Neyon August 25, 2015

I absolutely love particularly authentic-smelling lovely white florals :) Lots of gardenia plus jasmine is a dream to me

Dina C. August 25, 2015

I remember the name and bottle, but I don't think I ever sniffed it, which is too bad because I think I would've liked it based on the notes. I'll have to look for it next time I see vintage scents for sale.

Mary K August 24, 2015

I do remember this one and I wore it 'way back when the unreformulated (Is that a word?) version was out there. I can recall what it smells like. Guess I must have worn it quite a bit!

jen August 24, 2015

Tatiana was the scent salespeople recomended when my fave perfume, Casaque, was discontinued. Tatiana was nice but not as deep or delicious as Casaque.

foxbins August 24, 2015

Tatiana was my "signature scent" back in the days when I thought I had to have one. It was a glorious thing, and my love of BWFs probably springs from it. I remember my sister bought me a bottle some years later and it smelled nothing like I remembered, It was my first realization that fragrances could be reformulated almost beyond recognition but still sold under the original name.

malsnano86 August 24, 2015

I loved Tatiana... bought a mini when I was in my first year of college. However, it... er... "disappeared" during a visit home, and to this day I suspect that my mother, never a BWF fan, "disappeared" it on her own. A few years ago I bought a used bottle of Escada Margaretha Ley, which has a striking resemblance to the Tatiana of my memories (the small bottle I bought on eBay was undoubtedly reformulated) - with that creaminess and the spicy aspect mixed with the armloads of white flowers.

Suzanne August 24, 2015

Oh, I absolutely loved Tatiana. As a young girl, I purchased it for my mother and ended up sneaking sprays of it all the time. Thanks for describing how it smells, Ann, because as much as I loved it, I haven't smelled it in so long I kind of wondered how it would compare to the white floral perfumes I wear now.

CbSutcliffe August 24, 2015

I totally missed this one back in the day. I'm surprised since it sounds like something I would have been drawn to.

australianperfumejunkies August 24, 2015

Hey Ann, Someone I know, but can't remember who, LOVES this one. I tried it but can't for the life of me remember anything other than BWF about it. Portia xx

wooddogs3 August 23, 2015

I just recently encountered and liked vintage Tatiana. The newer one in the taller somewhat faceted bottle has a strong bug-spray note to my nose.

Ellen August 23, 2015

I used to wear it a lot, but I have no memory of it now. I'd love to get a sniff. I'll check the Miniature Perfume Shoppe. Maybe they'll have another.

Artist August 23, 2015

I love this because it is my oldest and dearest friend's Holy Grail perfume! When it was discontinued she stalked EBay etc and purchased every bottle of the original she could find. She says the reformulation is not the same.

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