Spring fling: Lipstick love and happy May Day!

lipstickPinks and peaches and beiges, oh my! And let’s add some corals, berries and violets into the mix as well. It’s high time to ditch the deep lipstick shades of winter for bright and spring-y hues that pair perfectly with sunshine and warmer temps.

I’m still loving a lot of things from last spring/summer but have a new love or two as well.

In my lipstick travels. I found an inexpensive dupe for my beloved matte Chanel La Romanesque ($37): Jordana Matte in Plum Obsession (less than $5). It’s somewhat brighter and a tad more drying/matte, but it gives much the same effect and the price is right.

I’ve also been wearing lately: Laura Mercier’s Sheer Lip Color ($25) in Sexy Lips, a slightly glossy, moist lipstick with a good red/berry tone. Not as heavy as a true lipstick but a your-lips-but-better product, yet with more color payoff than a balm. Perfect for slicking on and running out the door.

lipstickAlso good for similar reasons: Clinique’s Chubby Stick Intense ($17) in Plushest Punch, which really does have a bright, vibrant punch of color, but not so much that I look like a clown. It tends to pull a bit more orange-red than I’m used to, but I still like it; and besides, it’s good to get out of your comfort zone once in a while, right? I also enjoy the feel and heft of it, like a big ol’ crayon perfect for scribbling love notes. 🙂

On a recent zip through Neiman’s and Saks, I spotted Chanel’s new Rouge Coco Stylo Complete Card Lipshine ($37). Only got to try the plummy Recit on and liked it; it felt delicous on and shiny as all get-out. It had much the same feel as the Laura Mercier mentioned above: silky and very moisturizing, but even more glossy, and the long, slender wand was nice. I also was eyeing the shades Roman and Message, but realized that they were mighty similar to colors I already have. I would like to spend more time with this line eventually though. The one thing that bugs me a wee bit, however, is that to call a lipstick “Complete Care,” shouldn’t it have an SPF? But maybe they have their reasons for not including it (possible irritation to some customers, etc.).

What about you all? Any great lipstick finds you’re loving right now? Or what are you hoping to try soon? And BTW, happy May Day to everyone!!


  1. I’ll still wear my darks but a tad sheerer. Since Urban Decay is changing their packaging and dumping current stock, I’m afraid April was lippie month! Bought WAY too many but couldn’t resist!

    • So Rina, I’m a month late? Waaah! 🙂 Didn’t know UD was doing that so thanks for the heads-up.

      • P.S. I will, too — can’t completely abandon my beloved deep reds for two whole seasons, but like you, I’ll go sheerer and put them on over a balm for a wisp of color.

        • Check the UD website, Ulta, Sephora and Macys. They all still have them at $11!

  2. That Chanel lipstick is amazing – I have Message and am debating going back for me.

    • Hey, Marianna! So glad you found love with Message. I will definitely have to revisit the counter and spend more time with some others. Thanks!

    • Howdy, dear! Lovely to see you! I occasionally will put a bit of gloss over a lipstick that needs it, but try not to overdo it as it can feel sticky and can encourage my lipstick to bleed. What are your favorite shades for when you’re on stage?

      • Ahhh,
        I use a Ben Nye lip pencil called plum and a Shu Uemura glittery eye shadow in a champagne colour over the top. It gives great definition and movement. No bleeding and it lasts for hours.
        Portia xxx

        • Wow — that sounds amazing! I bet your lips catch the light like diamonds! I keep hearing good things about Ben Nye and need to get off my duff and try it. Thanks! Hugs to you …

  3. Hi Ann and thanks for the recommendations. Cliniques Chubby Sticks sound great. I will look them up. I usually don’t wear strong colors except in the summer evenings. My one and only tomato red lipstick is already ancient so this year I decided to buy a bright pink one which will replace the red one. It’s the Maybellinne Crazy Pink No 180, beautifully creamy and rich. Usually I wear plum and mauve nuances and here my newest baby is the Dior Addict lipstick Not Shy No 623, a bit lighter texture but long lasting.

    • Hi, Neva! Yay on branching out with your bright pink lippie — will have to look that shade up as it sounds wonderful, as does the Dior Addict. I’ve not tried that line and hear good things about it. Do try the Chubby Sticks when you get a chance. The original lip ones are not heavy on color, so if you want more oomph, try the Chubby Stick Intense. That line just keeps growing: they started with lippies, then did blush sticks, eye color and now I see that there are foundation ones.

  4. I have an on and off love affair with lipstick and lip gloss. My latest acquisitions are Kat von D’s Requiem and Shisheido’s lip lacquer in Drama. Both last a really long time but difficult to apply because they stain.

    • Hey, lady! I love lipstick that lasts but it is annoying when they’re so tricky to apply. I need to try the Kat von D line one of these days when I’m in Sephora. Thanks!

  5. I love me some bright lips! If it’s a strong color I can do a lighter application as well — just tap it on for that I-ate-a-popsicle look. I’m going to try that Clinique, I got some cheapo lip crayons from Wet N Wild and they’re great but I wish they had more colors.

    • Hiya, dear! Glad you stopped by. And I love cheapies, too — will have to explore more of the Wet n Wild, the Jordana lippies and also that Sinful Colors nail line you mentioned. Hope you guys are all doing well. Hugs …

  6. I love L’Oreal ruby flame and Revlon fuchsia fusion. These are the two that stay in my purse. Both are nice to my lips with good shine and very little bleeding. I just can’t see spending more than ten on lipstick when I can spend the difference on perfume samples 🙂

    • Great color choices there, Svetlana! I’ve seen those colors and admired them but need to try them on very soon. And you are smart to hang onto your money for more perfume sniffing. 🙂

      • Ann, ruby flame is the most perfect red I have found, it is my goto lipstick, goes with everything. Fuchsia fusion is my naughty color, nice and hot.

        • Sold! 🙂 Next store I pass that carries these, I’m stopping and giving them a go! You guys always have great suggestions. Thanks!

          • Ann, most of my makeup comes from Sephora and MAC but lipstick, mascara, and often eye shadow comes from the aisles of .Walmart. You may have to hit a Walgreen to find them.

            • Thanks! Walgreen’s it is! In fact, very handy that there’s one right on my way home from work. 😉

  7. I use lip pencils with lip balm over them, and if it’s daytime, that balm has a barrier sunscreen in it. In my thirties, I developed a couple of dark spots on my lips, and they are really annoying. (One is right on the edge of my lip, and I always look as though someone jostled my arm while I was applying my lipstick.) I wish I had gotten serious about sunscreen earlier. I am currently looking for a new brand of pencil, as the last brand I bought has been reformulated for the worse.

    • Hi Laurels, have you ever considered permanent make up to cover the spot on the edge of your lip? I have a fair complexion and everything that goes with it: almost no eyebrows, little eyelashes, fair natural lip color…since I’ve discovered permanent make up I’m a new person. Now I have inked eybrows in a beautiful shape and the rim of my lips is slightly colored a bit darker and the best part is – you can change the shape a bit by going over or underneath the natural rim. Maybe you could cover the spot with it? It lasts for almost two years, depending on your skin, and then you have to re-ink again.

      • Hi Laurels and Neva! Laurels, II do the lip pencil and balm thing, too, when I have time. BTW, does a heavy-duty concealer dabbed on the spot help at all? And Neva, thanks for the info about permanent makeup — I’d never thought about that but it does sound fascinating. Is it super-expensive? Thanks!

        • Hi Ann, around here it’s approximately 300 $ per part (eyebrows, lip liner, eye liner etc…) but they offer discounts every now and then and I usually wait for it. Besides, you don’t need to buy these pencils anymore 😉

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