May 2014 Perfume Sample Fairy Godmother

perfume sample fairy godmother

Esperanza the Perfume Fairy Godmother


 Reminder!!!  Swapmania starts this weekend, May 16. The post will go up later in the evening Friday and run through Sunday evening.  You can use this post, if you like, to start working out some feelers for what may be available and pre-swapping, if you’d like!

Hey, it is time again for the Perfume Sample Fairy Godmother for May 2014.     So here’s how Fairy Godmother works – this post will be open for the entire month of May 2014.   I’ll start a new one at the beginning of June.   For those of you new or that need a reminder of how this works – in comments you can list one or two things that you are yearning for and can’t seem to get –  a perfume sample is the easiest wish to grant for me.  Or you can wish for a full bottle, decant, vintage perfume or discontinued perfume you can’t find.  If someone has it and can help you out, they can reply to you in comments and then you can arrange to go offline through e-mail to work things out.  

Please don’t post e-mails in comments unless you spoof them somehow, like this – patty at perfumeposse dawtcawm (spelling the dotcom at the end that way prevents robots from finding it as easily). Caveat Emptor and all that, don’t send people money, check out their references on MUA or Basenotes or the Facebook groups before you send something in a swap, if you wind up doing a swap.  We have some amazing Fairy Godmothers that show up every month, granting wishes right and left. If you’ve been the recipient of some kindness, do give back when you can. I know people have gotten wishes granted, and every month they comb through the posts trying to find one or two people they can help out, and it just makes my heart happy.  If it’s a gift, send away.  I should note that  it’s more likely that a Fairy Godmother will happen along if you are a fairly regular commenter on The Posse and people recognize your name. I’ll sometimes play Perfume Posse Fairy Godmother and go through the list and grant some perfume sample wishes. I’ll pick from ones that nobody has been able to help with – I’ll spin my wheel  – and send them The Precious. 

perfume sample magic wand

So what is it that your heart desires?  (pulling out wand from the back of the closet and blowing off an inch of dust)  

Eloquaint May 25, 2014

I'm new here-you can check me out at over at MUA under the name BadWaitress if you'd like to. I'm looking for samples of Scent by Theo Fennell, of Vanilia by L'Artisan, of Coty's L'Origan, and vintage Tabac Blond. I love leathers and chypres. I have Miller Harris' L'Air de Rien, Chanel's Sycomore, Guerlain's Chamade, vintage Chanel #5 from the 1950's, Lancome Cuir, gorgeous vintage L'Air du Temps, Schaparelli's Shocking, and Bond #9 Chinatown.

Patty Pong May 20, 2014

Hi !!!! :) I'm going to lower my expectations for my wish and change my request… "Any unwanted bon bons from Bond no. 9?…Something unisex and non-floral? Perhaps Manhattan or New York Musk or Riverside Drive?"?

freeholdfarmCarol S ( waftbycarol ) May 16, 2014

Very much looking forward to Swapmania this weekend ! I have a huge selection of 5 ml decants to swap and some partial bottles too . I am looking for some older Sous le Vent , some Diaghilev and samples of some newer Roja Dove . Will be very generous .

thegoddessrena May 16, 2014

I'd like some Sideris or Exultat from Maria Candide Gentile.

Draft May 15, 2014

Hey! I have two fairy requests this month. I'd like to try scents with Angelica OR ginger in them. I'm discovering that I really like these notes. Also, anyone heard of Esscentual Alchemy Pixie Dust? The notes on fragrantica look amazing and I'd like to try some. My email is carsonraft at gmail. :)

Angela May 15, 2014

Hello Perfume Fairy Godmothers! I'm a nursing student who is desperately searching for 5ml decants or more of: Guerlain's Oriental Brulant Cuir Beluga Le Labo Lys 41 Chantecaille Frangipane and my holy grail M. Micallef Note Vanille :/ It seems they will never make this again. I got it as a gift in 2007 and I'm finally out. If anyone can help me with these scents I would be forever appreciative and grateful! I do have some decants I'll be trying to swap this weekend so if you have any of these we could discuss those! Thank you lovlies <3 Please contact me @ makeupgirl9273 AT gggggggmmmmmmmaaaaaaaiiiiiiilllllllll dawt commmmm

Patty Pong May 15, 2014

Hi Fairy Godmother, you must be out of Batucada…so I'd like to change my wish. :) Can you grant me some Acqua Viva Profumum Roma ???????

Lynne Marie May 14, 2014

Dear Fairy Godmother, I've only ever smelled one Bronze Goddess by Estee Lauder and I know there are lots of flankers/variations. I want to frustrate myself by falling in love with things I'll never be able to find a full bottle of anymore - so... I would love to try any Bronze Goddess iterations you might have! My email is clevelandvitz1 at geemail dawt com. Also any Posse'ers in Annapolis MD? I'm heading down there later this month and could deliver swap meet goodies in person or do some fun on-site swapping?

leathermountain May 14, 2014

Elise, I do have a bit of under-appreciated Memoir for you. Drop me a line in hotttmale town with your address and whatever else is on your mind scent-wise these days: alederberg

peppermoon May 14, 2014

Hi fairies! This week I'm kind of going for a long shot - I'd like to try something from MDCI or Amouage....they're way out of my college-girl price range but tantalizing! Also, I'm going to be moving next month, any perfumistas in Athens, Ga?

