Nail polish Monday: Dupe of Chanel Sky Line

sky lineNow that I’ve discovered that I can wear blue nail polish – light blue, that is, no navy or electric blue, thank you — I’ve been looking around for the best shades for me. And I’ve stumbled on what might be the perfect one. This is a pale, silvery, lavender blue nail color polish that fairly screams spring and summer, and we’re into fall (at least here in the Northern Hemisphere, but you guys in the SH could easily groove on this now). But I’m just so excited to have found a nearly perfect dupe for it that I just had to share. Back in 2012, Chanel launched a wondrously elegant blue nail polish called Sky Line. Unfortunately, I missed it. Although truth be told, back then I would no more have worn blue nail polish than the man in the moon.

But in the past year or so, as my nail polish palate has expanded, I stumbled upon this beauty belatedly and fell into deep, deep want.

However, by that time Sky Line was long gone from stores and was fetching upwards of $60 or more a bottle on ebay. However, I am nothing if not determined, once I get my mind set on something. So after a month or two of poring over Internet nail sites and some heavy experimenting – not to mention some crazy mismatched blue nails along the way — I think I have hit the jackpot.

sky line 2In 2013 or ‘14, Lancome rolled out a bridal collection of nail polishes, and among them was a shade called I Do, Blue. It’s still available, so I got myself a bottle and was so excited. It is a nearly perfect dupe of the Sky Line and is gorgeous on the nail.

But being a bit of a perfectionist, I thought it could be ever-so-slightly improved upon, to give it a wee bit more of a lavender tone. So I played around with layering deeper colors under it.

The most spot-on formula to the Sky Line wound up being one (or even two coats for more oomph) of OPI’s You’re Such a Buda-Pest to make it a bit more lavender leaning, then one coat of I Do Blue on top, then finishing with a glossy top coat. Ah, perfection! This makes me so happy that I think I’ll just wear it year-round.

What about you? What nail colors are you enjoying now? Do you have any dupes that you love?

P.S. The Lancome I Do, Blue polish may be available on the Lancome site or on amazon dot com, but I got mine at belk dot com. It also appears periodically on ebay. OPI’s Buda-pest is available wherever the line is carried.

Lynley October 13, 2015

I just bought a nailpolish almost that colour! It's just a cheapie- Sally Hansen I think- but there was a series of opaque pastel spring/summer collections and this is a beautiful grey/blue. It's on my toes now :)

Sherri M. October 5, 2015

Ann, I just checked, and I still have a nearly full bottle of Chanel Skyline. I loved the color but did not care for it on myself because it made my hands look too pinkish for my liking. I will send it to you--maybe you will have better luck! Just FB message me. Hugs from Sherri!

Farouche October 5, 2015

I like Zoya polishes, and my most worn is Lauren, a frosted neutral mauve...goes with everything. Blue polishes are great, but I wear them only on my toes, preferring to keep my hands in a more neutral shade.

tammy October 5, 2015

I can't quite embrace all the colors they use on nails now. I mean on me, personally. That color is gorgeous, though! I just worry that I'd look cyanotic in it...

Patchgirl October 5, 2015

This is so funny because just last week I decided to take the blue plunge — have you looked at Blue Boy by Chanel? It's a soft blue, and I love it.

Rina October 5, 2015

I can't do blue, but practically all my polish is Zoya or Chanel. Zoya colors are TDF, both shiny and velvet matte. Their Pixie Dust formula wears like iron and feels like sand. When they d/c'd them I bought almost all the colors!

AndreaD October 4, 2015

I experimented with blues last winter, finally settling on a medium teal shade. When I moved this summer I shed a lot (a LOT) of shades. It'll be interesting to see what I regret parting with come January or February. I usually go with pretty tame mid-tones.

Caroline October 4, 2015

Ann, if you took the plunge, I might give blue a spin as well! Looking at the Nordstrom site, the color combo I like is Dolce & Gabbana Baroque Silver topped with Essie Borrowed & Blue.

rosarita313 October 4, 2015

That color is really pretty. After a search this summer, I found a hat I really love - it's brick red felt with a wide stiff brim. Of course I need to have nail polish to match so that's my current search, along with a good fall lipstick. Color Club has some gorgeous new multichromes on their website called Oil Slicks that I want to check out, one should fit the bill and be unique at the same time.