Perfume, Daryl Hall and other Resolutions 2015-2016

Oh, yes!  It’s that time of year. Time to bare your perfumed souls.  Fess up!  what did you buy in 2015 that you loved?  that you regretted?

And..yes, FESS UP!  What are you longing for in 2016?   Perfume?  Body creme?  Chocolates? Books? Love?  Revenge?  A Better World?  A puppy?

What’s on your list?

Perfume.  My Perfume 2015 was sort of weird – as I mentioned in the Best Of post, after sliding way under my radar I found myself enamoured of Acqua di Parma’s Nobile line.  Love every last inch of it.  I fell for the Gelsomino body creme via Surrender to Chance (Blame Patty) and, after wiping out that entire jar , I bought an express ticket down the rest of that rabbit hole.  Without a moment’s hesitation I bought another Gelsomino creme, then the Rose and the Magnolia.  All are sublime and I don’t regret any of them one bit.  HaHA!  Feels good.  Smells good.

Mallomars Diet.  Y’all know of my undying love for those little goodies.  You also know that I am not getting one bit younger and cannot afford to get one bit fatter.  So I hit upon the perfect solution for my Mallomar addiction.   Buy as many boxes as I can.  Yes.  Truly.  I’m one of Those People.  Our former postmaster (who sensibly dieted and exercised for 3 years and lost 100lbs) told me there are, in essence, two types of people: those who eat whatever they crave if it is before them and those who crave that which is not before them.  I am the latter so if I find myself craving, say, a piece of chocolate cake I bake one, cut two slices (yeah, like I’mo eat just that slice) and then freeze the rest.  9 out of 10 times I will totally forget the slices are in the freezer until July, at which point they are way past their chow date.  And so it is with the ‘mars.  One of the cubs asked me why I had 10 boxes of Mallomars in the chest freezer. “So I won’t want them”.    Weird, but there ya have it.  It works for me.  Not sure how the freezer feels about it.

Daryl Hall.  Okay – just looking at that..huh.  Weird.  But.  Daryl Hall.   I was in the clubs during the height of  Hall & Oates.  Perfect-pitch Daryl, belting out every other jam. Other than Extreme Danceability I didn’t give them much thought, certainly not some SuperFan or anything.   Oh, occasionally I’d pop in a H&O cd, dance around the living room, then get back to work and Life.  Then came YouTube.  And Facebook.  And I was invited to Live at Daryl’s House (dunno why).  And I was busy so I said ‘later’.  And later became 2015.  And now I am freakin’ MESMERIZED.  Old Daryl Hall tunes reworked with artists younger than The Cubs (who the hell is Chromeo and who told them they could rock the snot out of Method of Modern Love?).  Old talents reinventing their work with Daryl Hall (who really is a pitch-perfect musical genius)…..Joe Walsh is not only Not Dead, he is still rockin’ and rollin’ HARD.  I used to hate that Norah Jones song ‘Don’t Know Why’ – then I listened to Smokey Robinson and Daryl Hall arrange the living socks out of that thing. Bliss.

But more than that, watching Daryl Hall, at 69, walking his talk as well if not better than when he was 30…..something snapped in my own psyche.  This man has worked his craft his whole life.  And I wondered why I haven’t done the same.  I thought I was done painting – an insane thing to think but there ya have it.  Painting is as much in my DNA as music is in his and while I may never be Art’s version of Daryl Hall, that part is irrelevant.  What is relevant is I must do it – so I spent the last 4 days just doing coloring (for Color Theory).  I thought Adult Coloring Books were a gimmick – and they may well be – but it seems to be the perfect way to progress back into the studio.  I put Live From Daryl’s House on a loop, pulled out my pencils……got to work.  Hours. Taking my time.  I suspect it will take the better part of a week to color one page.  Cool.   Interesting side note:  I haven’t slept as well in the past year as I have these past 4 days. Maybe I’m rejuicing my DNA.  I do know I’m not so…..bitey.

So…..what’s in your DNA?  Cooking?  Gardening?  Running?  Knitting? Reading?  Whatever it is, get to it.  If you like music, throw on some Live from Daryl’s House.  You’ll thank me.

