to try Hiram Green’s Moon Bloom. Anyone interested in splitting a 5 ml if I order one? The cost in USD for 5 ml is about $35.

    • SallyM says:

      I’d be willing to split a 5ml decant of Moon Bloom with you. The Perfumed Court has a 5ml bottle for 28.96 at the moment which is a little saving on 35. My email is salmack1 attt earthlinkt dotttt net 🙂

    • thegoddessrena says:

      I have Malmaison if you’re in the US. My screen name is what I use for my yahoo address

  • Draft says:

    Hello friends! Thanks for a wonderful month last month, I felt very welcomed by the community! This month I’d like to explore tiare/plumeria/franipani notes, so if anyone has any scents featuring those, I’d love to give them a sniff. If that doesn’t work out, I’d love to explore the houses of Ormond Jayne or Amouage. Thank you! Email me at carson r aft (at) g mail.

  • many_worlds says:

    Hello! I’m new-ish, and I had a wonderful experience with last month’s Fairy Godmother, with samples of Prima Ballerina and Dimanche from SIP as well as Ecume de Rosine. Thank you!!

    I’d love to smell Rosa Sur Reus from Soivohle, anything by Andy Tauer, but especially Un Rose Chypree, or anything by Strange Invisible Perfumes that’s not Prima or Dimanche (which rocked my world).

  • peppermoon says:

    Thanks to my lovely fairies from last month! This month my nose isn’t craving anything specific, so I would just like to ask for any wierd scents! I’d like to try to stretch my boundaries some, and experience some of the odder notes that perfumers are capable of. If you have a weird and wonderful scent to share, let me know!

    I also have some reverse offerings to share from the house of Floris – samples of Fleur, Night Scented Jasmine, Seringa, Limes, Bouquet de la Reine, Lily of the Valley, Cefiro and Edwardian Bouquet.

    • peppermoon says:

      US only, sorry

    • many_worlds says:

      Hi peppermoon, I would love to try some of the Night Scented Jasmine or Bouquet de la Reine, if I may. You can email me at r s i l v e r m a n [at] g m a i l? Thank you!

    • JanLast says:

      Bwahahahah! I believe you are in the right place for a little weird! jdeangeo at aol dot com

    • peppermoon says:

      Ok, the Floris scents are taken now!

  • silvrolive says:

    Dear PFGs,
    I would love to try Viktorya Minka’s Hedonist, and/or House of the Matriarch Coco Blanc or An Tendre. I am sprice95 in the town of hawt mails.

  • Lynne Marie says:

    My wishes this month are for scents others have told me I might like. If any fairy godmother has a bit of Annick Goutal’s Ce Soir ou Jamais, LUSH’s Rose Jam or Bond N0.9’s Andy Warhol Lexington Avenue to spare I would be beyond thrilled! My email is clevelandvitz1 at geemail dawt com.

  • Audrey says:

    I would love to try a sample i Profumi di Firenze Talco Delicato, or the vanilla Madagascar , or le labo ylang or vanilla 44 . I am audesko1 at the gee mail address

    • Lynne Marie says:

      Hi Audrey,

      I have some Vaniglia de Madagascar to send you. I think I still have your address from a few months ago!

  • My wish this month is for a sample of Cuir de Lancome. I’ve been meaning to try it but have never gotten around to it. If anyone can help me out, email me at countsjc at the gee mail.

  • thegoddessrena says:

    My wishes this month are for Magnetic Scent — Indigo, Parfumerie Generale–Arabian Horse, or Oriza L Legrand–Jardin d’Armide

  • Niki says:

    Hello! I am generally too shy to comment but I am getting brave to ask for help: I’m searching for a smell from my childhood– the woody, butterscotch/vanilla smell of ponderosa pine bark. I remember it being not very sweet and not at all gourmand, just the most amazing resinous, woody (even smoky) vanilla. I’ve found that Vanille Galante vanishes on me in under an hour, and Diptyque Eau Duelle is unreliable. Would anyone be willing to send me a sample or small decant of Parfums de Nicolai Vanille Tonka?

    • poodle says:

      I can send a sample of Vanille Tonka. It’s pokeypoodle at Verizon dawt net

    • Amber Jobin says:

      Hi Niki, I don’t have the scents you mentioned but do have a perfume I created that is based on walking through ponderosa pine groves here in Colorado where I live. It’s called Electrum and I would be happy to share a sample with you. I work in an oil essence format and many of my perfumes are extriat strength so they have excellent longevity.

      Send me a convo via my Etsy shop, AetherArtsPerfume with your address info and email.

  • SallyM says:

    Greetings Fairy Godmothers!
    This month I would like to try Chanel Exclusifs : Beige, Coromandel or Sycomore.
    The sun’s finally shining here – I’m almost to afraid to type the words incase it goes away…

  • Connie says:

    Hi there lovely fairies! I’d love the chance to try Hiram Green’s Moon Bloom, En Voyage’s Zelda or Peche Noir, or Heeley’s L’Amandiere. Sending happy thoughts to everyone!

  • Katherine says:

    Hi! I am in the US. If anyone has a sample of Arabian Oud-kalemat? I’m afraid to blind buy this one.

