Love-ly weekend: What says ‘romantic’ to you?

romanticHappy Valentine’s Day to all you wonderful Posse folks! I’m having to work this weekend so won’t be able to chat for long, but wanted to stop in to share and see what says “romantic” to you.

I just started thinking of things I have found to be romantic and started making note of them. So in the spirit of the holiday, what scent says romance to you? What song? Food? What scene from a book? Or from a movie or TV show?
I’m hard put to come up with a most romantic fragrance, but I do feel a little whoosh of loveliness when wearing Frederic Malle’s Carnal Flower. And Roja Dove’s Unspoken and Cartier’s Panthere both have that chypre purr to them, the one that whispers “Come hither.” There are probably quite a few others as well, but my poor, overtired brain can’t think of them now.

As for romance on the screen, I tend to go weak in the knees when viewing the scene in “A Room With a View” in which Julian Sands’ character strides forth and passionately kisses Lucy Honeychurch (Helena Bonham Carter) in a field of flowers outside of Florence. Now if only DH and I could get to Italy and experience that for ourselves 🙂

When it comes to music, my all-time favorite romantic album is Roxy Music’s lush, sultry “Avalon”; every single song, but especially “More Than This,” “To Turn You On,” and the title track. And Bryan Ferry’s single “Slave to Love” also rates highly on the romance meter for me. His seductive, elegant croon would probably sound great to me even if were singing from the phone book.

Last of all, but not least — as predictable as this may sound, a little champagne and a few gourmet chocolates make me happy.

So please do share your favorite romantic things and what makes you feel happy and loved.

Kismet429 February 16, 2016

Always glad to see another fan of Room With A View, which in my book is the epitome of romance, indeed. It's the visual equivalent of really fine chocolate--beautiful, sensual, rich, indulgent, satisfying. If you fancy a bit of tragic romance, I don't think you can do better than he 1992 version of Wuthering Heights with Juliette Binoche and Ralph Fiennes. Although I don't think anybody liked that movie but me. Hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day (and, yes, I had to work too).

Deb February 15, 2016

We have the Melting Pot here too. :o) I have never been to it, but would love to go. I hope you had a great Valentines Day!

Deb February 15, 2016

For romance, in fragrance, it would have to be PdR Amoureuse. For the movie, The Notebook. Food....fondue.

March February 15, 2016

LOL I think a LOT of us are the same age today.... I too would say Florence, the Avalon album (although it makes me nostalgiac), Room With A View.... happy valentine's sweetie, and I hope you have a lovely 2016.

Solanace February 15, 2016

I think a really good rose, like Mohur or Lyric, can be very romantic. The samba Ch?o de Estrelas is incredibly beautiful, and I'll slaughter it with my translation, but I'll try: Distracted, you step on the stars As the moonlight filtering from our roof's holes Spread them all over the foor. (Awful, awful translation, but I have to wake the kids up and at least you guys can have an idea. Sang by Elizeth Cardoso this never fails to make me cry a little.) As for food, I think the French are good about being romantic, in a fat way that I appreciate. And my favorite thing to do with my husband is to walk together, be it a long hike or a stroll through the city. It doesn't have to be Paris to be 'flannérie'!

HeidiC February 14, 2016

Oh, I love your list! When I was in high school, my best friend and I swore we would never marry anyone who didn't understand why that kissing scene in Room with a View was the best thing ever. I love slow-dancing randomly in the middle of the kitchen with my own DH -- usually to either Bobby Darin's Beyond the Sea or Bob Dylan's Beyond the Horizon (I'm realizing these are both BD singers singing melancholy "Beyond" songs!). Though in high school, my swoon songs were Peter Gabriel's In Your Eyes, Kate Bush's Wuthering Heights, and The Cure's Just Like Heaven. I clearly like my romance tinged with melancholy: my favorite romantic scents have a vulnerable note to them, like SL's A La Nuit, or Guerlain's Apres L'Ondee or vintage Mitsouko's inky base. For food? Creme brûlée, hands down, which makes me think of my other favorite romantic movie -- Amelie. I also love risotto -- there's something about the time and effort that goes into packing every bit of flavor you can into the rice that says love to me. Happiest of Love Days, Ann!

LaDona February 14, 2016

I'm showing my age here...but to me, this is one of the most romantic songs I can recall. I was just breaking up with my boyfriend when this came out...and I realized, I wasn't crazy about him. I wanted this: Now I have it. Happy Valentine's Day!

jen February 14, 2016

Wow, funny you mentioned Florence--my most romantic thing ever was walking down the Via Veneto in Rome after a late dinner with hubby. We walked in the footsteps of Sophia and Gina, stopping for wine!