Getting healthier, too.  This has been in progress for some time.  My foot is as close to healed as it’s gonna get for now and I can easily walk a mile without pain.  So I saddle up the Presa (our foster girl) and we go a-roamin’.  I’m still doing exercises via Yoga for Healthy Aging and I am feeling way better.  March and I were discussing allergies – I am being tortured by mucus membrane issues (ALL mucus membranes – draw your own conclusions – but, really? who gets itchy EARS?) and we think I’m internally out of whack.  Now that I am insured again I can begin looking for a good dermatologist and get a panel done.  But beyond that, pretty much what needs to be done is getting done.  Back to long walks, yoga, breathing…….being mindful.

Let’s finish out my ramble with…perfume.  Okay.  Coming out of my miasma, I’m realizing that I haven’t really looked much at perfume beyond my Seven Sisters.  I thought I was sick of perfume.  Then it hit me:  I was sick of myself, being in that fog all the time.  It’s a slow slog out of it, like coming out of some ooze, but the progress continues.  And with it, a renewed interest in scent.  I mean, really!  Look at the Acqua di Parmas!  They’ve been around since The Flood and it’s like Christmas in July for Musette!  Doesn’t matter – doesn’t have to be ‘new’ – just ‘new’ to me, right?  I’m delving into some interesting Houses (Carner Barcelona is new(ish) to me – more on that to come).  Some vintage beauties.  Stay tuned.


So whazzup with you all?   Tell me something.  I will be back this Friday and announce a winner of some pretties!

Speaking of that, see below:


And, oh!  Before I forget, one of my resolutions is not to be so freaking LAME about announcing winners.  Part of it is my infrequent postings – but I plan to be back on the Posse on a more regular basis (just standing in for March right now – she’s jammed with work).  But awhile back (11November) I wrote about the Cartier and Creed ouds and was giving away the Creed carded sample.  How Time Flies and How Lame Musette Is.  That sample is still sitting on my desk,giving me the Disappointed SideEye……sigh.  I failed her.  But I went back and had Ana eyeball and the Eyeball came up with Elizabeth! (who moved to CA from the Chicago suburbs).  If you read this, Elizabeth, gmail me (evilauntieanita) with your details and I’ll send that – and a few other things- out to you.

I haz BIG paws!

I haz BIG paws!



tiffanie January 7, 2016

Musette, your musings make me smile. I am also an itchy ear victim. I use Aquaphor, keep soap and water off my ears, and generally try hard not to scratch. Ugh. I've been knitting baby hats, of all things, as my creative outlet. A crop of babies has sprung up in my workplace, so that's inspiration enough. Every baby needs a hand knit something or other. I've been revisiting the old samples at the bottom of my little horde, enjoying Chanel and Atelier Cologne this week. I'm inspired by your mention of the Acqua Nobile family especially Gelsemino as I'm always up for another jasmine hoping it will approach the beauty of the fresh flower. All of the Acqua Nobile scents sound great to me, and I'm hoping to explore the Prada Infusion fragrances, beyond Iris to Oeillet, Amande, Vetiver, Cedre, and Oranger in 2016. Whoo-hoo! for a new year of new adventures. May we all find one or two of the fragrances of our dreams.

maggiecat January 6, 2016

It's always good to have Musette back! I had a not-so-great year physically but at least no surgeries in 2015! I did acquire FB's of Lyric and Chanel 1932, and am hoping to be able to get MFK Lumiere Noire and Ciel de Gum next year, or when my Lotto numbers come up. I'm also hoping I can actually start gardening this year, if we can build some raised beds that would make our yield puppy-proof and accessible to me and my rapidly worsening back/knees/shoulders/hands etc. Eating clean and healthy has become a priority, and I'm looking forward to seeing what a better diet brings.

