Perfume Sample Fairy Godmother November 2014


perfume sample fairy godmother

Esperanza the Perfume Fairy Godmother



Hey, it is time again for the Perfume Sample Fairy Godmother for November 2014.     So here’s how Fairy Godmother works – this post will be open for the entire month of November 2014.   I’ll start a new one at the beginning of December.   For those of you new or that need a reminder of how this works – in comments you can list one or two things that you are yearning for and can’t seem to get –  a perfume sample is the easiest wish to grant for me.  Or you can wish for a full bottle, decant, vintage perfume or discontinued perfume you can’t find.  If someone has it and can help you out, they can reply to you in comments and then you can arrange to go offline through e-mail to work things out.  

Please don’t post e-mails in comments unless you spoof them somehow, like this – patty at perfumeposse dawtcawm (spelling the dotcom at the end that way prevents robots from finding it as easily). Caveat Emptor and all that, don’t send people money, check out their references on MUA or Basenotes or the Facebook groups before you send something in a swap, if you wind up doing a swap.  We have some amazing Fairy Godmothers that show up every month, granting wishes right and left. If you’ve been the recipient of some kindness, do give back when you can. I know people have gotten wishes granted, and every month they comb through the posts trying to find one or two people they can help out, and it just makes my heart happy.  If it’s a gift, send away.  I should note that  it’s more likely that a Fairy Godmother will happen along if you are a fairly regular commenter on The Posse and people recognize your name. I’ll sometimes play Perfume Posse Fairy Godmother and go through the list and grant some perfume sample wishes. I’ll pick from ones that nobody has been able to help with – I’ll spin my wheel  – and send them The Precious. 

perfume sample magic wand

So what is it that your heart desires?  (pulling out wand from the back of the closet and blowing off an inch of dust)  

  • Patty Pong says:

    You get points for chiming in though. =o)

  • Patty Pong says:

    Esperanza where is everyone? No posts since the 2nd? I’d like to change my request to Bombay Bling. 🙂

    • Julie L says:

      I snoop around here at least every couple of days! 🙂 But I’m sorry to say, I don’t have your request; I just felt bad and wanted to chime in :).

  • AllGirlMafia says:

    So I repeated the fragrance name but forgot to mention that at yahoo I can be reached at Realmizz04. Thanks!

  • AllGirlMafia says:

    Good Evening All,

    Annick Goutal is easily my favorite perfumer. I am seeking two fragrances in particular (but of course I’d be thrilled to get just about any Goutal). I am seeking any amount of-

    Mon Parfum Cheri (edp or edt)
    Vetiver (preferably edt)

    Thank you for your time!
    Mon Parfum Cheri

  • Peppermoon says:

    Anyone have any Al-Rehab Choco Musk , Maliza Bon Bons Milkshake or Ginestet Botrytis? Any other gourmands would be welcome though, I have a major fragrance sweettooth (sweet-nose?) this month. Email me at smith rachel 680 (at) yahoo (dot)com

  • Sylvia says:

    Happy Halloween good faries! I would LOVE to try Ormonde Jayne’s Woman, Chanel’s Cormandel, and L’Aritisan’s Seville d Lube. I have Hermes Ambre D Mervilles, Chanel Terra Cotta if someone would like a sample. You can reach me at sylvia at six ( the number six)alongsdotcom

    • Sylvia says:

      Forgot to add, I’ve got a sample of Messe’ D Minuit, that a lovely lady sent me, but alas I can’t wear it.

  • edpgypsy says:

    Hi! I’m still seeking something from the Escentic Molecule line this month. Another one I would like to try is Love’s True Bluish Light by Ava Luxe. My email address is my username above in the town of gmail. Happy Halloween!

  • Amber Jobin says:

    Hi Fairies, I was hoping to sniff Il Profvmo Chocolate Amère and Boadicea the Victorious Complex. I can offer samples of my perfumes in return. You check out my selection and contact me through my Etsy shop Aether Arts Perfume. Thank you!

  • Edward says:

    Hello fairies, I’m very interested in trying anything by Etat libre d’orange and Serge lutens, two frenchies I haven’t gotten my nose on yet.
    Please contact me at edwardnr17 at gmail dot com.

  • katrin says:

    Hi Fairies! I’d love to try Hermes’ Un Jardin après la Mousson or Voyage. Thanks!

  • Audrey says:

    I am Aud Esko 1At gee mail. Thank you, I have lots to share too!

