San Francisco

rosesDarlings – this will be quick.  I’m trying to get out of Hooterville – we’re expecting a possible blizzard and if I miss my flight to SF you will hear the shriekage on the moon.

I am still co-hosting (with Brooke) the Party for Tama but now it will be a Gathering of Friends.  As many of you know by now, Tama passed away Thursday, at home, in relative comfort and surrounded by immeasurable love.  Brooke, Nina and Liz were the vanguard of this effort to allow her to die in place, if possible, which was Tama’s wish.  But that would not have happened without the stunning generosity of the Perfume community.   You made this happen.  You.  People who maybe read her blog posts, may have followed her SF Sniff Events on Facebook.  Or not.  A friend of mine knew next to nothing about her – but was moved by what we were trying to do here – and he gave, both to the fundraiser and by purchasing a bottle of San Francisco Rose, which Tanja Bochnig, working in collaboration with Michelyn Camen, created to help  raise money for Tama’s cause.  The outpouring of support, both large and small, was stunning.  There’s an old saying “nobody gets out of Life alive” and as far as I can tell, truer words were never spoken.  So I think the next best thing is to exit this world in as much comfort and dignity and love as we can.  Not everyone gets that option, so to be given the opportunity to provide that for someone makes it even more wonderful.san_francisco_rose_le

But now….now we are left.  We are left with grief…and possibly a bit of fear …because….well, Life is scary enough.  So when it ends for someone we come together, to try to process the experience and take comfort in fellowship.  And that’s what we’re going to do next Saturday in San Francisco.  We are coming together to honor our friend…and also to rejoice in our own continuing lives.  We are a community that has walked out talk.  We kept our covenant with ourselves, by making this possible (and btw, I don’t care if you donated $10 or or $100 or $1000 – you walked your talk!  And we thank you!).  The Gathering of Friends is open to anyone who would like to stop by, grab a bite, hug some folks, laugh, cry…just ‘be’.  It’s still at 12:30p at Tacolicious on Valencia.  From there we will be walking over  to Tigerlily for cocktails and more hugging and maybe smelling some perfume.   Tama organized so many wonderful Sniff Events in SF – it seems only fitting that we  continue the tradition.

Hope to see you there!!!  And I love you all!



  • Melissa Pham says:

    Thank you for sharing the article. I’d love to try it. Hope to hear more from you.

  • Julie L says:

    I’m so glad you’re going to have the opportunity to join all those sharing in the life celebration of your special friend….she is watching, basking in the perfumes only found in Heaven, those of which we have no idea of here in our earthly existence and can only imagine how glorious they must be. Have a safe trip! We’ll be here, holding down the fort, waiting to hear back from you and your experiences.

  • Gwenyth says:

    I have been amazed and touched by the true love shown by many in the “Internet community” of perfume lovers. It has been a revelation to me how people, banded together by this love and abiding interest in perfumes, can interact and connect with each other on such a deep level. Our shared interest seems to show there are other points of connection, also, and it is to be greeted with joy.

    One other thing which moved me greatly was the dedicated hunt for a new family for Tama’s beloved cat, Buster. The folks involved knew of the delicacy of the situation and that Buster needed an actual home where people would love and care for him the way his previous human would have wished. Well done, Friends of Tama!

    Reading here on Perfumeposse, and on a few other blogs, I am continually amazed by the truly wonderful people who share this Perfume Passion with me. It is almost a foregone conclusion that we will remain unknown to each other, beyond the pages of the Internet, but I adore the connections I feel.

    Thanks to all the wonderful people who write and post and comment. My life has been the richer for “knowing” you!

  • Elizabeth Watson says:

    It is a beautiful thing you are doing, dear Musette. I hope your travel all goes well. Wish I could go, too, but instead I send love and best wishes to all.

  • Portia says:

    How wonderful. It will be a grand get together. I wish I could come share the love with you all.
    Portia xx

  • poodle says:

    It’s nice to see how the perfume community pulls together in times like that. Sad to see how little time she had but at least she was able to have her wish of being in her own home.
    Have a safe trip. I hope the get together helps bring everyone some peace.

  • Ann says:

    Darling A, so glad you are going to SF for a Gathering of Friends. Will be keeping Tama’s family and friends in my prayers. And you are so right — our perfume community is amazingly generous and kindhearted. Enjoy and keep Tama’s wonderful spirit going strong!

  • Sun Mi says: