Lipstick Tuesday: Pucker up (early) for New Year’s Eve

Hello, Posse folks! Ann filling in here today, doing a switcheroo from yesterday because of the best of 2015 post. So even though we’re a bit early, let’s talk lipstick loves and New Year’s Eve.

What have you been wearing since we last chatted about lips? Right now, I’m slightly obsessed with Hourglass Femme Rouge Velvet Crème lipstick in Icon (a sweet perfume pal sent me a mini tube in a goodie box), and when it’s used up, I may spring for a full size. It’s a great blue-red, not too matte and not too glossy – as Goldilocks would say, “It’s just right.” It also comes in a liquid lipstick but I’ve not tried that yet. (Other shades from Hourglass, Empress and Nocturnal, in the burgundy-plummy family, have also caught my fancy and are on my radar for sampling ASAP.)

I’m also wearing the dickens out of an earlier fave, Nars Satin Lip Pencil in Cruella (one of the two lip pencils in Sephora’s 2015 birthday gift – but still easily found on eBay). And joy of joys, I found my missing tube of Guerlain’s Liu –- oh, happy day! (Don’t you just love it when a beloved item reappears?) Liu, a prettier blue-red you’d be hard-pressed to find, also gets extra props for its case’s sliding lever that smoothly raises the color out of the case –- no more lipstick “oopsies” in the purse.

Anyhoo, back to New Year’s Eve. There’s nothing like a drop-dead gorgeous red lippie to make me feel like a million bucks (that, and a spritz of my Clive Christian C for Women). They have me feeling ultra-glam and ready to celebrate (even if I may not be going anywhere or doing anything). And truth be told, I’m not a big party-girl. Dinner out and low-key celebrating with friends is lovely, but I’m also happy to stay home with some favorite music, indulge in a few luxe little nibbles, have a glass of champagne at midnight and then drift off to Dreamland on a cloud of bubbles.

What about you? Do you have big (or little) plans for New Year’s Eve? What lipstick will you be wearing, or what shade do you reach for on a big night out? Or is there a new lipstick that you’re dying to try?

Thanks to all of you for another wonderful year on the Posse. Wishing each of you a great week, and a very happy, safe and blessed New Year, along with big perfumed hugs!

Neva December 30, 2015

Ever since I discovered Dior Addict Fluid Stick earlier this year, I cannot get enough of it. It's a rich pigment plus gloss! I love the color Mirage, a softer coral and Pandore, a bolder orange-red. As for the NYE - mostly we party from noon on downtown with friends and if we can still stand on our feet by midnight we make a quick toast and go home to sleep. Wishing everyone health, wealth and happiness for the New Year!

Sherri M. December 30, 2015

Constantly buying lipstick, it seems! My latest purchases were the Chanel Rouge Double Intensite lip glosses in Merry Rose (light neutral rose, near beige) and Shocking Pink. I wear the Merry Rose much more often, but the Shocking Pink is really not too bad, not even too much for me with my very pale skin. I also recently purchased Chanel Passion (a true red) which I read was known to flatter all skin tones, and yes, it really is flattering! As I said, like Mikasminion, I am very pale and if I can wear it and it's not too "out there", it will be flattering on anyone! I also have been loving YSL lip plumper. It really does help make my small, thin lips look a little bigger! So you liked the Nars Cruella? I loved those little pencils, but automatically gave the Cruella to my daughter because I generally have a hard time with red (plus it looks really nice on her!). New Year's Eve I will be staying in, playing games with whoever is home, and chaperoning my 16-year old and about 8 of her friends who are having a little get together (much rather have them here than out driving!). Hope you have a wonderful, relaxing New Year's Eve and a wonderful, blessed 2016!

poodle December 29, 2015

I love me some lippies. Just got a few Besame lipsticks but haven't give them a proper wearing just yet. I'm another fan of Cruella as well. I think Revlon's Ravish Me Red is pretty wearable too. Not too bright, not too dark. My latest obsession is the Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask. I love the Champagne and Smashed ones. There's a trick to getting the product out of the tube but it's the best balm I've ever used. We don't stay up until midnight on NYE but we go to the in-laws early in the evening for a few appetizers and cocktails and are home before the drunks are out. Not the most exciting thing but it works for us. Happy New Year!

mikasminion December 29, 2015

Well, my husband's grandfather's funeral has been rescheduled from NYE to Saturday but we were up and on the road at 3:55 this morning, so the phone call at 8 telling us of the change was waaaay too late. Looks like we'll be spending NYE in a small-town hotel in N.W. Missouri or, better yet, with family at the farm. I expect I'll be drinking gin and doing a crossword so I would be shocked if lipstick was involved. As a very pale redhead, red lips are really a statement that I have to be in the mood for. My current favorite lipsticks are muted brown/rose colors from Bite; Pepper and Hazelnut. I've also been wearing Urban Decay's Manic since my mom bought it and passed it on after one wear.

Rina December 29, 2015

Love Cruella! Also, Urban Decay in F-Bomb (!). Happy New Year everyone!

eldarwen22 December 29, 2015

I have taken by Kat von D's lipstick in Hellbent. It seems like her liquid lipsticks and regular lipsticks are a little hard to apply. But Hellbent is a straight up red. I probably won't be doing much for New Year's Eve. I might go out after work to spend the gift cards that I got and then hang out at home.

Musette December 29, 2015

OMG - we are SO lame. I'm going to make a nice dinner - maybe (i'm kinda sick of the kitchen right now) and we'll watch a movie - maybe. Or I'll do a crossword puzzle. We kept noodling on about how thrilled we were to have two 4-day weekends...but the truth is, unless you are traveling or doing 'inside' work (like reno) that's a LOT of downtime. I'm so freakin' lame on the lippies, too. I rarely stray from YLBB, with my perfect liner, Rimmel's Coffee Bean. When I go red, it's Sephora's version of my forever-favorite MUForangey-red lippie (alas no longer in production). Like I said, lame. Happy, healthy and prosperous 2016 to you and yours, darling! xoxoxoA

Caroline December 29, 2015

Glad Liu turned up, Ann. Have that one + a couple of other Rouge Automatiques, my fave being the sadly disco'd Samsara (looks browner in the tube than actually wears). My latest discovery is YSL's Rouge Vermillion--have decided that for me, modern YSL is way better in the lipstick dept than in frags. Have a lovely NYE!

March December 29, 2015

I won't be doing diddly squat on New Year's Eve (probably taking a nap lol) but I love me some lipstick! Since I now work in an academic-type office where makeup is extreeeemely minimal it's been a fun challenge. I've been wearing a lot of rosey pinks -- I'm kind of over my YLBB phase because I feel like they don't do enough to brighten my face. Plug for those Bobbi Brown lipsticks (there are like 10 of them) that do this weird drying thing on my lips and stay forEVER -- I have Mod Pink, Cosmic Raspberry and Pink Peony. When I want to wear a bright red (and I do!) I tend to pat it on my lips like a stain, so I don't have to worry about maintenance over the course of the day. My go-to reds are MAC Russian Red and a Christian Dior, I forget the name (Rouge Dior?)