Nemo January 6, 2016

Last year was pretty crazy and involved moving across the country, so I haven't been doing the perfume thing quite as much mostly because I haven't had time to think about it (plus the weather changed a lot). This year I look forward to rediscovering my collection, reading the blogs, and doing more yoga :)

thecindyb January 6, 2016

Well 2015 really was the start of my perfume obsession so I made a lot of mistakes along the way. My perfume resolution for 2016 is to really try to resist the blind buy temptation and get samples even if I am sure I will like something. I would also like to spend more time with what I have rather than being distracted by the next shiny perfumed object. Worst full bottle blind buy....Angel Taste Fragrance. Had heard warnings about Angel and thought well the chocolate version can't be so bad! I sprayed and my eyes watered, nose died, and husband ran fleeing from the room. I slept with gloves over my triple washed wrists to try to cover the smell and I still swear I had patchouli induced nightmares. For personal resolutions, just about to start the oh so fun fertility treatment journey so general kindness towards myself, being as healthy as possible, and grateful for all the wonderful (and wonderful smelling things ;) I do have are my goals for 2016.

Danielle January 5, 2016

Hello to all. I'm new here, this may be my second or third post but I've been reading for a few weeks. Super fun blog! I've been an amber discovering maniac for a while here lately so I discovered lots of those, seriously, LOTS. I've purchased too many of the ones I've smelled and have worn little else but something ambery for the past two months. I think I may finally have found my sweet spot. I'd just like to say FLAMING BUTT out loud because how awesome of a phrase is that!? I will have to find a place to use it. Hilarious! As for 2016, I'm looking to sample oils/attars from Agarscents Bazaar, Abdesalaam and Alkemia as a start. I've not really gotten into those and I'm very interested in Ambergris and other animalic elements so those seem like a good place to start. I too, hope to improve my current physical state by losing some lbs and getting some exercise. I also want to go back to creating, which is something I did always for years, but I took a huge break for the last 2 years, but I can feel the itch returning, so hopefully I'll find the right outlet for that. Thanks for the fun place to visit!

Lisa D January 5, 2016

So happy to hear that you're drawing again, Musette. I firmly believe that art production (in all its myriad forms) speaks to a universal need, and suppressing that need has a number of negative consequences. And, that the converse is true - answering the need to create can trigger a cascade of benefits, from simple, momentary relaxation to deep and profound joy. I did buy Amouage Jubilation XXV blind, as a gift for my boyfriend. It didn't work that well for him, but I don't feel too bad about it, since otherwise 2015 was a pretty restrained year in terms of perfume purchases. At least that's the way I'm remembering it. 2016 has already begun well - I'm continuing the practice of maintaining an optimistic outlook, focusing on all of the positive aspects of my life, and being well content. Call me Pollyanna if you must, but consciously trying to be happy makes it easier to be, um, happier. Go figure.

Kathryn January 5, 2016

Happy New Year, Musette! I love your word "rejuicing" which, as auto-correct reminds me, is only one letter away from rejoicing. Making things a little more fluid is pretty much my goal for this year. The older I get the more static and dry everything tends to become. I'd like to reverse that trend or at least slow it down a bit. In the physical realm, drinking lots of water, dousing my skin in hyaluronic acid containing potions, a modest yoga practice, and myofascial massage all seem to be having a good effect. (A caveat on that last one: a mild touch is far more effective, at least for me, than a forceful one. No gain with pain here.) Eating local from our own garden and our neighbors' farms also noticeably improves my sense of well being. My favorite acquisition last year was the company of two lively new long haired tiger kittens and a very mellow older tuxedo cat who gives them good guidance in cat behavior and balletic movement. Kitten fur was my favorite fragrance of the year, but a bottle of Unum Lavs room spray that my amazing son-in-law gave me is a close second. My perfume intentions this year are to buy less, appreciate what I have more, and to pass on the bottles that do not thrill my soul.