Nemo May 14, 2014

Hi everyone! I would love to try PdN Amber Oud, or Providence Perfume Company Moss Gown or Tabac Citron, or 1000 Flowers Reglisse Noir. Thank you in advance to all the generous perfume fairies out there :)

Elise May 14, 2014

I have just tried Amouage and am hooked! The only ones I have tried are Dia (now I have FB! It is that good!) and Ubar. Would love any un-loved tiny samples of Amouage so I can learn more about this line!

Patty Pong May 14, 2014

Anyone have a taste of Batucada????? :)

many_worlds May 13, 2014

Hi everyone! I am so grateful to peppermoon and Nitasha for the lovely samples last month. This month, I would love to smell anything at all from CB I Hate Perfume. Last month Nitasha sent me a lovely almost-full manufacturer's sample of Andy Tauer Carillion Pour un Ange, which it turns out I don't like very much. I'd love to offer it to anyone who's interested.

cara May 13, 2014

P.S. I didn't actually mean that the Arte Profumi Sucre Noir or Serge Lutens Rahat Loukoum had to be 100% full, and would also be willing to negotiate on these if necessary! :) Just having a hard time finding them anywhere!

leathermountain May 13, 2014

Hi Jennifer, I don't have any in large quantities, but I can share samples of Tasneem, Gringo, Aalacho No. 2, and Tuberosa. Maybe others can offer you more or different scents from the line.... Emailing you now!

Jennifer Smith May 13, 2014

Odd request - anyone have a sprayer head from a 1 oz edp bottle of VS So In Love? I bought a bottle off ebay for a good price that didn't have the atomizer head ( was disclosed in the listing) I thought no big deal I have some extra sprayer heads no problem. Problem. They don't fit. Too big. Grrrrrr.... I'm bookwyrmsmith at the country of the live-ing dawt cahm. Thanks!

katrin May 13, 2014

Hi Fairies! I'd like to try Miller Harris's Fleurs de Bois, or En Sens du Bois ( am also curious about the latest in the La Fumee series).

Heather F May 13, 2014

Hi all! I'd love to try anything from PK Perfumes this month, if anyone has a smidge to spare. Since that's kind of obscure, I'd be more than happy with a smidge of Chanel Coco (any concentration/vintage or not) or Guerlain Insolence to try. My email is heather.elizabeth.freeman at gmail. Thanks as always!! :)

Jennifer Counts May 13, 2014

Hello Fairies! I'd love to try a sample of Aftelier Cuir Gardenia. Or if nobody has that, I've also been meaning to try something from AbdeSalaam Attar. I haven't tried any of them, so any will do.

VanessaBL May 13, 2014

Hi Fairies! Recently, I've been dying to try out two lines: Annick Goutal and Frederic Malle. A very nice fairy sent me a sample of Nuit Étoilée a while back and I loved it, so I'd like to try out some other scents (all of them eventually!) of the line. I like soft florals best, so the ones I'm most attracted to from the description are Un Matin d'Orage and Rose Splendide, but almost all of them seem like fragrances I could fall in love with! I haven't smelled any Malle yet (*shock horror*), so again, anyone would be great, but my most coveted ones are probably En Passant and Lipstick Rose. Thanks fairies! Contact me at hot mail dawtcom, with username vanie_b_l

foxbins May 13, 2014

Oh, perfume fairy godmother, I have been longing to try Chanel Eau Premier and MDCI Promesse de l'Aube (I hope I spelled that right!). Plus, does anyone have recommendations for ginger and/or cinnamon scents? I love those notes. On a related topic, in the upcoming swap I have a bottle of Gres Cabaret, Creed Jasmin Imperatrice, and Arabian Oud Kalemat up for grabs. During the last swap I was terribly fortunate to get a lot of lovely decants for my Jaipur Saphir, which went to a great new home. My username is my email at aol dotty com.

Yuna May 13, 2014

Hello, I'm quite new to the world of perfume blogs (although not to perfume) but I hope it's ok if I participate anyway! I would love to try these : Bond no 9, Chinatown; any vintage Caron ; any interesting tea fragrance. I have some samples and small decants to give away as well (although they will be mailed a little late, I will be on a trip to Korea in a few days) : Jo Malone Vintage Gardenia (5mls) Parfums de Nicolai Juste Un Reve (5mls) En Voyage Zelda (5mls) Serge Lutens Sa Majeste La Rose (sample) Versace Bright Crystal (sample x 2) Parfum D'Empire 3 Fleurs (sample) My email is microdactyly at gmail . com, do contact me if you would like to claim something or if you happen to have a bit of the scents I am looking to try. Thankyou!

einsof May 13, 2014

WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! hello posse! i was hoping this time around i might be able to find some Eaux de Guerlain: Eau de Guerlain, Eau de Coq, Eau Imperiale, Eau de Fleurs Cedrat, Cologne du Parfumeur... etc. if there's someone out there with a FB of Eau de Guerlain which has gone neglected and unused, i would be happy to discuss obtaining a whole bottle of that one. thanks to the Posse for this monthly ritual, and to all the generous fairies out there!!