  • Ashley Anstaett says:

    I’d love a sample or small decant of Parfumee au The Vert by Bulgari or a sample of vintage Balmain Ivoire. Thanks!

    • Lynne Marie says:


      I have some vintage Ivoire to share, my email is clevelandvitz1 at gmail dawt com

    • sweetharmony8 says:

      I have some Au the Vert I can send you. shaw scot at imail dawt iu dawt edu

  • Janlast says:

    Happy spring everyone! I’m still chasing ginger scents, and of course, the weird and different. Lots to share this month, as well.

  • Elia says:

    Dear Fairies,

    My wish this month is to try out something from Anya’s Garden. I’m most interested in Pan or Moondance,
    although I’d be happy to try any one of them.


  • Nemo says:

    Happy spring everyone! I have a question for all of the perfume fairy godmothers out there. I am interested in finding some vintage Shalimar (EDT and/or EDP), but I’ve heard a lot of horror stories about buying it on ebay. Do people have sellers they would recommend (or not recommend!) on ebay, or any suggestions for other ways to acquire the elixir? Thanks so much!

    • Janlast says:

      I’ve gotten some good deals on EBay, but my best finds have been garage and estate sales. They often go cheap, as in “this whole box for $5.00”, and you know the juice is real. It could also have been stored badly. I never show too much interest when going to garage sales, and sometimes have to throw it away if it’s no good.

    • SallyM says:

      I’m a vintage Guerlain ho’ and have been collecting for decades. In the last 5 years I’ve been buying and selling on eBay and have been lucky enough to have never had a bad buy. I always buy from sellers with a high seller feedback number, 100% rating, and a return policy. As Jan said above, many of my wonderful finds have been at estate sales which I go to every week, which might seem a lot, but its my business. Also vintage shops, antique malls, summer fairs.

    • I have a vintage bottle of Shalimar that I bought in an antique shop, estimated to be from about the ’50s or ’60s. It was just over half full, and I think I gave about $30 for it a year ago. The juice is holding up really well too.

  • Ann says:

    After seeing so much love recently for Chamade extrait, I’m dying to try it. Would any of you lovely PFGs out there by chance have some that I could try? Thanks so much and happy April everyone — hope you all see some sunshine this week!

    • Katrin says:

      Ann, I have some vintage Chamade extrait I’d be happy to share. If you are interested, my contact is kathakk at
      yahoo dot com.

  • Jamie says:

    Good morning! Finally it’s April – I know it is because the calendar says it is…….

    I was able to try a very small, teeny tiny drop of Guerlain’s Encens Mythique d’orient at Saks the other day, and would love to be able to have a small sample, or even better, a small decant. Thank you!

  • lucasai says:

    Let’s not fool around in April, even if it’s the April Fool’s Day today.

    I would like to try Prada Candy Florale (I will probably buy a bottle since my mum wants it anyway, even unsniffed) and I’d like to try any of Guerlain Une Ville, Un Parfum (Les Voyages Olfactifs) – London, New York, Moscow, Tokyo

    I’m located in Poland

    • Illdone says:

      Hi, Lucasai, I don’t have these but I could perhaps help you get them straight from the “right” source in samples all at once.
      Love your blog by the way!
      email me at p.geiregat through gmail (hope this is clear enough)

  • Beck says:

    Good evening Faeries,

    I live in New Zealand which makes it difficult to sample anything by Serge Lutens. I would, however, absolutely love to try any of the following if one kind soul could spare a sample or small decant:

    – Fille en aiguilles
    – La myrrhe
    – Encens et lavande
    – Fumerie turque
    – Bornéo 1834

    Thank you so much.


    • Millicent says:

      Hi Beck,

      I have a small decant of Borneo that I’d be happy to send you. Email me at tartufi AT g mail DOT com with your address, and we can arrange logistics.


  • Peppy OBrien says:

    HI I am interested in trying some Tubereuse Criminelle. It sounds so intoxicating

  • crazy cat lady says:

    Hi there I am new! A girl from Hong Kong. Here we do have Uncle Serge, but only a few. My friends and I have been dying to try Chergui, and oh, the notorious MKK. So please Fairy Godmother, help me.

  • Claire says:

    Hi there! I’d be interested in a bit of Sahara Noir or Rochas Femme. Happy April Fools’ Day, all!

  • edpgypsy says:

    Happy April everyone! I love April… not only because it’s my Birthday month (woohoo!) but because it’s springtime! With that being said, I am loving Orange Blossom right now… There are so many Fleur d’ Oranger’s out there that I am open to trying any- Serge Lutens, Le Labo’s and even Prada’s. Or if you have an inside secret to the best orange blossom perfume out there, I’m open to that as well! 🙂 My email is my username in gmail town. Here’s to more sunny days for you all!

  • Spiker says:

    I’d like to ask the fairy for some warmer weather, but I suppose that’s outside of her purview. So, within the perfume world I’d love to try Coromandel by Chanel. I’ve read good things and I’m intrigued.

    I hope everyone’s April is lovely and fragrant!

    • Ann says:

      Hi, Spiker! It would be my pleasure to send you some Coromandel. Happy April to you, too!