What new scents are high on your sniffing radar?

new scentsIt seems like, just like spring, new scents are popping out all over. Which new releases are you dying to try? But never fear — even if some are not new to the market, if you haven’t tried them, they’re still new to you, so they still count. I’ve poked around a bit and attempted to compile my own “must-sniff” list.

So here goes: I’m hoping to soon get a whiff of the new MDCI Fetes Persanes; this line is of such quality that even if you’re not enamored of one of their scents, you have to at least admire its top-notch ingredients and classy, if pricey, bottles. I’m also eyeing Armani Prive’s Rouge Malachite (a must for me now, seeing how much I loved the Vert Malachite I reviewed last week).

Another of the new scents that bears exploring: Nomaterra Wild Beach Cape Cod Rose that Patty praised recently (I think I’ll pass on Zoologist’s Bat, however, as interesting as it sounds). Also piquing my curiosity: Santa Maria Novella Iris and Parfumerie Generale Yuzu Ab Irato; both lemmings courtesy of Portia in recent posts.

Through one of its e-mails, I saw that Luckyscent has a new addition called Romanza, by Masque Milano, and it’s described as a narcissus blend. Yum! So on my “must-sniff” list it goes as well.

And I had wanted to try the new Christian Dior, La Colle Noire, of which Surrender to Chance has samples/decants. I went into Saks this afternoon, spotted it and snagged a spritz. It was rather nice at first and I liked it, but a hint of my old nemesis – oud — wafted up and refused to leave, so off the list it goes. Ah, well … money saved.

So what new scents are you itching to try in the near future? What’s on your “must-sniff” list? Or what new scents have you recently found love with?

Solntse April 28, 2016

I have a sample of Rouge Malachite and would be happy to send it your way. I love tuberose but this one smells powdery almost instantly on me and powdery doesn't work with my nose.

Solntse April 28, 2016

Does Ostara count as new ? Love it. Mohur and pichhola are on my absolute must smell list right now. Not new but I have heard so much recently.

nebbe April 27, 2016

The new Thierry Mugler Muse is high on my list, too. Been haunting the downtown Macy's (they are contacted to get Muse first town, something if found out through my scent stalking activities). There are others I am interested in, but can't recall at the moment!

rosarita313 April 25, 2016

I've been really busy and just haven't paid much attention to perfume lately, but I am intrigued by Angel Muse. I requested a sample through a Mugler announcement but haven't received it yet. Oh, I would love a Zoologist sampler - for Bat and Beaver - and a sniff of Demeter Blue Spruce, but no rush. Hope you are doing well, Ann! I read everyday just don't always comment :)

Sapphire April 25, 2016

Looks like Sephora finally has the Stella McCartney Dot, so am wanting to swing by for a spritz. Wish there wee a way to sample the No 5 body oil. It really sounds great, just don't know that need more No 5. Wish it weren't limited edition. That's like kryptonite to the wallet.

eldarwen22 April 25, 2016

There are many things that get on my to smell list then they fall off of it. My current love is vintage Miss Dior. But I am trying to use up one bottle of perfume before I add more, even though I did buy a bottle of Nahema.

HeidiC April 25, 2016

I saw the Fetes Persanes described over at LuckyScent, and I've been intrigued by that one, too! I've also been wanting to try the Malachite Vert, especially after you wrote about it last week. Right now, I am in love with a tiny bottle of vintage Bandit I bought -- so badass!

Katherine April 25, 2016

Patty gifted me with a sample of FM's Portrait of a Lady which I absolutely love. I've got to get me a larger decant sometime soon. I smelled Gucci Guilty on a friend one night while we were sitting outside and it was gorgeous. I tried it on and it doesn't have the same smell but it's still very pretty. It would be a nice starter fragrance for someone. I tried the Chanel no 5 Bath Oil and it's true love. It reminds me of an older bottle of Chanel no 5 EDT in the black and gold bottle I bought off EBay.

Queen Cupcake April 25, 2016

Hi Ann, My sniffing radar is way overloaded! I will never use up what I already own...so will have to content myself with reading about frags from here on, for a long long time to come. (I will admit to longing for something from Santa Maria Novello--that iris sounds like something I like.) Have a great day!

poodle April 25, 2016

There are so many perfumes I read about, think that I must try them, and then promptly forget about them. The two I wanted to sniff in most recent memory were Bat and Misia but I've since sampled them so now I'm blanking on what else was interesting to me. There are plenty of perfumes I do want to try but right now there isn't any one in particular that I'm hell bent on getting a sample of. I'm not sure if that's good or bad.

Portia April 25, 2016

Heya Ann, Thanks for the mention. I have very little on my list currently. The new frags from Pierre Guillaume are really good, I grabbed a bottle of Indian Wood and LOVE it. Still deciding in the Phaedon, Sable & Soleil. It is different to anything beachy I have but I'm not really sure if I'd wear it very often. We have an amazing Independent Perfume crew down here in Oz called Cult of Scent by Jocelyn Fullerton. Currently I'm working my way through her sample pack and my fave so far is called Something Beautiful. Also, just received the Oriza L Legrand sample set. It's so reasonably priced and comes beautifully boxed. It's sitting there winking at me. Daring me to spritz, and fall in love. Portia xxx

islandjavaguy April 25, 2016

Hi Ann! I think the Cape Cod is actually made by Nomaterra and not Zoologist, Victor Wong's Company. I am SO looking forward to the new Dior and my bottle should be arriving this week! I am such a die-hard rose ho' I suspect I'll love it. Also looking forward to the new Chanel fougere, Boy. I've heard such great things about it! Those two will pretty much wipe out my perfume budget for a bit, but in for a penny......