Rina January 5, 2016

Happy New Year, Dear Musette! LOVELOVELOVE Daryl Hall and LFDH! Been watching it for a couple of seasons now. My fave episode is Aloe Blacc! Pat Monahan from Train is also super good, as were the Dirty Heads (local band from my town!!). Was able to see H&O in concert a few years ago and was disappointed they played for exactly 60 mins. WTF? Anyhoo.... Ended the year with a surprise purchase of Mitzah and will probably start this year with a bottle of Black Cashmere (new) before they disappear from the Donna Karan Boutiques when they close at the end of the month (heart-wrenching!). The end of the year also brought a plumbing problem that required me to relocate my collection and 1)redo/reorg one bathroom and 2)cull the heard, so I guess I'd call that a very expensive win-win? Have a great year and hug the C/Cs for me!

Nina Z January 5, 2016

Anita, I'm so glad to hear you're doing better and that you continue to be inspired by our blog! My favorite thing I bought this year was a custom-batch of 6 bottles rose body oil from Aftelier. Did you know Mandy will make a discontinued item for you if you order the minimum amount? It was so much fun to give these bottles to my friends (and myself, of course) for holiday gifts!

HeidiC January 5, 2016

Ann kept talking up the MdK Ciel de GUM and I am *loving* it. I also got one of those 10ml little purse bottles of FM's Un Fleur de Cassie, which I adore after the horse-poop opener wears off. I'm regretting the bottle of Jo Malone's Lime Basil Mandarine -- I bought it for the basil, but that never really comes out. As far as other areas of my life, I regret having to seed over my large vegetable garden, since we're getting ready to sell the house and it took up too much of the back yard -- I was able to get veggies and extra tomatoes from a friend just starting a CSA, which was great, but not the same as playing in the dirt. But on the plus side, I had been dreading knitting because I've been knitting the same sweater for the last 2 years (tiny needles and intricate pattern = taking FOR. EVER.), so I took a break and knitted some stuff for fun with my sister-in-law over the holidays and rediscovered the joy of it! In the new year, I just won some money from a writing prize (not a ton, but a nice little chunk), so I might splurge on some Mitsouko!

AnnieA January 5, 2016

A friend and I bought talked-up bottles of Natori and Mexican Shalimar and the two us us found the two of them quite horrid. One was traded away and the other was given to charity. No more blind buys! It's been nice to find some local perfumistas this past year to do some swapping with, to try new things.

FeralJasmine January 5, 2016

So glad to hear that you're doing art again, Musette. Anything that shows a new facet of the world to you is worth doing, and if others respond to it, that's gravy. I'm interested to see the comments about weight loss and delighted that success stories are included. I found myself aware of health consequences of weight nearly 4 years ago, lost 45 pounds on a very low-carb diet, and kept it off. Over the last six months about 7 pounds crept back on, so I'm working on rededication to cooking, serving, and eating the amount of vegetables that I need to stay healthy and thin. I don't think I'd call the regain a regret though, more a warning that the obesogenic culture and habits are always out there waiting to welcome us back in, and the moment when you notice the first whisper of tightness in your size 6 jeans is the moment to start acting. And I was touched by Portia's comment. Nothing in the last 10 years has been as important to me as having a small,piece of land and growing veggies, fruit, eggs, and meat on it. There is no more empowering feeling than producing your own food, and it's astounding how much of it we can produce. Taking a tiny piece of the planet and healing it is good for all concerned. Perfume? I say virtuously that I'm enjoying what I already have...but planning on back-up bottles of a few favorites in the coming year...

Ann January 5, 2016

Yay! Good for you, darling! Getting back into art (any form) sounds like such a blessing, especially for someone with your talent. It soothes your soul, I think. And glad to see everything seems to be looking up all across the board. As for me, no real regrets from 2015, just trying to pay off all the bills now and be debt-free in '16. Although I did splurge on a Malle candle and am enjoying the living daylights out of it. Also need to lose some weight, especially after all the sweets and treats of the holidays. Hugs to you! P.S. Sweet pup is adorable!

rosarita313 January 5, 2016

Ms A I'm so glad to see you!! And slogging out of that ooze is not easy. The worst fog of my year tends to fall in February so I'm making plans to deal with it. While I am used to external pain, I'm having problems with my internal physical self and it is time to get real and take off some weight. I've done it before and gained it back plus so I know the minefields and what works for me and what doesn't. I'm paying attention. Perfume wise, I bought two En Voyage perfumes this year, Zelda and Go Ask Alice after falling head over heels in love. There are so many indies that I would like to explore but En Voyage is a standout for me. That will be all for quite a while - my husband needs to have both knees replaced and probably back surgery this year and his deductible is high.

