Patty’s Things on the Fave List

My AC in my house isn’t working, and now that it’s not snowing anymore in May, the heat is setting in. I can’t bear to spray on perfume right now until I’m chilled a bit.  Hey, hot flashes and no AC are a terrible combination and so we get —

Some of my favorite things!   

Anita posted a picture of a coil candle on Facebook, and I of course scurried off to find it. I found one even better/

Do you not just want to eat this up for lunch? I got one.  Anything with bees has to come home and live at my house



Bai 5 .  I’ve been swilling this stuff for months.  It has some, um, “coffee fruit” in it, which is basically a better caffeine, but it doesn’t upset my stomach like coffee does and has 5 calories and no artificial sweeteners.  Both of my sons created the same habit once they found some in my fridge.  Drinking is a mild way of putting it. Every time they are in the house, they are in my fridge taking as much as I’ll let them have. Fave flavors are Panama Peach and Congo Pear.  Yummy and refreshing for the summer



My hammock for the balcony.  I love hammocks,and I love sleeping outside in the shade – part of that farm upbringing.  It’s not here yet, but that doesn’t stop me from fantasizing for the 1.5 more days I have left until it does get here.

Prancing Leopard yoga pants and capris (my picture link embed skilz failed me on this one). I’ve tried them all, and these are the ones I reach for every day.  They are pricy, but one of the few things that I happily pay prancing leopard merve caprifor because my wear/cost ratio on them is so low.  if you wear something 120 times a year and it lasts for 3 years or more (my last pants from them two years ago are still going strong) – yeah, exactly.  These capris are cute and so, so, so comfy.  The front is this really nifty style that makes it a great fit, and it has pockets and that little contrasting trim around the legs. Love, love, love them.








 Chiaogoo red lace circular knitting needles. OMG, these are the best things ever outside of the Dyakcraft hard metal lace needles.  For about $10 a pair, it’s a tremendous savings from the worth every penny Dyakcraft over $150, but!  Sometimes $10 is better.


I was going to not even talk about these Qwest Protein Bars in the Cookie Dough flavor. They are protein meth.  It’s like eating Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough ice cream, but without the other 1,000 calories.  Unless you eat 5, and then it’s a problem. They aren’t allowed in my house now because I prefer them to Ben & Jerry’s.

Wendsleydale Cheese with cranberries. Last food item, I promise!  I had no idea that cranberries and cheese should go together, but now that I have seen and tasted the rapture that is this taste pairing, may they ever go together.


Those are some of my favorite things the last couple of months or longer.  How about you?  

Oh, yeah, drawing winners from before, which reminds me, Wit is perfect today. I need to remember I have that, because it is always perfect.

I know I needed to announce some winners from a few weeks ago.  Winners of the Parfums DelRae Wit and Ann Gerard Rose Cut samples are – Dionne, jackie b, Sapphire and Claudia D. Click on the Drop Us a Note at the top, remind me what you’ve won and include your shipping address. I’ll give you a quick confirm that I got your message so we know my spam filter didn’t smuggle it into hiding, and then I’ll send out your samples.

  • I just discovered Bai 5 myself a couple of weeks ago – OMG! It tastes exponentially better than any of the other electrolyte drinks (looking at YOU, Vitamin Water Zero), and I am trying all the flavors. The Panama Peach is really good.

    Clothes: TJ Maxx has been stocking Cynthia Rowley t-shirts and tops for waaaay less than retail – snapping those up when I find one that works – prolly the only thing I will ever afford from that brand.

    Food: Adding Zahtar spice mix from The Spice & Tea Exchange to a lot of stuff I am cooking recently -it is a bit salty so I bought some plain sumac to cut it with. As that hot sauce commercial goes, I put that s**t on everything. 😀

  • Jackie b says:

    It seems we all have more in common than just perfume!
    Yoga pants, yes. I love the Lorna Jane jazz pants, they hide a multitude of sins.
    Food, yes. Braised lamb shanks. Anything with chillis. And veg are from my plot at the community garden, snappy fresh.
    Bright lipstick, recently a yes. Stila in Amelia.

    Can’t wait to try Wit and Rose Cut, thank you so much!

  • Jill says:

    I forgot the things I’m loving right now! First Nuxe multi purpose dry oil spray, it has a lovely creamy white floral essence (layers perfectly under my latest summer go to AG Songes, Clinique Chubby Stick in Two Ton Tomato a great red for pale faces like myself, speaking of pale, Kiehl’s Skin Tone Correcting BB cream SPF 50, I love a high SPF. The kids and I have been snacking on mixed leaf lettuce straight from the garden, them because veggies are better straight from the dirt, me because my 3 year shoves it in my mouth, and finally even though I’ve been off coffee for a bit, I stole a sip (or two or three) of the hubby’s Cafe Espresso Frappuccino and it was mighty tasty in this heat. Oh and my fave yoga pants are the cropped pants by Nic and the Newfie over on etsy, I need a few more pairs!

  • tammy says:

    Fuchsia and/or hot pink lipstick.

    I am 50 years old, and have only rarely ever worn makeup, but a few months ago, I was really drawn to a color of a lipstick I saw at Wal-Mart whilst looking for things to put in a niece’s college care package. I have really thin lips and cadaver white skin, so it ought to be hideous on me, but it’s gorgeous. My husband even commented on it.