  • Audrey says:

    Does anyone Have any providence perfume co. sents. I would love to try Moss grown or Rose Boheme especially, but any kind will do. Also any Himan Green, Moon Bloom.

  • Natalie says:

    There was a Lorre perfumes distributer about 70 years ago, Toronto, Boston, is this the same family? I have some round containers.

  • AllGirlMafia says:

    I should clarify. I am offering actual TEAS to drink- I do not own any tea scents.

  • AllGirlMafia says:

    Good Morning Ladies,

    I’ve had such a great month with generous swappers and two ladies granted my requests for free! So I would like to pay it forward the best way I can.

    I will send a small variety of fragrant, delightful TEAS to the first four ladies to send me their address within the US (just can’t afford to send to Canada or International).

    Email my yahoo address at username realmizz04. Be well : )

    • Julie L says:

      Ooooh! May I join in on this?? I can send something in return! Email on the way…..

    • Connie says:

      Emailing you! I love tea 🙂

    • Lej says:

      Did you say Tea??? Oh please sing me up if the offer is still open? I’m rather late to the post today. I love a good cuppa. And thank you.

    • AllGirlMafia says:

      Lej, Hi please send me your information to the email address in my above post.

      Ladies I can still send to 2 more in the US : )

    • Nemo says:

      I would love to try the tea if your sampler is still open 🙂 This is the perfect time of year for a nice hot cup! Thank you so much, and I will email you also.

  • Elia says:

    Dear Fairies,

    I’ll stick to my last wish,
    I’d like to try out Impossible Iris by Monegal


  • Eloquaint says:

    Dear Fairies, I would gladly give up a kidney for some Madame X from Ava Luxe. Who needs two kidneys? Mine are very nice. I drink plenty of water.

  • springpansy says:

    Hi fairies,

    I’m looking for a sample/small decant of dearly beloved and d/c’d (but possibly returning per Perfume Shrine) L’Artisan Tea for Two. Can anyone help with that? I have lots to share in return!


    Reach me at springpansy5 at ggggggggmail dawt com

    • springpansy–i have about a half of a sample left but I am happy to send it your way. just email me at ameliacjohnson at the yahoooooooooooooo if you’d like it.

  • Gigi says:

    Hello dear perfume fairies. I would love to try a smidge of Aubusson Histoire d’Amour or of Magie Noire. I’m up in Canada and would be happy to reciprocate. My email is bonanza 29 atta hotmail

    • Vanie says:

      I have a miniature of Histoire d’amour from the 90s. I have no idea how it compares to the “modern” version as I haven’t smelt that one, but I can make you a sample if you’re interested. My email is vanessa dot b dot laperriere in the gmail.

  • Katherine says:

    Any tiny sample of Tom Ford Fleur de chine or White Patchouli would be greatly appreciated. I live in the us.

    • odonata9 says:

      I can send you some White Patchouli. Send me your info to jasouza9 in the land of hotmail, and what other kinds of things you like adn I can send you a few other random samples as well.

  • Dear Fairies, I would really like to try something from Smell Bent. I haven’t tried anything from that brand yet, so anything will do. Email me at countsjc at the gee mail.

  • Tena says:

    Happy November Fellow Fairies. With the colder season, this Canadian would love to try some incense focused frags to pep up the spirits or some sweet honey-centric scents to mellow out with. Reverse offering gratefully available. My email is t f k 3 1 (remove spaces) in the town of yahooooo.caum.
    Thanks so much.

  • Draft says:

    Dear fairies, this month I’d love to explore anything from Slumberhouse or Frederick Malle…they sound wonderful and I don’t have much experience with either house. My email is carson r aft (town of gmail). Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful fall weather as much as I am!

  • Ashley A says:

    Hello wonderful fairies. I would love to try some Dior New Look 1947 or FM Portrait of a Lady. You all are wonderful, as usual.

    • Connie says:

      I believe I have a bit of both that I can help you with!- email is constance (dot) beck-treadway (at) yale (dot) edu

  • Patty Pong says:

    Fairy, I’d like to try this month some Une Nuit Magnetique by The Different Company 🙂

  • Aaron says:

    I am new to collecting and enjoying the world of perfumes. I really would like to sample more from the montale house and the creed house. I am still trying to explore everything that is out there! I would love any and all samples, decants and/or splits. I do not mind mainstream either!

    • Ashley A says:

      Hi Aaron, I have a few Creeds I could send your way and I will throw in some extra surprises as well! Email me at ashley anstaett attt gmail dawt cawmm

  • odonata9 says:

    I’m looking for a sample of PdN L’Eau a la Folie. I am in the US and can be reached at jasouza9 in the land of hotmail.

