Maison Martin Margiella At The Barber and Jazz Club

margSo the other day I was on my way to watch a friend be installed as the Mayor of Beverly Hills and another as Vice Mayor. I know this sounds like I am bragging about my glamour-stuffed life, but keep in mind I am doing this on Shank’s Mare in some heat, because I am a church mouse. So on the way to the event at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences I decide to suck up some AC at the Beverly Center and cruise through Sephora and see what’s what. There, I ran across Sephora’s selection of Martin Margiella’s scents. They had At The Barber and Jazz Club.

At The Barber was the immediate winner, with notes (from Sephora) of “Basil, Lavender, Tonka Bean, White Musk.” While Jazz Club didn’t commend itself to me at all with it’s notes of of (again from Sephora) “Pink Pepper, Primofiore Lemon, Neroli Oil, Rum Absolute, Clary Sage Oil, Java Vetiver Oil, Tobacco Leaf Absolute, Vanilla Bean, Styrax Resin.”

Of course this became a lesson in “try before you buy.” On me, At The Barber later turned unpleasantly sour while Jazz Club turned into heaven when the vetiver, vanilla and tobacco settled in.

I have to hand it to Sephora on their willingness to either make or give samples out (as opposed to the other larger department stores in the mall, who’s sales people will look at you either blankly or like you asked them for a kidney for asking for a sample..) I would be seriously annoyed to find out that the $125 purchase I made really wasn’t me after all.

It is however, very nice to see that someone is bringing the obvious thought and point of view to places like Sephora where more people will be able to experience them.

My samples were asked for and received at the Sephora at the Beverly Center.


  • Portia says:

    Glad to see you well again Tom.
    I love those bottles but haven’t spent any time with the scents. Glad to know they’re worth a sniff. Thanks.
    Portia xx

  • pats133 says:

    Any time i have been in the US Sephora were great with their samples – well done Sephora, i miss you greatly. I have only tried Martin Margiella’s Lazy Sunday Mornning and really loved it. The two you review sound really nice – perhaps one day i will get to try them.