Post-Swapmania Monday

SwapmaniaIt’s the Monday after what looks to be a pretty busy Posse Swapmania. So the event may be winding down a bit now, but keep on swappin’ because the fun’s not quite done yet. As of this writing, we had over 180 posts, so I’d call that a success, and it seemed like we had a lot of great folks playing, which is nice to see.

As for me, I didn’t have a whole lot to throw in, so I participated only a bit (am hoping to get a couple of body products), and mostly laid low and watched the Swapmania action. It’s always fun to see what folks are pulling out of their closets, perfume cabinets, etc., and good to see so many lovely fragrances going to new homes. (A couple of scents listed I had never heard of, which was pretty neat.)

We’d love to know what you thought this time around. Anything you’d change for next time?

So if you’d like, please share what you swapped away, swapped for, or any surprises that you found during the weekend.
What’s the most unusual thing you swapped away or will be getting? Any funny stories come out of Swapmania weekend? I’m thinking here of Patty’s famous elf slippers or Musette’s Miette sable muling from San Francisco from a while back. 🙂

In a perfect world, what would be your Holy Grail item(s) to swap for? Since we’re in fantasy territory here, sort-of, I’d be swooning for any kind of bottle of Patou Vacances, a bit of the uber-expensive Roja Dove Roja or even a nearly empty bottle of Le Labo’s Vanille 44 or Tubereuse 40 (love those scents but also adore their sleek glass bottles with the brushed metal caps). But those goodies would be just icing on the cake; the real deal is that you perfumistas out there are so amazingly, wonderfully generous all the time, and I’m (as are all of us here at the Posse) so grateful for all of you.

Jennifer Counts May 20, 2014

I really enjoy the swap meets, as well as the monthly Fairy Godmother. It's fun to share this hobby with other people that I would otherwise never come in contact with. I was very happy with my swaps this time around. I didn't get rid of everything on my list, of course, but I'm getting some great stuff for the things that did find new homes.

Laurels May 20, 2014

It was fun! Now I'm just worried about everything getting to its destination intact. The whole experience is kind of an adrenalin rush. (Can you tell I lead a very quiet life in my middle age?)

poodle May 19, 2014

I was away this weekend so I didn't get in on any swapping. I'm not even going to read the post so I don't get upset over things I may have missed. I do love the swaps though.

tammy May 19, 2014

I wasn't going to participate this time ( see my aversion to decanting above), but of course I got sucked in and loved every minute of it! :o) It's always so much fun! I missed out on Immortal Mine and Hiris, but I met some incredibly lovely ladies, and very generous ones at that.... Tena is sending me samples, just because! Perfume peeps are the BEST! We are so blessed to have this incredible community.

Lisa D May 19, 2014

Have some great swaps set up, and as usual, the Posse Peeps are amazing. I think Swapmania is getting to the "just right" stage. Those first two were wildly exciting, but kind of stressful. I am sad, though, that swapping internationally is just such a hassle in the U.S. Some of my most fun early swaps were with Posse Peeps abroad, and it was a treat to get packages of perfume and goodies from other countries. I have a dream swap, in which somebody out there finds a sealed bottle of Gobin Daude (Nuit au Desert or Jardins Ottomans) in a department store basement, and offers it to me in exchange for my entire perfume cabinet. I throw in my left arm, just to make it even stevens. :-)

moufette.violette May 19, 2014

I was very lucky to work out two great swaps - both were set up with generous Swapmania swappers who are willing to send decant(s) to me in exchange for bundles of various samples. I am less than one year into this obsession, so maybe I will have bigger and better items next time around. My dream swaps would be decants (or FBs, this is a dream) of CdG Holygrapie and/or Miller + Bertaux Green #3. Or a full bottle of Shiseido Inoui..... Thank you to PerfumePosse for creating this swap event!

AnnieA May 19, 2014

I didn't expect to participate in Swapmania, since it is now Deeply Illegal to mail perfume to the US. Found a Canadian swapper, though! Will be passing along a couple of not-for-me items.

AnnS May 19, 2014

It's been a few years - maybe 3? - since I did Swapmania. I've not been able to get it together these past few years, so I was happy to just squeak in this time and get a few of my unloveds to someone else. I think PP does a great job with Swapmania. I should have been more prepared with decanting supplies on my end - I don't keep much of that stuff around anymore. But I really saw a few things I would make decant deals for! My dream swaps would be for these two particular fragrances, both of which I *used* to own in the late 80s and 90s, but used up, etc, and now they are no longer available. Piscilla Presely Moments and the original Marielle Burani, which are both fantastic downmarket fragrances that have wonderful memories for me.

Sherri May 19, 2014

Hi Ann, I need to get on over to Swapmania. I tried to stop in briefly over the weekend,but was distracted with Nordstrom's beauty event, helping my son find a new car, and tying up loose ends for the last week of school. Between the colder weather and the fact that we have no graduations this year, I am way behind in Spring cleaning, which is why I don't have my swap list ready. I need to revisit Swapmania before it's too late. l actually did see someone had a decant of Roja Dove Roja. I am sure that went very quickly! In my dream swap, I find a bottle of Guerlain 180, Secrets de Sophie, or a rare vintage like Cachet Jaune. In reality, I am looking for vintage Lou Lou, vintage Eden, vintage Fille d'Eve.