    I also have a small bag of samples up for grabs if you are in the US. Perfect for a newbie! 10-15 manufacturer and decanted samples, mostly niche, some mainstream.

  • I’ve recently fallen down the rabbit-hole of perfumes and am having a jolly (expensive) time dashing around buying samples and building my vocabulary. Right now I’m on roses. I’d love to get a sniff of Guerlain Rose Barbare and Ormonde Jayne Ta’if. But honestly I’m excited to meet any interesting scent (my favourite so far is Guerlain Jicky). I own one full bottle of Fragonard Miranda and am willing to decant some for swaps if anyone is interested! I am at: jen.wei.lo a+ gm41L d0tt k0m. Thanks!

  • Ellen says:

    I cannot find a sample of Ambre Precieux anywhere. Fairy godmother, I would so appreciate that.

  • MikasMinion says:

    Okay, I’ve been avoiding posting my wishes for fear of sounding greedy but I’m gonna go for it today. I would love to try any of the SHL 777 line but especially O Hira, Khol de Bahrein, and Rose de Petra. Also, I want to experience the weirdness of Chypre Mousse if anyone has a drop to spare. Finally, any of the Roja Dove or Neil Morris samples y’all have laying around unloved would be welcome. See, I told you I’m dreaming big. Really though, one day I will have a collection large enough to grant some wishes of my own. Thank you!

    • MikasMinion says:

      Crumbs. I forgot to post my contact info too. mikasminion in geeeemail-ville if you need to reach me

  • Vanie says:

    Hi fairies!
    I’m getting married next August, so I’m slowly starting to think about my wedding scent. I’ve been reading some Monday Mails over on NST and a few recommendations kept coming up that i’d love to try: Ormonde Jayne Frangipani (and Tiare), Sonoma Scent Studio Champagne de Bois and L’Artisan Séville à l’Aube.
    This is so exciting! Thanks!

  • JanLast says:

    ARGGGHHH! Slow fairy once again, just shipping my Octobers! So sorry to be so late.

  • Julie L says:

    Good Morning fairies!! Thanks for starting this one early! Well, sweeties, I would LOVELOVE to try and of the Molinards Patchouli perfumes; any of the CdG incense series (thanks for my previous sample of Avignon-LOVED it!!)…maybe Parfum Sacre from Caron is another one that sounds up my “incensy, spicy alley” 🙂 Or, maybe a taste of Chanel’s exclusifs line would be so wonderful!! I hope someone has something I can help with this month, too….!! US only, please. Thank you!!

    • JulieL says:

      oh, oops….I’m jullease at

    • Becky says:

      Hey, Julie! I can help with the Parfum Sacre, and I have Coromandel if you haven’t tried that Exclisif. I’ll be sending you an email.

      • Julie L says:

        Becky, YAY!! Thank you!! I’m THRILLED about the Caron, and yes, I already do have a sample of Coromandel and ADORE that one….of course, I’ll be glad to take it off your hands, lol, but maybe save it for someone who hasn’t had the opportunity??

      • Julie L says:

        My internet is down, so I hope you see this, Becky! My little fairy package arrived yesterday and i just have no words at the generosity you have shown me. I cannot believe the goodies you sent-ALL of them have been on my “lustlist” for a very long time. You truly went above and beyond my original request-Parfum Sacre- which is just fascinating by the way, and I thank you THANK YOU!!!

        What an awesome group this is! 🙂

  • Connie says:

    Hi fairies! I’d really be so thrilled to try some Smell Bents or any of the Montale color ouds (Red, black, white). I haven’t looked at these lines enough and would love to hear what your favorites are as well, regardless of whether you have any to send along. Any opinions on Smell Bent’s St. Tropez Dispenser, Lucy Fur, Commando, Prairie Nymph, Horny Little Devil, or Lumberjack? It sounds like Brent does musk really well…
    Happy to send along some samples in return.
    Lots of love,

    • Lisa D says:

      Hi Connie: I’ve got some Prairie Nymph for you to sample. Send me a holla – lisadarty at hawt mail dawt com.

    • Farouche says:

      Hi Connie, I’d be happy to send you some St. Tropez Dispenser. Just email me at pattor at rcn daht com.

  • Joaquim says:

    Dear fairies, I would love to try something from D&S Durga, like Bowmakers, Siverian Snow or whatever, o something from Parfumerie Generale.
    Thank you! My mail is: [email protected] and I’m from Spain