malsnano86 April 1, 2014

Just commented up top that I don't like No. 19 (a favorite) in parfum - but I prefer No. 5 in extrait. I also just sprang for a 5ml decant of Amouage Memoir Woman in extrait, which is less floral and deeper in the base than the edp. I love the edp more, but the extrait is way sexier. I tend to do better with Guerlains in extrait, but Chamade I have loved in every concentration I've tried - edt, vintage edt, edp, vitnage parfum de toilette, and extrait. Wonderful stuff. I have not tried Diaghilev in extrait, though I had a sample of the edp and thought it was quite nice. The tweaked version does not sound as if it would suit me at all.

SallyM March 31, 2014

Great question. So far I haven't met an extrait that I don't like, but I think that's in part due to the fact that I much prefer to dab rather than spray. As mentioned above, I prefer vintage Opium EDT over the parfum, and to that list can be added No 19, No 5, and Mitsouko. I do tend to balk at the prices of extraits, but then I reason that because I only dab a wee bit, they are more cost effective - it's amazing how I rationalize things in order to smell good...

tammy March 31, 2014

I tend to vastly prefer extraits, partly because I love strong perfumes, partly because I like skin scents as opposed to sillage monsters and partly because I prefer splashes to sprays, BUT....I find I infinitely prefer Guerlains in EdT. In fact, up until the last year or so I couldn't stand any Guerlains at all ( other than Chamade) but I found Vol de Nuit at a great price and decided to get it just because...didn't realize it was an EdT til it arrived and I was very pleasantly surprised. Took a chance on a great deal with Mitsy and same thing...adored her. (In truth, I had discovered Femme prior to that purchase, and think she may have helped me understand Mitsy better.) I am hoping to find some Shalimar EdT in that glorious bottle at a good price, and see if the scales drop from my eyes regarding her as well.

Dina C. March 31, 2014

After years of wearing No. 19 in both edt and edp, I was excited to try vintage parfum. I found that the extrait wasn't the revelation that I had hoped for. It wore very close to the body and didn't have much lasting power. I'll have to try it again someday if I get a chance. On the other hand, I own and really enjoy Chamade, Diorella and Gucci 3 in extrait. All three have a wonderful wafting power and last for hours.

Portia March 31, 2014

Hey Ann, I am an extrait sucker. LOVE them. Portia xx

zazie March 31, 2014

Interesting topic - and am glad for you that you didn't fall for this particular extrait, given the astronomical price!! ;) I've met several extraits that fell short - for my tastes - of their edt/edp counterpart. Recent examples are n°19 and l'heure bleue - I suppose that I prefer these iris loaded fragrances in their lighter, less powdery versions! In some cases, I can barely smell a difference in quality between concentrations - bois des iles and cuir de russie come to mind...the extrait is just a tad deeper, but I am not sure it justifies the price markup! (n° 5 and chamade, on the other hand, are perfumes I don't care for in edt/edp and absolutely love in extrait, go figure! Maybe the more floral the perfume, the more I appreciate the "luxury" version of the extrait!)

FeralJasmine March 31, 2014

After years of cherishing vintage Opium in all forms, I have finally admitted to myself that my favorite version is the vintage EDT. There is no comparison.

eldarwen22 March 31, 2014

What has always kind of bugged me about the extrait version of any perfume is that they don't really come in sprays. Along with the price point. How many extraits come in a spray bottle? The only one that comes close in my collection is Nasomatto Nuda. What kind of disapointed me what the tuberose. I cannot stand tuberose as a dominant note in perfume. Nuda's saving grace is the indolic jasmine and I do wish that Nuda did come in EDP form. Now, the price point. While I've never been a fan of Amouage's prices, I have a hell of a time trying to justify $120 or more for anything in extrait form. Simply because it usually is a quarter ounce and the fact it is a dabber bottle and I do have some issues with evaporation. Hence, why I am about to head over to STC and get decanting supplies.

Suzy Q March 31, 2014

Bois des Isles. As Caroline mentioned above about No 19, the edt of BdI is more effervescent and I like that. The parfum is beautiful but that gingerbread note is just a bit too pronounced for me. I'll stick with the edt.

Civet March 31, 2014

Hope I won't be burned at the stake for saying this, but I find Mitsouko extrait and EDP loathsome and migraine inducing. The EDT, however, is very nice!

Caroline March 31, 2014

Admit I haven't waded much into the Amouage or Roja waters. So far neither line has anything I've loved. I've found that I prefer my vintage no 19 edt to the parfum. The parfum is lovely & rosy, but the edt is more effervescent and somehow a truer version of what I think the scent should be.

foxbins March 31, 2014

Following your reasoning exactly, I thought, "If the edp is good, the extrait must be out of this world!" i bought a bottle of Amouage Gold Woman last year at Bendel's, got it home, sprayed each wrist once, waited for that glorious floral melange...and choked on soap. It was so UNBELIEVABLY soapy I had to scrub it off. I was horribly disappointed (you can imagine) and planning how I could swap the extrait for the edp....The following week I decided to try again. I sprayed about 1/4 of a spray on my stomach and then got dressed. For the rest of the day, the lovely floral, civetty aroma wafted up from time to time. Apparently I have several hundred years' worth at the volume I am spraying. Part of me wishes I had bought the edp. At least, it's wearable now and not a total loss, but if I ever forget and spray my normal amount I will be in the shower pronto.

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