Elia May 13, 2014

Dear Fairies, My wish this month is to try an O'Driu. First pick would be Peety, but I've not smelt any, so any one would do, ty

Edward May 13, 2014

If someone has a smidge of serendipity 3's serendipitious (oh that is hard to spell...) and is willing to ship to the EU I'd be delighted, it seems to be impossiuble to purchse contact me at [email protected]

Connie May 13, 2014

Hello perfume fairy godmothers! It's finally getting warm and I would love the chance to try some warm-weather fragrances. Right now there is a big gap in my fragrance collection. What are your favorites? In particular, Heeley's L'Amandiere and Olympic Orchids' Ballet Rouges sound very appealing, but I would love recommendations!

lucasai May 13, 2014

Hello perfume fairies! Can any of you swirl with your magic wand and grant me some samples of Shay & Blue fragrances (any of them!) Or maybe Dior Cuir Cannage?

Erik May 13, 2014

Hello Fairies, Would our dearest fairies be kind to let me experience any good smelling scents from the houses: Profumum Roma, Roja Dove, Sospiro Perfumes and Valentino? No gender preference. I hope being outside US (Canada here) wouldn't be a problem to enjoy few wearings of these highly talked about perfume houses. No pressures though but thank you so much in advance.... matinee13th at livedotcom

leathermountain May 13, 2014

I owe a lot of apologies for parcels sitting in my apartment that were put together in March, or maybe that was October. I don't think I've actually forgotten anyone, but I am moving extraordinarily slowly this time around. I hope it will all be worth it in the end! My May PFGP wish is for non-alcohol-based perfumes, including water, oil, and/or solids. The best possible scenario would be to have samples of the same scents in multiple formats. Why, you ask? I'm working with high school students on perfume-related chemistry projects, and I would love to have a wider selection of perfume formats for our classroom collection. And on average the students seem not to like ethanol too much as a carrier, so I'd like to follow their lead in that direction. I can offer school-letterhead thank-you notes that can be used for tax exemptions, and a fragrant thank-you package goes without saying here amongst the PFGPs! That said, I must make the disclaimer that I have become very slow. Some reverse offerings, samples of: -Goutal Ambre Fetiche -Jo Malone Grapefruit -Alien -tiny sample of Eau des Merveilles -Lalique Flora Bella (this is getting epic, maybe the third time I'm trying to find a home for this little vial) -more to come, I hope Feel free to claim several or all. Just reply to this comment and leave me your email contact info in your reply. I can ship one additional parcel abroad for the moment, and the rest will have to be US lower 48 for right now. My apologies for that. Happy fairying and swapping, folks! I'm so glad the post is back.

Ashley Anstaett May 13, 2014

I'd love to try Van Cleef & Arpels Rose Velours or Tom Ford's Black Violet if anybody's got a teensy bit to spare!

Amy K May 13, 2014

So excited for the swap this weekend! I'll be trading nearly full bottles of Habanita extrait, LUSH Snowcake, Calacas, Silky Underwear, and J Lo Miami Glow. I'd be happy to swap them all for one bottle of something summery that I love, like Virgin Island Water, Mure et Musc, La Chasse aux Papillons, AG Le Chevrefeuille, or SL Un Lys.

Becky May 13, 2014

Hey, everyone! I am hoping someone has an unloved bit of Ninfeo Mio or Osmanthe Yunnan languishing about. I love my large-and-in-charge orientals, but I need a bit of refreshment to get through the hot and humid Midwest summer. Cheers!

cara May 13, 2014

I have been longing to sample Memoire Liquide Vacances Liquide and Memoire Liquide Amour Liquide! I would also LOVE to find full bottles or large decants of Arte Profumi Sucre Noir and Serge Lutens Rahat Loukoum. And, if all else fails, I would be happy to try anything based upon the following notes: coconut, orchid, Tahitian Vanilla, VANILLA, almond, plumeria/tiare/any tropical flower(s) OR guava :) Many thanks to ALL of the Fairy Godmothers here, you are so wonderful! I hope to help out and give whatever I can this month!

Civet May 13, 2014

Wow, I was just in the middle of an email speculating about when PFG would appear again! This month, PFGs, I am looking for something a little different. I volunteer at a local animal shelter, and I'm looking for unloved scented candles, room diffusers, sprays, etc. that might make the place a little more inviting. Not to worry, they will be used in the hall and offices where no animals will come into direct contact! Not too sure what types of scents would work best. We've tried the usual citrus and aquatic notes of various yankee candles and Febreze, and it just smells like a thin layer of "fresh" over an underlying animal malaroma (hello, Kouros!) Was thinking maybe leather, spice, musks might do the trick? Anyone have any other ideas? Foresty smells? Since shipping can cost a fortune for heavy stuff like candles, I am more than happy to pay for shipping within the US via PayPal. Also, any donors will get a very nice thank-you sample assortment from me! Thanks in advance!!!