Russian Tea by Masque Milano

Heya Posse! Can you believe Masque Milano’s Russian Tea is now 10 years old? Last month the passing of Alessandro Brun reminded me to get out my bottle and give it a whirl. Alessandro was the Milanese born luxury scholar… Continue Reading

Merry Merry, and Masque Milano Terralba

Happy Kwanzaa! Portia just recently wrote about this one, and as soon as I read “clary sage” and “samples available at Surrender to Chance” I was off ordering. I love clary sage- that herbacious greeness that’s also bone dry is… Continue Reading

Terralba by Masque Milano

Hey Hey Posse! Terralba has celebrated its tenth birthday this year! Where did that decade go? SNAP! and gone. I’m pretty sure this manufacturers carded sample hasn’t been here the whole time but it just may have been. There’s minimal… Continue Reading

Luci ed Ombre by Masque Milano

Luci ed Ombre by Masque Milano Parfumo

Hey Posse! Luci ed Ombre was one of Masque Milano’s three original fragrances in 2012. It wasn’t until they released Tango and Russian Tea in 2014 that I even started hearing about them and the original scents seemed to be mostly… Continue Reading

What new scents are high on your sniffing radar?

It seems like, just like spring, new scents are popping out all over. Which new releases are you dying to try? But never fear — even if some are not new to the market, if you haven’t tried them, they’re… Continue Reading

Flavorful scents Monday: Coffee and tea … ahhh

After doctoring up YSL’s Black Opium with Bond No. 9’s New Haarlem on last week’s post, I found myself smitten with NH and craving its coffee for several days. And then I was mixing it with other things, just to… Continue Reading