Queen Cupcake January 5, 2016

I also discovered that coloring books can be really fun, relaxing, and a great way to redirect the impulses. Colored pencils--I love working with them. Makes me want to haul out my beautiful collection of pastels (Rembrandt) and actually use them. I love Daryl Hall, always have; he is a musical genius. Egg White Soap and Neela Vermeire Mohur, thanks to you, dear Musette. Golden milk (turmeric paste mixed with almond milk) sounded kind of gross to me but is actually quite tasty and helps me feel better and sleep better. Also, I bought a foam bed wedge for my husband. For the first time in years, he hasn't snored or coughed all night. I think I will get one for myself, since I know I have sleep apnea and cannot bear to have anything on my face while I am sleeping (the air mask thingy). Still working my way through many, many perfume samples I bought but never used. No more hoarding, I promised myself. And that goes for lots of other stuff, too. I had about 10 days off from work over the holidays and of course, ate too much chocolate. I made a sweet potato cheesecake with chocolate marbling, which was a hit with the people I took it to. I attended a wedding in the home of long-time friends (Tim and Tony), with the attendant over-indulging, of course. So now it's time to get on the natch. Reading Elvis Costello's biography, Unfaithful Music & Disappearing Ink. Yesterday I was in a mood because Monday, back to work, inventory, blah blah, so I wore Madonna Truth or Dare. I know, not nice of me but I had to. Happy New Year, and love, Elizabeth

Portia January 5, 2016

Hey Musette, Good For You! Welcome back. Great to see you and so positive. No resolutions this year though I would like to buy a small-ish piece of land (just in case the world goes to shit and I need to have eggs and spinach to survive). Also I have this crazy dream of upping our Turbo Trivias to 20 per week. It's a goal but just a fun one. No hard feelings if I don't make it. Perfume wise the vintage search goes on and I have a pretty long list of wants, you know how it is. Love you. Portia xx

poodle January 5, 2016

I like watching Live From Daryl's House. Joe Walsh is just adorable when he's on. The other night he was cooking something and wearing an apron. There's something I never thought I'd see. This year I'm going to get healthier and get back to the things I love like gardening and painting. Last year was just crazy. I am also hoping to try meditation this year. I'm resolving to avoid any major home remodel projects for a long time too. Who gets itchy ears? This girl. You are not alone. I hope you have a great 2016!

solanace January 5, 2016

Hey, Musette, happy New Year! Those Acqua di Parmas are very appealing, I love the Blu Mediterraneo line, too. As a French friend would say, French kings would go after Italian artists, you can't beat those guys...

LaDona January 5, 2016

I bought a couple of full bottles unsmelled...and have a regret. I Dare You smells like flaming butt on it now mocks me from the back of my perfume shelf. I also got a couple of the remaining bottles of Odori Tabaco floating around the Internet of I will call it a win! I too am getting no younger, and decided to do something about my weight. I've. Lost 55 lbs so far, and am trucking toward my goal of 185. I strarted at 291 lbs, so if you think it can't be are wrong! I am living proof! And my biggest gift to me this year...a 2016 Corvette! As I said, I am not getting any younger....unless I am behind the wheel! I can't get any fatter...I won't fit in my car! Ps, I went to Corvette owners school last week, tarted up in PHI Un Rose de Kandahar...all my instructors told me I smelled delicious! Woooooo! I hope you guys all have a stellar year, and I am so glad I found this site!

eldarwen22 January 5, 2016

My goal is to get my teeth fixed. Years of dry mouth due to medication did a number on my teeth. So the perfume budget is getting cut to bare bones for the year. That means that I will probably end up with using up some of what I do have. Good news is that I threw out a bunch of stuff. But I am going to make a point of getting a bottle of Beloved or visit family in California.