    Damn it, now I wish I had asked for hot pink and fuschia lipsticks in the swap! 😛

    Food-wise, I am eating a ton of rare, thinly sliced roast beef wrapped in Romaine leaves. I cannot get enough.

    And of course I remain obsessed with my Paradise Tropical iced tea. No artificial sweeteners in it, either, and it’s so good made as sun tea!

  • eldarwen22 says:

    At this very moment, my latest food craze is spicy peanut sauce and Japanese noodles. I always kind of liked peanut sauce but when I tried it spicy, I fell in love. I also fell in love with L’Heure de Nuit but with the Amouage price tag, I’m not so enamored.

  • Sherri says:

    Ooh I am so sorry about the AC! Nothing is more miserable than no AC in the heat!!

    Soo, no artificial sweeteners in the Bai drinks? Sounds perfect in my book, tho I’d have to threaten my teen locusts to keep away from them. Do you get them at Whole Foods or just an ordinary grocery store?

    My current favorites:

    !. Quest for the perfect, DURABLE designer handbag. Dh bought me a gorgeous Balenciaga for our anniversary, Rose Poudre, which is a very pale pink, BUT it is so fragile. I had planned on using it a season, sending it off to have it reconditioned (thru Nordstrom) and then use it next year, but after a month I had to put it away. No matter how careful I try to be, the bottom edge cording is already wearing, and the front pocket leather is now smooth insteady of wrinkly because I keep my cell phone in it. I have another Balenciaga (Velo in Ultraviolet), and it was not nearly so delicate.

    So I bought a couple of Tory Burch mini Ellas to cheer me up while I save for a more high-end bag (does that make sense? 🙂 ) I want something bright–maybe a colored Guccisima leather or a colored Stella McCartney shaggy deer.

    2. Printed yoga capris. If you haven’t tried them, I recommend! Surprisingly keeyute esp. with a dark top and hide a multitude of sin!

    • Patty White says:

      Well, the AC story is dumber than you think. I called the AC guy, wrote my post, then noticed I wasn’t quite so warm by the time the AC guy arrived. Took him around back only to find AC running perfectly. Turns out my public service saver switch does a 3-minute delay before it starts. So me throwing the breaker reset it, and if i had just waited 3 minutes, could have saved myself the $80 service all. He did change out my filter on the furnace and wash the AC unit. So yeah, well.

      I totally get you on the bags. I have a couple of fragile ones that I just don’t like to use that much, so I buy something cheaper to enjooy now while I save (ahem!) for the other ones I want so I can keep rotating through bags. Right now I’m still very fond of the one I got in Italy. It’s a little rustic small barrel purse with studs all over it. It hink everyone who sees it falls in love with it. I keep trying to put it away for a week and go back to my very beloved Vuitton doctor bag, but can’t make myself do it.

      What brand of yoga capris? I’ve been looking at those wild printed ones, but am worried my bubble butt will appear like an elephant bubble butt!

      • Rina says:

        Sherri, have you looked at the new Epi colors of Vuitton? They are GORGEOUS and wear like iron. Even vintage Epi looks good as new!

  • Jill says:

    Thank you for this post! That candle is going to be the perfect gift for my dad on his 65th birthday. He is a candle fanatic, but I’m usually stumped to find something he hasn’t seen or doesn’t already have.

    • Patty White says:

      I hope your dad loves it! I’m struggling coming up with an 80th birthday present for my mom. I may just do a trip to Hawaii, which is somewhere she’s always wanted to go

  • Jan Last says:

    Here are some favorites of mine, and yes, I’m starting with food.
    1. The Mom’s Breakfast at Los Tres Garcias on 20th and Wadsworth in Lakewood, CO.
    2. The live edge bowls from Edgecomb Pottery in Edgecomb, Maine. The glazes are spectacular.
    3. The seashell themed pottery from Mussels and More in BC
    4. Farmer’s markets
    5. The leek and bacon sausages at Edwards Meats in Wheaat Ridge, CO

  • Amy K says:

    I’ve been eating Camembert on wheat crackers with a tiny bit of orange blossom honey drizzled over the top, and my eyes roll back in rapture pretty much every time. Makes the fridge smell like butt, though.

    That candle is SO CUTE! Actually, it looks like the Candle by the Hour company makes a bunch of attractive candles.

    • Patty White says:

      They had a whole bunch of other designs of this coiled candle thing. The idea is soooo clever. NOw they need to make them in scented wax. If that hive smelled like honey, oh, yummy!

  • Rina says:

    Patty, is the Wendsleydale Cheese a white Stilton? When combined with fruit (apricot, blueberry, etc) we call it Crack Cheese. Trader Joe’s makes the best (and least expensive)!

    • Patty White says:

      I have NO idea! I’m terrible at knowing cheese types. Whatever this is, it is like crack, I think I almost inhaled the whole little thing I got and forced myself to put it away, where it waits for days with a thinner waistline before I taste it again.

      • Rina says:

        Totally understand. I didn’t even KNOW what Stilton was till someone made me try it, then all bets were off! Enjoy! Remember, cheese is milk and we need the dairy, LOL!