Quick Take: Tauer Perfumes Lonesome Rider

20160201s-300x203This isn’t going to a complete review since my sample arrived just yesterday. Of course, we all know Andy’s work and it is well known that we at the Posse are big fans. Lonesome Rider is his latest and it’s in some ways kind of a throwback. It reminds me a bit of Lonestar Memories but also of the long gone (and deeply missed) Annick Goutal Eau de Fier. It is of course its own thing and as I wear it more I’ll be able to make a more cogent review of it, but I am going to enjoy the heck out of my sample and may have to pop for a full bottle, and soon.

I purchased my sample at Tauerperfumes.com. Image is from his site.

  • bevfred says:

    I’m anxiously awaiting your review Tom. I’m a big Tauer fan. The big question seems to be is how smokey is it? Cheers!

  • LaDona says:

    I am such a huge Tauer fan! When I ordered PHI, I ordered three other samples I wanted to try…and they sent me 5! The last time I ordered from them (Marocain) they sent me10 ml of Rose Flash. What a nice surprise! It’s too bad the Rose Flash is a disaster on me…it’s smells lovely in the bottle…my skin turned it into a stanky mess. That happens a lot. You should see What happens to l’Heure Bleue on me. Ugh. Most of Tauer’s stuff smells amazing on me. Right after my midlife crisis purchase of a Stingray, I went to Corvette owners school over in Nevada, and those young bucks were spending an inordinate amount of time near me…sniffing deeply. Now, I ain’t that pretty, and I sure as Hell ain’t that young, but I was soaked in PHI Un Rose….so I think we all know why they were so close. I just love his perfume. I can’t wait to try this! If you have any pull with Tauer, I’d like him to make some body creams to go with, because layering!